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    Combat FAQ by samthebigkid

    Version: 1.55 | Updated: 02/08/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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          \____/\___/\_|  |_/\____/\_| |_/\_/    \____/\___/ \___/|___/ \____/ 
    by samthebigkid
    Welcome to my FAQ. As you probably know, Resident Evil 4 isn't actually the
    4th game, but is still a great game. The previous style for the RE games has
    been change in some significant ways. The camera is always behind you. Also
    you can perform action commands. But things that really stick out are the
    weapons system similar to that of Dino Crisis 2 and that of advanced techniques.
    Instead of no more than 4 zombies at once, you're up against 20 villagers
    who just want to rip you apart for the Great Lord Saddler. This FAQ will
    give you information on all weapons of the game, all special attacks of the
    game, and the best strategies when given certain situations. Each weapon is 
    unique and can be exploited to your advantage differently. Read on to learn
    all about this new Combat System...
    I'd like to mention this guide may have a few spoilers so be aware of that.
    Weapon layout will be simple:
    Name: (Name of Weapon)
    Description: (What weapon looks like)
    Ammo: (Type of Ammo used)
    Dimensions: (Length and Width measured in blocks)
    Firepower: (Initial Strength), (1 upgrade), (etc...)
    Firing Speed: (Initial Rate of Fire), (1 Upgrade/cost), (ect...)
    Reload Speed: (Initial time it take to reload), (1 upgrade/cost), (ect...)
    Capacity: (Initial Clip Size), (1 Upgrade/cost), (ect...)
    Exclusive: (What features are added when exclusive is bought/cost)
    Accuracy: (How accurate and stable the weapon is)
    Price: (Cost of Gun in Shop)
    Total Price: (Cost of gun with all upgrades)
    Other Upgrades: (Upgrades that are seperate items[dimensions])
    Comments and Rating: (My comments and score on the gun)
    Info thanks to: (If necessary, people who gave me info on the weapon)
      ^    ^    ^    ^    ^    ^    ^    ^  
     /C\  /O\  /N\  /T\  /E\  /N\  /T\  /S\ 
    Letters in ( ) are Search key
    1. Main Game Guns (MGG)
    2. Special Guns (SG)
    3. Mercaneries Only Guns (MOG)
    4. Other Weapons  (OW)
    5. Ammo Description (AD)
    6. Which Guns are Best? (BG)
    7. Special Attacks (SA)
    8. Combat Techniques (CT)
    9. Spanish Translations (ST)
    10. FAQ (FAQ)
    11. Legal Information and Contacts (LIC)
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    ( M | A | I | N ) ( G | U | N | S )
     \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
    These guns can acquired through the normal game 1st time through.
    Name: Handgun
    Description: A standard 9mm pistol
    Ammo: HandGun Ammo
    Dimensions: 2x3
    Firepower: 1.0, 1.2(7000), 1.4(10000), 1.6(15000), 1.8(18000),
    Firing Speed: 0.47, 0.40(5000), 0.33(12000)
    Reload Speed: 1.73, 1.47(4000), 0.87(10000)
    Capacity: 10, 13(4000), 16(6000), 19(8000), 22(10000), 25(12000)
    Exclusive: Increases Critical Headshot Chance 5x (57000)
    Accuracy: High
    Price: 8000
    Total Price: 206000
    Other Upgrades: Silencer ( MERCANERIES ONLY [Wesker] )[1x2]
    Comments and Rating: 6/10. You start with it. Aim for the head.
       Good for 1-4 guys. If more than that then I suggest a more
       powerful weapon. Cheapest to upgrade. The exclussive is good
       for quick kills.
    Name: Red9
    Description: A Mauser Pistol  (same pistol as Luis)
    Ammo: Handgun Ammo
    Dimensions: 2x4
    Firepower: 1.4, 1.7(15000), 2.0(20000), 2.4(24000), 2.8(28000),
       3.5 (45000)
    Firing Speed: 0.53, 0.47(10000), 0.40(15000)
    Reload Speed: 2.37, 2.20(6000), 1.67(10000)
    Capacity: 8, 10(6000), 12(8000), 15(12000), 18(16000), 22(22000)
    Exclusive: 5.0 Firepower (80000)
    Accuracy: Very High
    Price: 14000
    Total Price: 389000
    Other Upgrades: Stock (4000)[1x3]
    Comments and Rating: 8/10. A Good handgun. Like the Handgun, only
       use it on smaller groups. Upgraded, it will be useful all game.
       I suggest buyin the stock. It is better for accurate powerful shots.
    Info Thanks to: Drake Felon
    Name: Punisher
    Description: Another 9mm Handgun (similar but different)
    Ammo: Handgun Ammo
    Dimensions: 2x3
    Firepower: 0.9, 1.1(10000), 1.3(15000), 1.5(20000), 1.7(25000),
    Firing Speed: 0.47, 0.40(10000), 0.33(20000)
    Reload Speed: 1.70, 1.47(8000), 0.83(18000)
    Capacity: 10, 13(8000), 16(10000), 20(15000), 24(18000),
    Exclusive: Ammo will penetrate up to 5 bodies (40000)
    Accuracy: High
    Price: 0 (Shoot 10 Blue Medallions), 20000
    Total Price: 272000
    Other Upgrades: None
    Comments and Rating: 6.5/10. Slightly better than the handgun,
       but I stil would pick the Red9. Later though with it's 
       exclussive, you can take on a lot more enemies at once
       so treat it as a shotgun.
    Name: Blacktail
    Description: Yet another 9mm Handgun (slightly different from others)
    Ammo: Handgun Ammo
    Dimensions: 2x3
    Firepower: 1.6, 1.8(15000), 2.0(18000), 2.3(24000), 2.7(30000),
    Firing Speed: 0.47, 0.40(10000), 0.27(20000)
    Reload Speed: 1.70, 1.47(8000), 0.83(15000)
    Capacity: 15, 18(8000), 21(10000), 25(15000), 30(20000),
    Exclusive: 3.4 Firepower (80000)
    Accuracy: High
    Price: 24000
    Total Price: 434000
    Other Upgrades: None
    Comments and Rating: 8/10. Ties with the Red9. It has superior
       Firing Speed and Capacity but lacks in Firepower compared to
       the Red9. I would recomend buying one of these though. It can
       be fun to use. It is better for quick shooting.
    Name: Broken Butterfly
    Description: A Revolver
    Ammo: Magnum Bullets
    Dimensions: 2x4
    Firepower: 13, 15(25000), 17(30000), 20(35000), 24(50000),
    Firing Speed: 0.70
    Reload Speed: 3.67, 3.00(15000), 2.33(20000)
    Capacity: 6, 8(15000), 10(20000), 12(25000)
    Exclusive: Increases Firepower to a whopping 50 (150000)
    Accuracy: High
    Price: 38000
    Total Price: 493000
    Other Upgrades: None
    Comments and Rating: 9/10. "It's about reloadin'." This gun
       rocks. Though costly, it can kill most bosses really quick.
       It looks sweet and reloading is addictive. Save, then go on
       a killing spree with it, very satisfying.
    Name: Killer7
    Description: A Pistol-esque Magnum
    Ammo: Magnum Bullets
    Dimensions: 2x4
    Firepower: 25, 30(62000), 35(78000)
    Firing Speed: 0.70
    Reload Speed: 1.83, 1.53(20000), 0.93(30000)
    Capacity: 7, 10(30000), 14(40000)
    Exclusive: None (grrrr)
    Accuracy: High
    Price: 77700 (Get it?, 777 for luck)
    Total Price: 337700
    Other Upgrades: None
    Comments and Rating: 8.5/10. A good gun, but very costly.
       It's no exclussive makes behind some of the other guns.
       It still is very good as a boss killer. If you don't want
       to upgrade the Butterfly, buy this.
    Note: There is a title by Capcom coming up called "Killer 7"
    Name: Shotgun
    Description: A standard shotgun
    Ammo: Shotgun Shells
    Dimensions: 2x8
    Firepower: 4.0, 4.5(15000), 5.0(20000), 6.0(25000), 7.0(30000)
    Firing Speed: 1.53
    Reload Speed: 3.03, 2.43(7000), 1.50(15000)
    Capacity: 6, 8(8000), 10(10000), 12(12000), 15(15000),
    Exclusive: Significantly increases destructive force for long
       range targets.(80000)
    Accuracy: Medium
    Price: 20000
    Total Price: 394000
    Other Upgrades: None
    Comments and Rating: 7/10. The first shotgun you get. It is very
       useful against larger crowds of enemies and tougher enemies.
       Aim for the head it will explode easily. With exclussive, the
       gun has a much longer range.
    Name: Riot Gun
    Description: The Assault Shotgun from REmake (a SWAT Shotgun)
    Ammo: Shotgun Shells
    Dimensions: 2x8
    Firepower: 5.0, 5.5(20000), 6.0(24000), 6.5(28000), 7.0(32000),
    Firing Speed: 1.53
    Reload Speed: 3.03, 2.43(7000), 1.50(20000)
    Capacity: 7, 9(10000), 11(12000), 13(15000), 15(20000), 17(25000)
    Exclusive: Increases Firepower to 10.0 (120000)
    Accuracy: Medium
    Price: 32000
    Total Price: 415000
    Other Upgrades: None
    Comments and Rating: 8/10. A Good well balanced shotgun. It is very
       useful and I would suggest keeping it the whole game. It has good
       firepower and Firing Speed. It blast enemies way back and has a
       higher chance of critical hit than the Shotgun. Good on Bosses
       when Magnums aren't available.
    Name: Striker
    Description: Odd looking compact shotgun with circular ammo holder
    Ammo: Shotgun Shells
    Dimensions: 2x5
    Firepower: 6, 7(25000), 8(28000), 9(32000), 10(40000),12(60000)
    Firing Speed: 0.73
    Reload Speed: 3.00, 2.40(8000), 1.50(15000)
    Capacity: 12, 14(10000), 16(12000), 20(16000), 24(18000), 28(25000)
    Exclusive: Increases Capacity to a whopping 100 shells (60000)
    Accuracy: Medium
    Price: 43000
    Total Price: 392000
    Other Upgrades: None
    Comments and Rating: 8.5/10. A great shotgun. It takes less room,
       has more firepower, shoots faster, you name it. With exclussive,
       you can have 100 shells at once. It is great against enemies or
       bosses. It also is very cheap despite the higher initial cost.
    Name: Rifle
    Description: Springfield 1903 Rifle
    Ammo: Rifle Ammo
    Dimensions: 1x8
    Firepower: 4, 5(10000), 6(12000), 8(20000), 10(25000), 12(35000)
    Firing Speed: 0.67 
    Reload Speed: 4.00, 3.23(8000), 2.33(18000)
    Capacity: 5, 7(6000), 9(8000), 12(12000), 15(18000), 18(25000)
    Exclusive: Increase Firepower to 18 (80000)
    Accuracy: Insanely High
    Price: 12000
    Total Price: 296000
    Other Upgrades: Scope (7000)[1x3], Thermal Scope (Found in Lab only)*
    Comments and Rating: 7.5/10. A good Sniper Weapon. Though you have
       to cock it after each shot, it is the more powerful of the 2 rifles.
       Though reload time is high, when using it that should be a problem.
       I used the entire game my first time through.
    Name: Rifle (Semi-Auto)
    Description: H&K Greysporter Rifle
    Ammo: Rifle Ammo
    Dimensions: 2x7
    Firepower: 7, 8(15000), 9(18000), 11(24000), 13(30000), 15(40000)
    Firing Speed: 1.43
    Reload Speed: 2.33, 1.90(9000), 1.33(18000)
    Capacity: 10, 12(10000), 14(12000), 17(15000), 20(20000), 24(25000)
    Exclusive: Decreases Firing Speed to 0.40, fast huh?(80000)
    Accuracy: Insanely High
    Price: 35000
    Total Price: 361000
    Other Upgrades: Scope (10000)[1x3], Thermal Scope (Found in Lab Only)*
    Comments and Rating: 8.5/10. A good Sniper Weapon. It's advantage over
       the other Rifle is it is Semi-Auto. Though not as powerful, you can
       fire it a lot quicker, especially after the exclussive. REALLY useful
       in Mercaneries.
    *This "Thermal Scope" can supposally be used to see parasites in bosses
       bodies and kill them very quick.
    Name: TMP
    Description: A Small Submachine gun
    Ammo: TMP Bullets
    Dimensions: 2x3
    Firepower: 0.4, 0.5(7000), 0.6(14000), 0.8(18000), 1.0(24000),
    Firing Speed: 0.10
    Reload Speed: 2.37, 1.93(5000), 1.17(15000)
    Capacity: 30, 50(7000), 100(15000), 150(20000), 200(25000), 250(35000)
    Exclusive: Increases Firepower to 1.8(100000)
    Accuracy: Low
    Price: 15000
    Total Price: 339000
    Other Upgrades: Stock (4000)[2x2]
    Comments and Rating: 7/10. The only machine gun in the game that you can 
       acquire with easy. It's relatively weak but it's ammo is plentiful. On
       the otherhand you use it quick. Good against large crowds, bad against
       bosses (since you don't want to waste all your ammo).
       I suggest getting the stock.
    Name: Minethrower
    Description: A Thick, big, box-like gun. Similar to a grenade launcher
    Ammo: Mine Darts
    Dimensions: 2x5
    Firepower: 2, 4(25000), 6(45000)
    Firing Speed: 1.33
    Reload Speed: 3.43, 2.57(18000)
    Capacity: 5, 7(25000), 10(40000)
    Exclusive: Adds Homing to Mines and increases Blast Radius (30000)
    Accuracy: -Without Exclussive: High
              -With Exclussive   : Very High (Homing) 
    Price: 28000
    Total Price: 219000
    Other Upgrades: Scope(8000)[2x2]
    Comments and Rating: 8/10. I love this gun. Alright what it does is
       shoots a mine with a timer. It blinks red and beeps for about 5
       seconds then BOOM. Though not powerful, the blast kills lots things
       around it. Get the Scope and Exclussitize it and you have a very
       sweet and fun weapon. Save, and shoot Ashley in the head, it's fun
       to watch.
    Name: Knife
    Description: A Knife with black handle and an engraving of a snake
    Ammo: None
    Dimensions: None (takes no space)
    Firepower: ~0.5
    Firing Speed:N/A
    Reload Speed:N/A
    Accuracy: Medium
    Total Price: N/A
    Other Upgrades:None
    Comments and Rating: 5/10. It's your knife. It's weak but you
       always have it and it take no room. Use to break boxes or slash
       people to kick them. Other than that it's just cool to have.
    Name: Rocket Launcher
    Description: Long tube with rocket sticking out front (green)
    Ammo: None
    Dimensions: 2x8
    Firepower: High (Number unknown)
    Firing Speed: 1
    Reload Speed: N/A
    Capacity: 1
    Exclusive: N/A
    Accuracy: High
    Price: 30000
    Total Price: 30000
    Other Upgrades: None
    Comments and Rating: 6.5/10. 6.5?!?! It's a Rocket Launcher! Yea
       well for the room it takes, and the fact you only get 1 shot,
       makes more of a burdern than a savior. It does kill most bosses
       with it's shot or pretty close to it. But it's not so hot as it's
       other 2 varients.
    Name: Rocket Launcher Special
    Description: Same as rocket launcher, but with a red rocket
    Ammo: None
    Dimensions: 2x8
    Firepower: High (Number Unknown, slightly more powerful than
       regular version)
    Firing Speed: 1
    Reload Speed: N/A
    Capacity: 1
    Exclusive: N/A
    Accuracy: High
    Price: 60000 (Cannot be bought though, but is sold for 30000)
    Total Price: Same as Price
    Other Upgrades: None
    Comments and Rating: 6.5/10. 6.5?!?! It's a Rocket Launcher! Yea
       well for the room it takes, and the fact you only get 1 shot,
       makes more of a burdern than a savior. It does kill most bosses
       with it's shot or pretty close to it. You get in the final fight with
       Saddler from Ada. You can keep it but it's kind of pointless to do so.
       Hmmm... doesn't this look familiar?
    Name: Spear
    Description: A Throwable Spear
    Ammo: None
    Dimensions: None
    Firepower: Medium (Number Unknown)
    Firing Speed: ~1.5
    Capacity: Infinite
    Exclusive: N/A
    Accuracy: High
    Price: N/A
    Total Price: N/A
    Other Upgrades: None
    Comments and Rating: 7/10. This is only usable on the boat. The only time you
       ever really use it is to kill the Lake Monster Del Lago. Just keep throwing
       them, infinite spears. It's fun to use, just it can be hard to aim with them.
       After the fight, it's the best way to kill Fish, which can be easy health.
      _   _   _   _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _  
     / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ 
    ( S | P | E | C | I | A | L ) ( G | U | N | S )
     \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
    These Guns are acquired by methods other than playing through
      the normal game.
    Name: Chicago Typewriter
    Description: A Tommy Gun (.45 Thompson)
    Ammo: None
    Dimensions: 3x7
    Firepower: 10 (starts maxed)
    Firing Speed: 0.10
    Reload Speed: 1.63
    Capacity: ---(Infinite)
    Exclusive: Increases Firepower to 10 and give
       Infinite Ammo(Starts with it)
    Accuracy: Medium
    Price: 1000000
    Total Price: 1000000
    Other Upgrades:None
    Comments and Rating: 11/10. Jackpot. Other than the price,
       this gun is gold. Fully Automatic with each bullet having power
       of 10. You'll never need ammo again. Works great against
       virtually anything. To unlock, beat Assignment Ada then purchase
       for 1000000 in the shop. Worth every penny.
    Name: Infinite Launcher
    Description: Same as Rocket Launcher
    Ammo: None
    Dimensions: 2x8
    Firepower: High (Number unknown)
    Firing Speed: 1
    Reload Speed: ~2
    Capacity: --- (Infinite)
    Exclusive: N/A
    Accuracy: High
    Price: 1000000
    Total Price: 1000000
    Other Upgrades: None
    Comments and Rating: 9.5/10. A great weapon. A rocket launcher with infinite
       ammo. The only drawback is it is deadly to use at close range. Kills most
       bosses very quickly. Though pricey, It's still worth the pleasure, though
       I suggest the Chicago Typewriter first.
    Name: Matilda
    Description: A Pistol with a stock built in
    Ammo: Handgun Ammo
    Dimensions: 2x5
    Firepower: 1.0, 1.2(15000), 1.4(17000), 1.6(20000), 1.8(25000), 2.0(35000)
    Firing Speed: 0.47
    Reload Speed: 1.73, 1.47(6000), 0.87(15000)
    Capacity: 15, 18(7000), 21(10000), 24(12000), 27(16000), 30(20000)
    Exclusive: Increases Ammo Capacity to 100 (35000)
    Accuracy: Medium-High
    Price: 70000
    Total Price: 303000
    Other Upgrades: None
    Comments and Rating: 9/10. A great pistol. It uses ammom rather quickly,
       but can be used in most any non-boss situation. It has 3 round burst
       and can fire very quickly. If you cannot get anything else, get this.
    Name: HandCannon
    Description: A Huge Revolver (like in RE0)
    Ammo: HandCannon Ammo
    Dimensions: 2x4
    Firepower: 30, 35(40000), 40(50000), 45(70000), 50(90000),
    Firing Speed: 1.17
    Reload Speed: 1.10, 0.86(25000), 0.55(50000)
    Capacity: 3, 4(15000), 5(20000), 6(25000), 7(35000),
    Exclusive: Increases Firepower to 99.9 and Give Infinite Ammo (200000)
    Accuracy: High
    Price: 0
    Total Price: 790000
    Other Upgrades:None
    Comments and Rating: 10/10. A Great weapon. Once you get it all souped up,
       it becomes a dominant weapon. Great for virtually everything. To unlock
       get a 5 star rating on all levels with all characters in Mercaneries.
       It's really hard but worth it. A Magnum of huge proportions.
    Info Thanks to: DarkShadowMan6 and DevilsCabanaBoy 
      _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _  
     / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ 
    ( M | E | R | C ) ( G | U | N | S )
     \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
    These weapons are only available for use in Mercaneries.
    Name: Krauser's Bow
    Description: A Red Bow
    Ammo: Arrows
    Dimensions: 3x7
    Who uses it?: Jack Krauser
    Firepower: 10
    Firing Speed: 0.03
    Reload Speed: 0.03
    Capacity: Unlimited (not Infinite)
    Accuracy: High
    Comments and Rating: 9/10. Great Weapon. A bow that shoots very
       powerful arrows. Ammo is plentiful. Aim for the head.
    Name: Custom TMP
    Description: Like the TMP, but with built in Stock and better sight
    Ammo: TMP Bullets
    Dimensions: 2x4
    Who uses it?: HUNK
    Firepower: 1.0
    Firing Speed: 0.10
    Reload Speed: 1.17
    Capacity: 100
    Accuracy: Low-Medium
    Comments and Rating: 8/10. Better than the regular TMP. Great for
       racking combos. The only downfall is how fast it uses ammo fast.
      _   _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _   _   _   _  
     / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
    ( O | T | H | E | R ) ( W | E | A | P | O | N | S )
     \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
    These aren't actually guns but are still weapons acquired throughout
    the game. They have no numerical values.
    Note that you can hold as many of these as you want, as long as you
    have the room. Each egg or grenade takes up the given dimensions, so
    don't be afraid to use a few if they get overabundant
    Name: Egg (White, Brown, or Gold)
    Description: An Egg (either White, Brown, or Gold)
    Ammo: Eggs
    Dimensions: 1x1
    Strength: Weak
    Lethal: No
    Sell Price: White- 300
                Brown- 600
                Gold - 3000
    Rating, Uses, and Comments: 3/10. Stick to eating them. You are much
       better off. They can be used by throwing them at an enemies face to
       stun them, allowing you to kick them or something, but don't bother
       unless you're bored. It is pretty funny though.
    Note: Eggs are alos health items. White gives about 1.5 health segments,
       Brown gives as much as a Green Herb, and Gold is full health.
    Name: Flash Grenade
    Description: A Blue Grenade
    Ammo: Flash Grenades
    Dimensions: 1x2
    Strength: Weak
    Lethal: No
    Sell Price: 500
    Rating, Uses, and Comments: 7.5/10. A good way to stun a huge group of enemies
       if you're low on ammo or just need to run away. They're pretty abundant
       so you'll usually have at least one lying around. Good for bosses too.
       Also, they can be used to instantly kill a La Plaga enemy instantly
       (assuming the Plaga is exposed).
    Name: Incendiary Grenade
    Description: A Red Grenade
    Ammo: Incediary Grenades
    Dimensions: 1x2
    Strength: Medium
    Lethal: Yes
    Sell Price: 1000
    Rating, Uses, and Comments: 8/10. A grenade that explode on impact with flames.
       Good against most enemies and bosses. Try to hit the middle of a group.
       Usually kills common enemies in one grenade.
    Name: Hand Grenade
    Description: A Green Grenade
    Ammo: Hand Grenades
    Dimensions: 1x2
    Strength: High
    Lethal: Yes
    Sell Price: 2000
    Rating, Uses, and Comments: 9/10. What can I say? It bounces once or twice,
       then has a big BOOM. Pretty useful against most bosses and enemies.
       Common throughout the game.
      _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _  
     / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ 
    ( A | M | M | O ) ( I | N | F | O )
     \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
    Ammo: Handgun Ammo
    Appearance: Red Box with some black
    Max in Box: 50
    Ammount Found: 10,15,20,30
    Dimensions of Box: 1x2
    Words on Box: Red Hawk
    Guns Used In: Handgun, Punisher, Red9, Blacktail, Matilda
    Sell Price: 50
    Frequency: Very Common
    Ammo: Shotgun Shells
    Appearance: Green box with some yellow
    Max in Box: 15
    Ammount Found: 3,5,10,15,20
    Dimensions of Box: 1x2
    Words on Box: Heavy Field
    Guns Used In: Shotgun, Riot Gun, Striker
    Sell Price: 150
    Frequency: Common
    Ammo: Rifle Ammo
    Appearance: White box with some red
    Max in Box: 10
    Ammount Found: 3,5,10
    Dimensions of Box: 1x2
    Words on Box: Dragonfly
    Guns Used In: Rifle, Rifle (Semi-Auto)
    Sell Price: 150
    Frequency: Common
    Ammo: Magnum Bullets
    Appearance: Black Box with some Red
    Max in Box: 10
    Ammount Found: 3,5
    Dimensions of Box: 1x2
    Words on Box: Ballistics Ammunition
    Guns Used In: Broken Butterfly, Killer7
    Sell Price: 500
    Frequency: Rare
    Ammo: TMP Ammo
    Appearance: White box with some blue
    Max in Box: 100
    Ammount Found: 25,50,100
    Dimensions of Box: 1x2
    Words on Box: Jackal
    Guns Used In: TMP, Custom TMP (Mercaneries Only)
    Sell Price: 20
    Frequency: Common
    Ammo: Mine-Darts
    Appearance: Brownish Case
    Max in Box: 5
    Ammount Found: 1,2,4
    Dimensions of Box: 1x2
    Words on Box: [None]
    Guns Used In: Mine Thrower
    Sell Price: 500
    Frequency: Semi-Rare (Must have Minethrower first)
    Ammo: Arrows (Mercaneries Only)
    Appearance: Black Quiver
    Max in Box: 20
    Ammount Found: 5,10,15,20
    Dimensions of Box: 1x4
    Words on Box: [None]
    Guns Used In: Krauser's Bow
    Sell Price: N/A
    Frequency: Common
    Ammo: HandCannon Ammo
    Appearance: Yellow Box
    Max in Box: 10
    Ammount Found: 2
    Dimensions of Box: 1x2
    Words on Box: [Info Needed]
    Guns Used In: HandCannon
    Sell Price: 500
    Frequency: Rare (must get HandCannon first)
    Info thanks to: shawnmck
      _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _  
     / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ 
    ( B | E | S | T ) ( G | U | N | S )
     \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
    Handguns: I personally prefer the Red9. It has great fire
       power and great accuracy. Though costly, it is one of the
       funnest weapons in the game. You can beat the game without
       it, but on a 2nd try through, it owns most enemies for
       the 1st half of the game. It has a great critical hit chance
       and a good rate of fire. The reload speed is also pretty cool.
       The gun is kind of Star Wars looking, but good stuff.
    Shotguns: I go with the Striker. Superior in everyway. Takes
       less room, holds more ammo, not too costly, higher strength,
       Quick reload, you name it. It, again, is a gun that you could
       beat the game without, but it is highly effective against any
       enemy or boss. The Striker earns my shotgun of recomendation,
       especially with a 100 shell max capacity.
    Machine Guns: Well since there's only 1 (normal)... the TMP. This gun
       isn't a great thing, but not a bad one. It's good for hosing down
       crowds of people. The only problem is the ammo can get low in supply.
       But in all it's a decent gun but is not a necesity for beating the game.
    Rifles: I personally prefer the Rifle (Semi-Auto). Despite it's slightly
       lower strength than the Rifle, it has an amazing rate of fire. It can
       be used from Short to long distances. It also kills most any
       enemy within 1-4 shots. Ammo isn't that rare either. The Thermal
       scope allows eay kills to the Regenerators and even some bosses.
    Magnums: Despite what others say, my choice is the Broken
       Butterfly. Reasonbeing is that it becomes much more powerful
       than Killer7. It is very costly but the BB can kill most
       bosses within 8 shots (most less than that). It also works
       well in an emergency in which you need to kill something really fast.
       Other people tend to forget that fact that the Killer7
       has no Exclussive.
    Mine Throwers: Since again there is only 1, I go with the Mine
       Thrower. It is a decent weapon that shoot darts that can home
       and then explode. It is very good a for a group of charging villagers
       who aren't quite at you yet. It also is very cheap to upgrade and
       kills most normal enemies instantly.
    Rocket Launchers: The Infinite Launcher. The other two rocket
       launchers are one time use. This baby has infinite ammo and
       destroys anything within a few shots. It is highly effective
       against Bosses, medium ranged enemies, and tougher enemies.
    HandCannons: Since there is only 1, I pick the HandCannon.
       Though it is very hard to get and cost a ton of money
       to upgrade, this is easily one of the best weapons not just
       in RE4 but the entire RE series. Infinite Ammo and
       99.9 Firepower... need I say more?
    Secret Machine Guns: I absolutely adore the Chicago Typewriter.
       Though it is very exspensive, the infinite ammo, 0.10 fire rate,
       with firepower 10.0 makes this gun pretty much THE best gun in the
       entire game. It is effective against EVERYTHING. The only thing it
       can't do is shoot long distances, so as long as you keep a Rifle
       on hand, you can anything. It also helps kill Regenerators if a
       Thermal Scope is not acessible.
      _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _  
     / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
    ( S | P | E | C | I | A | L | S )
     \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
    Please Note that "Everyone" excludes Ashley.
    Also note that these are for common human enemies.
    "Edward Scissor Hands", "Novistadors", "Regenerators",
    and such cannot be attacked by these methods directly.
    Attack: Kick (Weak)
    Who uses it?: Leon
    How to perform: When someone is flinching, run up and hit A
       when the action button appears. Leon will kick. If you time
       it just right (they must be leaned over to the right), Leon
       will hit their head, decapitating them instantly.
    Rating: 7/10
    Attack: Fan Kick
    Who uses it?: Ada
    How to perform: When someone is flinching, run up and hit A
       when the action button appears. Ada will fan kick. If you time
       it just right (they must be leaned over to the right), Ada
       will hit their head, decapitating them instantly. This will
       also possibly decapitate others standing close.
    Rating: 7.5/10
    Attack: Back Kick
    Who uses it?: Ada
    How to Perfrom: Shoot someone in the foot. When they are on one
       knee, go up them and hit A when the action command appears.
       Ada will do a back kick similar to that of HUNK and Leon, but
       this one is a little more deadly.
    Rating: 6.5/10
    Name: Krauser's Arm
    Description: Krausers mutated Arm (has a weird wing and blade)
    Who uses it?: Krauser
    How to Perform: When Krausers Arm glows red, hit X to
       transform and then A to a fatal lunge that instantly kills anything.
       The only downfall is the time it take to recharge
    Rating: 9.5/10
    Attack: Kick (Powerful)
    Who uses it?: Krauser
    How to perform: When someone is flinching, run up to them and hit A
       when the action button appears. Krauser will do a double kick.
       Unlike the other kicks, this one almost always decapitates and can
       decapitate a ton of people around. It is also a one-hit kill.
    Rating: 8.5/10
    Attack: Knee
    Who uses it?: Krauser
    How to Perform: Slash someone low to get them on one knee (the bow is
       too powerful to shoot them). When on one knee, go up to them and hit
       A when the action command appears. You will do an instant kill decap
       on a single victum only.
    Rating: 7/10
    Attack: Thrust Punch
    Who uses it?: Wesker (ahhh the RE:CVX days...)
    How to perform: When someone is flinching, run up to them and hit A
       when the action button appears. Wesker will do a thrust punch.
       The thrust punch never decapitates but kills instantly. You can
       kill around 5 people with one thrust punch.
    Rating: 8/10
    Attack: Neck Breaker
    Who uses it?: HUNK
    How to perform: When someone is flinching, run up to them and hit A
       when the action button appears. HUNK will do a Necksnapper.
       The neck snapper never decapitates but kills instantly. You can
       kill only one person at a time.
    Rating: 7.5/10
    Attack: Kick (Low)
    Who uses it?: Leon and HUNK
    How to Perfrom: Shoot an enemy in the foot. They will go on one
       knee. Hit the action command to do a kick to send them flying.
       Rarely, if ever, decapitates.
    Rating: 6/10
    Attack: Suplex
    Who uses it?: Leon
    How to Perfrom: Shoot an enemy in the foot. They will go on one
       knee. Hit the action command QUICKLY up close to do a supplex.
       Sometimes decapitates, only kills one. If you do it too slow, you'll
       do the Kick (low). Also if not a decap, it doesn't kill. This also
       cannot be performed until the Castle or later.
    Rating: 7/10
    Info thanks to: DWash3085
    Attack: Chikyo Chagi 
    Who uses it?: Wesker
    How to Perfrom: Shoot the foot of an Enemy. This causes them to
       go on a knee. Go up and hit A when the action command appears.
       You will do crashing albow attack that can kill about 5 people.
       It decapitates the initial victum.
    Rating: 9/10
    Info thanks to: DWash3085
    Attack: Shove
    Who uses it?: Ashely
    How to perform: When grabbed, spin the control stick to shove the
       enemy off you. The faster you spin, the less damage you take.
       Does no damage.
    Rating: 5/10
    Attack: Throw (Lantern)
    Who uses it?: Ashley
    How to perform: Go up to a table with a Lantern. When the Action
       Command appears, hit A to throw the lantern and temporarily stun
       an enemy. Doesn't actually do much damage.
    Rating: 6.5/10
    Attack: Kick (Defense)
    Who uses it?: Everyone
    How to perform: When grabbed from the front, twirl the control stick
       as fast as you can. If you do it fast enough, you take less damage
       and kick them in the face. Even faster, and you decapitate them
       while doing it.
    Rating: 8/10
    Attack: Elbow (Defense)
    Who uses it?: Everyone
    How to perform: When grabbed from the back, twirl the control stick
       as fast as you can. If you do it fast enough, you take less damage
       and elbow them in the face. Even faster, and you decapitate them
       while doing it. It is harder this way though.
    Rating: 7.5/10
    Attack: Knock Down (Latter)
    Who uses it?: Everyone
    How to perform: After climbing certain latters, look at it and hit
       A whent the "Knock Down" command appears. Doesn't really do damage,
       but can keep you safe as long as you keep knocking it down. Use safety
       of your height to your advantage, such as throwing grenades or just
       picking people off one by one.
    Rating: 6.5/10
    Attack: Open (Door)
    Who uses it?: Everyone AND Ashley
    How to Perform: Go up to a door. When the Open command appears, hit
       A twice very fast. You will kick (or shove if you're Ashley) the door
       open, knocking back anyone in the way. The only downfall is anyone
       chasing you has an extra second to attack you.
    Rating: 6.5/10.
    ---------BOSS: Del Lago
    Attack: Throw
    How to activate: After So long of surviving and throwing spears, a
       special scene comes where he charges at you you and it says A
       to Throw.
    How to Perform: When the above has been met, use the red crosshair
       and aim for the mouth. This does the most damage.
    Rating: 9/10
    ---------BOSS: El Gigante
    Attack: Climb / Cut
    How to activate: When facing El Gigante, shoot him in the face until
       he yells and pain and falls to his knees.
    How to perform: At this point go up to him and hit A to climb. Then
       a response cinema will occur. Keep hitting A or B (which ever shows)
       to cut rapidly. If you mess up, he grabs you and does severe damage.
       This makes it easier to kill El Gigante. Takes about 3 to 4 times to
       kill the big guy.
    Rating: 8/10.
    Attack: Stab (Defense)
    How to activate: Get grabbed by El Gigante
    How to Perform: Spin the the Control stick as much as fast as possible.
       the faster you do it the less damage you take. You stab a knife into
       his arm. He grabs his arm, yelps and stares at you for a second.
    Rating: 7/10
    Attack: Boulder (2nd El Gigante Only; Right Path)
    How to activate: Ashley will point out the bould when the battle begins.
    How to Perfom: When El Gigante walk in the, look up and shoot the wooden
       planks to drop the boulder on him. Just keep out of the way yourself.
    Rating: 9.5/10
    Attack: Opperate (The Collapsing Platform; Double El Gigante fight only)
    How to activate: You can hit the switch any time
    How to Perfom: Wait for an El Gigante to stand on the middle circle of
       the arena. A flash grenade helps. Run up to the switch and hit it to
       drop the beast in the lava, killing him instantly. It only can kill
       one. If you mess up, it resets after sometime, so just run until you
       are ready.
    Rating: 9.5/10
    ---------BOSS: Chief Mendez
    ***COMING SOON***
    ---------BOSS: Ramon Salazars Right hand Man
    Attack: Throw (Ice Tank)
    How to activate: Go up to the tank and hit A when the command appears.
    How to Perform: Lure him towards the tank. When he's very close hit
       the action command. You will throw the tank and freeze him. He will
       become slow and weak. You can shoot him now or just run.
    Rating: 8/10
    ---------Boss: Ramon Salazar
    ***COMING SOON***
    ---------Boss: "It"
    ***COMING SOON***
    ---------Boss: Jack Krauser
    ***COMING SOON***
    ---------Boss: Lord Saddler
    ***COMING SOON***
    ---More on the Way, If you have any, email me.---
      _   _   _   _   _   _  
     / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
    ( C | O | M | B | A | T )
     \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
    Now for one of the greatest parts of the guide. This part contains
    a lot of potential spoilers. I will mention specific parts of the game,
    And note what weapons will be most useful. I will also give general
    strategies for fighting enemies and such. This is what makes this guide
    superior, how to use all the above given knowledge. This information
    can also be used to work in The Mercaneries as well.
    As a Note, more strategies are always welcome. Just email me at the 
    adress shown at the bottom of the FAQ.
    These are based on 1st time goers who don't have any super weapons
    or such and actually need strategy.
    So if you have any of the super weapons, here are you strategies:
    -Stop reading now and just shoot things. Having super weapons requires
       virtually no strategy at all. Everything dies very very quick.
    In case you didn't know, the villagers and such speak Spanish.
    Alright now on to the actual strategies.
    Alright, it's the begining of the game. What do you have? A handgun,
    that's all. Now at first you're gonna want to go on a killing spree
    with this new combat system, but you'll have to wait. Just because
    it's early, doesn't mean that you'll have an easy road. As a matter
    of fact you'll probably die within the 1st 20 minutes of play if
    you're just starting. You want to go and just and shoot shoot shoot.
    I did that, died real quick. So here's the deal. Until you find the
    Shotgun in the one building when you first enter the Village, try to
    avoid enemies. Also make SURE that you find your way into a corner or
    such so that all enemies can only come in one direction. If you have
    any grenades, use them when a crowd gets thick. If not, then shoot
    one guy in the head, then perform a kick. This should knock a lot of
    people over. Use this to your advantage. Shoot them on the ground, or
    use it to escape. In the begining, enemy groups will vary but be
    relatively small compared to later. Now for Chainsaw guys. These guys
    take a lot more shots than normal people. If they get close, instant
    death. Keep away. Throw Grenades, use the shotgun, or just run. They
    can be very very hard.
    Now just a bit further but still around 2-1 areas....
    Alright by now you should have a Shotgun at least. I recomend buying
    a Rifle. A TMP is nice but with limited space, you can do without. I
    also suggest buying more space as soon as it's available so you can
    hold more. There will be times when you will have to pick what weapon
    to use. If an enemy is at longer range, use the Rifle to take him out.
    If there is a group take as many as you can out with the rifle until
    they reach you. If the crowd is 6 or less, take them out with the Handgun.
    If you've acquired a Punisher, that works even better. 7 or more, go with
    the shotgun. Aim for the head, and wait for them to get as close as they're
    going to get then fire. You should decapitate 1 or 2 of them. Now try to
    fire at them on the ground with the Shotgun or Handgun, whichever you
    prefer. You can even Knife if it tickles your fancy. NEVER LET THEM
    Alright this would be about 3-1 to about 4-2 range...
    Many of the previous strategies work but listen anyway. By this time
    you have Ashley. Ashely will duck if you aim at her, but make sure she
    is down before you fire. By this time you'll have a much bigger case.
    If you have not bought one, buy a Riot Gun and a Red9. The Red9 will
    last you until the end of the game easily. Enemies are much tougher
    and you must adapt or be killed. Alright Ashley is very fragile so
    one shot kills her. She takes more damage from enemies. You shouldn't
    waste yellow herbs on her until your health is maxed out. She only needs
    5 to get max health anyway. If you're gonna leave Ashley, make sure she
    is safe. NEVER LEAVE ASHLEY CLOSE TO AN EXIT. If she gets grabbed, you're
    By this point in the game, you've probably got a good hang on how things
    work. Watch out for the more Parasitic Enemies. There are 3 kinds. One
    Just a weird eyes with swinging scythe type tentacle. The next is an 
    actual La Plaga that jumps of the head when shot. The third is a thick
    looking version of the first, but it can bite your head off for instant
    death. Though they appear a little earlier, you must be ready. If you
    decapitate an enemy an he's still walking, he can still grab you. This
    also indicates that a La Plaga might burst out of their head at any moment.
    As the game goes, you'll notice red barrels. These are full of gun powder.
    Shoot them and they go BOOM. Try to get as many enemies by one these as you
    can and shoot it. Kills most common enemies quick. NOW if you encounter this
    one type of enemy I like to Call "Edward Scissor Hands", be ready. These
    guys have HUGE Claws and swing like mad, enough to kill you quickly. The
    thing is, they have no eyes, they've been torn out. Their only real weakness
    is they Growth on thier back. This can be hard to shoot. Usually there's a 
    bell in the room. If so, hit it with your knife. He will charge at it
    (so run!) and get his hand stuck in the wall. Use the most powerful gun you
    have and blast him in the sweet spot. If no bell is around, throw a Hand
    Grenade or an Incendary Grenade. Another enemy is the Novistadors. These
    are bug creatures. They are first found in the sewers. They can be invisible
    and very hard to see. Look for the slight dust they give off when idle. Also,
    your laser pointer shows up even when they are invisible. They aren't too
    dangerous alone, they cna be taken out with about 12 handgun rounds. It
    is really fun to kick them. In groups they can be hard because of their
    agility. They often drop treasures called "[Color] Eye". These can
    be Green, Red, or Blue. They are used in the pearl lamps as add ons,
    but still can add up to be a lot of cash.
    Alright Chapter 5 through Final....
    The enemies in this chapter are much harder now. Only the Red9
    and Blacktail will be good as handguns. The others are too weak.
    You can still use the Riot Gun, but I highly recomend a Striker
    by now. In the shop, a Kevlar vest should become available, BUY
    IT! A Minethrower wouldn't be a bad idea if you have gotten the
    Largest Case. So ok you're on an Island looking for Ashley. You'll
    come across some new enemies, but they aren't much different from
    the past enemies. On a note though, some enemies have very painful
    stun batons which can be heard as they make a buzzing noise
    constantly. You'll also come across and enemy I like to call the
    "Fat Rambo". It's a fat gun with a huge minigun (Big Machine Gun).
    Don't use the shotgun, he'll hit you with his gun if you get too
    close. Try to use the Rifle, or the Rifle (Semi-Auto) if you have it,
    on him and aim for the head. Do this a few times and he should go
    down. His gun isn't one hit kill but it still does a ton. Around this
    time you will find by far the freakiest RE enemies of all time. These
    are called "Regenerators". They are humanesque grey monsters with
    a creepy breathing noise. They are near invincible without the right
    tool. You find a Thermal Scope that goes on either Rifle so use it.
    It allows you to see his weak points, so you can kill him in 5 shots.
    Later there are spiked versions of these freaks that are even harder
    and more dangerous.
    Ok now by this time in the game, you should buy yourself a magnum.
    If cash is plentiful, get a Broken Butterfly. If not get the Killer7.
    The Butterfly is potentially much more powerful. So it becomes very
    useful against bosses. Also, it can take out Regenerators with 2 shots
    just incase you didn't get that Thermal Scope. If you still got your
    Thermal Scope, keep it. It can be used on Bosses to find their weak
    points as well. As for common enemies, stick with the normal scope.
    Also, be careful, as Response Scenes are very frequent towards the end.
    When you first meet Krauser, you literally have 6 in one sequence.
    If you miss one you die. I died like *cough*16*cough* times my first
    time. I don't suck or anything but I wasn't expecting so many. 2nd time
    though. So just be ready. And as for the ending of the game, it's
    really easy to get used to the Jet-Ski Controls. Besides you use it
    only for less than 2 minutes anyway.
    Just a few things about your second time through:
    -Since you still have good guns, save them.
    -Try to spend as little as possible. Use the money to save up for
       expensive items.
    -Beat Assignment Ada before your 2nd time through. (There is a great
       FAQ for that posted here at GamwFAQS)
    -Sell Yellow Herbs (they have no point after you max out your and 
       Ashley's Health).
    -You know what to do, try to do it faster or just have fun killing
    -In the very very first little area of the game, where the car
       drops you off, enemies heads will not explode for some odd
    -Pick up the older weapons and such and sell them. Also sell
       ammo if it gets over-abundant.
    -Explore more, there are extra cutscenes one tends to miss 1st
       time through.
    -Enemies with dynamite explode when they die, kill them first. This
       kills many enemies around them.
    -Red Barrels (Donkey Kong anyone?) explode when shot. Get enemies by
       one and shoot to kill most of them and leave the rest severally
    -Flash Grenades instantly kill an Exposed La Plaga (the thing that bursts
       from an enemies head).
    -Some Ganados are stupid enough to walk across trip wires and explode, but
       they can walk over Bear Traps without setting them off. Try to lure
       enemies to a trip wire. It's fun, saves ammo, and funny to watch.
    -A Rocket can kill an El Gigante in about 1 shot (usually). You get 
       15000 for killing it, so you only lose 15000.
    -When grabbed from behind by a dynamite guy, they explode when you elbow
       them and they hit the ground, though it does not hurt you.
    -Chainsaw people can kill you with one swing, so watch out. Scissor hands
       can massacre you if you get stuck in a corner. Fat Rambo can get you
       from a huge distance, so take him out ASAP.
    -Enemies can hurt other enemies if they get in the way of attacks.
    -Remeber to always check around for items and don't be afraid to use
       a knife if necessary.
    I am aware I just have the bosses listed, I am still putting together
    strategies for each. Every day more information is recieved, so I have
    to be ready new strategies. Look at the Special Attacks section for
    extra details on killing bosses.
    --------Boss: Del Lago
    Alright you fight Del Lago in a boat. All you have is spears, but
    they are unlimited so keep on throwing them. Steer the boat to avoid
    floating trees. Should you be knocked off, hit A as fast as you can 
    since you die if you don't. After hitting him with several spears,
    an actions sequence comes up in which you aim a speat for his mouth.
    up and you're good to go. You may need to use a health item, so
    shoot some fish BEFORE the fight, then if they are unused, sell them
    to the merchant after the battle for an easy few thousand pesetas.
    Not much else to say, you can only use the spear so even if you have
    awesome weapons they are of no use.
    --------Boss: El Gigante
       Note: You fight him on several occasions, and this tells you how to kill
          one with out using one of the Special Boss Attack Methods.
    Okay here we go. Alright, in a nutshell, he can be very tough. I highly
    recomend either a shotgun or a magnum, if a rocket launcher is not available.
    (Since it kills him in one shot). Alright, this battle you must run forward,
    shoot him in the face a few times, then retreat to a safe distance. At a safe
    distance use a rifle if you have one, as it usually is the most powerful
    early in the game. So after some repeatage of this, he will cry out in
    pain and fallto his knees. Then the parasite comes out of his back. Either
    run up to him andhit A to do the Climb command OR just shoot the freaky
    parasite. If you have powerful guns and ammo to match, shoot him, if not,
    cut him up. After a while he should go down. Be ready to dodge his attacks
    and if he grabs you, spin the control stick as fast as possible.
    --------Boss: Chief Mendez (aka the huge Bearded Man)
    ***COMING SOON***
    --------Boss: Ramon Salazars Right Hand Man... or Thing
    Well you don't HAVE to kill him, but it is possible. Alright
    so you're walking down the hallway when a cutscene shows him running into the
    room. You wil have to dodge him many times before you reach the very end. Go to
    the very end and turn on the power for the elevator. Then try to unlock the door
    you came in at. You will have to wait a bit. Then he drops down and starts to
    attack. Freaky guy huh? Anyway lure him by the Tank that says "Throw" or "Grab"
    to freeze him. Then either unload the Shotgun on him point blank or just run.
    You either survive for 4 minutes or kill him. I suggest just running since the 
    ammo needed is insane. OIIJinKazamaIIO says that if you run around the table by
    the elevator and just be ready to dodge when the command appears, you can
    survive quite easily.
    --------Boss: Ramon Salazar
    ***COMING SOON***
    --------Boss: "It"
    ***COMING SOON***
    --------Boss: Jack Krauser
    ***COMING SOON***
    --------FINAL BOSS: Lord Saddler
    ***COMING SOON***
      _   _   _   _   _   _   _  
     / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
    ( S | P | A | N | I | S | H )
     \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
     Now you're probabbly wondering "What they heck does Spanish have to
    do with combat?". Honestly I don't blame you, I'd do the same. So I
    will explain myself.
    The enemies of the game speak Spanish. Sometime they dictate their
    actions in Spanish. If you know Spanish, you might know what they're
    up to. If not then you have to wait and find out. They tell each other
    what to do, so if you understand them, you can use the knowledge to 
    your advantage and make some battles easier. Try and always listen for
    thier voices. It helps you figure out where they are and what they plan
    to do to kill you.
    I also added a few other translations just for the heck of it.
    Info thanks to: AJM Ruler and SonofNemesis
    -¡Atras! or ¡Detras de ti! = Behind You! (Someone sees
       you sneaking up on someone else)
    -¡Vaya! or ¡Vayan por detras! = Go through the back! (While
       you are hiding in a building)
    -¡Ya no puesdes discutir! = You can not resist anymore! (While
       you are hiding)
    -¡Ya es hora de aplastar! = It is time to Crush! (Close to you)
    -¡Te voy a Matar! = Im going to Kill you! (Close to you)
    -¡Te Coji! =  Got you! (They are very close to you)
    -¡Agarra Lo! = Grab Him! (They are close to you)
    -¡Cojelo! = Grab Him! (They are close to you)
    -¡Mátalo! = Kill Him! (They are close to you)
    -Morir es Vivir. = To die is to live (They want to kill
       you for their beliefs)
    -Tenemos que irnos. = We gotta go. (When the Church Bell rings)
    -Vamonos. = Lets go. (They are leaving)
    -Empiesa rezar. = Start praying (When they think you're gone)
    -La Campana- Bell
    -¡Un forastero!- A Stranger! (They see you)
    -Ganado- Livestock
    -¡Allí Está!- Here he is! (They see you)
    -El Gigante- The Giant
    -Del Lago- From the Lake
    -Me llamo [Name] - My name is [Name] (When characters
       introduce themselves)
    -Las Plagas- The Plague
    -Ha ha ha- (not Spanish, but it means they snuck up on you)
      _   _   _  
     / \ / \ / \ 
    ( F | A | Q )
     \_/ \_/ \_/ 
    Q: How come the Tommy Gun is called "Chicago Typewriter"?
    A: That was it's nickname in Chicago so they decided to use it.
       On a more historical note, it was the .45 Thompson used in
       WWII against the Nazis. Games like "Castle Wolfensteinn"
       and "Medal of Honor" contain them.
    Q: How on Earth am I supposed to get 1000000 pesetas?
    A: Collect a ton of treasure. Combine the combinable ones to
       earn more cash. Also try selling all your guns when you're
       ready. Try to use as few guns as possible, then sell the ammo
       for the guns you don't use.
    Q: Sometimes when I play, I get an error message. What do I do?
    A: This is caused by the earlier Gamecubes. Not to worry. Simply
       open the disc cover and spin the disc and close it. Do this all
       with the system on. This should fix the error for a while.
    Q: I upgraded my Shotgun a few times, should I sell it and get the Riot Gun?
    A: Yes. Try to do this as often as possible, since the higher class weapons
       are more efficient and will benefit you more.
    Q: How come this "Combat FAQ" has guns?
    A: This FAQ's focus is everything used to attack your enemies. This includes
       everything from guns, their upgrades, physical attacks, to eggs.
    Q: Is RE5 going to have the same system for weapons?
    A: It is very possible. This game got high ratings so as the saying goes
       "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".
    Q: There is another FAQ that has guns, what makes this one better?
    A: The other FAQ is incomplete and has no contact information. Also
       a lot of information is missing and some is even wrong. Also this guide
       is has much more than guns.
    Q: I see a typo, will you correct it?
    A: If you see any mistakes, please tell me. Typing all this leaves me bound
       to make a mistake. If it is just a spelling error, try to send more than
       "You said 'teh' instead of 'the' here". Try to have multiple things.
    Q: There is more than 2 Special Attacks for Bosses, what gives?
    A: I'm still working on that part. I'm going to play through again
       and ask people what things you can do against bosses. I just don't
       want to post false information if I don't have to.
    Q: You have abilities for people like Wesker, can I play as them?
    A: Yes, but only in the Minigame "The Mercaneries". The attacks can
       only be used by that person. For example, "Leon" moves can be used
       in Mercaneries and The Main game, "Ada" moves work in Assignment Ada
       and The Mercaneries. "Wesker", "HUNK", and "Krauser" attacks are only
       used in The Mercaneries. "Ashley" moves are only in The Main Game for the
       small Ashley portion.
    Q: I haven't played any other RE game, should I still play this?
    A: Well I highly recomend playing through the whole series first, but
       you can still play this one. The story of the past games are great
       so at least you'll understand why some of the characters are the way
       they are.
    Q: What is the easiest way to kill bosses without super weapons?
    A: Well, using the special boss attacks works well. But the best way is
       to always have a shotgun. A Riot Gun or a Striker works well on most
       bosses. If you're having too much trouble, either buy a Magnum or a
       Rocket Launcher, just make sure not to miss...
    Q: Why is the Red9 called that?
    A: The Red9 is a Mauser pistol. It can be seen by typing Mauser into
       Google and looking at the 4th picture. "Red9" comes from a nickname
       for the gun since they sometimes had a red number 9 engraved on
       their handle.
    Q: How come there are no children in the game?
    A: SPOILER. At the end of the game, the credits, they show the development
       of The Village. It was a peaceful normal village. Then Saddler came in
       and had them dig up Las Plagas. Then he manipualted them to his will.
       The images show that the children were not efficient for Saddler so the
       parents beat them all to death. It's kind of gruesome and sick. Shows how
       mindless the villagers have become, murdering their own children.
    Q: Is there any difference between Male and Femal villagers?
    A: Other than appearance, what they sound like, and weapons, nothing that I
       can see. They all seem to have the same health and such.
    Q: So did you like this new system?
    A: I did. I enjoyed this game a lot. My only complaint is that it wasn't
       nearly as freaky as REmake or RE2. Also, I think dual wielding guns could
       have worked, like in REC:VX. You would just not be able to use your knife.
       But what's done is done. Never-the-less, I highly recomend this game to any
       RE fan.
      _   _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _  
     / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ 
    ( L | E | G | A | L ) ( I | N | F | O )
     \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
    any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
    and a violation of copyright.
    I, samthebigkid, own all rights to this guide. All characters and trademarks
    belong to their respected owners.
    For information, comments, flames, or what-not email me at:
    If you are sending a message, make the Topic "RE4" or something around
    those lines.
    Just to warn you I have virus and spam blockers so don't try sending me
    -Info on the Special Attacks against any Boss
    -Any Special Attacks I missed.
    -Point out Spelling Errors or other Typos
    -Your personal strategies
    -Any differences worth noting on the "Professional" Difficulty
    -The words on the box of Handcannon Ammo
    -Anything you think should be in here.
    I'll make a quick updates note:
    .01- Small Update
    .05- Decent Update
    .10- Big Update
    .20- Huge Update
    .30 or higher- MAJOR Update
    People like these are the reasons my FAQ can expand so greatly.
    Special Thanks:
    Me- for having time to endorse such an awesome game
    GameFAQs and CJayC- for hosting my FAQs
    Capcom- for making the game
    DarkShadowMan6, DevilsCabanaBoy, and shawnmck- for the Handcannon Info
    JesterCM- for the idea of the FAQ name
    DWash3085- for the extra Special attacks
    Elroy Ng- for the comment, it made the day.
    Drake felon- for the Special attack, ammo box, and Red9 info.
    Aceofblades- For the Rifle and Rifle (Semi-Auto) info.
    My friend Tom- for liking the game as much as I do.
    AJM Ruler and SonofNemesis- for the Spanish Translations
    OIIJinKazamaIIO- for Salazars Right hand man Strategy
    The Nightmare Alpha- for the Boss attacks
    smoothlflava- for pointing out my stupid mistake
    ChaosTheEternal- for the extra Suplex Info
    Szu Ting Moy- for the extra information
    Created: 1-20-05 (rejected 3 times)(+.20)
    Last Updated: 1-29-05
    ---------1-27-05--------- (+.10)
    -Added "JesterCM" to Special Thanks
    -Added "shawnmck" to Handcannon Thank
    -Added Ashley's Two Attacks
    -Added More Special Attacks
    -Added more FAQ
    -Fixed some spelling errors
    -Changed the Intro
    -Added Flash Grenade Info
    -Added a few bits of info here and there.
    ---------1-29-05---------- (+.10)
    -Fixed the Date error for the past update
    -Added "DWash3085", "Elroy Ng", "Drake felon", "Aceofblades", 
       and "Tom" to Special Thanks
    -Added More Special Attacks
    -Added "Accuracy" to all Guns
    -Corrected a Name Error for HUNK's attack
    -Added "Sell Price" to Other Weapons
    -Added "My Requests"
    -Updated some Gun Descriptions
    -Remembered Del Lago's name (Lake Monster)
    -Added "Translations" Section
    -Added More FAQ
    -Fixed some Typos
    -Added "Words on Box" for Ammo
    -Added More Boss attacks
    -Added "Boss Strategies" Subsection to "Strategies" Section
    -Added "General Strategies" Subsection to "Strategies" Section
    -Added "AJM Ruler", "SonofNemesis", "OIIJinKazamaIIO", and
       "The Nightmare Alpha", "smoothlflava", "ChaosTheEternal",
        and "Szu Ting Moy" to Special Thanks
    -More "Boss Attacks" for Special Attacks Section
    -More "Boss Strategies"
    -More FAQ (This will be in most updates)
    -Anything Else I think of....
    (Whenever the next update is reviewed)
    2005 samthebigkid

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