Review by Hierophant75

Reviewed: 02/24/10

Redefining moment in R.E. history

Lets review a couple of facts right off the hop. #1, it is Feb, 2010, and I have just of recently just played through, AND beaten R.E. 4 (resident evil 4 for those of you who require the specification), and #2, having played R.E. 5 before playing this wonderful installment. Even though available for PS2, I still found myself picking up a Gamecube from a hock shop, and a copy of this game for near peanuts, I must honestly say, it has been the best investment I have made in a long while. Now after having played this game, I really do prefer 4 to 5, and indeed now I know why Chris Redfield from 5 has such oversized arms............ he found Krausers roid stash from 4 *grin* Moving along shall we.....

When reviewing graphics, I often find myself reminding people that when playing the next Gen systems, and reviewing back to older systems, you must keep in mind that you are comparing to that systems titles. Compared to today's gaming system standards, the graphics seem horrible, but all in all, the graphics were really good for its time. no complaints.....really.

The gameplay for this R.E. title is, or at least WAS revolutionary, meaning that it has set the stage for Next Gen R.E. titles in the future for sure. Handling, gameplay, even the frustration of managing limited ammunition, and fumbling around with timed button combination's, I found myself literally buried within the story of this wonderful masterpiece. Back again is Leon, from R.E.2, and this time around, he's no rookie cop. His role is a finely tuned, lethal, knife wielding s.o.b., (leaving this acronym alone for younger audiences) working as a U.S. government operative looking for, and protecting the presidents daughter. With all the different weapons, upgrades, and possibilities, just making it through the first disc (keeping in mind this is the Gamecube version) was a challenge in itself.

The sound and music was just what you would expect from a R.E. title, great voice acting, that really brings the characters to life. The eerie ambiance keeps you constantly looking over your shoulder, and really brings this title together. Nothing really to complain about here.

Re-playability being my constant complaint now-a-days with next Gen titles, no body knows this better than Capcom. Especially when it comes to the R.E. franchise, I could keep playing this game to death, with constant upgrades, new costumes, unlimited ammo weapons, mercenaries mode, and a new Operation Ada game. It's like playing a hopped up version the second time around............God bless you Capcom.

Overall, what can you say, either you have played this game, or you have moved on to Next Gen titles, but in my opinion, as a hard core fan of great gaming, this is one of the greatest titles I have played, and STILL play.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Resident Evil 4 (US, 01/11/05)

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