About getting the handcannon?

  1. I know that you can unlock it by completing mercenaries (which i suck at) but how else can i get it, some people said that they somehow unlocked it after completing the game a number of times can someone explain why people have been randomly unlocking it?
    (by the way i have the wii edition if that makes a difference)

    User Info: sgarc3

    sgarc3 - 7 years ago
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    And if its a glitch how do i do it?

    User Info: sgarc3

    sgarc3 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. on wii it should be easier,but here are some tips.you need to kill,fast,and keep a looong combo,DONT WORRY ABOUT AMMO,game gives you more than enough,use bonus times when you see em,and kill all you can,dont just wait till theres a large group,thats the main reason i had a hard time gettin mine

    heres some individual tips:

    leon:use the blacktail,dont try to headshot-kick-knife,that works on maingame when you have time,but it wastes too much time here,shoot him in the head,if it dint blow up bodi till it dies,use shotty when you are low on handgun ammo and when people gang you,or against shielded dudes and bosses,you will also get nades at times,meke em count

    ada,use punisher to kill mainly,its ideal for aving ammo and shielded dudes,use tmp when your getting gangd by em and dont have fire nades/they are too close,use rifle to... SHOOT BODIES, yeah bodies it can fo through 4 at a time and its a sure kill on normal foes that dont have plagas,but save it for bosses mostly,along with fire grenades

    krauser:this is a no-brainer but whatever... use your bow against anything that moves,use knife/flashbangs when they gang on you,and use teh arm when you see a boss

    hunk:my fave, use the neckbreak as you see fit,but remember that its faster to tmp en to death,game gives you nuff stuff to kill em like that,dont worry,if you ever run outta amo,remember you always have nades and neckbreak/kick is also mad powerful (but hittin a knee underpresure with a tmp will f*ck you up) and remember to kill sisters with neckbreak on village and getting all times you can and killing the 2 super chainsaws on waterworld firs

    wesker,same as ada,but he has WESKER PUNCH which kills any normal enemy with one hit,and the sledgehammer kick,it rox,pus the magnum instead of tmp(BOSSES...) and his rifle is better than adas,also has nuff grenades

    if you need more help... ask youtube,he has all the answers

    User Info: metashinryu

    metashinryu - 7 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. Unless you use an action replay, the only way to unlock the Handcannon is to complete the Mercenaries with a five-star ranking with all characters on every map; there are no other glitches that can be done to acquire it.

    User Info: KXGLSGM

    KXGLSGM - 7 years ago 1 0

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