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"Resident Evil? Let's talk about the 2005 game of the year!"

Howdy! This is my favorite game ever, Resident Evil 4. This game, by far is the best of the RE series. I hope you have fun playing this game! Now, let's talk about the mechanics of the game.

Story 9/10
The story in this game is not very important. It has changed from the traditional "kill zombies and get out alive" story mechanic. The story in this game is about the President's daughter being kidnapped by some mysterious group in Europe. Leon S. Kennedy from RE 2 is back again. He is sent to the last place she was seen. Once there, Leon gets involved in a deep storyline. He will fight people infected with "Las Plagas" and not the T-Virus. Overall, the story for this game is deep but not important.

Gameplay 10/10
Ahhh, the best part of this awesome game. The game has a behind-the-shoulder camera for excellent horror action. Leon also proves to be very acrobatic in this game. The combat system is also deep. You can shoot an enemy in the head to stun them, then you can follow up with a kick with suprising force. You can also shoot and enemy's leg to bring them to their knees, once you get close to them you have the option to give a almost always instant death suplex. You will also have to manage your inventory very carefully this time around. You will have a fiesta of ammo and guns in your Attache case. The ammo is very important though, so you need not waste bullets. Overall, the gameplay in this game is freaking awesome.

Graphics 10/10
This game is a real stickler for graphics. It has some of the best 2005 graphics of its generation. This game can compete with Wii games in terms of graphics. Am I saying graphics to much? Sorry. Probably the best looking game on the Gamecube. Overall, the graphics for this game can still compete today.

Sound 10/10
Aha! This game rocks in sound. Turn up your volume when you play this game. You can hear the sounds of chainsaws piercing Leon's flesh. You can hear everything hurting Leon. The voice acting is also great. Leon sounds suberb. I have to honor his voice. Overall, this game has freakin' great sound effects.

Play Time 9/10
This game can take 20-25 hours on your first playthrough. The game is stored on two game discs. Overall, this game is a very solid game in terms of play time.

Replayability 10/10
This game will still enertain after 30 runs of non-stop action. The game will also offer tons of unlockables. Play the game yourself to find them out. Overall, this game has the best replayability I have ever seen.

Buy or Rent
BUY! Yes, buy it! I reccomend to buy this game. Go buy it now!

Score: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/21/08, Updated 05/12/08

Game Release: Resident Evil 4 (US, 01/11/05)

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