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    FAQ/Walkthrough by chrisnelson1984

    Version: .85 | Updated: 01/27/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                     Resident Evil 4
    I.    Version History
    II.   Introduction
    III.  Story
    IV.   Characters
    V.    Controls
    VI.   General tips and tricks
    VII.  Notes about the Guide
          -- WALKTHROUGH --
          1.  1-1 Path to Village
          2.      - Village
          3.      - Farm
          4.      - Village, Part II
          5.  1-2 Path Back to Village
          6.  1-3 Village, Revisited
          7.      - Del Lago
          8.  2-1 Path to the Church
          9.      - El Gigante
          10. 2-2 Path to Extraction Point
          11. 2-3 Two Paths
          12.     - Village Chief
          13. 3-1 The Castle
          14. 3-2 The Dungeon, Chasing the Red Ganado, and the Garden
          15. 3-3 
          16. 3-4 Playing as Ashley
          17. 4-1 Lava, Knights, and the search for Grails
          18.     - Searching for Ashley / Castle
          19.     - Salazar's Right Hand
          20. 4-2 Searching for Ashley / Mines
          21.     - El Gigante X2
          22.     - Searching for Ashley / Path to the Surface
          23. 4-3 Searching for Ashley / Ruins
          24. 4-4 Statue of Salazar
          25.     - Salazar
          26. 5-1 Island [Coming Soon]
    VIII. Files [More coming soon!]
    IX.   Contact Info
    X.    Credits
    XI.   Legal Information
    I.  Version History
       | Version .85 | January 28, 2005 |
    I have finished the first disc.  I also made some changes to the format.  Such
    changes include adding the chapter numbers to section headings, as well as
    some visual changes.  I also changed some minor boring stuff like mispellings,
    grammer, and typos, etc.  I also added the files for the village, with the
    exeption of the communication log, which will be coming very soon, as will the
    files for the other sections of the game.
       | Version .7  | January 17, 2005 |
    I'm up to the cage match with the Novistador.  I'll be adding more soon, as
    well as some information about each type of enemy, the treasure maps, the
    unlockable bonus content, and information about each weapon.  Keep checking
    back for updates.  In the meantime, if you have any questions about the game
    that aren't answered in this guide yet, just email me, and I will usually get
    back to you within half a day, since I check my email often.
    II.  Introduction
    Resident Evil 4 is, in my mind at least, the greatest game ever.  I'm not
    exaggerating.  It has blown all other Resident Evil games out of the water.
    If you can get past the fact that our beloved zombies are gone, and see RE4
    for what it is, you will realize that it is in every way superior.
    After writing the Boss Guide, I decided I might as well go ahead and write a
    complete walkthrough.  If you have read the Boss Guide, you will know that
    this is my first complete walkthrough ever, so your input will be greatly
    III.  Story
    After the destruction of Raccoon City, the United States government issued an
    indefinite suspension of business decree to Umbrella.  After a severe drop in
    stock prices, Umbrella disappeared.  
    Leon was hired by a secret government agency, and was put in charge of
    protecting the President's family.
    Unfortunately, before he was to start on his new job, Ashley, the President's
    daughter, was abducted.  A tip from a reliable source said that a girl
    matching Ashley's description was spotten in Europe.
    Leon then heads off to Spain in search of Ashley.
    IV.  Characters
    | Leon S. Kennedy |
    Leon was an officer in the Raccoon City Police Dept., for a day, anyway.
    Probably the worst first day ever.  After surving the Raccoon City incident he
    now works for a secretive government agency.  His job:  protect the family of
    the President of the United States of America.
    | Ashley |
    Daughter of the President of the United States.  She was recently abducted,
    and it is believed that she is being held captive in Spain.
    | Hunnigan |
    Your link to base.  She provides you with information and help, although you
    never actually see in her person.
    | Luis Sera |
    Former Madrid police officer.  Recently did research on the Las Plagas for
    Saddler.  After realizing what he was helping to accomplish, he turned on
    Saddler and was captured by Saddler's men.
    | Ada Wong |
    Survivor of the Raccoon City incident.  As always, her true objectives are a
    bit of a mystery.  It is obvious that she wants the sample, and that she is
    working for someone, although who exactly she is working for is still up for
    | Krauser |
    Former US operative.  Believed to be dead.  Currently working for Saddler.  He
    was the one who abducted Ashley.
    | Lord Osmund Saddler |
    The head of Los Illuminados.  Responsible for Ashely's abduction.
    | Ramon Salazar |
    8th generation of a wealthy and powerful family.  He felt that his ancestors
    unjustly imprisoned the Las Plagas, so he took it upon himself to free them.
    V.  Controls
    + Normal Controls +
     Control Stick & Control Pad
    Use it to move Leon forward and back, and turn left and right.
    Hold the R button and move to aim.
     C Stick
    Changes camera angle.
     L Button
    Hold L to equip your knife.  While it is equipped, use the Control Stick to
    aim, and the A button to attack.
     R Button
    Hold R to bring up your weapon.  Use the Control Stick to aim, and the A
    button to fire.  Press the B button to reload.
     Z Button
    Open Map.
     Y Button
    Open inventory.
     X Button
    Tell Ashley to follow you or stay.
     A Button
    Action.  Press while holding R to fire.  Press while holding L to use knife.
     B Button
    Cancel.  Press while holding R to reload.  Press while moving back to do a
    180 turn.
    Open options screen.
    + Inventory Screen Controls +
     Control Stick & Control Pad
    Navigate inventory.
     L Button
    Rotate item to the left.
     R Button
    Rotate item to the right.
     X Button
    Pick up item.
     A Button
    Bring up options for that item.
     B Button
    Cancel/Go back.
    + Map Screen Controls +
     R Button
    Zoom in.
     L Button
    Zoom out.
     Control Stick/Control Pad
    Move map.
     A Button
    Toggle between zoom and full map.
     X Button
    Bring up viewing options.
     B Button
    Exit map.
    VI.  General tips and tricks
    First, some basic combat tips:
    1.  Aim for the head.  I know it's obvious, but I put it here for the one
        person in the world that wouldn't have figured it out on their own.  To
        the rest of the population, I apologize. :)
    2.  This is the best way to take out a single Ganado.  Shoot them in the head,
        kick them, and then use your knife while they're knocked down.
    3.  Whenever you are being pursued by Ganados, and there is a ladder that you
        can climb, go up the ladder, and then wait for them to climb up after you.
        When they are almost to the top, use your knife.  The exception to this
        is when one or more of the Ganados are using projectile weapons.  In that
        case, stand back from the ladder and use your handgun.  Two to three falls
        should kill almost all regular Ganados.
    4.  If you blow the head off of a Ganado and a Plaga comes out of their neck,
        A flash grenade will kill the Plaga.
    5.  If you want to save bullets, but are facing multiple Ganados, try shooting
        both of a Ganado's legs, and they should fall down.  Then just shoot them
        in the head, which will be considerable easier, since they will stay still
        for a little while.  After shooting both legs, it will take up to three
        headshots at the most for standard Ganados.
    6.  I know it's fairly obvious, but always be looking for ways to use the
        environment.  Explosive barrels, oil lamps, and trip wires can all make
        your job easier.
    7.  Most people know that you can do a kick by pressing "A" next to a dazed
        enemy, but you can also do a suplex by pressing "A" next to an enemy that
        has fallen to one knee after being shot in the leg.
    8.  If you kick a door open, and there are enemies on the other side, they
        will take damage.
    Now, some simple tips for dealing with the Merchant.
    1.  Anything you buy can be sold back for half the purchase price.
    2.  Don't buy the first rifle you're offered, you don't need it.
    3.  Examine treasure before you sell it.  If the description says that it
        looks like it has spaces where jewels can be set, don't sell it until you
        have inserted all the jewels.  Items include the Beerstein, the Elegant
        Mask, and the Crown.
    4.  This is just my opinion, but when you pick which guns you want to keep,
        start upgrading them with firepower.  Since each shot is more powerful,
        you'll use less ammo.  If you upgrade early, it will add up.  Some people
        might say that the other upgrades are more useful, and for them it might
        be.  In the end, your playing style will dictate which upgrades are the
        most important for you.
    5.  When you're going to sell a gun to the merchant, don't try using all the
        bullets before you sell it.  The price he will buy it for will drop
        with each bullet missing from the magazine.
    Random tips.
    1.  If you just press "A" to open a door, Leon will gently open it.  If you
        double tap "A", he will kick it open.
    VII.  Notes about the Guide
    First, whenever there is a box or barrel, the item inside is usually SOMEWHAT
    random.  Sometimes, it seems like there are only one or two items that can be
    inside of certain boxes and barrels.  Therefore, when I mention there is a box
    or barrel, I will tell you whatever I have gotten out of it in brackets.
    Example:  Break the box and grab whatever you find inside [handgun ammo].
    Hopefully, somebody finds it useful.
    As for my maps, I usually go by what the map screen shows.  I won't add tables
    or stairs, etc., unless the situation calls for it.  For instance, in the map
    for the Pueblo Village, The upstairs and rooftop of house 3 look the same as
    the ground floor, even though the actual space you see looks different.  My
    intention is that if you hit "Z" and go to the map screen, you can compare
    your current location with where my map says something should be.
    If anybody would like me to make additional maps that show what the area
    actually LOOKS like, especially for buildings, email me, and I'll gladly do
      /                                                                        \
    1.  1-1 Path to Village
    After the introductory cutscene, you will be standing near the car.  Follow
    the path to the house on the left.  When you get close enough, it will cut to
    a view from inside the house, which shows somebody watching you.  Continue
    towards the house, but rather than entering, run around to the left where you
    will see a box on a cart.  Use your knife to break open the box and take the
    item inside [handgun ammo, empty].  Then go into the house.
    Once you walk far enough inside, a cutscene will show you asking the man if
    he has seen Ashley, after which he tries to kill you with an axe.  The most
    efficient way to take him out is to shoot him once in the head, then kick him
    while he's stunned.  After kicking him, he'll fall to the ground.  Run over to
    him, pull out your knife, aim down, and start slashing.  This is a tactic that
    you should become familiar with, as it will save ammo whenever you only have
    to deal with one Ganado.
    Once he's dead, a cutscene will show a truck taking off in the direction of
    the car you arrived in, and some enemies will surround the house.  Also,
    Hunnigan contacts you and tells you to head to the village.  If he drops an
    item, pick it up.  You can then examine the body, and it will say that he's
    not a zombie.  As if we didn't realize that from the fact that he talked, and
    said more than "itchy... tasty...".
    Now continue past him, turn to the right, and walk past the staircase.  To the
    left, under the stairs, is a room with a bunch of maggot infested skulls.  I
    think it's beautiful.
    Anyway, turn around and go up the stairs.  Grab the handgun ammo.  You will
    see a window.  Instead of jumping out, use your knife to break it, and shoot
    the guy standing outside in the head.  One shot should kill him if you aim
    Go back down the stairs.  If you try to open the door you came in through, you
    will realize that it cannot be opened, so go to the first floor window on your
    right and jump through.  Go to the right by the cart and wait.  They should
    open the door, and come out the window you just jumped through.  Kill both of
    them.  Remember, aim for the head, and if you stun them, be sure to kick them.
    Once they are both down, shoot at their head, until you've killed one, and
    then use your knife when there's only one left, unless he gets up, in which
    case you should shoot him in the head again.  Once they're all dead, grab any
    items they dropped.
    If you head back to the car, you will see that the bridge is out, and a you'll
    see a nice cutscene of Leon looking down at the river where you see the truck
    that took off from the house, as well as the car you came in.  Turn around and
    continue past the house, towards the village.
    Just past the gate, there is a small shed with a typewriter, handgun ammo, and
    three wooden boxes.  Grab the handgun ammo, and use your knife to break the
    box next to the typewriter, and grab the item inside [green herb].  Next,
    break the other two boxes, and grab the items inside [handgun ammo, treasure].
    Then go to the typewriter and save your progress if you want.  Exit the shed
    and turn right, and continue towards the village.
    If you see any crows perched, you can shoot them, and they'll drop items.
    Usually they drop cash, but sometimes they'll give you other items, including
    a hand grenade.  Don't ask me why crows have cash and hand grenades, just be
    happy that they do, and take it.
    You'll see a blood covered sign consisting of three pieces of wood, and two
    skulls.  This sign is a warning of traps.
    Past the sign there is a wolf stuck in a leg trap.  Press the "A" button to
    free it.  Remember this wolf, it will help you out later in the game.
    Continue past the wolf, and you will be faced with several traps.  The trap
    set up looks like this:
            |  T----------T
            |               B
            |                  T      |
            |                   \     |
            |                    \    |
            |                     \   |
             \                     T  |
              \                       |
    T= Tree with dynamite
       The lines between the trees are the tripwires
    B= Bear trap
    NOTE:  Bear traps can be deactivated by either shooting them, or by slashing
    them with your knife.  I personally recommend slashing with your knife, as
    long as you aren't being pursued by enemies, since it saves ammo.
    You can either disable the bear trap, or go around the trees on the far right
    or far left.
    As soon as you are past the tripwires, you will hear a Ganado, who will start
    coming down the hill for you.  Take him out using the standard method which
    you should know by now: shoot face, kick, and then slash or shoot his head.
    Grab any item he drops, and continue on until you reach another shed.  This
    one has a green herb, and two wooden boxes.  Break them and grab all items
    [cash, handgun ammo].
    Exit, and continue down the path.  Two Ganados will spot you.  Take them out,
    and go over the bridge.  Three Ganados will spot you and talk amongst
    themselves.  You can take shots at them, but there really is no point.  Keep
    going, and you'll come to yet another shed on your left.  DON'T run in.  There
    is a Ganado in there, and he'll hit you with an axe if you just run in.  Lure
    him out, and then kill him.  Inside there is handgun ammo, and two wooden
    boxes.  Grab the ammo and items [Flash grenade].  Exit the shed, turn left,
    and go through the large doors.
      /                                                                        \
    2.  Village
    As soon as you're through the doors, Hunnigan contacts you again.  She sends
    you playing manual.  You should already have picked up everything it tells
    you, so you don't really have to bother reading it.
    Walk down the path and you will be able to press "A" to whip out your
    binoculars to spy on the villagers.  You can zoom in and watch these freaks go
    about thier business.  You may also note the cop roasting over the bonfire.
    After you're done enjoying your spying, keep walking down the path.  For some
    reason, Ganados seem to have some sort of vision problem, which will become
    apparent as the game goes on.  They don't seem to notice you until you are
    quite close, which is very good for you.
    Map of Pueblo Village
        Building 2          Building 2
         Upstairs            Rooftop
          _____               _____
         | GUN |             |     |
         |G    |             |     |
         |P     ----         |      ----
         |          |        |      T   |
         | 2 S      |        | 2        |
          --+---  --          --+---  --
                                                         |      |
                                                         |      |
                                                        __--- --_
                                                       |         |
                        _____________________________  |___  ____|__---''''''||
                       /       B              |B     | /                     ||
                   ---'                       |__  __|/        _____---''''''
                --'                                  |        / _F__
            ---'GH           _______     _____       |        \/   /
        ---'                |   H   |   |    H|             /\   H/
     --'                    |      B|   |   BB|            / /   /
    '       #####   ####    |      B|   |      ----       /  ----
          #######   ####        B|'''   |          |     |
        #########   ######  | 1  |      | 2        | |   |  S up in the Tower
       ##########   ######   ----        --+---  --  |   |  -----
       ##########   ######                 |         |   | |     |     _______
       ##########   ######                  ----  ---    |_|_  __|_   |       |
                                 ___                               |__|       |
    ____________                /@@@\                                        H|
                \               \@@@/                             ____________|
                 \                                               |            |
                  |                                              X  Church    |
                  |     |    +-  -+       --  -----              |            |
                  |     |    |B   |      |B      3 |             |____________|
                  |     |    |    |      |         |            /
                  |     |\   |    |      |         |           /
                  |     | \  |    |       ----+--  |          /
                  |     | |  +-  -+        RH |B   |       ---
                __|     |  \B                 |B P |      /
               /        |   \______            ----      /
           ----         |          \____________________/
          |             |
          |    |        |
          |    |\       |   
          |B B | \      |
          |____|  |_____|
    H   = Handgun Ammo            G  = Hand Grenade
    GUN = Shotgun                 S  = Shotgun Ammo
    GH  = Green Herb              RH = Red Herb
    @   = Bonfire                 P  = Pesetas
    B   = Box or Barrel           F  = File
    X   = The Locked Church Door  T  = Treasure
    There are two different ways to go about the village battle.  One involves
    going into building 2, which triggers a cutscene in which Leon blocks the
    door, and the Ganados use ladders to get into the building.  You can then run
    upstairs and grab the shotgun, as well as get a grenade from the cabinet.
    While a shotgun and a granade at the beginning of the battle are good,
    entering the building also triggers the arrival of everyone's favorite
    villager, "Chainsaw Guy".  The advantage of this, is that you will pick up
    more shotgun ammo off of dead enemies this way, as well as the large sum of
    cash that "Chainsaw Guy" drops, 10,000 Pesetas!
    The second way involves avoiding building 2, and instead, fighting the
    villagers with only your pistol.  This isn't as bad as it sounds, since you
    will almost certainly pick up a few grenades off of dead enemies.  It is
    completely possible to beat this section without the shotgun, especially when
    you consider that you don't have to fight "Chainsaw Guy".  However, you will
    wind up with less shotgun ammo in the end, as well as forfeit your 10,000
    Pesetas.  The choice is yours, but I would recommend taking the shotgun.
    The Pesetas alone are worth it.
    If you decide to go with the shotgun, simply run to building 2 with the
    shotgun, run up the stairs, grab the shotgun off the wall, and break the glass
    of the cabinet with your knife, and grab the grenade inside.  Then run over to
    the bed and get the shotgun ammo.  You may then knock over the ladder by the
    window.  There are two other ladders out the window on your right, but it's
    better to leave them alone and just stay in this room.
    As villagers enter through the window by the bed, simply fire one shot from
    your handgun, and they will fall down.  After two or three falls, they die.
    When villagers come in through the window that leads out to the roof, shoot
    them as they are climbing in, which will usually knock them back out.  The
    main point is to kill "Chainsaw Guy".  He can kill you with one attack, so
    kill him as fast as you can.
    If the room gets a little crowded, feel free to use the grenade for crowd
    control.  Try to pick up as many dropped items and possible during the fight.
    Hopefully you'll get some more grenades, in which case you should let
    villagers come in to the room through the windows, and just keep them away
    from you by shooting their legs with the handgun.  Once there are enough to
    make it worth it, throw the grenade and kill them all.  If there a several
    villagers lined up, don't be afraid to use your shotgun, but be sure that you
    have enough shotgun ammo and/or grenades to finish "Chainsaw Guy".  Just keep
    killing anyone that comes in the room, and pretty soon the bell will ring, and
    the battle will be over.
    If you decide to avoid "Chainsaw Guy", I would recommend that you start
    running around and grab some items.  Just shoot anyone who gets too close to
    you, grabbing whatever they drop.  Hopefully you'll get a couple grenades.
    Also, if you skip the shotgun, it seems that you get more grenades off of dead
    enemies, as I stated earlier.  Whenever you get a grenade, try getting the
    villagers to bunch up, either by running around them, or running into a dead
    end.  Once you have enough in one spot, throw a grenade.  Just keep running
    and shooting, and before too long, the bell will ring, and the battle will
    end.  At that time, you can go get the shotgun without worrying about
    "Chainsaw Guy".
    After the bell sounds and the villagers go into the church, Hunnigan calls
    again, and Leon informs her that he found the body of an officer, she tells
    him to get out of there via the trail near the tower.  First, however, we will
    pick up all of the items in the village.
    Once you have picked up all the items, follow the path by the tower to the
    door in the northeast corner of the village which leads to the farm.
      /                                                                        \
    3. Farm
    Map of Farm
                 -'                   '-
                /          B            \
              -'         +---+           \
          ,--'           |   |            \
         /               | 2 |             \_______
        |                |   |              |      '-__________________
        |                +- -+              |       /                  \
        |                                   |      |                    \
         \                                  |      |                    |
          \                                 |      |                    /
           \                                |      |                   /
            \                                      |          +-------/
             \                                      \         |      / 
              \         ------    -----     |        \           6  /
               \       |               |   /          \       |     \
                \______|       3       |__/            \______+------\
                 \     |              B|                              \
                 /      ------    -----                                \
                /                                                       \
               / __                               ---  ---               \
              / /T \                             |       B|               \
             /  \__/                             |        |-------         \
            /   +--------+        -------   -----|[T]     |       |         \
           |    |B       |       /               |        |       |          \
           \    |     1         /                |    4   |       |           \
            \   |TW      |     |                 |B       |___  __|            \
             \  +--------+     |                 |        |       |             \
              \__              |    F            |      B |   5  T|              \
                 ''-           |.-----.          |[P]    B|_______|___          /
           ____--''            /       \          ---  ---/           \__      /
        --'                   /         \                /  Building 4   '-_  /
       /                     /           \              /  Second Floor     ''
      /               _____-'             '-__________-'    ---  ---
      \              /                                     |        |
       \         __-'                                      |        |
        \___.---'                                          |        |
                                                           |        |
                                                           |        |
      KEY                                                  |        |
                                                           |        |
    TW = Typewriter         T  = Treasure                  |        |
    F  = File               H  = Handgun Ammo              |     [H]|
    P  = Pesetas            B  = Box                        ---  ---
    [] = cabinet (item in brackets in inside cabinet)
    There are only a handful of villagers here, and it will be much easier than
    the last section.  
    To make an easy job even easier, run to building 4, and go up the ladder.
    Shoot the guy up here in the head, and while he's stunned, turn and knock the
    ladder over.  Turn around and finish him.
    The other villagers on the farm should have heard the gunshots and should come
    on their own.  If not, you may need to shoot one to get his attention.  When
    they start coming, they will raise the ladder, and then start climbing up.
    Since one of them is very fond of throwing hatchets at you, the safest way to
    beat them is to step away from the ladder, and as each one climbs up, shoot
    him with the handgun, and he will take damage from the fall.  It should only
    take two or three bullets per villager this way.  Normally, you would use the
    knife to knock them off the ladder, but the villager throwing the hatchet will
    almost always get you if you try it that way.  Once they stop coming, jump
    down and pick up any items they might have dropped.
    Exit the barn and make sure that there are no villagers left.  If you find
    any, eliminate them as you see fit.  Once you are sure that you are alone, it
    is time to start picking up items.  Start by going back up the ladder in the
    barn, and go out the window.  walk STRAIGHT ahead and jump down.  Break the
    box on your right, and grab the Beerstein.  Then push the shelf out of the way
    and leave the room.  Please note, you should NOT sell the Beerstein until you
    have inserted all the jewels.  It is worth MUCH more with all three jewels.
    The most valuable item is the pearl necklace hanging over the tub of dirty 
    water.  There is a bit of a trick here.  If you shoot the necklace first, it
    will fall down into the filthy water, and be almost worthless.  What you have
    to do is shoot the wooden support that has the lid to the tub propped open.
    Once the lid is shut, then shoot the necklace, and pick it up.
    Next, run over to the tree and grab blue note attached to it.  This will start
    the blue medallion sub-quest.  If you get ten or more blue medallions, the
    merchant (who you will meet later) will give you the Punisher, a handgun that
    is superior to the one you have now.  If you look at the map after starting
    the subquest, the medallions will appear as blue dots.  All you have to do is
    go shoot them.
    Since they appear on the map, I don't think I need to make a map or describe
    in detail where each one is, but if you need any help getting one, just email
    After you've gotten as many of the blue medallions as you can, make sure that
    you haven't missed any items before continuing.  Once you have everything,
    exit through the door in the southeast corner.
      /                                                                        \
    4. Village, Part II
    After only a few steps, you will see the same bloody wooden sign with skulls
    that you saw earlier.  This time, the trap is taken right out of an Indiana
    Jones film...   A big boulder rolling after you!  Just keep walking forward
    and some kind villagers will gently roll a boulder towards you.  Simply press
    whatever button is shown on screen repeatedly to sprint, and then when it
    displays another combination of buttons, QUICKLY press that combination to
    dodge the boulder, and the trap is done!
    Go through the tunnel, being careful to shoot the flashing items above you.
    They are Spinel, a valuable jewel that you can sell to the merchant.
    Once you come out the other side, you will see the same sign again.  Once
    again, they are back to using explosives.  A villager will come at you with
    dynamite.  Take him out with the handgun.  Be careful from here on, as there
    are bear traps all over.
    (Please note:  If another villager starts throwing dynamite from the house
    straight ahead of you, aim carefully, and when he throws the next stick,
    fire, and if you hit it, it will blow him up.)
    Then move towards the building on your left.  Move slowly, as there is a trip
    wire inside.  Another villager will throw dynamite inside, which will blow the
    trip wire up.  When that happens, run in (being careful of the bear trap), and
    kill him before he has time to throw another stick.  The blast should have
    blown the two boxes open, so take whatever was in the boxes [spinel].
    Next, go back out of the building the way you came in, and move towards the
    building on your left.  If you already killed villager inside, you can just
    move in, disable the bear traps in your path (see map), and go around and
    climb in through the window to kill the other guy.  If not, draw his attention
    and then kill him before going through the bear traps.
    Once inside the building, kill the second villager, and collect any items
    inside [cash, Handgun ammo].  Then move to the next room, grab the grenade,
    and look out the hole in the door.  You should be able to see the tripwire.
    If you want, you can shoot it, just to make sure you don't accidentally
    run through it.  Then leave through the window, and move towards the large
    building.  Move to the right side of the building, and break open the box for
    [handgun ammo].
    Next, go around to the door, break the lock off either by kicking or by
    using your knife, and go inside.  Open the cabinet for the cash, and grab the
    handgun ammo from the table.  I wouldn't save.  Then go into the next room.
    Shoot the explosives on the wall to disable the trap, and go through the
    doorway.  Shoot the explosives in this room as well, and get the cash off the
    table.  Go over to the cabinet and grab the green herb.  Then push the shelf
    aside, and enter the new doorway.  Go open the cabinet that someone is trying
    to break out of.  You'll see a cutscene where Leon saves Luis, only to be
    found by the village chief, along with some villagers.  Personally, I'd have
    rather tried a shotgun than a kick, but I guess Leon knows what he's doing.
    Congratulations on finishing Chapter 1-1!  When prompted to save, unless you
    are quitting and coming back later, wait another five minutes and save after
    you have the larger attache case.
      /                                                                        \
    5. 1-2 Path Back to Village
    It starts off with a cutscene.  Don't put the controller down, because you'll
    have to hit a button combination to do a dodge move at the end.  After the
    scene is done, Hunnigan calls you, and you tell her that you're heading back
    to the village, so, I guess we're going back to the village.
    Once you regain control, grab the handgun ammo, and leave the room.  You'll
    see the merchant walk past the window.  Once again, I wouldn't save yet.  Grab
    the rifle ammo if you have space in your inventory.  Otherwise, just leave it.
    Walk around back and meet with the merchant.  At this point I would highly
    recommend that you sell the Spinel that you've collected, as well as the
    necklace.  Now buy the Medium Attache Case to increase the size of your
    inventory.  If you didn't pick up the rifle ammo yet, go back into the
    building and grab it.  Then go back outside and break the three barrels and
    take whatever you find.  Two of them are behind the building, past the
    merchant, and the other is in front of the building.  I would highly
    recommend that you save now.
    Once you step out, there will be a villager to your right, take him out.
    There is something important to remember here.  If you shoot somebody off the
    platforms and they fall, you save ammo.  However, you won't get any items they
    would have dropped.  I recommend you try to keep them from falling.
    Shoot anybody who is holding lit dynamite, especially if there is somebody
    next to them.  Clear a path going up on the right.  At the top, take out any
    villagers that come at you.  Be sure to shoot the red explosive barrel if
    there are any villagers next to it.  Break the two barrels and grab whatever
    you find.  Then open the treasure chest for the left half of the emblem.
    Now turn around and go back down the way you came.  You will notice that quite
    a few villagers have come up after you.  Since they're all lined up in such a
    narrow path, I think this is a job for the shotgun.  Two or three shots should
    eliminate all of them.  Use the handgun for any survivors.  Then make sure you
    relead both guns if they aren't at full capacity.  If you hit another wave
    coming up on your way down, deal with them the same as the first wave.
    Go back all the way to where the path first branches, turn right, and you
    should be facing a guy who is still turned away from you.  There is a small
    building at the end of this path.  Take out the moron who's too stupid too
    take notice of gunfire.  Then go in the building.
    Grab the shotgun ammo off the shelf, and go through the next door.  There
    should be two guys in there.  Be careful of the guy who's farthest from you,
    he throws small scythes.  Once they're both dead, turn your attention to the
    window.  There should be a couple villagers outside.  Shoot the explosive,
    barrel.  That should kill all of them.  Grab the handgun ammo off the crate.
    Open the locker on the far side of the room for a flash grenade.  Go out the
    window by the locker and break the barrel, and grab whatever you find.  Run
    around to the side of the building.  You want to go up the ladder, but first,
    shoot the guy who's up there, otherwise he'll hit you ass soon as you climb
    up.  Break the barrel up there, and take what you find.  Then go open the
    treasure chest for the right half of the emblem.  Go into the Keys/Treasures
    section of your inventory and combine the left and right halves.
    Jump down, turn left, and go up the incline.  Smash the two barrels and take
    what you find.  Kill the guy on the rooftop, then kill the guy on the platform
    above the rooftop.  Climb up to the roof and then to the platform above the
    roof, break the barrel, and take what you find [shotgun ammo].  Jump down to
    the roof and then the ground.  Go into the building and open the lockers for
    a yellow herb and some cash.
    Now run over to the big door and use the emblem to unlock it.  Go through the
    door.  Follow the path until you can turn left.  Break the barrel you find and
    take whatever was in it.  Keep following that path and break the second barrel
    you find, and take what you find [handgun ammo].  Now turn and go back to the
    main path.  There is one last barrel to the right of the door.  Break it and
    take the contents.  Go through the door.
    There is a barrel on the left side of the room, break it and take what's
    inside [cash].  Go through the door with the light over it.  Take out the
    villagers in the room.  Go through the room until you find a barrel [cash].
    Break the windows and the villagers should come to you.  Shoot them through
    the window.  When they're dead, go through the window.  There will still be a
    guy with dynamite.  Just shoot him.  Be very careful of the beartraps here.
    There are nine beartraps.  I'm not going to draw a map, since they're very
    easy to spot.  Just make sure you disable all nine with your knife before
    continuing on.  Two more villagers should come through the door.  Take care of
    them.  Make sure that you get the two barrels in the corner [cash, cash].
    Go through the door.  Turn left, and you will see a boarded up window.  Hit it
    with your knife to break the boards, and climb through.  Grab the Elegant Mask
    and climb back out.  Get the barrel between the two large furnace things
    [flash grenade], as well as the one in the corner [green herb].  Go through
    the rust colored door.
    Go down the stairs and kill the villager.  Jump down into the water and grab
    the flash grenade, handgun ammo, and cash.  You can kill the fish.  They
    restore health.  The large black bass will completely restore your health.
    Sure, it takes up 12 inventory spaces, but it restores health completely.
    The small bass restore health partially, and take up 3 spaces.  If you need
    any health at the moment though, it's a great way to restore health without
    wasting any of your health items.  Climb up the ladder, then climb the other
    ladder to get back to the surface.
    The first thing you should do is kill as many crows as you can for items.
    Then destroy the explosives.  If you look to the left of where you climbed
    out, there is another tub of dirty water.  Make sure you shoot out the wooden
    support to close the lid before you shoot the pocket watch down.  
    Notice the sign?  Be careful of the 2 bear traps between the trees, and the
    bear trap to the left of the left tree.  Go into the shed for a barrel and a
    box [handgun ammo].  Leave the shed and go up the path, and enter the house.
    Go up the stairs and go the door with the blue-green circle on it.
    This puzzle is painfully simple.  Just rotate it until it looks like the two
    symbols to its left and right.  The door then opens.  Go through and open
    the desk drawer for some handgun ammo.  Grab the Insignia Key from the small
    box by the picture, the Chief's Note from the bed, and the cash from the
    Go through the door to trigger a cutscene where the Village Chief grabs you,
    but lets you go because you "carry the same blood".  You've gotten through
    Chapter 1-2!
      /                                                                        \
    6. 1-3 Village, Revisited
    Hunnigan calls you and tells you to hurry back to the village.  Once you
    regain control, turn to the left, open the cabinet, and grab the green herb.
    Go down the hall and down the stairs.  once you're in the dining room, turn
    left.  Go into the kitchen, open the oven, and grab the Brown Chicken Egg.
    Go back through the dining room to the other side.  Break the glass on the
    china cabinet and grab the flame grenade.  Turn around and get the cash from
    the cabinet.  Go back over by the stairs and go through the door to the left
    of the stairs.  Kill the villager in the bathroom.  Just a point to ponder,
    but if the bathroom is only a urinal, where does the Village Chief poop?
    Judging by the color of the urinal, and the fact that there is toilet paper
    next to the urinal, I think I might have answered my own question.  
    Before we go outside, go up the stairs and into the bedroom.  There will be
    a cutscene where the village chief knocks you to the ground and stands on you
    until a mysterious woman in red shoots him, and he lunges out the window after
    Now go back downstairs and out through the door by the kitchen.
    Take a few steps, and you'll hear the beautiful sound of a chainsaw.  You have
    to deal with "Chainsaw Guy", as well as two villagers.  Just take out the
    shotgun and knock "Chainsaw Guy" over, then kill the two villagers.  Then
    finish "Chainsaw Guy".  Go down the path, and kill the villagers by the shed.
    Theres a box in the shed [red herb].  Continue down the path, kill the
    villagers, and go through the door.
    Since this is a choke-point, the shotgun is a great choice.  Once enough
    villagers get built up in one spot, throw a grenade.  Once the first wave is
    gone, move out and start taking the remaining villagers one at a time.  Don't
    forget about the guy on the roof of the house that had the shotgun.  Once the
    village is clear of enemies, go into the church using the insignia key.
    Get the handgun ammo on the table, and get whatever is in the box.  Save the
    game if you want.  Go through the door.  Don't miss the barrel [TMP ammo].
    Notice the red bulb under the light?  That's oil.  Explosive oil.  Remember
    whenever you see that, that it is explosive.  Open the trap door in the floor
    and go down.  Where the tunnel opens up into a small room, there is a box
    in a niche in the wall [cash].  When you get to the merchant, you can upgrade
    your shotgun's firepower for 15,000 Pesetas.  I would recommend it, unless you
    are intent on buying a better shotgun later.  If you have the cash to spare,
    it wouldn't hurt to upgrade the capacity to eight shells.  Go out the door and
    up the ladder to go out to the cemetary.
    If you look up in the trees, you will see a bird's nest.  Shoot it, and take
    whatever is inside.
    As soon as you can see three crows, shoot them, since if you move too close,
    they'll fly away.  After your first shot, a Ganado will take notice, but don't
    worry, you have time to finish the crows before he'll get anywhere near you.
    Grab ammo and cash that the crows drop, and kill the two Ganados.
    Go into the shed that the female Ganado came from and grab the handgun ammo
    and get the two boxes [handgun ammo].
    Continue up towards the church.  There are three Ganados here.  If you can
    kill the one with the dynamite after it's lit, the blast should kill the other
    two.  Go around the back of the church and kill the two Ganados there.  
    If you look up in the tree here, you will see another bird's nest.  Shoot it
    and take what drops.
    To solve the puzzle on the podium, turn it 3,3,3,3,4,3,4,4,4,4,3.  There's
    probably a shorter way, but if it works...
    Now you can go through the cemetary and shoot all the Blue Medallions.  Don't
    forget the one behind the podium and to the left of the church door.
    Remember that you can see the Blue Medallions on the map.  Now follow the path
    past the church, Hunnigan will contact you and tell you to get to the church.
    Keep going on the path and kill the three Ganados.  Be sure to get the Blue
    Medallions on the path (refer to your map).  Some of the Medallions are under
    the path.  Go into the shed and get the note, as well as the two boxes
    [handgun ammo, snake].  At this time I would like to point out that you can
    shoot the snakes and get eggs.
    Keep going and kill the Ganado, then go through the door.
    Break the barrel [shotgun ammo, cash].  Don't go through the door too fast.
    You don't want to scare the crows.  Throw a flash grenade into the middle of
    them.  Each one will drop cash, except for one, which gives you a flash
    grenade.  Get all of the items, and then go into the first shed.  Grab the
    handgun ammo and spinel.  Go to the third shed, and grab the handgun ammo.
    Go over to the cart and grab the spinel.
    Keep going to the other side.  Break the two barrels [cash]. Go through the
    blue door, grab the handgun ammo.  Go over behind the merchant and break the
    barrel [handgun ammo].  Save the game if you want.  Break the barrel by the
    typewriter.  Go back up the ladder and through the door.
    Go through the doors on the right.  Go into the shed and grab the handgun ammo
    and break the barrel [cash].  Leave the shed and follow the path.  See the
    sign?  It's the same boulder trap as before.
    You will see a guy on a dock.  Shoot him in the head before he walks towards
    you, and he may stumble back into the tripwire.  Jump down into the water and
    grab the hand grenade on the left side of the dock.  Run back up the ramp and
    get on the dock.  There should be some more Ganados on the dock waiting for
    you.  Kill them.  Run into the small shed on the dock.  More Ganados should
    come.  Finish them and break the barrel and the box on the left [shotgun
    ammo].  Shoot the box on the right.  Shoot again and kill the snake for an
    Jump down into the water and a bunch of Ganados will swarm you.  Get your back
    against a wall, and kill them all with a grenade or the shotgun.  Run up onto
    the other section of dock that isn't connected the part with the shed.  Run
    over to the bench and grab the incendiary granade.  Turn around and a bunch
    of Ganados should be following you.  Throw the grenade.  Use the shotgun
    on any survivors if needed.  Keep going on this section of dock, and shoot the
    explosives on the tripwire.  Kill the last two Ganados.  Go into the shed, get
    the handgun ammo and shoot the box and kill the snake for an egg.
    Exit the shed and keep going.  Shoot any snakes you see.  Go through the big
    Take the left path, and keep going until you see a cutscene.  Now you know
    what happened to the other officer.
    Go back and take the path that went right.  Go into the shed and grab the
    handgun ammo and break the box [yellow herb].
    Exit the shed and keep going.  Enter the next shed and take the green herb and
    break the barrel.  Save your progress, since you're about to take on the first
    boss.  Exit the shed, go down to the dock and get in the boat.
    Start heading across the lake, and a cutscene will play.  Time for...
      /                                                                        \
    7. Del Lago
    When you regain control, start steering to the right so that you don't hit
    the logs in the water.  Make sure you keep steering, as Del Lago will turn
    around and try to eat you.  Dodge the debris, and then start throwing
    When he goes under, steer to the side to avoid him when he pops back up.
    Again, once you being pulled, start throwing harpoons.
    When the boat stops completely, just get ready to throw harpoons when you see
    him coming.  If you hit him twice, he will call of that attack and go back
    under.  If you don't hit him twice, he'll knock the boat over.
    If you get knocked off the boat, just keep hitting "A" to swim back to the
    boat.  If your health gets too low, you'll get knocked too far out to swim
    back in time, and therefore, will become Del Lago's lunch.
    Once he's dead, you'll have to cut the rope, just hit the button repeatedly.
    There'll be a cutscene where Leon stumbles towards a cabin, coughs up blood,
    goes inside, and passes out.
    You've finished chapter 1-3!
      /                                                                        \
    8. 2-1 Path to the Church
    Leon has a wonderful dream in which he starts transforming.  Once he wakes up,
    Hunnigan calls.  Once you have control, break the box [cash], grab the handgun
    ammo, flash grenade, and note, which says that you should get something from
    behind the falls.  Exit the building.
    I would like to point out the beautiful weather effects...  This game is
    almost too beautiful...
    Go out on the dock, get in the boat, and drive towards the two blue flames.
    Get out of the boat, and break all the barrels [handgun ammo] and the turn,
    move to the left side of the door, and push the crate out of the way.
    Break the barrels [cash], and climb up the ladder.  PUsh the crate in front of
    you until you can't push it any further.  Then turn to the right, and push
    that crate.  Walk around, and break the barrels [Green Gem, cash].  Jump down
    and head back to the boat.  Once outside, turn left and head for the yellow
    flame.  Get off on the dock and head for the door.
    Note, if you need any health, shoot the bass, get in the boat, go to where
    the dead bass is, and take it for health.
    Go through the large door.  You'll see a beautiful cutscene, in which an
    especially creepy looking Ganado has a creature burst through his head.  It's
    cute, but kill it anyway.  A couple good headshots from the shotgun will
    kill him.  Otherwise, if you have a few flash grenades you'd like to use, they
    kill these things, as well as stunning other Ganados (with heads still
    attached) in the area.  Take the 5,000 Pesetas, and move on.  Climb up the
    stairs, and jump from platform to platform.  Follow the path past where it
    forks to the left, and break the barrel [hand grenade].  Go back and turn
    where the path forks.
    Again, jump from platform to platform, and keep going until you get to the
    rope.  Climb down the rope.  Look up in the tree for a blinking item.  Shoot
    it, and get the Spinel.  Look ahead and you'll see a Ganado in the tower.
    Shoot him in the head.  CLimb up the ladder and grab the handgun ammo and
    break the barrel.  Jump back down.  Go to the right, and look out over the
    water.  It's too far too jump, so shoot the chain that's holding the box to
    your right.  The box will fall in the water, and you can jump to it.  From
    there, jump to the next platform.  Walk down the path.  You will see a
    blinking item on the pipe.  Shoot it for the Amber Ring.  You can't get
    through the waterfall, so we have to find another way to get to the item.
    Go up the nearby ladder, and break the barrel [green herb].  Shoot the chain
    that's holding the box above you, and it will fall and float over by the first
    box that you shot down.  Now shoot the chain holding the other box which is
    next to you, it will fall and float down by the other box.  Go back and jump
    across the boxes you just dropped.  Go up the ladder and pull the lever.
    The water will be redirected, and you can now go under where the waterfall
    Jump down and go over to where the waterfall used to be.  Halfway there, a
    bunch of Ganados will show up.  focus on the ones to your left first.  Run up
    and fire a shot or two from your shotgun.  If any sprout Plagas where their
    heads used to be, throw a flash grenade to kill them and stun the rest.  If
    not, just keep shooting.  Turn around after a few shots and deal with the
    ones which will be right behind you by this time.  A couple more shots from
    the shotgun should have them all pretty much dead.  Pick off any survivors and
    go through where the waterfall used to be.  Follow the path to where it opens
    up.  Funny that you can't take any of this gold to sell to the merchant.  Oh
    well.  Grab the Round Insignia.  Hunnigan will call you and tell you to head
    back to the church.  Go through the door.
    Break the barrel.  You can hit the bats with you knife if you really want.
    They don't drop any items, but they do make a rather pleasant sound when you
    hit one.  Get in the boat.  Leon will drive it himself.  You wind up by the
    merchant.  I would recommend that you save at this time.  Go up the ladder and
    out the door.
    Break the two barrels in front of you [green herb, cash].  Walk out into the
    large area, and a cutscene will show you getting locked in.  Oops, you
    accidentally wandered onto the set for Lord of the Rings.  Actually, that
    monstrosity is...
      /                                                                        \
    9. El Gigante
    He isn't really as bad as he looks.  Throw two grenades at him, and he'll fall
    down.  Climb him, and then cut at the Plaga.  If you don't have any grenades,
    just use your shotgun.  After a while, the wolf you saved will come help Leon.
    He jumps down and distracts El Gigante, so take the opportunity to take as
    many shots as you can.  After about 10 shots, he'll go down again.  Climb him,
    and then cut the parasite.  He will die.  Grab all the items in the area
    before you move on.  There is a red herb and handgun ammo on the logs, a
    yellow herb on the cart, Spinel, shotgun ammo, and cash in one shed.  There's
    handgun ammo and cash in another shed, and TMP ammo, spinel, and cash in the
    final shed.  Go break the barrel in the other door that opened [cash].  Go
    through the door by the barrel you broke, and follow the path back to the
    church by the cemetary.
    Keep in mind that at the other end of the wooden path, a short ways from where
    you stop back on solid ground, there are three dogs that will make you wish
    for a whole pack of Cerberus from the other RE games.  I recommend hand
    grenades, incendiary grenades, or shotgun.  Probably at least one grenade if
    you have one.  After they are dead, go up to the church door and use the
    round insignia to open it.  Grab the cash off the counter.  Go to the
    right side of the church and break the barrel [flash grenade].  Go to the left
    side of the church and go up the ladder.  Since you can't get through the
    door, jump to the light fixture, and then jump to the other side.
    Break the barrels over here [incendiary grenade, cash], then go over and
    operate the controls.
    The solution is to turn red twice, so the thing on the outer edge of the
    circle points down.  Turn green three times, so that the thing points left.
    Turn blue once, so that the thing points to the right.  Use the Combine
    command to open the gate.  Go through the door.  You'll trigger a cutscene,
    in which you finally meet Ashley.  YAY!
    Next, you get to inform Hunnigan that you have Ashley.  Hunnigan informs you
    that you should go to the extraction point.  You also get Playing Manual 3,
    which basically goes over how having Ashley with you changes gameplay a bit.
    Break the barrels [handgun ammo, handgun ammo, green herb].  Leave the room.
    Jump down the ladder.  When you jump, you have to press "A" again once you're
    at the bottom, in order to catch Ashley.  Walk out, and you'll trigger a
    scene in which you meed Lord Saddler.  He really looks like Emperor Palpatine.
    Maybe it's just me, oh well.  You wind up jumping out a window, and finishing
    Chapter 2-1!
      /                                                                        \
    10. 2-2 Path to Extraction Point
    Break the barrels [cash, handgun ammo, cash, red herb].  Unlock the door and
    go outside.  You will see a rather large mob of villagers coming for you.
    Ashley tells you to shoot the barrels.  Do so.  Usually there will be a
    survivor.  Just use your handgun to finish him.  If you want some easy cash,
    go back into the church.  Kill the two robed Ganados for handgun ammo and
    5,000 Pesetas.  The easiest way to do this is to throw a flash grenade, and
    then go kick them.  While they're down, shoot them in the head with the
    shotgun.  Leave the church.
    Go along the path through the cemetary.  You will notice that the boxes in the
    shed are back, so go ahead and break them [handgun ammo].  Exit the shed and
    go back the way you came into the cemetary the first time, down the ladder,
    and through the door, to where the merchant is.
    Go through the tunnel, once you get to the room lit by the oil lamp, you can
    break the box [handgun ammo].  Continue and go up the ladder.  Break the
    barrel.  Go through the door and break the box.  You can save if you really
    want, but you don't really have to.  Go through the door.
    This is actually one of the trickier parts of the game, since you really can't
    see much.  The first Ganado will come at you from the far left.  If you're
    feeling greedy, you can go through the village to break all the boxes and
    barrels that have respawned, although this means that you will have to fight
    some Ganados that you could have easily avoided by going straight to your
    destination.  It's up to you.
    Once you've looted to your heart's content, head towards the trail that goes
    to the farm.  Beware of the bear traps though.  There are also a considerable
    number of villagers who really don't wan't you to get through.  The shotgun
    will convince them to let you pass.  Kill them all and continue on the path
    (you have to disable the traps, not just walk around them, as Ashley isn't
    the brightest girl in the world, and has been known to step on a trap that
    you took great care to avoid).  Go through the door to the farm.
    Walk over to the open, red bin and press "X" to tell Ashley to hide inside.
    As you have probably already noticed, having Ashley with you is a liability.
    She gets attacked, and although she usually ducks when you draw your weapon,
    I've shot her many times.  Just try to keep her out of combat whenever
    Go back into building 1 and grab the note.  You can break the barrel as well.
    In fact, if you're still feeling greedy, you can go and get all the boxes and
    barrels that respawned if you feel like it.  The contents of the cabinets in
    building 4 respawn as well.
    Be careful in building 4, because the villagers decided that three bear traps
    by the door would be a nice touch.  On that same note, when you go to open
    the door that you need Ashley's help to open (The door in the northeast
    corner), be careful of the five beartraps that have been planted there as
    Once you have cleared the area and are ready to leave, press "X".  Leon will
    whistle, and Ashley will come to you.
    Now walk over to the large wooden door, and press "A".  You will lift Ashley
    high enough so that she can get over and open the door from the other side.
    Go up and talk to the merchant.  Since I assume you have not shot all 15 Blue
    Medallions, you may go talk to him for the Punisher.  Since you got all 15,
    and not just the minimum 10, not only is he giving you the Punisher, but he's
    including the first firepower upgrade.  Not a bad deal.  Sell your handgun,
    and buy the Punisher.  Your choice now is whether to keep the Punisher, or
    sell it back to him and buy the Red9.  The Punisher can go through two enemies
    until you get the ultimate upgrade, then it can go through 5, but that's
    going to take a while.  The Red9 has a lot more firepower, but it takes up two
    more inventory spaces.  Honestly, I'd sell the Punisher for the Red9, but if
    the faster firing and reload speeds are important to you, or if the bullet
    going through two enemies sounds nice, then by all means, keep the Punisher.
    It certainly isn't a bad gun by any standard.
    If you opt for the Red9, you might as well upgrade the firepower and capacity
    right off the bat.  Eight shots from a handgun is quite sad.  If you really
    want, you can upgrade the firing or reload speed, but it isn't really that
    necessary.  If you have the money (which you should), upgrade the shotgun in
    every way.  Then upgrade your handgun's firepower and capacity.
    End your conversation with the merchant, and cross the bridge.  Before you can
    get accross, Hunnigan calls you with some bad news.  Your evac chopper was
    shot down.  Trouble getting a chopper in for evac?  In a Resident Evil game?
    that was unexpected. :P
    Finish crossing the bridge and you get another cutscene, this time, it's a lot
    of villagers...  A LOT of villagers.  You take shelter in the house, and meet
    up with Luis again.
    Now, you have to fight off the largest group yet, but this time, you have a
    You can block all the windows with the shelves if you want, but it won't hold
    them off for very long.  Next, grab the shotgun ammo on the table.
    Once they break through, fire your shotgun at the window that was just broken
    through, as this will probably hit at least three Ganados.  For the most part,
    use your handgun on individuals, and shotgun on groups.  If a group gets big
    enough, through a flame grenade.  If there is a REALLY big group, throw a
    hand grenade, since it affects a larger area.  If there are more than one
    ganado with Plagas sticking out of their neck, throw a flash grenade to kill
    them, and stun the rest.  There is a flash grenade in here, as well as yellow
    and red herbs.
    Please note, unlike Ashley, you can't hurt Luis.  If there's a group of
    Ganados, and Luis is in the middle, don't hesitate to throw a grenade.
    Luis will occasionally say "Here, use this", at that time he will drop some
    ammo for you.  Just walk over and take it.  After a while, he will instruct
    you to head upstairs.  Go up the stairs, turn around, and either use the
    shotgun to shoot Ganados following you, or throw a grenade, depending on how
    many there are down there.
    Once the battle has moved to the upstairs, they will put ladders up to the
    four windows, as well as continue coming up the stairs.  You can push the
    ladders away, as always, but it's hard to keep them all down.  Just push them
    away when there's an opportunity.  Keep the same basic strategy as below,
    except now, if you see one coming in through a window, a single shot from the
    handgun will send him falling to the ground, causing some damage.  Don't
    forget that there is an incendiary grenade and a regular grenade, as well as
    a green herb and flash grenade.
    After a while, a Ganado will say "Vamanos", and they will all leave.
    At that time, you inform them that the bridge that brought you here is out, so
    you have to keep going.  Luis tells you that he forgot something, and takes
    That's the end of chapter 2-2!
      /                                                                        \
    11. 2-3 Two Paths
    Make sure you grab all the items from the house.  Go out the door, and turn
    left.  Grab the TMP ammo.  Next, turn left and grab the handgun ammo that's
    sitting on the logs that are resting against the house.  If there was anything
    on the list of upgrades that you couldn't afford before the battle in the
    house, see if you can afford it now.
    Go into the small shed.  Get the note.  It confirms that they shot down your
    chopper, as well as presents you with two paths that you get to choose.  Leave
    the small shed and turn left.  Go to the well lit area between the two giant
    wooden doors.  There is a lever.  Push it left for the path guarded by
    Ganados, or push it right for the El Gigante path.
    First I will cover the left path with the Ganados.
    As soon as you enter, shoot the barrels on the cart to kill the first four
    Ganados.  Then tell Ashley to hide in the bin.  Back up, and kill the three
    Ganados that come at you.  Be aware that some will jump down off the platform
    behind you.  After they're dead, continue down the path and break the barrel
    [handgun ammo].  Go up the ladder, turn left, and kill the two Ganados.  Walk
    forward a ways, and kill the Ganados that will come at you.  You can whistle
    for Ashley, and tell her to hide in this bin now.  Take a right at the bin,
    and continue until you get to the barrel [green herb].  Turn left and complete
    the loop back to the bin, just to make sure you got everyone.  Walk past the
    red bin, and jump down on your right.  Grab the shotgun ammo off the mine
    cart, and break the barrels [red herb].  Climb up the ladder, walk over to the
    second area that you can jump down to, and reload your guns if you haven't
    done so yet.  Jump down and get ready for a fight.
    The first thing you should do is back up and to the right.  Shoot the first
    "Chainsaw Lady" that gets close to you with the shotgun.  She should stay down
    long enough for the rest of the Ganados to close in.  When they're all close
    enough to be in the blast radius, throw a hand grenade.  If you don't have a
    hand grenade, and incendiary grenade will do.  This should kill all but the
    "Chainsaw Ladies".  Use your pistol on them while they're down, but when they
    get up, switch back to the shotgun and finish them.  Alternatively, if they
    both fall close together, and you care more about saving ammo than grenades,
    throw another grenade.  Next shoot down the Ganado which is standing above and
    behind you.  Simply shoot him in the leg and he'll fall down.  You can either
    shoot him or slash him while he's down.  Then do the same to the Ganado
    that is standing on the other side.
    Press "X" to whistle for Ashley.  Catch her, and go use the key that you got
    off the dead "Chainsaw Lady".  Break the box [handgun ammo], and keep going.
    Have Ashley hide in the bin.  A group of Ganados will start coming at you.
    Fire about five shots at the mob, just to keep the ones in the front from
    advancing.  Then throw an incendiary grenade.  Not only will it kill the ones
    it hits, but the morons behind them will walk into the flames, killing
    themselves.  When the second wave hits, do the same thing.  Turn around and
    be sure to break the barrel [handgun ammo].
    Call for Ashley, and go towards the big red door.  Be sure to break the
    barrels [handgun ammo].  Go through the door.
    Walk forward and turn right.  Grab the handgun ammo on the right side of the
    house.  Then go inside.  Open the standing locker for rifle ammo, and grab the
    Note from the tipped locker.  Save before you leave the building.
    Go over and talk to the merchant.  Make any upgrades that you couldn't afford
    before.  Be sure to break the barrel [handgun ammo].  Then walk back down the
    stairs, turn left, and keep going past the door with the retinal scanner.  Go
    up the metal stairs, and be sure to break the barrel [handgun ammo].  Get on
    the lift.
    This is a bit tricky.  Keep an eye out for Ganados.  When you see one, shoot
    him, which will cause him to fall.  The sequence is, one on your right, one on
    your left, three on the right (I really suggest using the shotgun on those
    guys), two on your right, one on your right, one on your left, three on your
    right (again, shotgun is best), one on your right.
    Get off the lift and go into the building.  Go open the lockers for a flash
    grenade and handgun ammo.  Exit the building and go down the stairs and to the
    left, following the path.  Leave Ashley on the stairs.  Keep going along the
    path, and when you turn the corner, there will be two Ganados behind sandbags.
    One of them throws hatchets, and the other throws dynamite.  Try to shoot the
    dynamite as soon as it leaves his hand.
    After they're both dead, jump the sandbags and proceed along the path. Climb
    the ladder and kill the Ganado.  Go a bit further and get the jewel.
    Go back down, get Ashley, and go down the final set of stairs.  Grab the
    shotgun ammo and TMP ammo by the merchant.  Save if you want.  Go through the
    door and follow the path to the building.  When you get close enough, a
    cutscene will play in which Leon tells Ashley to go hide.
    Leon enters the building, and is attacked by the...
      /                                                                        \
    12. Village Chief
    Map of Building you Fight the Village Chief In
           |               |
           | H             |
           |             YH|          KEY
           |HG +---L---+   |
           |   |GH     |   |  H   = Handgun Ammo
           |RH |       |   |  S   = Shotgun Ammo
           |   |S      |   |  GH  = Green Herb
           |   |EX  *  | GH|  RH  = Red Herb
           |   |       |   |  YH  = Yello Herb
           |   |       |   |  IG  = Incendiary Grenade
           |-L-IG       +--|  HG  = Hand Grenade
           |               |  TMP = TMP Ammo
           |               |  EX  = Explosive Barrel
           |               |  *   = Where you are when battle starts
           |               |
           |               |
           |            H  |
           |               |
           |  TMP          |
           |               |
            ------   ------
    Press the button combination shown on screen to avoid having your neck snapped.
    Once you resume control, turn around and run up the ladder.  At the top, aim
    at the explosive barrel, and wait for him to get close to it, then blow it up.
    While he's stunned, jump down and throw grenades at him.  If you don't have
    enough, grab the two that are lying around.  Two hand grenades, an incendiary,
    and usually about two blasts from the shotgun should be enough to end the
    first part of the battle.
    When he's taken enough damage, he "breaks" just above the waist.  He then
    moves by using his new appendages to swing from pipe to pipe.  At this point,
    climb up the ladder at the top of the map.  Pull out the shotgun, and whenever
    he gets within range, start firing.  After about 15 shots or so, he'll be
    finished.  Don't forget to grab the Spinel where the explosive barrel used to
    be.  After you grab the False Eye, the wall explodes, providing a very timely
    and convenient escape.  Leon has all the luck.
    Jump out the hole, and Ashley will ask if you're ok.  Head back to the lift.
    You can save at the merchant if you want.
    You'll be happy to learn that there are no Ganados on the lift path this time.
    Once you get off the lift, go until you reach the first door on your left.
    Use the False Eye to open it, and go through.
    Turn to the right and grab the handgun bullets sitting on the crate.  Next,
    run up the path, and a very short cutscene will show a truck starting up.  The
    truck then starts coming straight for you.  Either a shotgun blast to the
    truck, or killing the driver will cause the truck to safely drive into the
    side of the path.
    Go up to the truck and take the cash.  Keep running up the path.  Ganados will
    come out of the truck and chase you.  Keep going.  When the path widens, you
    can turn left and break the two barrels if you want [handgun ammo].  Then keep
    running towards the castle.  A cutscene will play in which you and Ashely
    raise the drawbridge to keep the mob out.
    You finished chapter 2-3!
      /                                                                        \
    13. 3-1 The Castle
    Go through the door on your right.  The merchant has some new things,
    including an even larger attache case.  He also has all new upgrades for your
    guns.  But first, break all the barrels in the area, including the ones to the
    left of the door to the merchants room.  That will open a path to more barrels
    as well as a treasure chest with 5,000 Pesetas.  Be aware that the box on the
    right, as it contains a snake.
    Once you have all the items, go to the merchant.  Be sure to grab the green
    herb while you're in the room.  I would highly recommend the Large Attache
    Case.  You will soon need the Auto-Rifle, and there really isn't room for
    all of the guns in the Medium Attache Case.  Once you have the Large Attache
    Case, sell enough Jewels and valuables (but none that still have slots for
    jewels that are not filled), until you can afford the Auto-Rifle.  Buy it.
    Go up the steps and through the red door.  Move forward, being sure to get
    the rifle ammo off the crate.  Shoot the two Ganados above you.  Move around
    the tower.  You will be spotted and they will start firing a catapult at you.
    It does take a second to reload, so be sure to take the opportunity to move.
    Follow the path all the way accross, until you reach some stairs leading up
    and to the right.  At that time, tell Ashley to wait, go back, turn right, go
    down a set of stairs, and enter a circular room.  Break the barrels.  Turn
    around and go back to Ashley.  Go up the stairs until you can see the catapult
    to your right.  Fire at the explosive barrel.  Tell Ashley to follow you, and
    run to the building accross the little "overpass".
    Once inside, kill the Ganado, and open the treasure chest for a yellow herb.
    Break the boxes [Velvet Blue, cash].  While in the small building, look out
    the northern window, and shoot the explosive barrel to take out the second
    catapult.  One more to go.  Leave Ashley in the building, and take a couple
    steps outside.  You will be greeted by a couple Ganados.  Eliminate them, and
    move to your right.  Go around the right side of the building and get the Gold
    Bangle from the treasure chest.
    Turn around and run accross the path leading to the east, around the empty
    circle.  This circle is the pit with the cannon in it.  Go to the building
    past the pit, and look out the window.  Use your rifle to shoot the Ganado
    who is manning the catapult.  You can now step out and use the crank to raise
    the cannon.  Once it is raised, fire it.  Now you and Ashley can head through
    the newly opened door.
    Go past the merchant, and enter the door.  Leon will be contacted by Hunnigan.
    Unfortunately, some interference cuts the conversation short.  Grab the
    handgun ammo and the Platinum Sword.  Open the cabinet for cash.  Go up the
    stairs just far enough that you get the attention of the Ganados up there.
    Once they realize you're there, run back down, and pick them off as they come.
    Go up the stairs and grab the cash and the Gold Sword.  Once you have the Gold
    Sword, some Ganados come in.  Kill them all.  Break the boxes [cash, Spinel].
    Open the cabinet and get the red herb.  Go back downstairs, and kill the red
    Ganado.  He'll drop 4,500 Pesetas.  Place the Gold Sword against the Gold
    Background, then go upstairs and place the Platinum Sword agains the Platinum
    Background.  Go through the door.
    After walking a short ways, Luis comes and says that he dropped a drug that
    can stop the growth of the parasites.
    Since you can't go through the large doors, that leaves only the small door.
    Move forward until the Ganado takes off running.  Let him go.  Head back out
    and wait outside the door with the shotgun ready.  When they come through,
    open fire.  When the door closes, wait for it to open again, then shoot.
    Repeat until they're all dead.  Then go inside, and take out the Ganado
    archer above the archway on the left.  Then go into the door on the right.
    There may still be two Ganados inside, in which case you should back out, then
    wait for them to open the door, then shoot them.
    Once they're dead, go inside and grab the handgun ammo off the table, and get
    the cash from the cabinet.  Break the barrels [Spinel].
    Exit and go under the archway that used to have the Ganado above it.  There
    will be two Ganados with shields.  Kill them both.  A good way to deal with
    them is to shoot them in the head through the shield with your rifle.
    Go through the door, and grab the green herb, and break the barrel [Velvet
    Blue].  Open the treasure chest and take the Castle Gate Key.  This will
    cause several Ganados to enter the room.  Shoot the explosive barrel.
    Finish the rest with the shotgun.  If any sprout Plagas for heads, then
    use flash grenades, if you have them.
    Go back to the big door that you couldn't open originally.
    You'll here the creepy little laugh of a creepy little man... Salazar.  Walk
    forward to trigger a cutscene.  
    Go up the stairs and break the pottery [cash, Velvet Blue].  Save if you want
    to.  Go through the door on the right.  Break the barrels [incendiary grenade]
    and grab the handgun ammo from the chair.  Check the painting of Lord Saddler
    on the right wall for 5,000 Pesetas.  Break the potter [cash].  Go through the
    doorway and break the barrels [yellow herb], and grab the note off the wall.
    Turn to the left, go through the doorway, and check the painting on the right
    for a key.  Head back to the door by the first barrels you broke and use the
    key to open the door.  Leave Ashley up here, and go down the stairs.
    When you get close enough, a short cutscene will show a creature without any
    eyes.  He's a Novistador.  Before you go open the door to his cell, grab the
    green herb to the left of the bell on the left side of the room.  Go open the
    door to the cell.  He'll burst out.  Walk, DO NOT RUN, out of the cell.  Stay
    away from him by WALKING.  Once he's clear of the cell, WALK into it and throw
    the switch, which will shut off the fire in the room where you got the key.
    WALK up the stairs, and find a spot where you have a clear shot at one of the
    bells.  Wait for him to turn away from you, and then shoot the parasite on his
    back using your rifle.  Whenever he turns away, shoot the parasite.  If he
    comes for you, shoot the bell.  While he's attacking the bell, shoot the
    parasite on his back.  About four well placed shots from the rifle should kill
    him.  Get the Pesetas he drops and then go back up to Ashley.
    Start walking away from the dungeon, and three Ganados will come for you.
    Shoot the explosive oil lamp when they are under it.  Keep going to the room
    where the fire was.  There are three Ganados, including one that throws
    dynamite.  If you have a flash grenade, this would be a good time to throw it.
    Kill them with your handgun or shotgun.  Go into the next room and kill the
    Ganado there.  Grab the handgun ammo.  Go through the huge doors.  
    This section is a bit tricky.  The best way is to pull out the rifle and shoot
    the two guys with shields.  If you aim at the top part of the shield where
    their head is, one shot will both penetrate the shield, and kill them.
    Next, run to your left and take out the Ganado coming at you.  Turn around and
    take out the rest of the first wave, except for the guy in red, who should
    still be standing where he started.  Another wave will come, including two
    more guys with shields.  Take out your rifle and kill them, then run into a
    corner, pull out your handgun, and deal with the rest.  Probably the most
    efficient way to deal with the guy in red is to shoot his head off with the
    rifle, and then shoot the Plaga with the rifle as well.
    Once everyone is dead, break all the pottery [Velvet Blue, handgun ammo, cash,
    incendiary grenade].  Don't forget the cash sitting on the table on the right
    side of the room.
    Some more Ganados should come, deal with them as you like, and head
    downstairs.  Kill the Ganados down there, and break the pottery [cash, hand
    grenade].  Go through the door.  Grab the shotgun ammo off the chair, and the
    green herb from the table.  Run over so that you push down one of the yellow
    raised blocks in the back corners of the room.  Once it's pushed down, tell
    Ashley to stay, and run to the other.  This will raise a crank in the room
    you were just in.
    Another wave of Ganados will start coming.  Run over by Ashley, but don't tell
    her to follow you.  Keep your gun aimed at the door.  Look up at the ceiling.
    You'll notice there is a section missing.  Ganados will jump through there and
    start attacking Ashley.  This is why you want to be back by her, rather than
    between the door and that hole.  It may be less efficient for dealing with
    whoever comes through the door, but at least they can't sneak in behind you
    and get to Ashley.  Remember to use the rifle on any Ganados that have
    shields.  When you think it's over, go out the door, and you'll have your
    answer pretty quick.  When they're all gone, go up and have Ashley operate
    the crank.  Pick off any Ganados that you can see while she's lowering the
    stairs.  Go up the stairs, turn left and go through the door.  Break the
    pottery [shotgun ammo].  Go back out to the other side and go through that
    door.  Break that potter [First Aid Spray].  Walk forward, and Ashley will
    inform you that there is a crank.  Break all the pottery in this room [rifle
    ammo, shotgun ammo].  Then go to one of the sides, and press "A" to help
    Ashley climb up.
    Once she's up there, you have to shoot any Ganado that gets close to her, as
    well as protect yourself.  After she has raised one section, she will move to
    the next crank.  Continue to cover her.  After she raises the second section,
    run over and catch her.  Then jump across to the other side.  Go through the
    big doors.
    Walk over to the right wall, and follow it until you get to the glass case
    with the treasure chest.  Open it for a hand grenade.  Kind of an odd thing
    to keep in a treasure chest, but a nice item.  Go over and break the pottery
    by the merchant [green herb, shotgun ammo].  Walk a little to the left and
    get the handgun ammo.  At this time, you may wish to upgrade your weapons some
    more, as you probably have enough Pesetas to do so.  You can go through the
    doors with the guns on it to play the merchants gun game.
    Go save your progress.  Walk down the hallway, and a cutscene will play.
    Ashley coughs up blood, and runs down the hall.  Then she gets caught in a
    trap.  Thats the end of Chapter 3-1!
      /                                                                        \
    14. 3-2 The Dungeon, Chasing the Red Ganado, and the Garden
    Leon gets contacted by... Salazar.  Turn around and go through the door on
    your left.  Break the barrels [flash grenade, handgun ammo].  Jump down and
    walk forward.  You'll hear a crash and the sound of something running, but
    it's in a room next to you, so don't worry quite yet.  However, do take this
    insect free opportunity to load all your weapons, if they aren't all full
    already.  The shotgun and rifle are probably the best guns for this section.
    Continue forward.  You will see a distortion.  The closest thing I can compare
    it to is the Predator when it is cloaked (if you don't know what the Predator
    is...  think of the stealth camo from Metal Gear Solid, and then go watch all
    three of the Predator films as soon as you're done with RE4 :) ).  Shoot at
    the distortion with either your rifle or shotgun.  Once it dies, you will see
    it uncloaked.  Turn the corner and continue on.  Once you get by the ladder,
    another one will come.  Take it out, and jump down.  Grab the TMP ammo, Velvet
    Blue, and handgun ammo.  Climb up the other ladder and go through the door.
    One will come out the hole in the ceiling.  Kill it and move forward.  Another
    will be to your left.  After you've killed it, move to the center of the room.
    Go into the cell on the far right.  Get the handgun ammo and the yellow herb.
    Then go into the cell on the other side of the room and grab the shotgun ammo
    and the note.  Turn around and kill the insect that just came in.  Now go into
    the last cell and get the incendiary grenade.
    Now exit the cell, turn to the right, and go down the corridor that goes off
    to the right.  The first cell door can't be opened, so go in the second one.
    Follow the path until you get to a door.  Go inside and open the treasure
    chest for the Butterfly Lamp.  Break the boxes [green herb, shotgun ammo].
    Turn the drainage valve.  Exit the door and kill the insect that is waiting
    outside.  Kill the second one as well.  When you get back to the large room
    with the cells, the door to the cell that you couldn't get into will burst
    open.  Kill the insect, and turn left kill the insect that jumps out at you.
    Go down the ladder and knock down the door.  As soon as you go through, turn
    around and kill the insect that just jumped down after you.  Now go through
    the door, walk forward to the drain, and get the Velvet Blue.  Go up the
    stairs.  Break the barrels [cash].
    Go through the door. If you ever played any Tomb Raider, this next section
    is no problem, if not, just time it so that you step under the trap so that
    it won't hit you.  It's not that difficut.
    Once you're at the other side, grab the Velvet Blue, and head through the
    door.  Go up the ladder, break the barrels [cash, Spinel].  Go through the
    door.  You will hear some chanting.  QUICKLY jump across the light fixture to
    the other side, then throw a flash grenade down.  As soon as the grenade has
    left your hand, jump down.  Throw a hand grenade.  This will kill everyone
    except the guy in red and one guy in black.  Gather all the Spinel, then kill
    the two survivors.  The guy in red gives you a pendant worth 10,000 Pesetas.
    Now go behind their alter.  The statue hanging upside down has Spinel in one
    of the eyesockets.  Shoot it down.  This has been a really profitable room!
    Go up the stairs and see the merchant.  If you haven't been able to afford
    any upgrade that you've been wanting, you probably can now.  Go through the
    red door.  Grab the red herb.  Go up the steps into the next room.  Grab the
    note on the table.  Grab the handgun ammo that's sitting on the chair.
    Open the door and a red Ganado will see you.  Run to the left, jump through
    the window, and then go through the door.  You can now take them out one at a
    time without having to worry about the one's with the crossbows.  Break the
    barrels [cash].  Go up the steps and kill the Ganado.  Open the door and use
    your rifle to shoot the archer Ganados on the balcony.  Take out the rest as
    you see fit.  Grab the rifle ammo on the table.
    Make it your business to kill the red Ganado now, otherwise he will man a
    machine gun in a short while.
    If you have tons of rifle ammo, then continue sniping, otherwise switch to
    something you have more ammo for.  If you want to use your shotgun or handgun,
    run around the balcony to where you can jump down.  Then lure the two Ganados
    with helmets to the explosive barrel, shoot them both in the leg, then run
    away and blow the barrel up.  Go into the door, and grab the 4,000 Pesetas,
    as well as shotgun ammo.  If you need to heal, do it now.  Go up the steps,
    and around to the door you came out of.  Kick in open, but do not enter.
    Instead, back up.  A Ganado with a shield will come out.  Kill him, and
    continue on.  I'm assuming that you've killed the red Ganado and gotten the
    key.  If not, he'll be at the machine gun.  Kill him and get the key if you
    haven't done so.
    Once you reach the bottom, break all the pottery [Velvet Blue, rifle ammo,
    green herb].  Now get back up to the balcony where you used the explosive
    barrel to kill the two masked Ganados, and exit through that door now that you
    have the key.
    First, shoot the mounted deer head in the eye to get the Velvet Blue.  Then
    break the pottery [shotgun ammo].  Now to solve that puzzle.
    You must set the pictures so that there are a total of six people shown on all
    four pictures.
    Press 4, then 3, then 2, then 1.  Then press OK.  Go through the door, and
    enjoy your meeting with Salazar.  Run to the right, dodge the Ganado, go up
    the stairs, turn left, and go through the door.  The basic rule is to use the
    handgun on individuals, the shotgun on groups of two to four, and grenades on
    groups of 4 and up.  After you've killed enough, you'll see archers come out.
    If you were watching carefully, you would have seen that they are all standing
    under explosive oil lamps...  Interesting...  Don't forget the yellow herb
    before you leave the room.
    Step out and use your handgun to blow up the oil lamps over the archers.
    Be aware that Ganados with rocket launchers will pop out and shoot at you.
    Since they have single shot weapons, they are more of an annoyance that a real
    threat.  Once all the archers are dead, the ordeal is over.  Go hit the red
    button, and two more rocket launcher wielding Ganados come out.  Take cover,
    and then go down and break all the pottery [cash, cash].  Be sure to grab the
    handgun ammo off of the table with the plates (am I the only one that thinks
    that there is something wrong when you both harness the power of evil
    parasites to enslave humanity, AND collect plates?)  Get the Spinel off of the
    black chair, and the green herb off of the table.  Open the door by the green
    herb and break the pottery.  Press the button, and a bridge extends to the
    treasure chest.  Some Ganados appear as well (surprised?).  They are both
    on the platform with the chest, and they both have rocket launchers.  Also,
    they are both pointed right at you.  Open the door, and then move to the side.
    This is where a strafe button would have been great.  Fortunately, they have
    a somewhat slow reaction, so you get about a second to get out of the path of
    the rockets.  After they fire, they're harmless (mostly).  Just go out and
    kill them as usual.  Then go and open the chest for the Goat Ornament.
    Go out the now unlocked door by the red button you pushed.  Save if you want.
    Go forward and break the pottery [handgun ammo].  Go through the green door.
    Shoot the flashing item above the door for Spinel.  Go through the door and
    shoot the three crows on the fountain.  Grab the Velvet Blue and Spinels in
    the fountain, as well as all the cash the crows dropped (WHY are crows so
    loaded in Spain?!?!?)  Break the barrels [incendiary grenade, cash].
    Go through the doors and enjoy Salazars fun maze.
    Walk until Salazar calls you.  Make sure all of your guns are fully loaded.
    Go down the stairs, and open the metal gates.  Have your shotgun ready, and
    slowly walk, keeping an eye on the left side of the path where it forks.
    You are about to be greeted by more of those dogs.  Fortunately, it starts
    you off with just one.  Once it's dead, break the barrels [Velvet Blue].
    Turn left, and then turn right.  Go through the door on your left.  Don't
    worry about the dogs yet, just keep your distance from the cage.
    Turn right and follow the path.  At the dead end you will find a yellow herb.
    Turn around, and take the first left you can.  Turn right, then follow the
    path to the left.  After a few steps you will hear a growl behind you.  Turn
    around and get rid of the dog.  Coninue to follow the path, and turn left when
    it opens.  Open the treasure chest for the First Aid Spray.  Turn around,
    follow the path, do not return the way you came.  Break the barrel [handgun
    ammo].  Walk around the cage, keeping a safe distance, since there are dogs
    inside.  I would recommend walking backwards.  It WILL break out.  Kill it and
    move on.  Do not take the first right, which leads to a door, instead, keep
    going straight.  At the dead end you will find Spinel.  Go back to the door
    and go through.  Break the barrel [green herb].  You may recognize this as
    where you entered the maze.  Go straight and take a right.  You will get
    jumped by a dog, kill it and turn around.  Take the left and you will see a
    treasure chest.  Open it for a red gem.  Go back and take a left.  Go up the
    steps and take the right half of the moonstone from the fountain.  Jump off
    on the south side (see map for direction).  Once you jump, you will be faced
    with two dogs.  Kill them both very quickly.  Turn right and follow the path
    going south.  When you can't go further south, turn left.  Be careful not to
    get too close to the cage.  As soon as you've passed, they'll break the lock,
    so throw a grenade.  Take the second left, and go over the stairs, taking a
    left as soon as you get to the bottom. Go to the treasure chest for the TMP
    rounds.  Turn around, take a left, then follow the path over to the statue.
    Make sure your guns are fully loaded, and then take the left half of the
    moonstone.  Turn around.  You get to take about four steps after your first
    turn before you get jumped by four dogs.  Thankfully, they're all in front of
    you.  Take about two shots with your shotgun, just to hold the ones at the
    front back.  Then throw a grenade once they're all bunched up.  If one of
    them dodges the grenade, just take them out with the shotgun.  Go back up the
    steps and jump off to the left.  Go through the gates and back up the stairs.
    Now you can combine the two halves of the moonstone and go through the door.
    Oddly, there is a feeling of safety being back in the Ganado infested castle.
    Now you get a very cool cutscene.  You also get the end of chapter 3-2!
      /                                                                        \
    15. 3-3
    Grab the handgun ammo and break all the pottery [spinel, incendiary grenade].
    Go through the open doorway, and grab the note.  Open the closet for a mirror
    with pearls and rubies.  Break the pottery behind the merchant [rifle ammo].
    Talk to the merchant and check out the new upgrades.  Upgrade what you want.
    Head out of the room.  Break the pottery [shotgun ammo], and grab the green
    herb off the table, as well as the handgun ammo.  Turn right and follow the
    narrow path.  Break the pottery [cash, snake], and go through the door.  Turn
    left and get the 5,000 Pesetas.  Break the pottery [cash], the boxes [shotgun
    ammo, cash], and the barrels [Spinel].  Grab the green herb off of the table,
    and break the lock and go through the door.  You can now move more freely
    throughout the building with the lock gone.
    Turn around, go back through the door, and follow the narrow path back to the
    dining area.  Turn right, and ring the bell.  Shoot the glass of wine to raise
    the gate.  Go in, and you will trigger a cutscene, as well as a rather nasty
    Remember the guy in the dungeon who was generally unpleasant?  Imagine that
    guy in a small cage with you.  Now add a Ganado inside, and a half dozen
    Ganados outside of the cage with the ability to hit you if you get too close
    to the wall of the cage.  Sound a bit sadistic?  Yes it does.  Is it
    happening?  Yes it is.  Here's how to make it out of the cage alive.
    Throw an incendiary grenade at the Novistador.  While it will deal some damage
    to him, the main purpose is to kill the Ganado in the cage with you, as well
    as at least one outside.  Turn around and fire your shotgun at the archer,
    otherwise he will become very annoying very fast.  Then turn back to the
    Novistador and shoot him in the weak spot (parasite on his back).  Throw
    another grenade, and then shoot him in the weak spot.
    If you get injured significantly, don't put off healing.  One assault by the
    Novistador and you're dead.
    Just run around to the other side of the Novistador and shoot his week spot.
    Assuming you used two grenades, somewhere between three to five shotgun blasts
    should finish him.  Now just eliminate the Ganados, and you're done.  Open the
    treasure chest and take the Hourglass with the gold decorations.  Destroy a 
    lock, open the door and leave the cage.
    Once you're out, don't forget to break the glass and take the flash grenade
    in the northwest corner of the room.  Now go through the door and approach
    the railing.  Stick close to the wall, turn left, break the pottery and get
    the rifle ammo.
    Now walk up to the ledge and wait for the Ganados to spot you.  Stand at the
    top of the ladder with your knife ready.  You can kill the three Ganados
    down below you without firing a bullet.  Just slash at them when they're
    almost to the top of the ladder, and knock them off.  Two to three falls will
    be enough to kill each one.
    When they're all dead, jump down, break the pottery [cash], and throw the
    lever.  Once the lever is thrown, a bridge will rise.  Go up the ladder, and
    just wait at the top of the ladder for the Ganados to come through the door
    you entered through.  Once they're dead, go about halfway over the bridge,
    then aim your handgun at the oil lamp.  When the Ganados are under it, fire.
    Deal with any survivors, then go to the other side of the bridge.  Turn left,
    and peer around the corner.  A Ganado with a crossbow and helmet will be
    shooting at you through the little window.  Kill him, and then walk forward,
    but don't go all the way down.  Shoot the guy that's stuck at the gate.  For
    some reason, he usually won't react to your gunshots, as long as you don't get
    too close.  Get the cash from the table.  Then go grab whatever the archer
    dropped.  Head up to where the archer was, kill the Ganado with the flail,
    and get anything they dropped.
    Go back down, and break the pottery, and grab the Velvet Blue.  You can break
    the glass case.  Inside is handgun ammo, incendiary grenade, rifle ammo,
    shotgun ammo, flash grenade, and a rocket launcher.  Grab everything that you
    can.  You probably can't carry the rocket launcher, but don't drop anything
    for it.  You'll get a larger attache case soon, so you can come back for it.
    Go up the stairs, break the lock, and go through the door.  Turn left, cross
    the bridge, and go through the door.
    Break the pottery [spinel].  Go up to the merchant, and buy the XL attache
    case.  If you don't have enough cash, try selling some of your treasures, such
    as the Mirror, the Hourglass, the Illumidados Pendant, and the various jewels.
    Go back and grab the rocket launcher, then go back by the merchant.  Go
    through the door on your left.  A cutscene will play in which Luis gets killed
    by Saddler.  Am I the only one reminded of the queen alien "killing" Bishop
    in the second Aliens film?
    That's it for chapter 3-3!
      /                                                                        \
    16. 3-4 Playing as Ashley
    You'll hear some straining.  It's Ashley, but get all the items up here before
    worrying about her.  Get the handgun ammo, then break all the pottery [spinel,
    cash, rifle ammo, flash grenade, rifle ammo, cash].
    Now go down the stairs and shoot Ashley's restraints with your rifle.
    Once she's free, Ganados start coming for her.  You know the drill.  Kill
    anything that comes near her.  Fortunately, there are no enemies coming for
    you, so just watch her.
    After the first wave, a few archers will come, so get rid of them quickly, and
    then kill the red Ganados.  Once Ashley has the key, she opens the door, and
    you take control of her.  
    Ashley has no weapons, so you have to use lanterns to kill enemies.
    Go left and grab the Spinel.  Keep going and get the yellow herb.  You can
    save your progress if you want.  Go through the corridor, and make a right as
    soon as you can.  Go to the lantern on the table and press "A", and Ashley
    will throw it at the Ganado.  Go to the other lantern and throw it at him.
    Now crawl under the table, and go over to the third lantern.  Take the item
    he drops, and get the green herb off the table.  Now opperate the crank.
    Run through the door and to the desk on the right side of the room.  Throw the
    lantern.  Now turn around and go to the lantern in the northeast corner of the
    room.  Throw it when he gets close.  Now run to the southeast corner of the
    room and crawl under the table.  When he gets close enough, throw the lantern.
    Open the cabinet by the bed for cash.  Open the drawer by the desk for spinel.
    Operate the two cranks on both sides of the door.  Go through the doorway, and
    grab the red herb.  Open the door.
    Open the drawer on your right and grab the Velvet Blue.  Grab the spinel on
    the table in the corner of the room.  Go down the steps and grab the handgun
    ammo from the drawer.  Get the butler's memo on the other side of the room.
    Leave the room and go through the other door.  Grab the green herb off the
    desk.  Push the shelf and press the button.  Go crawl under the table next to
    the door.  Go forward and push the switch directly in front of you.  Grab the
    Stone Tablet that's above the fireplace.  Turn around and press the switch.
    Go press the first switch that you had to move the shelf to get to.  Go to the
    door, and open the cabinet on the left for cash.  Get the Velvet Blue from
    the desk, and go through the door.
    Get the spinel from the chair on the right.  Follow the tunnel until you get
    to the puzzle.  You have to form the picture and then lay the Stone Tablet
    to finish the picture.  Once it is complete, the door will open.  Open the
    treasure chest for a Gold Bangle.  Open the cabinet for the Spinet.  Finally,
    get the Salazar Family Insignia from the suit of armor over the fireplace.
    The wall will rotate.  Get the Serpent Ornament from the new treasure chest.
    Now knights will enter the room, wait for them to come in, and then leave.  If
    you run out too fast, they will still be in the hallway, and will kill you.
    Once you're out, just go back the way you came.  When you get to the suits
    of armor, they will fall on you, so be ready to do a button combination to
    dodge.  Once you're out of the dark room, you'll be safe.  They cannot chase
    you beyond that point.
    Open the blue door and put the Salazar Family Insignia in the podium in the
    middle of the room.  Turn the dial.  Climb the ladder, and grab the cash on
    the shelf.  Turn around and follow the corridor to the door.  Once you're
    through, a cutscene will play in which you are reunited with Leon.
    You are now done with Chapter 3-4, a rather short chapter, I'd say!
      /                                                                        \
    17. 4-1 Lava, Knights, and the search for Grails
    Start by getting all the items from Ashley.  Once you're done with the items,
    Salazar will call you.
    Go through the large doors.  Grab the handgun ammo on your right.  Break the
    pottery [Velvet Blue].
    Notice the lava below you?  I'm not even going to go into how it's impossible
    to have a lava flow under a building like this with the supports actually IN
    the lava...  As soon as I saw this the first time, I knew this section would
    be annoying...
    Step towards the lava and press "A" to cross.  Go through the door.
    Run to the right, and you will see a Ganado controlling the fire breathing
    dragon statue.  Use your rifle to kill him before he gets to you.  The statue
    will fall, and a treasure chest will rise.  Go down and open the chest for
    5,000 Pesetas.  Continue towards the platform with the spinning fence.
    When there's a doorway in the fence, press "A" to jump.  Do the same thing to
    jump to the other walkway.  Shoot the Ganados in the legs if they come for
    you.  The goal is to get to shelter.  A fire breathing dragon statue is on
    your left, so you need to have that tower between you and it.  Run down the
    walkway, and a dragon statue will drop.  Turn back and run for cover.  When
    more Ganados drop, kill them.  Run back towards the statue that dropped.  When
    the one on the side is panning from left to right, pick off the Ganado
    operating it with your rifle.  Now just the one at the end left!
    Get the Los Illuminados pendant from the treasure chest.
    To finish the last statue, go to the end, but go to either the far left or
    the far right.  You will be exposed.  As soon as he starts the fire, run to
    the other side, take aim with your rifle, and kill him.
    A staircase now rises from the lava (of coarse stone can remain solid in lava,
    it's not like lava is MOLTEN ROCK!)
    Go up the stairs and open the treasure chest for the Lion Ornament.  Go back
    to the door.
    Cross the pit of lava, and save your progress.  Go down the stairs and get
    into the shuttle.  (I can't even begin to imagine how cool it would be to have
    one of those...)
    Break the pottery [shotgun shells, spinel].  Unlock the door and go through.
    Place the three ornaments to open the door.  Go to the right and up the
    stairs.  Check the portrait of Saddler for 5,000 Pesetas.  Break the pottery
    [hand grenade].  Go to the balcony, and shoot the flashing Green Gem on the
    wall.  Go back down and get it.  Turn around and go through the large doors.
    Jump over the rail, break the pottery [shotgun shells, spinel].  Get into the
    shuttle.  (I want those!)
    Break the pottery [handgun ammo, Velvet Blue].  Go through the door.  Turn
    right and go through the first door on the right.  Open the cabinet for the
    handgun ammo, and break the pottery [rifle ammo].  Now would be a good time
    to do some upgrades, especially since a new firepower upgrade for the shotgun
    just became available.  Leave the room.
    Go to the right and grab the yellow herb on the table, as well as the note.
    Open the cabinet for Spinel.  Go through the door.  Grab the handgun ammo
    from the lion statue.  Be ready to press button combinations to dodge the
    falling suits of armor.  Once you get to the doorway, tell Ashley to stay
    outside, and then go through.
    There's a green herb to the right, and shotgun ammo on the other side of the
    room.  Take the King's Grail from the middle of the room.  Three knights will
    come at you.  Use your shotgun.  First, shoot them all in the head until the
    Plagas inside burst out.  Once the Plagas are out, don't shoot that particular
    knight anymore.  Once all three are out, throw a flash grenade to kill them
    all.  This saves quite a bit of ammo.  Grab whatever they drop, and reload
    your gun, there are more on the way.  Repeat the same process.  Shoot them
    all in the head until the Plagas burst out, then use a flash grenade.
    Go back out, have Ashley follow you, and go back out the door.  Go straight
    and go through the yellow door.
    Push the knight statues so that each one is pushing one of the red squares
    down, then get Ashley to stand on one, and tell her to stay.  Finally, have
    Leon stand on one.  The door will open.  Go through it.
    You will see a short cutscene where Salazar causes the ceiling to start
    lowering.  Shoot the four red lights.  Grab the handgun ammo, and follow
    A gate will close, locking Ashley into the corridor.  A tunneling machine will
    then burst through a wall.  Shoot the two Ganados driving it, and the door
    will open.  Lead Ashley out of the corridor, and take the handgun ammo.  Break
    the boxes and barrels [Velvet Blue, spinel, cash, rifle ammo].  Open the
    treasure chest and get the Queen's Grail.  Break the lock and go through
    the door on your right.  Now you're back in the room with the red squares.  Go
    through the brown door.
    Take a left and get the flash grenade off the chair.  Use your rifle to shoot
    one of the Ganados with a shield in the head.  Next pick off the two with
    scythes that don't have helmets.  When you get a shot at the other Ganado with
    a shield, shoot him in the head.  This leaves the two with helmets.  You can
    wait until they get closer and kill them with the handgun or shotgun.
    As you walk forward, note that each statue on your left has a jewel.  Shoot
    each one to knock it down.  At the end of the hallway, place the Queen's Grail
    in the hands of the statue of the Queen, and the King's Grail in the hands of
    the statue of the King.  The gate will then rise.  Go through the door.
    Break the pottery (from left to right)[handgun ammo, cash, snake, Velvet Blue]
    Kill the snake and get the egg.  Open both of the cabinets for cash.  Break
    the pottery at the end of the hall [shotgun ammo].  Go through the doors.
    Notice the large gross looking egg sack.  Walk forward and a cutscene will
    play in which Ashley gets carried off by the insects.  Get out the shotgun,
    and start blasting!  I know that it can be difficult, but try to kill as many
    of them as possible over the walkway.  If they fall into the pit, you don't
    get the jewel they drop!
    Be sure to kill any insects clinging to the eggsack.  Walk over to the lever
    and activate it.  Shoot the chains to lower the drawbridge.  Cross the bridge
    and go through the door.
      /                                                                        \
    18. Searching for Ashley / Castle
    Grab the handgun ammo and talk to the merchant.  Make any needed upgrades.
    Save if you want.  Follow the hallway and go through the door.  Break the
    barrels [Velvet Blue].  Walk forward and Salazar will call you.
    Run across the bridge.  When you get to the other side, take a left and go up
    the stairs.  Kill the Ganados at the top of the steps.  Peer around the corner
    and use your rifle to kill all the Ganados operating the catapults.  Grab the
    rifle ammo and the treasure from the barrels that the catapult fire probably
    destroyed already.  Go around to the other side of the tower and go through
    the door.
    Get out your handgun, and aim straight ahead and up.  You will see a piece of
    wood jammed in the gears.  Shoot it.
    Go up the ladder, turn right, and break the box [cash].  Go around and grab
    the handgun ammo, then go up the ladder.  Now turn around, and you will see
    a piece of wood jammed into the gears.  Shoot it with your handgun.  Take a
    few steps to the left, and then look at the gears again, and you will see
    another piece of wood below you.  Shoot it.  Go up the stairs and get the note
    and the green herb.  
    Throw the switch to activate the gears.  This will spin the bridge so that you
    can get over to where Salazar took Ashley.  Now you have to get to the bottom
    of the tower, only now there are Ganados in there with you.  Jump down the
    first ladder and kill the archer.  Go to the next ladder, and kill the two
    archers below, then jump down.  Now you'll see more Ganados come in.  There
    are now Ganados throwing dynamite as well, so watch your step.  Take out all
    of the Ganados down here.  Don't forget to break the boxes [hand grenade].
    Continue around past the door and break the box [cash].  Now go back through
    the door.
    Pull out your rifle, and kill the three Ganados with shields.  If you are low
    on rifle ammo, but have plenty of incendiary grenades, then feel free to use
    a grenade instead of the rifle.  Continue down the bridge, and Ganados will
    swarm the far end, including one with a rocket launcher.  A few will come up
    behind you, but don't worry about them for the time being.  Use your shotgun
    to blast a hole through their line and run through.  Take out the rocket
    launcher wielding Ganado.  Use your handgun to keep them from getting too
    close.  When enough get bunched up, use incendiary grenades to kill them all,
    or at least most of them.  Depending on how many survive, either use your
    shotgun or another grenade to finish them off.  Go through the large doors.
    This next section is a bit tricky.  Remember the Novistadors?  This time there
    are two of them.  At least you're not in a cage...
    Get out your rifle.
    Kill the two Ganados on the stairs first.  The Novistadors will start looking
    around (well, not really looking, since they're blind, but they try to figure
    out where you are).  When they turn away, shoot thier weak spots.  Eventually,
    one will charge down the steps.  Step out of the way.  When he gets stuck,
    shoot at the weak spot.
    There are more Ganados in here, and they will start coming down.  Kill them,
    and then turn your attention back to the Novistadors.  Keep waiting for them
    to charge, and then get their blades stuck in the wall, then shooting the
    weak spot.  After a few shots they'll be dead.  Grab the green herb, then head
    up the stairs.  Once you're a few steps up, three Ganados will come from the
    bottom.  Kill them.  Break the pottery [incendiary grenade, cash, shotgun
    ammo].  Go through the doors.
    Grab the spinel from the statues.  Go up the stairs and through the door.
    You will see a cutscene of Ashley held captive.  Salazar will hit a button to
    open a trapdoor.  Press the button combination to shoot a grappling hook and
    save yourself.  Salazar will call you, and tell you that he sent his right
    hand after you.  Leon gets cocky, and Salazar gets pissed.
    Take the Velvet Blue from the base of the spikes.  Get the crown from the dead
    Ganado who is clutching it.  Go over by the merchant and get the TMP ammo,
    magnum ammo, and yellow herb.  Grab the incendiary grenade from the table the
    typewritter is sitting on.  Save your progress.  It is at this point that you
    can get the Striker Shotgun.  If you want, you can sell your shotgun and get
    it, but I've never had the need to.  It is a neat gun, though.  Climb the
    Grab the Velvet Blue from the first pipe on your left.  Grab the red herb on
    the right.  Keep walking and it will cut to the viewpoint of some other
    creature, who doesn't sound too pleasant.  Keep going.  Take the spinel from
    the next pipe on your left.  Go through the door.
      /                                                                        \
    19. Salazar's Right Hand
    (If anybody knows this thing's real name, please e-mail me and let me know.)
    From this point on, be ready to use a button combination to dodge.  You'll
    either be doing it a lot, or you'll be dying a lot.
    Walk straight ahead.  After a while, another short scene will show the other
    creature sprinting towards the door (again, I'm reminded of another sci-fi
    film, this time the third Alien...).
    Go to the room at the very end of the hall, dodging as needed.  Go into the
    room, to the very back, and turn the power on.  The shutter will close, and
    you are told to wait about four minutes for the elevator to arive.  Go back
    and hit the button to open the shutter.  It still won't open, but as soon as
    it is unlocked, it'll open on it's own.  Also, Salazar's Right Hand will
    come down to play once you've activated the shutter.  Run over back towards
    the power switch.  On the way you'll see a reddish colored canister.  Go up
    to it and press "A".  You'll tip it over and the liquid nitrogen inside will
    freeze Salazar's Right Hand.  It is only when it is frozen that you can
    damage it.  Start shooting!  
    | EASY WAY |
    If you have the rocket launcher, this would be a wonderful time to use it.
    If you use the rocket launcher, the fight is done right there.  The elevator
    comes up.  Before leaving, grab all of the items.  Start by grabbing the jewel
    to the crown that he dropped.
    Next, go around the large furnace looking things inside the fence and get the
    green herb in the north corner of the room.  Then get the shotgun ammo from
    the control panel.  Leave the room and go back down the hall.  Enter the first
    room you come to.  Grab the TMP ammo on your left.  Leave the room.
    Turn right and enter the next room you come to.  Grab the handgun ammo and the
    first aid spray from the table.  Now you can get into the elevator and go
    If you used the rocket launcher previously (there was NO reason to use it
    before now, so you really shouldn't have), you'll have to beat him the hard
    | HARD WAY |
    If you're doing it this way, you obviously wasted the rocket launcher.  Now
    you have to go through waste a ton of ammo.  Here's how to do it.
    Once he's frozen, start throwing grenades, either regular hand grenades or
    incendiary granades.  If you run out of grenades, use whatever has the most
    firepower.  If you've been following this guide as far as which weapons to
    buy/upgrade, then the rifle is the way to go.  Once he thaws, run out into
    the hall.
    Tip over the canister in the hall, and shoot him until he thaws.  At that
    time, run down the hall to the first room you get to, tip over the canister,
    and start shooting.  Once he thaws, go to the next room, tip the canister, and
    start shooting until he's dead.  Once he's dead, get the items as described
    Get in the elevator and go down.
    You get a nice cutscene where Lord Saddler instructs Krauser to get Ashley and
    kill Leon.
    That's it for chapter 4-1
      /                                                                        \
    20. 4-2 Searching for Ashley / Mines
    Take the green herb and the handgun ammo.  Get the note to the left of the
    typewriter.  Upgrade your weapons if you want to.  Go through the door.
    Kill the two Ganados.  Break the barrels [handgun ammo, cash].  Keep going
    until you get to a ladder.  If the guy who throws hatchets won't come up the
    ladder, then use your handgun to kill him.  If he comes up, just use the knife
    to knock him off the ladder a few times to kill him.  Whenever a hatchet
    throwing Ganado pulls out the hatchet, back away from the ladder, otherwise
    you're going to wind up getting hit.
    Once you've gotten as many as you can with the ladder trick, jump down.  Go
    forward and throw the switch.  Turn around and when the road splits, take the
    right branch.  Grab the shotgun ammo.  Follow the branch back to where it
    rejoins the main path and grab the cash.  Go up the stairs and kill the Ganado
    or Ganados up there.  Walk towards the lever.  If another Ganado jumps down,
    kill him, then go back to the lever.  Activate it.  Go behind the lever and
    grab the 5,000 gold.  Go back down the stairs and you will get a visit from
    our old friend, "Chainsaw Guy".  Get out the shotgun, and show him, once
    agian, that chainsaws are inferior to shotguns.  Other Ganados will jump down
    behind him.  If they bunch up, don't be afraid to use an incendiary grenade.
    He appears to have more health this time, but no matter how much ammo it
    takes, the 10,000 Pesetas are worth it.
    Now go pull the lever again, and the cart comes all the way down.  Don't
    forget to grab the Velvet Blue from the cart near the lever.
    Now you can shoot the two Ganados on the other side of the boulder.
    Go get the dynamite from the cart, and place it on the boulder.
    I shouldn't have to say this, but I will.  GET AWAY FROM THE DYNAMITE!
    Once the boulder is gone, break the barrals [magnum ammo, hand grenade] and go
    through the doors.
      /                                                                        \
    21. El Gigante X2
    Depending on which path you took after the incident in the house with Luis,
    you have faced either one El Gigante, or two.  Following the precident set
    with the Novistadors, you will now be fighting two at once.  Fortunately,
    there is an environmental attack that will kill one pretty much effortlessly.
    Go to the left and get the shotgun ammo.  Go to the right and get the first
    aid spray.  Keep going along the wall and get the flash grenade.  Now get
    the El Gigantes to come out.  Walk towards the big door.
    Turn around and go up the ladder.  Go up to the zip line, ready to use it when
    they start to shake the platform.  Once it's shaking, use the zip line to go
    down by the lever.  Press "A" to put your hand on the lever and look behind
    you.  Press "A" a second time to actually open the trapdoor.  This should
    kill the first of the two.  The second one has to be dealt with the hard way.
    While fighting the second one, be sure not to get too close to the pit of
    lava, or the one being burned will grab you and pull you under with him.
    Run as far from him as possible.  Use hand grenades on him, then the Broken
    Butterfly, if you have it.  Since he has so much health, the shotgun just
    isn't really practical.  If you don't have the Broken Butterfly, you might
    want to consider buying it.  If you don't have enough ammo for the Broken
    Butterfly, or enough hand grenades, you may even want to buy the rocket
    launcher, although I really recommend the Broken Butterfly over the rocket
    Once he drops to a knee, climb, and cut.
    Repeat.  You'll need to climb him and cut at the Plaga three times in order to
    kill him.  Once he's dead, grab the 15,000 Pesetas, and go towards the door.
    Break the barrels [incendiary grenade, shotgun ammo].  Go through the doors.
      /                                                                        \
    22. Searching for Ashley / Path to the surface
    Walk forward until the insects start coming for you.  Move back into the
    tunnel a little bit so that the bugs will be forced to come in after you.
    This way, you don't have to worry about them coming from all directions.
    Once they're all dead, grab what they drop, and get the green herb to the left
    of the statue.  Head to the right down the path, and kill any insects that
    attack.  Be sure not to miss the flash grenade on the ground near the wall.
    Once you get to the fork in the road, go straight ahead and get the shotgun
    ammo.  Now turn around and take the path that follows the wall.  Grab the TMP
    ammo, and keep going.  Once you get to the top, a bunch of insects will pour
    out of a tunnel.  Kill them all and grab the handgun ammo.  Go down the tunnel
    and grab the green herb.  Press the switch and go back to the main area.
    Go across the bridge to the other side and grab the red herb.  Now turn to the
    right and go down the tunnel.  Grab the green herb and press the switch.  Head
    back to the main room.  If the insects are too thick, throw a grenade to clear
    the way, then finish them with the shotgun.
    Go up to the door that was just burned, and press the switch to open the door.
    Go ahead and avoid the traps.  Just time it so that you aren't under the trap
    when it drops.  Climb up the ledge, and jump down.  Run under the trap and
    jump down right away.  Pull the lever.  The lever disables the second trap
    in the series of three traps.  Run under the first trap, and then the next.
    Go forward and take the royal insignia from the podium.  Then check the
    podium, and the entire platform that you're standing on will raise.
    That's the end of chapter 4-2!
      /                                                                        \
    23. 4-3 Searching for Ashley / Ruins
    Break the barrels [handgun ammo, green herb].  Get the note, and go inside
    and talk to the merchant.  At this time, you might want to consider selling
    your Broken Butterfly, and buying the TMP, since you're probably out of ammo
    for the Broken Butterfly, and probably have a lot of TMP ammo.  Do any
    upgrading that you'd like, and then leave the building and continue forward.
    When you get to the building, kill the two Ganados, and get the spinel off the
    table to the right of the entrance.  Get the Pesetas from the other side of
    the room.  Break the barrel [rifle ammo].
    Go out the building and climb the ladder to your left.  You will see eight
    Ganados standing around a fire.  Use your handgun to shoot one.  They will all
    start coming for you.  Turn around and stand next to the ladder and use your
    knife to knock them down as they climb up.
    Once they are dead, jump down.  Turn towards the fire and go to the right
    around the ruined building.  Grab the Pesetas on the ground.  Continue forward
    and break the barrel [flash grenade].  Go back into the ruined building and
    get the Velvet Blue from the well.  Climb up the ladder and break the barrel
    [rifle ammo].
    Go behind the building that is still intact, and go through the window.  Break
    the box [Pesetas].  Go over and operate the crank to open the hole in the
    ground and go down the ladder.
    Go forward until you hit the first turn.  Break the box to your left [Velvet
    Blue].  Keep going until you get to a large room with some Ganados.  Break
    the box on the right side of the tunnel, right before the doorway.  You can
    use your rifle to kill some of them, if you'd like.  The Ganado in the top
    part of the building may or may not start his chainsaw.  Kill the Ganados that
    come at you, and then go down the stairs on the right.  Walk straight forward
    and get the Velvet Blue.  Turn left, then turn right so that you are in the
    small area with the bear traps.  Disable them (there are seven in all), and
    then go to the area just left of the stairs on the right (as you're facing
    them now), and get the Velvet Blue.  Turn around, take a right and another
    right, and go down the stairs.  Open up the stone container, and grab the
    Staff of Royalty.  Go back up the stairs, and over to the ladder leading up
    to the window.  If the chainsaw has started already, head back to where you
    came in and kill him with the rifle.  If not, shoot down by the ladder and it
    will.  Then go back towards the entrance and use the rifle on him.
    Once he's dead, go up the ladder and take the 10,000 Pesetas he dropped.  Grab
    the Key to the Mine from the table.  Break the barrel [green herb].
    Some Ganados will come after you, so be sure to knock the ladder over.  If you
    want to save bullets, just use the knife trick when they climb the ladder.
    Once they're all dead, jump out the window, go to the left, and kick down the
    door.  There is a Ganado with a chainsaw inside (why he never came up while
    you were knocking his buddies off the ladder is beyond me...).  Sometimes, he
    won't even react to having the door kicked in.  He's not that bright.  Kill
    him anyway.  Grab his 10,000 Pesetas, and break the box and two barrels
    [hand grenade, pesetas].
    Go out the door, up the stairs and grab the red herb.  Go through the door.
    Go down the stairs, break the box on the left [pesetas].  Go through the door
    and the ceiling will start to drop.  There are a couple of Plagas running
    around as well.  I recommend you shoot the lights on the ceiling first, then
    deal with the Plagas.  Open up the stone box and get the Pesetas.
    Leave the room and go down the stairs.  Break the barrels [Velvet Blue,
    pesetas].  Go through the door.  Break the barrels [pesetas, shotgun ammo].
    Go to the left and grab the green herb.  Jump down into the carts.  Go to the
    middle cart, and shoot the lever on your left with your handgun.  This will
    cause the carts to start moving.  From this point on, if there is a low board,
    right before it will hit you, you get a chance to dodge with a button
    combination.  If an enemy hits it, it will break, but sometimes you knock
    them all down by the time the board comes, in which case you have to duck, or
    break the board with your head.  The former is the best choice.
    As soon as the carts are in motion, move to the rear cart and get ready.
    Ganados will jump in.  If there are only a couple, you can use the handgun.
    If it starts getting thick then pull out the shotgun or TMP (assuming you have
    it).  After a while, a Ganado will pull a lever and the carts will stop.
    At this point, several more Ganados will jump in, including one with a
    chainsaw (YAY!!).  There is some shotgun ammo on the left side of the front
    cart, as well as handgun ammo on the right side of the rear cart.  In order to
    start moving again, you'll have to shoot the lever, but I recommend you kill
    the Ganados and grab all of the ammo first.  If you're in the rear cart
    (which you should be), you can throw an incendiary grenade into the middle
    cart when the Ganados are all in there.  If any start climbing over into the
    rear cart with you, shoot them with the handgun to knock them back into the
    middle cart until it's ready for the grenade.  This should kill all but the
    chainsaw guy.  Just keep using the shotgun on the chainsaw guy, as well as on
    all the other Ganados which will jump down.  Once they're all dead, grab all
    of the items they dropped.  Make sure you get the shotgun ammo and handgun
    ammo, and then use your handgun to shoot the lever.
    The carts will start moving again.  Before too long, you'll have more Ganados
    jumping in the carts.  Make sure you kill the chainsaw guy and take the
    10,000 Pesetas he drops.  More Ganados will jump in, but from here on, you
    may not kill them all.  After the carts take the really sharp turns, be ready
    to jump out by hitting the button combination shown on screen.  Once you jump,
    you'll be hanging onto a ledge.  You'll have to press "A" repeatedly to pull
    youself up.  Failure to do so will result in you falling to your death.
    After you've pulled yourself up, go through the door.  Grab the Stone of
    Sacrifice, and go through the door that just opened and up the ladder.
    Now you're in the area with the fire.  Go over to the door and place the Stone
    of Sacrifice and open the door.  Activate the elevator to go up.
    That's it for chapter 4-3!
      /                                                                        \
    24. 4-4 Statue of Salazar
    Go forward and grab the handgun ammo by the typewriter.  Continue on, and when
    the hallway opens to a room, break the pottery on your right [rifle ammo,
    Velvet Blue].  Go up the ladder and break the pottery up here [pesetas].
    Walk over to the ledge, and jump down.  Start walking down the path, and a
    cutscene will play.  Go back up the stairs to the right and kill the Ganado.
    If another Ganado jumps down while you're fighting the first, kill him as
    well.  Once they're dead, go up the ladder.
    Walk to the ledge, and jump to the hand when it is stopped at the same level
    as the platform you're standing on.  On the way up, a couple Ganados will jump
    onto the hand with you.  One shot from the shotgun will knock them both off.
    When the hand is back at the bottom, jump to the middle section and push
    the lever to make the right hand move.  When it comes down, jump to it.  Jump
    again to get to the other side.  Pull out the rifle and turn around and look
    up.  Shoot the Ganado with the crossbow that has been bothering you on your
    way over here.
    Kill the Ganado that climbs up into the room with you.  Break the pottery
    [Velvet Blue].  Jump down to the room below.  Break the pottery [shotgun
    ammo], and pull the lever.  This will raise one section of the walkway, as
    well as open the door of the room you are in.  Kill the Ganados that enter.
    Climb up the ladder.  Use your rifle to kill the Ganados on the other side.
    Jump to the hand, and wait until it reaches the top.  Do a 180 turn and jump
    when it reaches the top (basically jump back to the same side as you were on,
    only one floor higher).
    Break the pottery [pesetas] and walk behind the Salazar statue and break the
    pottery [pesetas].  Pull the lever.  This will cause both of the hands to
    move, and change the pattern of movement.  Jump to the hand.  When it gets
    close to the other hand, jump to it.  When it's at its highest point, jump
    over to the other side.  Break the pottery [spinel].  Use the lever to raise
    the last section of the walkway.  Go down to the bottom level and cross the
    walkway.  After you've taken a few steps, Salazar's statue will chase you.
    Press the button shown on screen to sprint, and then use the button(s) shown
    to dodge.  Once you get to the door, kick it until it opens.  Run through,
    then continue sprinting.  When it shows the combination, press it to jump to
    the other side.  You will then have to climb up.  Once you are up, go through
    the doors.
    A cutscene will play in which Salazar informs you that they are going to turn
    Ashley into one of them.  Leon responds by throwing his knife through
    Salazar's hand.  Priceless... His bodyguard then throws the knife back at you,
    so be ready to dodge.
    Go to the left and grab the handgun ammo, then go ahead and turn left and go
    behind all of the crates and open the treasure chest for a yellow herb.
    Go up the stairs.  When the barrels start coming, simply shoot the barrels to
    destroy them.  Two shots from the handgun should do the trick.  Take the first
    left that you can and kill the Ganado.  Another Ganado will probably jump
    down, kill him as well.  Break the barrel [pesetas].  Climb up the ladder.
    Kill the Ganado up here.  You will notice that there are now Ganados throwing
    dynamite.  Continue up the stairs and take the green herb by the crate.  Kill
    all of the Ganados that you encounter on your way back down the stairs.  Move
    to the other side of the elevator, and break the barrels [shotgun ammo,
    incendiary grenade].  Now get into the elevator and grab the rifle ammo.
    Push the crates off of the elevator, and then push the button.
    Kill the Ganados that get on.  If the archer annoys you, kill him as well.
    The elevator will stop whenever there is too much weight.  This means that the
    faster you kill the Ganados, the faster you'll reach the top.
    Once it reaches the top, get out and follow the path around the tower.  Break
    the barrel [TMP ammo].  Continue on and jump over the gap, and break the
    barrels [handgun ammo, shotgun ammo].  Grab the red herb, and get into the
    smaller, one man elevator.  Push the button and go up.
    Go up the stairs until you reach the merchant and the typewriter.  Grab the
    first aid spray, rifle ammo, magnum ammo, and TMP ammo.  Save the game if you
    want.  Go through the door.  Walk forward and a cutscene will play.  Salazar
    tells you that Ashley is gone.  Time to fight...
      /                                                                        \
    25. Salazar
    This thing isn't really Salazar, he's in the small armored compartment on
    the long neck.  In order to get a shot at him, you need to get that
    compartment to open.  There are two ways of doing that.  The first is to
    wait until the head splits in two, and he tries to eat you.  When the head
    splits in half, the compartment opens automatically.  The second way is to
    shoot the large, yellow eye.  This will cause the compartment to open
    for a short time.
    You can run around and collect the items during the fight, but unless you
    are about to die, or almost out of ammo, there really is no need to.
    Salazar has several basic attacks.  The first is he swats at you with one of
    the tenticle arms.  The other is the head splits open and he eats you.  That
    one is a one hit kill.  The third is basically using the head the same way he
    uses the arms.  The last attack is simply grabbing you with a tenticle and
    throwing you down below with the Plagas.
    The arm attacks are easy to dodge, just hit the button combo.  If you are
    standing in the middle, you cannot really dodge the attack where he tries to
    eat you.  However, if you stand off to the side, he cannot bite you.  I always
    prefer to run to the right side.  Then you only really have to worry about
    the one arm, and depending on where exactly you are, he can sometimes land the
    attack where he just slams the head into the ground.  But at least you're out
    of the range of the one hit kill.
    Just dodge the arm attacks and either shoot the eye, and then fire at
    Salazar's body, or, if you're low on rifle ammo, wait for the bite attack and
    then open fire on his body.  The biggest thing is to stay on the side and
    keep dodging the arm attacks.
    If you do wind up jumping down below, be careful of the Plagas that are
    running around down there.  If you shoot them, some more come right away to
    take their place.
    After about fifteen or so shots, he'll die, and then you can gather all of the
    On the far right side of the platform is some shotgun ammo.  On the left side
    is some handgun ammo and a green herb.  Down below are eight barrels
    [incendiary grenade, rifle ammo, first aid spray, handgun ammo, shotgun ammo,
    flash grenade, TMP ammo, green herb].  Don't forget the 50,000 pesetas!
    Go through the door.
    Break the barrels [pesetas, green herb].  Go forward and climb down the rope
    on your right.  Break the barrels [snake, pesetas].  Go up down the elevator.
    Walk forward until you get to the room with the merchant.  Grab the flash
    grenade.  Break the box [spinel] and the barrels [pesetas, pesetas].  Grab the
    shotgun ammo, rifle ammo, and the handgun ammo.  Make any upgrades that you
    want.  Save the game, and go through the door.
    Go forward and you'll see a cutscene where Ada offers you a ride in her boat.
    That's the end of chapter 4-4, and disc 1!
      /                                                                        \
    26. 5-1 Island
    Writhe in my cage of torment my friend...  Not only the worst line in the
    game, but the worst voice acting as well.
    [More coming soon!]
    VIII. Files
    Village Files
         /                  \
    ____/  Playing Manual 1  \____________________________________________________
    Playing Manual 1
    1. Shooting - Hold down the R Button then use the Control Stick to aim the
    laser sight.
    2. Combat Knife - Press and hold the L Button to ready your knife then press
    the A Button to swing the weapon.
    3. Action Button - You'll be able to perform various actions by pressing the
    appropriate buttons that appear on the screen.
    4. Camera - You can change the camera angle by moving the C Stick.
         /                  \
    ____/   Info on Ashley   \____________________________________________________
    Name: Ashley Graham
    Age: 20
    Daughter of the United States President.
    She was kidnapped by an unidentified group while on her way home from her
    The kidnapper's motives are still unknown.  Although there's reliable
    information that the perpetrator is an insider.
    Only a handful of people know about this kidnapping.  It's been kept under
    wraps mostly due to the fact that we can't determine who the traitor is.
    The guys in the intelligence say they have reliable information that Ashley's
    been sighted somewhere in Europe.  But until we find out who the insider is,
    I don't know what to believe.  It could be a ploy.
    We have very few leads as to the whereabouts of Ashley.  But members of the
    Secret Service and anyone else related to Ashley are being questioned by an
    investigative team.
    Even active agents are being investigated for any information.  It's just a
    matter of time before the kidnapper is exposed.
         /                  \
    ____/  Playing Manual 2  \____________________________________________________
    Playing Manual 2
    1. Reloading - Press the B Button while holding down the R Button to reload
    your firearm.
    2. Kicks - Approaching enemies that are either stunned or on their knees will
    allow Leon to perform kicks as prompted by the action button.
    3. Changing Inventory Screens - Use the L and R Buttons to switch back and
    forth between the Weapons/Recovery and the Keys/Treasure screens.
         /                  \
    ____/    Alert Order     \____________________________________________________
    Recently there has been information that a United States government agent is
    here investigating the village.
    Do not let this American agent get in contact with the prisoner.
    For those of you not yet informed, the prisoner is being held in an old house
    beyond the farm.  We will transfer the prisoner to a more secure location in
    the valley when we are ready.  The prisoner is to stay there until further
    notice.  Meanwhile, do not let the American agent near the prisoner.
    We do not know how the American government found out about our village.  But
    we are investigating.
    However, I feel that this intrusion at this particular time is not just a
    I sense a third party other than the United States government involved here.
    My fellow men, stay alert!
                             -Chief, Bitores Mendez
         /   About the    \
    ____/  Blue Medallions \______________________________________________________
    About the Blue Medallions
    15 blue medallions...
    7 in the farm... 8 in the cemetery...
    For those of you who destroy more than 10 medallions you will be awarded...
    (The rest is illegible.)
         /                  \
    ____/    Chief's Note    \____________________________________________________
    Chief's Note
    As instructed by Lord Saddler, I have the agent in confinement, alive.  Why
    keep him alive?  I do not fully understand what the Lord's intentions are.
    I would, however, think he'd keep them separate; not confine them together as
    has been ordered.
    I don't expect Luis would trust a stranger but if by chance they did
    cooperate, the situation could get a bit more complicated.
    If for some reason, an unknown third party is involved, I don't think they'd
    let a chance like this slip by.
    But maybe it's all Lord Saddler's ploy - leaving us vulnerable so that this
    third party will surface, if they even exist that is...
    It's an unlikely possibility, but if a prowler is already amongst us, then our
    plans could be ruined.
    I guess the Lord thinks it's worth the risk, if we're able to stop whatever
    conspiracy is at work.
    At any rate, it's the Lord's call.  We will trust his judgement as always.
         /     Closure      \
    ____/   of the Church    \____________________________________________________
    Closure of the Church
    Regarding the two fugitives, the apprehension of Luis is our top priority;
    the American agent a distant second.
    What Luis stole from us is far more important than the girl.
    Unless we get it back, the girl will become useless to us.  We must get it
    back to execute our plan to the end.
    If it gets in the wrong hands, the world would become a totally different
    place than what Lord Saddler has envisioned.
    At all costs, we mustn't let that happen.
    Nevertheless, we're not letting go of the girl.  To ensure the agent does not
    get her, I have locked the church door where the girl is being held.
    Anyone who needs access to the church must first get approval by Lord Saddler.
    There is a key beyond the lake but it should be safe now that the "Del Lago"
    has been awakened by our Lord.  No one will get across the lake alive.
    Plus, our same blood courses through the agent's veins.  It'll be just a
    matter of time before he joins us.  Once he does, there will be nobody else
    left that will come looking for the girl.
         /                  \
    ____/  Anonymous Letter  \____________________________________________________
    Anonymous Letter
    There's an important item hidden in the falls.  If you are able to get it, you
    might be able to get Ashley out of the church.
    But I'll warn you, the route to the church isn't a walk in the park by any
    means.  They've deployed what's called an "El Gigante", so God bless.
    About what's been going on in your body...  If I could help you, I would.  But
    unfortunately it's beyond my power.
         /                  \
    ____/  Playing Manual 3  \____________________________________________________
    Playing Manual 3
    1. Commands - Leon can give commands to Ashley to either "WAIT" or "FOLLOW"
    by pressing the X Button.
    2. Ashley and the Action Button - Depending on the situation, Leon and Ashley
    can cooperate to get past various obstacles.
    3. Ashley's Health - You can use recovery items not only on Leon but on
    Ashley as well.
    4. Ashley and Game Over - Leon has failed his mission if Ashley is either
    killed or carried away by the enemy.
         /     Sera and     \
    ____/   the 3rd Party    \____________________________________________________
    Sera and the 3rd Party
    The wherabouts of Sera are still unknown.
    Most likely he's using an old secret passage taught to him by his grandfather
    who used to hunt in this region long ago.
    I'm pretty certain that he's hiding our property somewhere in the forest.
    If his grandfather was still alive, I would have used him to find Sera...
    But how did he find out about the egg injected into his body?
    -And the fact that he was able to remove it before it hatched is concerning.
    Another factor that concerns me is that Sera escaped with our property just
    before the American agent arrived.  I don't believe that was just a
    There has to be another player involved in this.
    In order to settle this whole situation, we have to capture Sera and wait
    for the effects of the drug to wear off before we inject him with another egg.
    Once this is done, whoever is behind all of this will surface.  Nobody shall
    interfere with our plans.  Those who do shall suffer severe consequences.
         /                  \
    ____/     Two Routes     \____________________________________________________
    Two Toutes
    Just a while ago, I was informed by Lord Saddler that our men had shot down
    a United States military helicopter.
    There shouldn't be any more outside interference for a while now.
    Unless the United States government determines who the traitor is, they can
    only initiate very small covert operations.
    We must use this time to our advantage and recapture the girl.
    The two Americans can only get out of our territory by using one of two
    routes.  This is where we will stop them.
    We shall make use of our forces to the greatest degree.
    We will deploy a large number of Ganados in one of the routes to ensure that
    they do not slip by us.  For the other route we shall leave the task to El
    Gigante.  Whichever route they take, the agent will never leave here alive.
    Not with the girl at least.
         /    Village's     \
    ____/    Last Defense    \____________________________________________________
    Village's Last Defense
    I clearly underestimated the American agent's capability.  He's still alive.
    I thought that we could wait until the egg hatched, but at this rate, he could
    destroy the whole village before it does.  We must take care of this
    We shall change our priorities - for the time being, we will cease our hunt
    for Luis and ambush the two Americans.
    There is a building used to enlighted betrayers just beyond the point where
    you get off the lift.
    It's a perfect place for ambushing them.  If all else fails, they still would
    need to face me in order to get past the last gate that leads out of the
    For only before my sight will the gate open.
    [more coming soon!]
    IX. Contact Info
    Please feel free to email me with any question about the game not already
    answered in this guide.  If you simply need something clarified, I'll be
    happy to explain, just make sure it isn't something that can't be answered
    by simply reading the guide.  Also, make sure you say something in the
    subject line about RE4 walkthrough/guide/FAQ, whatever, just so I don't
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    Also, all feedback, both positive and negative will be greatly appreciated.
    If you have any corrections or additional content that you think should be
    added, email me and I will update the guide as necessary, and credit you for
    the information.
    My email address and Yahoo Messenger is chrisnelson1984@yahoo.com
    My AIM is chrisnelson1984
    If you liked using this guide, please rate it.  Thank you.
    X. Credits
    I would like to thank everyone responsible for making Resident Evil 4.
    Thanks to the La Crosse, WI GameStop for having some copies left on the
    release date, even though I forgot to reserve it.  If I would have had to wait
    for Target to get it, this guide would have been posted two days later.
    Most of all, I would like to thank you for choosing to read this walkthrough!
    XI. Legal Information
    Copyright 2005 Christopher Nelson
    This guide is not to be posted on any website other than GameFAQS without
    prior approval by me, the author.  It is not to be distributed except for
    personal use, and then only if proper credit is given to me, the author.
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