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"Resident Evil 4 Review [My 3rd Review ever]"

Resident Evil 4

In the beginning of 2005, Capcom released Resident Evil 4. It was released as a GC-exclusive. Although it will be released on the Playstation 2 this fall, it remains to this day a GC-exclusive game.
Resident Evil 4, known as RE4, revolutionized the RE series. It also revolutionized the GC's graphics. The game was probably the most anticipated game for the Gamecube before it was released. The A.I. was promised to be a lot better than previous games in the series. The trailers for the game were amazing. Everyone expected RE4 to be great.
But it exceeded great. It became a hot seller instantly. Everything about the game was great. They had fixed problems from all other RE games, such as controls and camera angles. It appealed to RE fans and first timers alike. It became the highest rated Gamecube game ever.

The graphics in this game are the best out for the GC. They are definitely a candidate for best graphics this generation. The environments are simply amazing. The characters, even their face and hair are extremely realistic. I have never been so impressed with the Gamecube. A lot of effort was put into this game graphically, and it paid off. 10/10

The sound in this game fits the game's atmosphere perfectly. It has sort of a creepy little jingle. The sound affects are really good. The voice-overs are done extremely well. When a monster screams, it sounds fantastic. The weapons sound very realistic, as well as the screaming. 9/10

The characters and bosses in this game are done amazingly well. Not only do the characters look and sound great, even their motions are very realistic. The bosses in this game are some of the best creatures I have seen in a videogame, ever. The main characters of the game are very memorable. One of the main characters is the President's daughter. Leon, the main character, was a perfect character for the game. Additional characters such as Ada and the mercenaries players make a great addition. 10/10

This game has a great setting. It takes place in Spain. The villagers used actual Spanish words during this game, which was a good feature. The environments in this game are greatly detailed, and at times, frightening. Some of the game takes place in a church with a cemetery in front of it. The strange feeling you get, along with the occasional bats hanging from trees give you a sensational feeling of excitement. A lot of the environments are interactive. They are very creative, as in when Leon has to cross a dangerous lake. The areas in which this game takes place truly amazed me. 10/10

The weapon selection in this game is excellent. There's basically a gun for everyone's personal liking. Personally, I loved the shotgun. If you are against the slow shooting shotgun, there is the tmp which is a fully auto handgun. There were also two guns from the old west, the broken butterfly and the killer 7. There is also a knife. There is a rifle with scope, and regular handguns. There are also rocket launchers and grenades. 9/10

The controls in this game were a major improvement over the past RE game. The inventory is easy to access and change. The walk, run, and interact were also done nicely. The knife and gun access was very well done. The problem with past RE games is that the controls ruined the gameplay. That is the exact opposite in this game. 9/10

The camera angles in this game are another major improvement over past RE games. Unlike in the past RE games, the camera can no longer ruin the gameplay experience. You can use the C-Stick to adjust the camera. It is also an “over the shoulder” view. It is a new perspective for the RE series, and it is very successful. The camera angles in this game are very good. 9/10

Fright Factor:
This game is very frightening at times. It is a survival horror game. It sometimes feels like playing in a horror movie. It has “white-knuckle” and “heart-pounding” action. It has scared millions of gamers with all of its sudden shocks. An enemy can just pop out and try to bite you in the neck. The game really makes you feel like you're being watched, and really, you are. It can really scare you at times. This was great in a survival-horror game like this. For its level of scares, 9/10.

There is a lot of violence in this game. There is a lot of blood and gore. It is a game that features weapons, so of course there will be killing. The blood level is very high. You can actually shoot off body parts. For example, if you shoot off an enemy's head, blood will splatter everywhere. Also, Leon can get his head chopped off. The violence in this game are a contributing factor in what makes it a great game. The violence is very realistic. I'll give it a 9/10.

This game is actually very hard. The main game is very hard to complete the first time around. After you beat it you can get the unlimited rocket launcher to play through the game again. The mercenaries mode is also extremely difficult. It has gotten a “hard” difficulty rating from many popular gaming sites. A lot of the puzzles can be very challenging. Also, it gets tough if you are low on health and items. Although it is a hard game, it is very much worth it. 9/10

This game has an excellent story. Apparently, it is a “side story” of the RE series. Leon Kennedy has to rescue the President's daughter. The Spanish villagers are zombie-like. Also, there are parasites growing inside of the people. Leon must get into Spain, find out where the President's daughter, Ashley is and bring here to the extraction point. Little does he know that they are both infected with the parasite. He finally finds Ashley, but the escape chopper was shot down. He has to go to a new extraction point, and he ends up fighting tons of enemies on the way. He has to escape from many predicaments. Leon also has to kill tons of crazed villagers and several bosses to get close to the new extraction point. He has to defeat the leader of the villagers, and then escape with Ashley. The story was excellent. 9/10

This game has a long lasting appeal. The game itself was very long, as it was on two disks. The game is very fun the first time around. After that, it depends on how you look at it. You could see it as “I beat it already, so now it's boring” or you could use it as an experience to beat your scores and use new guns like the infinite rocket launcher. I personally really enjoyed beating the game a second time. Aside from the main game, the Mercenaries mode will last you hours. Also, Assignment Ada is fun. Overall, this is a game which I can see myself playing over and over. 8/10

This game has some of the best gameplay I have ever seen. It is truly amazing. It is scary, good camera angles and controls, and it is fun to play. I can't say enough about the gameplay. When playing this game, you will be on the edge of your seat with your bloodshot eyes glued to the tv. The ragdoll physics are really good. The game speed is very well done. The game is amazing. I have not enjoyed playing my GC for any game as much as I did for this one. The new aiming system is very useful. Leon can open doors, climb ladders, jump off of things, and jump through windows. Running around shooting everyone with a shotgun basically never gets old. It is very fast paced. There is a reverse elbow move, along with a thrust, kick, and suplex. Also, there are sometime interactive cut scenes, in which you need to press the random buttons that appear on the screen. Overall, the gameplay in this game is amazing. 10/10

Overall, this is by far the best game for the GC. It is definitely Game Of The Year quality. It quite possibly may e the best game this generation. With great graphics, controls, sound, camera, and gameplay, it will not disappoint. This is a must-buy for any GC owner. It is worth buying a GC just to play this game. I highly recommend it. It is an almost perfect game [because no game can be perfect] and it will entertain you for hours. It's definitely one of my favorite games of all time. It is unbelievable. 9.8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/25/05

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