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""Turn down the lights...Start the adventure!""

€Introduction€: Resident Evil 4 (Different in Japan) is the 4th installment of the RE (Resident Evil) series, The game unlike other RE games in it's title, is more of a action paced game then a Horror, but it still has that horror touch to it. To simply break it down, Leon Scott Kennedy (The main playable character), is a secret agent for the government and is on a mission to save the president's daughter Ashly, from the grasp of, a evil mad-man named Osmond Saddler.

‡Game-play‡: With new mind-teasing, creative game-play, it is easy to say that, RE 4 is very entertaining to play, The game all-though a little hard, it is quite easy and [b]most[/b] of the game can be beat quite easily, With controls that can get you out in a rough fight, help in a time in need, or just be there for fun, the control scheme is fun, safe and a great impact.

˜Story˜: The main story is basically Leon Scott Kennedy, the playing character, is working for the government and a man named Saddler has hired a man to steal the president's daughter, Ashly. You the hero! Must find & save Ashly, Find a way to remove the "plague" in her, and stop Osmond Saddler, from causing pain and chaotic evil , to the World.

~Graphics/Sound~: With realistic blood shots, Beautiful death scenes, backgrounds and sharp designs, the Graphics would be great! The music, always on and the right tune at the right time, to give you creeps! & then the good voice acting, that though is a little goofy, it does feel realistic done, When you get on a train or when you hit a leveler, shoot something, the sound matches right on cue and is in perfect harmony.

^Play Time/Replay-ability^: The game can roughly take about two days to finish *For rushers and professionals*, With great side missions & mini-games, along with other extras, the replay value can be quite high, and this game could last people, months of fun game-play or even people like me sometimes years.

-Final Recommendation-: This game is worth every penny! You should NOT rent it but instead buy it, it is a game worth it's wild---Not only is the game good for hard-core fans, even first-timers to RE, can pick up the controller and start having a blast, while playing this, very mind-twisting adventure, packed with other material.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/19/08

Game Release: Resident Evil 4 (US, 01/11/05)

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