Review by benjabean

Reviewed: 01/14/05

The race for game of the year...

Usually games like this come out in November for the Holiday rush, but 2005 kicks off with its first heavy contender for game of the year. Hot titles like FFXII and the new Zelda are already going to have stiff competition.

Resident Evil 4 is just this good. As a long time Resident Evil fan I was skeptical at the new changes but I must say for any fan of the series it is a welcome change for the better.

Simply put it is amazing. If the RE-make was eye candy, than RE4 is eye crack. Particle effects are huge in this game from blood, to smoke, to debris, to fire, to whatever other substances the foul creatures of this game can conjure up. Perspectives distort when influenced by heat. Example: look at the many flames and fires throughout the game and notice the mirage like distortion above them. Every character is imbied with great detail. Notice the way Ashley's skirt sways in the wind; the bounce of Leon's hair and ammo strap; or the terrifying rage of the craized villagers charging at you.

Excellent again. Weapons sound a spot on. Voice acting is pretty good considering some of the shabby dialogue. Screams and yells from enemies are great. From the gurgle of a dying enemy to the satysifying click of a reloaded clip the audio is excellent. And in Dolby Prologic II, forget about it, its immaculate and horrifying.

A little touchy at first, but soon into the game you get use to it. The best part about the controls is that you have to get use to it. Like Leon suddenly being thrown into this crazy new adventure, so are you as a gamer, but once you get use to the controls its like butter. And unlike most games where you have to escort people RE4 does a great job. Ashley follows you closely, she hides when told, comes when called (from anywhere in the room), and even ducks to get out of your line of sight when you fire.

Storyline/Texture of the game:
The Storyline is a little weak I must admit, and while its no Metal Gear Solid 3, it does do well enough to keep you interested.
So what is the texture? Well its the scare factor, this game has plenty of it. In the old games you would get scared from dogs jumping through windows, hands reaching trhough windows, or lickers jumping through one sided mirrors; this game however is frightening in a much different way... the fear from running away from an enemy who is barely behind you, reloading only a nanosecond before an enemy gets you with just enought time to blow is ugly mug away, or battling a literal hoard of enemys with a NPC wondering how you are going to get out alive.

A must buy for Gamecube owners, RE fans, or anyone who enjoys alot of action and suspense. With plenty of extras to keep you playing after the credits roll it is the FIRST must buy of the New Year!

If I could I would give it a 9.5/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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