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"A light in the dark"

Rarely does it take about four games to get it right, but that is exactly what it took to get Resident Evil series on the right track.

Story 10/10

At the beginning of this game one might say it has a basic and overly used story and in all honesty the idea of having to rescue the president's daughter has been used way to many times. The thing that makes it ok is as the game progresses the story takes many twists that gives the plot a by far more significant purpose that overall saves it from the way it began.

Graphics/Sound 10/10

This is a huge advantage to the game. Firstly the graphics are certainly one of the best on the platform with highly well designed character animation that includes facial features and movement. The backgrounds and landscapes truly define the game's beauty that help define the situation that the story is currently in. The voice acting is very well done thus giving the game a more realistic touch. The music is perfectly in tuned with the game in which amplifies the emotion of the situation that the player is currently involved in whether tense, calm, or even spooky. The sound effects where another brilliant piece of work like when the chainsaw gets fired up the player knows almost instantaneously that he or she has a problem a very big problem.

Gameplay 10/10

Probably the best aspect about this game is the gameplay itself starting with the controls. The controls are well set up in which allow the player a good control of the game especially with the type of camera that this game features. The camera itself is situated over the shoulder, considering the graphics the way they are, gives the game a grand feel that makes taking aim a very interesting if not unmatchable by games that try to replicate this effect and even some first person shooters. To add realize to the game the character does not hold the gun one hundred percent steady off hand that is not a bad idea. The enemies in the game give the game a very good and steady learner's curve and difficulty curve that for most players makes the game very playable and very entertaining. I believe that this is the first game of the series to feature a merchant that lets the player buy weapons at the players own choice when the player decides he or she needs them as long as he or she can afford them which is a strategic high ground over the other games in the series in which the player has to find all of the weapons throughout the game.

Play Time/ Replayablity 4/10

Here is the sad part of about this game some people have been able to complete this game rather quickly and easily while other have taken a very long time, but based on average this game does not take too long to complete. As for replayablity this game may have more content that the player can unlock after completing the game, but it really does not help the player come back to playing this game after playing it through.

Overall Score 9/10

So yes, rarely does it take about four times to get a game right, but this franchise got it right once and for all, and the effect was nothing to sneer at and as it stands now this game is on the right track, all in all great game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/02/09, Updated 11/03/09

Game Release: Resident Evil 4 (US, 01/11/05)

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