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"Perhaps the best Resident Evil yet."

This game had me on the edge of my seat because you wouldn't know necessarily what the ganado would do next. The opening scene is really cool especially with that umbrella logo ike in the movie. When you gain control of Leon, he moves faster than in the previous games & the character models, both bad & good guys are really lifelike kinda like the remake. The light shadowing isn't there sadly. I think it's because it would've been more data they would've needed to cram in. Also Ada is back & more sultry than ever. She's more bad a** this time around. There is also a part in the game that brings nostalgia to the first Resident Evil movie. The Laser Hall! When I came to this hall, I was like haven't I seen this room somewhere before? That's when I remembered the Resident Evil movie. Well anyway, the camera this time around is positioned in the back of the character instead of the fixed ones like in the previous titles. You can control the angles of the camera with the C Stick but once you let go of that direction, the camera resets to the normal position. There's a neat trick to using that. If you have the C Stick pointed in a direction & you then press the R button, you'll aim in the camera's direction. Very helpful if you are in a frantic firefight & you need to create a opening to bail to another spot.

The game has some enemies that you will freak out at at first, but soon get used to them. For example the Iron Maidens & Regenerators. These are mean son of a guns. If you don't know how to correctly take them out that is. These guys are basically freaky. They both make weird noises when they try to approach you which is even more freaky & the Iron Maiden can attack from mid range to close as the regenerator can only attack close & when they attack the damage they can deal is massive. Th quick way to take them out is with the Infrared Scope attached to your sniper rifle of choice. Take out the plagas on them & on Pro, all Regenerators have a plagas on their back which means more endurance. All Iron Maidens have plagas on their backs as well, but this is for both difficulties.

The unlockables are pretty cool. The one that'll take you the longest to unlock is the handcannon. Why you ask? Because you unlock it by completing Mercs with 5-Star rankings on each of the 4 maps with all 5 playable characters. HUNK also makes a return in Mercs. He's pretty easy on the Pueblo map because of his ability to use a neckbreaker on everyone. The mini bosses are basically amped up ganados with chainsaws that can inflict a one hit kill. Wesker has a ironic twist this time around in this mini-game. He's the most loaded out of all the five. Considering how he only had the knife in Code: Veronica in the Battle Game. You can also play as Krauser, Ada & Leon. I love Wesker & Krauser because of Wesker's ability to rack up combos quickly & Krauser can use his mutated arm that he uses in the main game but it has to recharge after each use. If you can rack up kills extremely quickly, his arm will recharge a heck of a lot quicker than normal. His arrows are useful up to a certain point. It's certainly not made for crowd control. That's where his flash grenades come in. Speaking of Grenades, there's no grenade launcher. Just hand thrown grenades. There are 3 kinds. Flash, Hand, & Incendiary. These all have their own effectiveness. Flashes can kill exposed plagas' instantly, Incendiaries can cook dogs (by that I mean kill them in one hit), Hand Grenades can practically kill everything within the blast radius. It can't kill Garradors (Wolverine-like enemies who are blind but can hear a pin drop to the ground like a dog can), Novistadors (insects that can turn invisible), & the red-robed cultists quickly enough but it can damage them serverly enough so that you can take your next shot at their weakest spot to kill them instantly. Garradors, all you have to do is stun them with a Incendiary or a Hand Grenade, a Flash is a bad idea because they can see Leon as clear as day if you throw one. These dudes have a plagas on their backs as well, but these are seeable. It just takes one shot from a fully upgraded handcannon to kill one in the plagas. There is one fully armored one that not even a rocket can kill in 1 shot without shooting the plagas but it does damage it enough so that you can kill it in the next shot that you fire.

The bosses aren't that harder from some of the others in the previous titles. The last boss is fairly easy if you know what to do. The difficult boss is Verdugo (Salazar's right hand) because you have to freeze him with Liquid Nitrogen canisters lying around the environment. The PAL & the NTSC versions have some differences. For example, you can't get the Tactical Vest on Professional Mode in the PAL. There are also some easier sections that I'm not gonna mention because it would take too long to explain.

Now onto more about the weapons. There are a lot of weapons to choose from in certain categories. For example the shotgun & handgun choices are a lot more than the previous entires. There's even Leon's old pistol that he used in RE 2 when he got the stock attachments for his handgun. It's dubbed the Matilda & is only available after you beat your first round of the game. My personal favs are the Blacktail (handgun), Striker (shotgun the exclusive can let you hold 100 shells!), TMP, Semi-Auto Rifle (Sniper Rifle), Broken Butterfly (.45 Magnum), Handcannon (.500 S&W revolver), & Chicago Typewriter (.45 Thompson Machinegun). There is also one more mini-game that you can unlock as well. It's called Assignment Ada. You control Ada as she is sent to the island to collect 5 plaga samples & return them to Wesker. It's a pretty interesting mini-game. I think that mini-game is perfect for learning how to handle Ada in Mercs. Her outfit that she has in this mini-game is available if you have Leon wearing his Special costume which is his old RPD uniform.

All in all this game will have you coming back for more. Especially Mercenaries since it got revamped from the one that was in the third game. Your goal in this one is to kill as many ganados as possible before time runs out. Each of the four maps has their own mini-bosses. But one of the maps has a mini-boss that doesn't appear in the main game. A Godzilla-like Dr. Salvador! This dude can decapitate your head in one swoop when he gets near you. So watch out when trying to kill him.

I have enjoyed this game & I'm currently trying to beat the game in under 2 hours. Which is harder than it looks. I bid everyone who is just beginning this game & may the guns be with you. Also this game doesn't get a complete 10 because of the incompetence level of Ashley. Why? because when you are just bracing against a jumpable fence, she decides to climb over to the other side & when you try to go, you end up leaving her behind & the possibility of her getting abducted & resulting in a game over. It's happened to me numerous times. She can be rather idiotic at times, I'm not bashing the game by saying this, I'm just speaking about one character, not the entire game. Well anyway, sometimes when you're trying to free Ashley from a abductor, it's best to use a flash grenade as it doesn't harm anyone. It's a quick & clean way to get Ashley free. There's also a little fun easter egg where you can look up Ashley's skirt & she'll say some funny stuff. Like this one time I suplexed a zealot, & Ashley happened to be right in the way so it looked like Leon was looking up her skirt & she said "Oh, you pervert!" I was like It wasn't my fault, you happened to be in the way and that's what you get for standing there & not moving to a spot where it's clear. It's happened very rarely though if it does happen it gives me a quick laugh.

The music is just amazing. It may not be as creepy as in the previous entries but it does give you that feeling like you need to eliminate the enemies fast before they get to you and eventually kill you. There are certain times in the game where you need to protect Ashley when she is trying to unlock a door or raise platforms. This does happen a few times in the game. Once in the room which I lovingly dubbed The Hall Of Water and a path ont he island where Ashley operates a bulldozer to get out of the garbage disposal part of the island. I primarily loved the music in the Mercenaries mini-game as it's character specific. I loved everyone's themes except for Wesker's for some odd reason. Well, anyway, this game is awesome, & if you haven't picked it up yet get it unless you have a PS2 then wait for that version. The release date for that isn't far away & if I get that version I'll do another review for it for now, Adios readers & have a nice day.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/01/05

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