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"One of the best games yet........."

Resident Evil 4 brings the series to a higher plateau. It is the evolution of the series that has lead to the perfection that RE4 is. Quite frankly, this is one of the most impressive games of this generation. Period. In every aspect this game not only delivers, but it exceeds expectations. Graphics, gameplay, sound, length, replay factor and fun factor are all off the charts. I don't think you will see another game this perfect for a long while. It gives nods and homage to other A titles by borrowing aspects from each, but then kicking dirt in those titles faces by doing everything even better. Capcom breathed new life into a series that was beginning to get stale and repetitive. And this breath of fresh air is very refreshing indeed.

Graphics 10/10- The very first thing that you will notice is the quality of the visuals. This game is the most pretty thing you will see on your gamecube to date. Gritty, realistic, sharp as a tack graphics paint a tapestry of horror like nothing seen to date. The levels are rendered with keen attention and an eye for detail. Every nook, every cranny is rendered to perfection. From forest grounds laid with blankets of autumn colored leaves to churches brimming with gothic details such as rich red velvet materials, worn out carpets and alters to the wood grain of the homes of the village inhabitants, the texture work is second to non. Character models are extremely high in detail. Leon's hair moves realistically and the body looks perfectly proportioned. The clothing is also highly detailed. Creature models are also perfection. Throw in amazing particle and water/fire effects the game is like a perfectly wrapped gift waiting to be unwrapped and enjoyed.

Gameplay 10/10- If the gameplay in RE 4 were a dessert it would be a double chocolate chocolate cake with icing and whip cream and ice cream with sprinkles on top with a side of caramel sauce for dipping. Yep the gameplay is that good. The first thing you will notice is that RE 4 is a much faster paced game than any of the previous installments. This game is not "BOO" scary like previous RE games, but more AAHHHH being chased by a guy with a chainsaw scary. The tension in this game never really lets up. There is much more tactic that is involved this time around. An example of this would be in the village. You could certainly take out enemies quite happily on the ground. You could bust in with your guns blazing at high noon. Or your could be a bit more stealthily and sneak around the back of a house, climb up a ladder and start shooting enemies from the safety of the rooftop. These kind of details make playing the game a joy. There is also no more ribbon hunting and plenty of save points. Also new to the series is continue points so if you do get slashed then all is not lost. The boss battles are nothing short of brilliant. The bosses, both in size and play mechanics, will stick out in your mind for a very long time after you play. The boss battles are the most incredible that I have seen in my 24 years of being a gamer. They are just that good.

Sound 10/10- The sound is perfect as well and the game is fully rendered in Dolby Pro-logic II surround sound. While not technically as good as Dolby Digital, pro-logic II offers up some very good separation of sound across the speakers and gives you a good idea of where enemies are by the sounds they make. Gone are the terrible voice overs of the past. Professional actors were employed to provide more than adequate voice over work for cut scenes. The voices ring out loud and clear. Sound effects are equally as good for weapons, monsters and weather. From the bang of the shot gun to the crackling of fire to the sounds of thunder and lightening, the soundscape of RE4 provides an ambience that perfectly fits this tight package.

Story 10/10-Not to spoil anything, the story is great. The new plot twists and turns as one would expect and really holds it's own. The story is presented in highly detailed cut scenes using the ever so awesome game engine. The cut scenes look better than anything the series has scene to date and are very CG quality although they are fully real time.

Replay-10/10-This game begs for you to play it though once completed. I am sure that this is one I will pick up from time to time just to play through again. Also new modes and new difficulty and mini games open up once completed as well.

Overall 10/10-Folks, this game is pure genius. It is a high point for many things, the resident evil series, the Gamecube and this generation of games as well. Everything that RE 4 does, it does extremely well. If RE 4 was a high school student, it would be the valedictorian who got A+ in every subject and every scholarship leaving all the other kids jealous. RE 4 will send a message to developers that the ante in the survival horror has been upped a knotch. Now there reigns a new king of terror until another game can beat it. RE 4.......

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/14/05

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