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"A New Step For Resident Evil Fan"

Since the original Resident Evil first arrived in 96, it has been a phenomenon to be reckoned with. Some would say that it brought the Survival Horror genre to a whole new light, meanwhile introducing it to a whole new range of audience.

People first recognized the Resident Evil series for their eerie visuals and unique gameplay. Now 9 years later, the series has once again been reintroduced into a whole new generation of gaming.

Resident Evil 4 for the GameCube is hopefully the beginning of a new era for the Survival Horror genre. What has been lacking in past Resident Evil games have finally been brought out in Resident Evil 4.

Graphics: (10) What can I say, the visuals are just stunning. The series has never looked any better. With the high attention to character details and background environments, it actually make feel like you're a part of the game. As you progress, the environment itself changes from day to night, clear to foggy, and dry to damp.

The graphics alone have been what the hype was about for this game. And I must agree that it lives up to that hype, living up to games like Halo 2 and Half-Life 2.

Gameplay: (9) The gameplay I would say is definitely the best improvement in this game. Very unique is the fact that it tries to incorporate elements of past Capcom games. There is a introduction of a chapter system similar to Devil May Cry, where after you complete certain objectives, it totals your kills, hit percentage, and etc. You will also be able to buy the weapons you want during the game itself for a merchant with the help of gold you find along the way. You can finally choose what you want in your inventory without annoying storage cases.

Also no longer will you have to struggle with the camera angles (with the help of the c-stick). This is a huge help since the action in this game is very intense and you have to constantly watch your back while protecting Ashley (the president's daughter) also from harm, for if she dies it's game over. Also introduced is the ability to shoot certain body parts of your enemies. This includes hands (to make them drop their weapons), head (for an instant kill), and feet (to cripple their movement). This also adds a lot of realism to the game since if the enemy is carrying weapons such as dynamite or torches, it can backfire on them if they accidentally drop them or mis-aim.

One minor problem I have with the gameplay is the lacking of certain features such a strafe or a crouch function to help you from being detected.

Sound: (10) The music does indeed help the atmosphere of the game, but I feel this has always been good in past RE games as well. Now that you are actually fighting against real people, you can hear groans and screams everytime they get shot.

Hopefully this game will be the inspiration to Capcom to develop future games just this good. Speaking as a die hard Resident Evil fan, it is finally good to hear that the series is getting back on its feet.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/14/05

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