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Reviewed: 02/03/05 | Updated: 08/28/08

The Resident Evil franchise took a turn towards greatness with the 4th additions new features.

Resident Evil dates back to 1996 when it originally came out on the Playstation. Made by Capcom, this franchise was a legend in the making. A beautifully well thought out storyline that goes along great with all the Resident Evil games. The thought this could even happen someday is scary.

Gameplay - 10/10
In all the previous Resident Evil games you took the role of either 1 of 2 characters and alternated later in the game. You make your way through all sorts of buildings, solve complicated puzzles and take out some gruesome and disturbing enemies, mostly being of the undead or a freak of nature.

The gameplay in Resident Evil 4 has been totally revamped and is more bad ass than before. Capcom was smart to do this. A lot of people thought they were gearing for a first person shooter since there is no longer a pre-set camera in every room you go. Now it basically trails behind Leon's shoulder, kind of like a distant first person view.

There are dozens of new items and weapons in the game unlike the older Resident Evil classics. Remember when the Rocket Launcher was the bonified glory? Yeah well as a matter of fact, the Rocket Launcher isn't even a valued weapon in Resident Evil 4 due to the cost of it.

A new currency system was added into Resident Evil 4, which completely changes the choices and decisions you can make. You can buy and sell weapons, upgrade them to compete against the ever growing strength of your enemies and make money off rare jewels and gems you find throughout the game through mysterious "people" called Merchants, who look like hooded weirdos that crawled out of the sewer.

The game doesn't actually take place in just "one" setting. Resident Evil 4 takes place in a plethora of different places, some so vast It'll amaze you at just how big this game is and make you wonder if it ever ends.

There are plenty of extras in Resident Evil 4 that you may not even see or find the first couple times around. Take a good look at your surroundings and where you go as many things are hidden that may be worth value or help you throughout the game. Which in turn could lead to more powerful things(AKA - weapons).

Control - 8/10
The controls, for the most part are pretty easy to get to know. Starting off will probably confuse you and you'll forget quite a few times what exactly does what. You have to be really quick on the buttons since Resident Evil 4 added new gameplay cut-scene scenario that involves you having to rapidly tape or execute button combo's to survive a life or death situation.

Storyline - 10/10
I highly recommend either finding a website with the history of Resident Evil or play all the games in the series to completely understand the storyline. Or else things will just fall apart on you as you try to understand exactly what is going on.

Resident Evil mainly focuses around a pharmaceutical corporation known as Umbrella. Which is more than what it seems with the products it sells. Being involved in such things such as biological weapons, and I don't mean inanimate things either.

After some horrifying deaths in the outskirts of Raccoon city, a special team of members that are highly trained in many different skills known as the S.T.A.R.S are sent to look for their comrades that consist of the other S.T.A.R.S group, who's helicopter crashed in the middle of the forest. After that all hell broke loose. They had no clue they would be dealing with something completely unreal that would change their lives forever. This was the Story of Resident Evil, which originally came out on the Playstation back in 1996.

After a huge shock of betrayal from the captain in the team, a drastic change of events happens that takes you into Raccoon City which would be Resident Evil 2. You take the role of a newly assigned police officer named Leon Kennedy and a young lady named Claire Redfield in search of her brother Chris Redfield, who was in the first Resident Evil. You make your way through the infested town as a virus infects every living thing. After learning more about the origins of Umbrella and how they came to be and the virus, you struggle to get your ass out of the city in order to reach help and spread the word of Umbrella's ungodly undertakings.

In the meantime, you take the role of a main character in the first Resident Evil, Jill Valentine, as you navigate through the town on your own separate path, which makes up Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Which goes more in depth than the second one did and helps you understand a few missing pieces in the Storyline.

The next game in the series then took place in the shoes of Claire Redfield from the second Resident Evil. Whom was captured and taken to a remote island where another Umbrella installment is located. After a struggle to escape, she takes a trip to Antarctica where she finally meets up with her brother, Chris. You end up facing the betrayer from the first Resident Evil and must dook it out with him.

This is where Resident Evil 4 falls, in the footsteps of Leon Kennedy. The star of Resident Evil 2. It's 6 years after the incident in Raccoon City and Leon is under orders by the President to rescue his daughter, whom was kidnapped by some unknown group in Europe. That is where Leon goes and soon realizes he isn't welcome by the resident villagers.

Graphics - 10/10
By far one of the most superior games in terms of graphics to this day. The environment is so realistic it's almost scary. The lighting and special effects of guns discharging, fire on torches, watching grenades explode to watching a head get decapitated is true time and effort by the artists into making this game as realistic as possible. You'll see more blood playing this game than watching the movie itself.

Fog contributes heavily to making the game more difficult with the fact it's so realistic. For those types of people that tend to be cautious or wary, you may find yourself waiting for the lightning from a thunderstorm to light the way ahead of you up so you don't walk into a bear trap or find a zombie magically appear in front of you.

Sound - 10/10
The sound in the game fits the environment of the gameplay so well, you may not realize your steadily increasing heart rate is due to the unnerving music playing in the background as you walk inside of a building tarnished with blood. The sounds and the music is perfectly synchronized with the environment making everything seem like a horror movie.

The sound effects fit actions so nicely. Guns firing is key on. Everything from grenades exploding, the gargantuan footsteps of some rather 'ogre' monsters, water splashing and random fireballs crashing into structures. It can't get any better than this.

Some people say the dialogue is horrible just like it was in all the other games, but you can go sell the game if you want to whine over the dialogue done in a video game. I think it was done just fine. I don't think they'll ever perfect the lip movements with the voice acting and what not, but oh well, nobody is paying attention to pixel mouths anyways. If you can understand what they say, then who cares?

Replay Value - 10/10
Like all the other Resident Evil games, the unlockables and secrets available to find and attain is at your own disposal. It truly adds value to the game. There are certain events in the game that better explain the situation of a certain few "individuals" you'll recognize, considering you're a hardcore fan of the series or at least have some knowledge of it.

New gameplay + money system + weapon upgrades + huge environments + free camera angles = One hell of a kick ass game.

Overall - 10/10
By far the best Resident evil game to this day. You'll wonder why Capcom didn't think of this earlier. I guarantee you will not be disappointed by this new installment from Capcom. Don't even bother renting it, go buy it now. If you find this game stupid or anything of the such, you need a lot of help.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Resident Evil 4 (US, 01/11/05)

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