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"This game shows us what buying games is really for: Having fun like you never imagined."

Let me start off by saying this is the best resident evil game I have ever played. I liked the other ones a lot, but this is by far the best game out of the series. Its also the best game on the gamecube to come out so far. This game is diffrent from the other resident evil games. For the good too. I mean I thought it was going to be for the worst but boy was I wrong. Yup I was really wrong like omg I think Im going to doubt myself now for the rest of my life wrong. Anyway back to non stupidity for a moment. The gameplay has changed and its more of an action game now then a horror game. Of course again thats good. I enjoyed playing every minute of this game, and I feeled like I should of payed $500 for this game, not $50. At least 100 I mean this game is freaking awsome!

The story is easy to understand and very well writen as well. Its not the best story ever, but it deserves a ten. Metal gear solid for example is a little but better but then again you cant even begin to dare any game with metal gear solid. I mean metal gear solid story is like god. Any way about the story. Its a little different from other resident evils. You play as leon from resident evil 2. Six years has past since then and now leon is working for the president. One day the presidents daughter gets kidnapped. Someone claims that she was seen in europe so leon goes to a spanish country in europe to investigate. He then finds there's definetly something wrong with the villagers. He tries to rescue ashley and bla bla bla.I dont want to spoil it for you so I wont say anymore but trust me the story is great. Better when seen then red hear.

The graphics are amazing! Every little detail is crisp and its like your there. I think it pushes the gamecube's full potential on this one. If you dont believe me, you can see the graphics on a game website. Or better yet, buy the game! You really see everything. The blood splattering on the floor, everything the character does(like move his eyes) the villagers ugly beard and eyes, not to mention there red eyes, and even the shadow on the wall. It is really amazing and I cant explain it with words. Its like I have finnally completed my goal in life: to see the best gamecube graphics! It has graphics of grant turismo for gods sake and I know that you know that grand turismo graphics rock hard!!! You have to see it for yourself. This is definetly the best graphics for any gamecube game I've seen and any residnent evil game I've seen as well. And I also think they will be the best graphics for the game cube until the next generation consoles come out in like what 2006 or late 2005 or something like that? I dont remember but anyway you wont be dissipointed with these awsome graphics.

I would of given the sounds and music of this game and 8, but then I realized how clear the sounds of this game are. The quality is at its top and the music turns more horrory (if you know what I mean) when there is danger up ahead or when you are facing danger face to face. Also, unlike all the other resident evil games where all you heard was the same moan from every single zombie, this game has changed all that. The villagers are spanish and they speak spanish. If you are spanish your lucky cause you can understand everything there saying lol. Its just more exciting because you hear many diffrent things from them and you hear them talk to one another which is awsome. Now that I thinked about it a little more, the sounds and music of this game definetly deserve a ten. They did a real good job in this.

The controls are real easy to learn and real easy to get attached to. I usually have problems with the gamecube controller. But not with this game. Its so adaptive its not even funny. You get used to it in the first 10 seconds. They chose the right buttons for the commands so its very comferble. b for run, r to aim, a to shoot while aiming, of course the anolog stick to move, and so fourth. Talking about analog sticks, in this game you dont turn 360 degrees and you press forward to move. In this game you move like a real person! YEY! Anyway , the controls definetly deserve a 10 out of 10. They are real easy to get attached to.

aaaaahhhh yes the gameplay. The most important part in any game. Many video games have failed in this category. No matter how "pretty" they look, they have no chance in surving without good gameplay. Well this game does a TERRIFIC and FANTASTIC job in gameplay. When you aim, you can aim anywhere. At anypart of the villagers body. And wherever you shoot, it does something special for that body part. For example, you shoot their knee, the painfully touch it, you run, you kick him/her in the face. Another example. There is a lamp on top of the roof. It is right on top of the villager. You shoot the lamp. Lamp falls. We have fried villager. You also have a "about face" move so you can turn around quickly and run away from the enemy. You also have a knife at all times no matter what weapon is equiped. All you have to do is hold the L button and your in what I like to call"knife mode". The knife is usefull for many many many things. Like opening barrels without wasting bullets. Also the cutscenes. They are special unlike other games. You can never ever ever let the controller down. Because even in cutscenes, you have something to do. Like press the right but quick or keep tapping it because if you dont guess what? Your going to see a "You are dead" game over thingy. Also if your not paying attention the same thing will happen to you. So if you want to drink a glass of water or go use the bathroom to do your "buiseness" or open the door or whatever please dont do it in the cut scenes because your going to die. Also you dont need those annoying ink things to save. Just find a typewriter and save. No annoying I gotta find ink thingy going on. Also you dont need to worry about saving that much because when you die, you dont get left back that much unlinke the other resident evil games

Actually I think this is the most important thing in a game but whatever. There both important. Anyway, if you didn't notice, this is the funnest game on the gamecube or any other sytstem so please buy it! You will make your lives way more fun for at least another year. I had SO MUCH FUN while playing this. I cant believe there is actually a game this good. Look if you dont believe me because your not persuaded easily rent it. You'll buy it anyway later so I dont think theres a point in renting it but if you dont believe me see for yourself. I also think this will be the funnest game for a long time. I wouldn't be suprised if the next generation consoles cant deliver this much fun. I just couldn't believe how much fun I was having the first time I played this game. I was amazed. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was like loonatic on a rampage! This game is just so much fun!

The replay factor is amazing! After you complete the game you get extras like clothes and stuff. I never got tired of this game and neither should you. I mean its like it posses you or something! You never get tired! YOU just stay up all night like a helpless late guy or gal or whatever and YOU PLAY ALL FREAKING DAY! Its just amazing! Did these people put like a mind control device or something? I dont know but it sure is a fun game...I mean I played this game many many many times! ANd I never ever ever get tired of it! This is definetly the game of the year please buy it!!!Ok I just realized I repeated my self like one million times but thats ok. Thats how I am. Thats how I'll write. You know writing like you are. IM SO CONFUSED! BUY THIS GAME! PLEase!

Overall this game rocks hard!!! If you cant tell by now you must be very tired or something simmular to that. I know I am since its 1:30 in the morning and Im tired and Im trying to write a really good review! IS THIS GOOD ENOUGH? WELL? Any way please buy this game . GO buy it and but it like you mean it. Now go buy it and spend the rest of the summer playing this amazing game! Actually you need to get out sometime like at least exercise once a day but anyway just BUY IT!!!!!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/06/05

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