"Creatures that defy the laws of nature"


Our leading role character is Leon S. Kennedy. He is the survivor from the Raccoon City incident. Leon is a government agent who is on a solo mission to find and rescue the President's daughter, Ashley Graham, from an isolated village in Europe. This will be Leon's FIRST mission, ironically like when he was a rookie cop in the Raccoon City. Leon has information that led him to look in Europe because someone has sighted a girl who resembled the President's missing daughter. What Leon encounters is far more worse than the zombies in Raccoon City.

Story: 10

The story is very good. There are files that explain how the people get infected and what kind of parasite roams the villages. Not only does this nightmare take place in the village but it also occurs in a castle and on an Island not far away. This game mentions how Umbrella was finished and I do not want to spoil anything so play the game to find out what happens. While playing this game, I find the story very appealing to me because it made me want to know more on what is going to happen in the game. There is more to this story than just saving the President's daughter. This is about surviving out in the middle of nowhere and going through hell in every way to save the President's daughter to keep her from any danger. Leon has to over come obstacles in his way while trying to rescue the presidents daughter. On his way he meets up with a man named Luis Sera, who knows a lot more on what is going on in the village. Luis used to be a cop in Madrid but there there seems to be more information about him that he is not giving out. You will find out later in the game on what purpose he has to be in the village. Also, there is a familiar face from the previous RE2. You will learn more on why this person is there and what their intentions are while you go further into the game. There is a cult group involved called the Los Illuminados. In the game, it explains how this group was brought back together and how it has something to do with this parasite that is going around.

Gameplay: 10

The game-play of this game is amazing. I enjoyed every minute of it and it the best RE game up to date. It looks luxurious and the lighting effects are amazing as well. While playing the game, you get to jump through windows, free target anywhere, kick the ladder down, rise ladder, jump over fences, jump from place to place, duck in certain areas, using the context action buttons that come up whenever you have to dodge something or to avoid getting hurt, which is cool and do some cool ass moves in the games like the supplex move, kick to the face, or lower kick your enemies. You have so much freedom in the game that you almost forget that you are playing a RE game. I am very happy with this much freedom that you couldn't possibly do with the previous games and I am very glad that they decided to change the looks to this game and the game-play as well. This game has a lot more action than any RE title that I know but it still has its edge on scary people too. Some creatures in this game still freaks me out, even though I have the best weapons in the game. I find the controls very smooth, especially turning left or right. You can use the C-stick to look left or right and up and down, which is very nice so you have a better view. The camera is over Leon's shoulder so it isn't a straight up FPS like Metroid. There is a merchant in this game that you can approach so you can buy the best weapons that you need to help you go on further into the game. You can upgrade your weapons, make you reload your weapons quicker, keep raising the amount of ammo from which you can hold in your weapon, upgrade capacity, upgrade firepower, and upgrade it to its fullest...which is the "exclusive". If you have the money to upgrade, go for it! It is very helpful when you are in tight situations. Be sure to take your time while playing the game because I would hate that you have missed some scenes in the game that is worth watching. In my first play through it was very challenging and could be a little difficult but I somehow managed. If you somehow run out of ammo, try using grenades to help you get around. Take whatever measures that you can to keep you going. I forgot to mention, while reloading your weapon you see a nice animation which looks very cool, especially when you are using a broken butterfly. Watch how he reloads that gun! I love the way he reloads the rifle. Another thing, there is a shooting gallery that you can play while you are still playing the game, which is pretty cool and fun. It has it rewards that you can receive while playing the shooting gallery and if you need the practice then so be it.

Graphics: 10

The graphics in this game is the best that I have seen on the Gamecube. It is all in 3D and in real-time. Amazing lighting effects like the REmake and the weather changes looks very realistic. It gets dark further in the game which is cool because it makes the game more freaky running around on a dark, rainy, thundering, lighting night. Be careful with the traps in this game. There are many around so watch your step. Also watch out for wolves that come prowling in the night. The bosses are very detailed and has its similarities in some movies. Which there is nothing wrong with that. There are far more creatures that are definitely something that I have never seen and is very original in its own way. I think this game has very great details that rock your mind. The village was amazingly huge. The castle is beautiful, I love the artwork that is done in this game, and the Island shows off its most interesting part of the game. The animation of reloading a weapon is an artwork on the character and shows realism on how to reload a weapon. Awesome animation and fun to watch, at least for me it is. I like the way the camera zooms in on you when you are being attacked by creatures that attack you at your face. This game has very neat effects that show slow motion and has a lot of atmospheric going on. I see some dust particles in the air and the explosions in this game look damn good. The graphics in this game will take your breath away. FOR REAL!

Sound: 10

The sounds are amazing and you get to hear this game use Dolby Pro Logic II. I have a huge stereo in my room so I can hear the most terrifying noises that lurk about in this game. Basically everything that you hear in the game is crisp and you can hear the villagers speak out loud at you pretty good. I love the new twist of Spanish language in the game. There isn't any RE game that has people speaking a different language. It is very cool because not only are you having fun playing the game but you are also learning on what the villagers are saying. At least I have learned a lot and had fun at the same time. That is something that they should have in games, something you can actually learn and have fun at the same time. Be sure to look everywhere around you because if you hear breathing noises nearby, please look around. There will something nearby that is very unpleasant.

Lasting appeal: 10

In this game, you have a lot of unlockables to keep your busy but I won't tell you what they are because I don't want to spoil that much for you. You are going to have to look that up on your own if you want to find out so bad. There are 2 endings but really it makes up for as 1 "whole" ending. Its very interesting and once you beat the game, of course, you get to see a different screen and you can zoom in and out with the L and R buttons and use the C-stick to move the camera left or right. I am on my 4th run through with this game and I am still not bored of it because I am always doing something different with every play-through. I'll tell you something that this game is worth my $50. Something that I forgot to mention that there is no need for strafing in this game because I can do without it. Enough said.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/26/05

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