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"This truly is Capcom's masterpiece"

Every game company or developer has their shining star game that blows all other games out of the water. Rockstar has GTA:SA, Konami has Metal Gear Solid, Nintendo has Super Mario World, and Capcom used to have Street Fighter 2. Not anymore. This game is what Capcom will be remembered for. This is the closest thing to gaming perfection I have played in a long time. Even though we are only a few weeks into the new year, this could be Game of the Year 2005. In other words, I don't see a game being as perfect as this game is.

Now many people questioned the decision Capcom made to leave the whole Umbrella storyline behind and move forward. Even more people questioned the decision to abandon zombies, the thing that made Resident Evil, well, Resident Evil. Don't worry there is still plenty of evil still residing at this residence.

You are once again put in the shoes of Leon Kennedy, one of the stars from Resident Evil 2. Shortly after the Umbrella situation Leon is recruited by the government and giving new training. He is dispatched on a secret mission that sends him to a secluded village in Europe. He is sent there to rescue the recently kidnapped Ashley Graham, the President's daughter. Now some people may think this story has been done before and I am sure that it has but leave it to Resident Evil to put a twist on it. Upon arriving at the village Leon is viciously attacked by villagers. Not zombie villagers either but they are not human either. What are they? Play the game and find out. The game twists and turns as you move closer to finding out the secrets of this village and it's connection to the kidnapping of Ashley.

Giving this a 10 makes me feel dirty, it deserves so much higher. The graphics in Resident Evil 4 are unparalleled to anything else released on any system. This game pushes the Gamecube's power to the absolute limit. Everything looks great. The cut scenes are beautiful pieces of art and that is not exaggerated. The cut scenes use the game engine and what a great engine it is. No more pre-rendered backgrounds this time out either. Although they looked great in every other RE game, I felt it needed to move ahead graphically and it did. Everything looks authentic from the houses to the bomber jacket Leon wears early on. The bosses are some of the most twisted, demented things ever seen in a video game. That is not a bad thing by any means.

Once again I feel dirty because this game just deserves so much more. The gameplay in this has been completely revamped from previous Resident Evil titles. No longer are you put in pre determined camera angles or restricted aiming. You follow from behind Leon and you have full 360 motion for aiming. The gameplay in this is quite realistic. There is nothing like that moment when you first obliterate the head of a villager. Villagers will also throw things at you and you can actually shoot them out of the air. You can shoot villagers in the arms, legs, head, or any other appendage and they will respond accordingly. If they come at you with a pitchfork, shoot the arm it is in and they will drop it giving you the chance to shoot them in the head.

The AI in this game is some of the best yet. If you are fleeing villagers by seeking refuge in a house, they will eventually get in. Villagers will bust windows, climb ladders to get to second story windows, tear through doors, and throw dynamite at you. The AI cooperates in this game so well that it is almost scary. They will call for back up and duck and avoid oncoming gunfire.

The bosses in this game are some of the best ever. They take real skill and strategy to beat them, they aren't pushovers. Each boss has a specific weakness or way to beat it. This can take some reall skill to figure it out on your own Some of that strategy involves leveling up your guns or buying new ones. This happens through the various merchants that are sprawled throughout the game. You can tune up weapons firepower, reload speed, firing speed, and capacity. This adds a almost RPG like element to the game. Don't expect to live long if you don't level up your weapons as your foes will become harder and harder to kill. Saving in this game is no longer a hassle as you still use typewriters but ink ribbons are no longer required. Save as much as you want, and trust me, you will want to save.


Did you expect anything less from a game that actually lived up to the hype and was worth the wait? This game is for everyone. You don't really have to know anything about previous RE games to enjoy this either. The game gives you a quick rundown at the beginning about the events in previous RE games. This is a nice way of catching newbies up to speed. This game is straight up action packed and needs to be played by everyone. With the disappointment that came from RE: Outbreak last year, this game redeems the series and reinvents it at the same time. Only Capcom could pull that off. This review doesn't do the game justice at all. Just play it and you will see why everyone is praising it. What are you waiting for? Go get it!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/18/05

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