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"If this game was any awsomer, it would have a new rank of it's own! Oh wait, it does!"

Hello, and welcome to my review of the great game Resident Evil 4 for the gamecube Nintendo. This truthfully is the greatest game ever. For the gamecube, this game is very good, and it will make you never go back to the XBox and the PS2 ever again. This game is SO good in fact, that I decided to stop being lazy and make a review about it.

Story: 10/10

I will try to explain the story with as little spoilers as possible. You play as the 21 year old cop names Leon Kennedy in a quest to save the presidents daughter. But what starts as a daring rescue mission soon starts to evolve to a all out effort to save the world from the deadly disease known as the Las Plagas which has the power to control any living organism, and follow it's way up the food chain to control greater things, such as humans! After the daughter is saved Leon and Ashley (The daughter) seek refuge in a castle, and it is at this point that the game truly begins and the plot slowly unfolds. This game's story is truly original, and is the only game that will keep you on the edge of you seat. What I like about this game is that the good people don't always win. In many games, the good side just is clearly greater than the bad side and never loses. But in this game, even some characters you knew from the beginning of the game end up dieing. This game has many cliff hangers, and will make you want to keep playing even if you are stuck. Surprisingly, this game takes a turn from the other Resident Evil games by taking out the zombies, and greatly changing the gameplay and story. In fact, I stayed up all night and beat this game in one day just because I couldn't quit playing if someone would have payed me to!

Graphics: 10/10 (wish I could go higher, but that would be against physics!)

The graphics in this game are truly amazing. From lightning to water, this game pays attention to the littlest details. The lighting effects are perfect, and when the lightning flashes you can actually see shadows grow bigger! and for the water, you can see the waves and where you shoot the water a ring slowly crosses the top of the water. Also, you can see and hear the wind get stronger and weaker by the wind noise and the trees swaying in the breeze. The graphics in this game could,t have been any better, and if they were, I might have dropped dead in amazement. For a gamecube game. this game has just about the greatest graphics I have ever seen and the graphics will blow you away like a Chicago typewriter to a group of Ganados!

Sound: 10/10

This game also has great sound overs. For example, if you run a lot you can hear Leon breathing harder. Also, all the sounds sound realistic like when you shoot a gun or when a barrel explodes (Stay away from those darned red barrels!). The sound in this game make it one of the best games ever. The sounds also add to the horror factor of this game. Whats scarier than walking through a maze and hearing a heart pumping and the disturbing, choked breathing of the regenerators? The only thing that could be scarier is going through a maze and hearing snarling dogs slowly surrounding you. Just walking around, the music will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

Atmosphere: 10/10

This game has the greatest atmosphere, because it's all so realistic (Except for the Ganados). When you walk near a tree, the crows fly away. When you jump off a ledge, you see dust rise. When you shoot a door, you see it slowly falling to pieces. The dazzling graphics and chilling sounds make this game have a atmosphere like no other game has yet to achieve.

Gameplay: 10/10

The controls make this game even funner. The controls are easy to get used to and are very simple. When I first played it the controls felt second nature in minutes! Also, get board watching cut scenes? Well don't put the controller down because you never know when a "Press B+A to Dodge!" command will come up. If you miss it, you die! This game makes you feel in more control of the character than ever before because there are some cut scenes you must continuously press buttons that appear on the screen in rapid succession. This is the only game (as of date) that makes the player feel like he is the one in the game. The controls are perfect, and react as soon as you jab the button ( yes, I mean jab). This is a game that you wont get mad at and almost break the controller because you forgot which button to press, and believe me, I'd know!

Characters: 10/10

You play as Leon Kennedy, a government agent. The game spends a lot of time making the characters as realistic as possible. Throughout the game you feel like you are one with the characters and that whatever they say is meant for you. The characters have much detail, and without them the game just wouldn't be the same.

Bosses: 10/10

This games bosses are truly the best I've seen yet. the bosses range from monsters to big to fit the screen, to a European man with a red beret that has one serious issue! Despite the bosses, there is also a large arsenal of sub bosses, such as clawed blind men (Garridors'), and maniacs with chainsaws (Dr. Salvadors'). The bosses in this game will truly be etched into your memory, and you have to see them to believe they exist!

Fun: 10/10

This game's fun factor never stops rising. Whether your struggling at the first area, or your trying to get the Handcannon from Mercenaries, you will always find a challenge you must complete. Unlocked everything? No problem! You can start a new file and try one of the many challenging runs through of the game, like a handgun only run. This game can never get boring, and it will keep you entertained for years.

Extras: 10/10

This game also has some great extras. When you beat the game, you unlock: The Mercenaries (A "kill enemies till time runs out" mini game), Assignment Ada ( You find out what happens to Ada Wong), Pro mode (A harder difficulty for the main game), and a different costume (Leon wears a bullet proof vest, and Ashley wears a pop 70's dress). Despite those, the game also has some great side missions during the main game, like the medallions in the village, and trying to collect as much treasure as possible. There is also a wide assortment of special weapons that you can get, such as the infinite rocket launcher! If you want even more extras, the PS2 version has many additional extras, but the controls, graphics, and sound take a major dip.

Blood and gore: 10/10

This is seriously the goriest game I have ever seen ( I haven't played to many XBox games though, so I might be wrong). If you have a weak stomach, that may prevent you from buying this game. If you do have a weak stomach, rent this game first, or play it at a friends house. I have never vomited because of disturbing stuff before, but this game made me almost!

Mercenaries: 10/10

You may be wondering what The Mercenaries is. In brief, it is a mini game that can range from 1 minute to 10, and in that time you are required to kill as many Ganados as possible. You may be wondering why I brought this subject up, and I did because it is the most commonly discussed aspect of the game. Why? Because if you are good enough in it, you can get the strongest gun in the game known as the Handcannon. Mercenaries is based around 4 areas from the game and you can play using 5 characters from the series. To unlock the Handcannon, you must get 5 star ranks on every area with every character. Mercenaries is very difficult and is time consuming, but the reward of new character and the weapon is very much worth it.

All in all, this is the best game on the gamecube ever. All the components of this game mix together to create the greatest game ever. The only reason you shouldn't buy this game is if you have a weak stomach, because this game is loaded with gore! The good part about this game is that the gore doesn't detract from the gameplay. There are realistic amounts of blood and it appears at the right times. Another thing that adds to this game is the fact that now a days you can pick it up from a store for about 20 dollars! If you don't really care about the graphics, then you can buy th PS2 form of the game which has many more unlockables, but worse graphics and sound. Well, what are you waiting for? Buy this game now! If you only buy one game, make it this one. This game is truly Capcoms best game, and it makes a great addition to the rapidly growing series.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/27/06

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