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"The good nightmares are not over..."

Resident Evil + Metal Gear Solid = Resident Evil 4
Apparently Capcom's good nightmares for us are not over, but who cares! Now, lets get to the point!

Graphics: 10/10
Simply the best for a Game Cube game. The graphic of the of your foes, Leon and Ashley its just the best! Leon S. Kennedy now look like a real human 3D, monsters have a facial expression and least but not last the blood and the gore just looks soo real! Graphics is the second most important thing to a horror games, so I think Capcom did an excellent job in this game. The rain and fire looks so real and it made you want to touch your TV screen. During the day, everything looks clear and easy to shoot but at night, you need to equip a flashlight in order to see your foes.
Thunders now can vibrate your controller to make you even scared and you are able to dodge an item thrown by an enemy with a gunshot. Graphics helps a lot because if its a bad graphic, you wont be able to see where the flying object is. If the flashlight are off, every time a lightning strikes, sometimes you can see your enemy right in front of your face and make you jump out of your seat!

Inventory: 10/10
Whey do I give it 10? Because its really hard to fill all your inventory spaces! Thats right, you heard it! The whole game, I never even filled 75% of my inventory space!

Controls: 9/10
In terms of controls, every fans knows how important also controls effect your playing. Well, this game has the easiest controls for a first person shooting mode. For examples: arrows buttons to move right or left or forward or backward. C-stick to look up or down or left or right. Y-button to check your inventory, X-button to control Ashley Graham and to catch her. You can zoom in and out in your binocular vision with the C stick. By pressing down and B, Leon will turn 180 degrees around and this is actually very useful. Im not gonna tell you the whole buttons, because there is a lot of 'em and they all very useful!

Music & Sounds: 10/10
Resident Evil 4 musics is simply the the best because it change at a certain area or time. The music are almost combination of music from Resident Evil 1, Silent Hill and Resident Evil Dead Aim. Voice acting are also one of the best things about this game. Ashley sound like a real 20 years old girl and Leon now sounded like a mature man like he should have after the Raccoon City accident from previous RE game.

Scare Factor: 10/10
You will notice the game is much scarier when it turns to night in the game, because its hard to see without a flashlight and enemies are everywhere. This game is different from any other horror games. Heck, this game might be the most scariest game because you have to pay attention to everything even when a scene is on! You have to be ready because your screen will tell you what buttons you should push in order to dodge a danger!

Storyline: 9/10
The story of this game is quiet long and twisted at the end. I promise you, that after this game is over, you will remember it forever! There is 1 bad thing about the story, that is you must keep track who is who so you wont get confused. It will probably takes you about 18 hours or so to beat this game, so its not a bad deal!

Gameplay: 10/10
In this game you get to kill things other than your enemies such as chickens, snakes and cows! Resident Evil 4 is not hard nor easy. There is NO zombies involved in this game. For example, at one point you will see 2 different paths to continue the game but you have a choice of what kinda enemies you expected in one of the paths. Almost throughout the game, you will control Leon but at some point you control Ashley too. Unlike Resident Evil 0, you wont be able to swap character. When you are Leon, sometimes Ashley will get into trouble and as a man, you have to save her but don't injure her. The monsters are smartest creatures that I ever seen from Capcom games. Sometimes, enemies will duck in order to dodge your bullet and sometimes they used shields to protect themselves from your weapons! Later in the game, you get to earn money to upgrade your weapons, buy a new weapons, buy some medicine and sell your weapons to earn money.

Overall: 10/10
Rent or Buy?
Buy! This game will change a little bit of your life towards women and weapons. If this game was released earlier, I am sure that this game will be famous as other cool games such as GTA Sand Andreas. One word that describe this game is EXCELLENT! Now, what are you waiting for? go buy it on the store if you have any money!

+ Lots of different weapons
+ Better acting voice
+ Best Graphic
+ New story line
+ You can shoot everything

- No Zombies
- Ashley depends on Leon a lot for protection

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/24/05

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