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Reviewed: 03/20/05

The best horror game made so far.

The game many fans have been looking forward to with extreme intent. The fans had to suffer a delay, but taking it seems like a great idea now because this game is completely brilliant. This game puts the Resident Evil series and the whole horror genre on an extreme high note. It holds a torch for future horror games to follow in its footsteps and gain steam to the casual gamer. Resident Evil 4 is an intense attention holder. You play the game as Leon Scott Kennedy, he was hired to protect the presidents family. Unfortunately and undoubtedly, the presidents daughter was kidnapped and Leon is sent to a secluded spot in Europe to rescue her.

These graphics are simply bliss. The designers have taken a great amount of time to make everything just right for this game. It's about as good as graphics I have seen in this generation. It isn't just the pure smoothness of the graphics, but it's the small details. The grass is just right, if you look off in the distance it looks realistic. The background of the screen is always very well-done. The scenery is really something you cannot mess with. The characters are extremely noticeable. They have all the facial features for these characters that can change at any moment.You can genuinely tell what these characters are feeling, when the baddies run at you they have their mouth open ready to bite. The game is set in a isolated village in Europe and the graphics make me believe this. The farms and the wooden houses feel like their is something very wrong with this place, yet somehow makes me feel like I am in Europe I toured Europe last summer and I could tell this game was in Europe from the trailer. This may sound stupid and really psychotic, but I thought Ashley was very hot. This is relevant because I have never thought a video game character to be sexy before. I guess this game did a good job to make me feel that way, and I am sure I am not the only one.

The story is a very great quality of this game. I have played all the main Resident Evils in the series and I loved how it took off with Leon's character. The amazing thing about this story is that it stands tall for people who have never played a Resident Evil game. If you've never played a RE game before you can plop and get into this game perfectly without any background knowledge. The story will keep you gripped into the game, you think the story is slowing to a still and then it comes at you with a plot twist, sometimes more than one at a time. You can play the game with the mind of "I'm just going to kill everything and save the girl," or you can look at it from a different way and let the writers from RE4 take you on this adventure. You see some old friends from the old Resident Evils, each of them pack their own unique punch to the story and can sometimes add a sting when you least expect it. The second time playing this game I picked up on even more. The memos you receive during the game can update you on stuff, you can get a weird sort of "second" story from those. It's quite swell, because the writers explain Las Plagas surprisingly well. Although, obviously it is still biologically impossible. The way the story goes makes me want to kill the major bad guys. It really brings you into the game, into the Resident Evil world they have created for us. This game will also put you in the driver seat to get ready for a sequel. It leads off just perfectly into a Resident Evil 5, or wherever Capcom wants to take this series. In my humble opinion, I think this game has the best story line of all the Resident Evil's so far.

The game play is what everyone enjoys about this game. The amount of features that has been added on is extraordinary, which is bringing the horror genre to where it should be. The controls do not take too long to get a hold of, if you are new. For anyone who has played a Resident Evil before the controls will be practically instantaneous. It is generally FUN to kill bad guys, you can have fun with them (if there isn't an overwhelming ammount) by shooting them in their knees and making them fall over. You can knock their weapon out of their hand. If your gun is powerful enough, you can wait for them to come close and blast their head. The aiming is extremely improved from the other games in the series. You have complete control of where the aimer goes. The physics isn't perfect in this game, however, it's not perfect in any game except for Half-Life 2. You cannot destroy everything in the environment. The boss battles are not amazing, they give you a lot of space to run away and take aim. I loved in-close boss battles, those are the freaky ones. The overall difficulty of this game is well-done also. It is not hard, exactly. You will not go to the FAQ page very often (I never went once). However, it is not easy. It will give you challanges and I can bet you will die over thirty times your first run through. The game took about twenty-three hours for me to beat and ten hours to beat the second time around. The artificial intelligence had a chance to make or break the game. You have to have the character Ashley follow you around a lot. If she was badly done with AI, then this game would not be nearly as fun. Ashley does not make any mistakes, she is one of the best AI's I have seen. As for the enemies, they are a lot smarter too. They will formulate strategies to try to get you. After they see you, they will typically always be on the hunt for you or on the lookout. They can open doors also, so you're never truly safe. The AI is perfect, this helps the game so much. The game begins with a typical 'Resident Evil' feel, then after about three-quarters through the game, it goes into something new that the RE series has yet to see. Nevertheless, I think that that part of the game is very well-done and it is refreshing to get into a new environment and a new atmosphere. Resident Evil 4 is also a very surprisingly fun game to watch. It plays very much like a movie with the wide screen effect on it. I could of watched this game and still enjoyed it. Some people are aggravated at the fact that the enemies yell or moan when they see you. Thus, making the game less hard. For you people, I recommend turning it on mute the second or third time around. This is a unique way of playing it and it will be a lot harder and it will be much, much more scary.

The sound is very well done in this game also, especially with a surround sound system. The baddies will scream at the other enemies in Spanish to come and get to you. It will either be a yell or they will groan or perhaps laugh. This alerts you to where they may be on the screen, whether it's behind or in front of you to a corner. When enemies are around you and aware of your presence, this music will play and it will end when you have killed the last one in the area. The voice acting is about as good as it gets. There is no annoying voice actor in the game, except perhaps our Napoleon-like friend, but he sounds the way he should. Their facial expressions change with the emotion in their voices. The guns and explosions are excellently accurate and good to go with everything else in the game. They did not skimp on anything. The music isn't the best ever, but strangely enough it's my favorite from the horror genre. I have five Resident Evil 4 songs in my library right now and one of them is going up into my top ten favorite video game songs. The music captures the atmosphere beautifully.

Graphics: 10
Sound: 10
Gameplay: 10
Story: 9

Overall: 10

Buy or Sell: Buy. Buy it quick. If you're waiting for the PS2 or Xbox version even though you have a Gamecube, do not do this. This game is a must have in this generation, plus I want to see Gamecube get the sales. I guarantee you will have a lot of fun playing this game and that you can even enjoy it the second time around. For some, even the third time around. It's also strange how good of a party game this is. I had two friends over and we played way into the night (with all the lights off) just switching the controllers at certain points. This game will bring you a fun time and you will not regret buying it. It's the best horror game ever made and hopefully there will be more to come. You may noticed that I used the word perfect countless times in this review. It's for a reason, get the game and you'll find out.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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