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"A great installment in the series, and a must-have for any gamer."

Resident Evil 4 has been one of the most awaited games for a long time. Fans have been watching trailer after trailer in anticipation of its release. The game was well worth the wait. Unlike it's previous installments, it's taken a turn for the better by taking out the same old Resident Evil gameplay we know and love and added new, edge of your seat action. With improved gameplay and familiar faces, it's an immense game that will consume hours of your life.

You play as Leon from RE2. 6 years after the incident, you are on assignment to find the president's daughter. Unknowingly, you are about to find out that the village you're investigating is not what it seems...

Ridding ourselves of the fixed camera angles, you now have an over the shoulder view of Leon. All new actions include kicking enemies by stunning an enemy by shooting them in certain places. Using the A button you can push objects in front of doors, jump out windows, climb ladders, etc. Firing a weapon is basically like old RE by holding the shoulder button and firing with A except now you can pinpoint certain spots. Shots in the head or arms stun them momentarily. If villagers run at you, shooting in the leg can cause them to fall. Headshots also count on occasion. Reloading is real time so you hold B while holding R to reload. New weapons range form Uzis, to Rocket Launchers, to the Rifle to snipe with. A merchant will sell and upgrade your weapons with their firepower, reloading, etc. overall the gameplay works amazingly well. Although the game can be difficult at first while you learn the basics, you'll enjoy every moment. The AI is immensely smart. Climbing through windows, setting up ladders, and having multiple plans adds to the replay value, making no two fights the same.

Controls work like magic. You can be shooting one minute then switch to knife in a couple of seconds. Quick turn is back as well. You'll be using A, B, and control stick a lot during cinemas. Either quickly tapping to escape an enemy hold or tapping it rapidly to attack or dodge an oppenent. The only problem found with controls is getting used to aiming. After about half an hour, you'll get it down to a science.

This is where the game stands out the most. The game is incredibly a gory....freaky kind of way. The looming fog and lighting is amazing. Of course character detail and design is wonderful. Each character looks immensely stunning, and Leon was well done. The cinemas look great with great voice acting and not too many cases of the lips not matching up with the words. The level design is amazing. It actually feels like a hopeless, distraught village. It helps keep you on the edge of your seat, expecting the next big battle in the big and gloomy environment.

Of course the sound is great as wel. Gun shots from the rifle and pistol sound real and very cool. Nothing like capping a villager with a sweet sound of a bullet flying. The villagers will make random calls and grunts which add to the scary feel of the game. Using actual Spanish for the villagers in the game makes it pretty funny to hear if you took a Spanish class before and understand what some of them are saying. Voice acting is great with no problem at all.

Although the learning curve can take a while and you might get overrun a few times, the game is amazing. The boss battles will be a monumental affair which you have to play again. It's possibly the best in the series. With great gameplay, a great storyline, and stunning graphics, it's definitely a must-have for any Gamecube gamer.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/13/05

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