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Reviewed: 01/19/06

Easily One of the Best Gamecube Games

Sorry if my review sounds amateur, however this is my first attempt. I hope that you enjoy what I have to say about this amazing game, and improvement on the Resident Evil genre.

Resident Evil 4 was originally announced years ago, and Gamecube was the only system for which this game would be released. After about four years of development, Resident Evil 4 was finally released. People were skeptical at first, but soon realized that the new and improved controls really made the game different from any other Resident Evil game, and even every horror game. Arguably one of the best games of all time, Resident Evil 4 is considered the best game of 2005, and in my opinion, one of the best games for Gamecube. It really shows how a little bit of change can make a huge difference for the better.

Gameplay: This game has tons of different weapons, enemies, and environments. Each area offers a new surprise, with new challenges and enemies. The puzzles really keep your mind working, and adds a nice bit of strategy to the game. You are able to ride mine carts while shooting enemies, a motorized boat on a huge lake while throwing harpoons at a humongous salamander, and even ride a ski lift while snipping ganados. You are also able to jump through windows, climb up ladders, and kick enemies' heads off. You really need quick reflexes in order to get past certain parts of the game without dying. The button combos are L+R, and A+B. Pressing these two buttons can save your life. However, the great variety of gameplay comes from the weapons Resident Evil 4 has to offer. Every two chapters, new weapons are available from the merchant. In order to afford these weapons, you need to either pick up money from defeated enemies, or treasure. You are able to either combine jewels into certain treasures, or just sell them plain. After about every part of every chapter you are offered a weapon upgrade. This can be in the form of a firepower upgrade, which is an upgrade in the weapon's power, reload upgrade, firing speed upgrade, which is an upgrade in the speed which your gun fires, and capacity upgrade, which is an upgrade in the amount of ammo your gun can hold. As the game continues, the enemy difficulty also becomes harder. The weapons really help in defeating the tougher enemies, which is why the better weapons are dealt later in the game. The types of guns include a pistol, sniper rifle, shotgun, rocket launcher, TMP (automatic), magnum, and mine thrower. There are three different pistols, two different sniper rifles, three different shotguns, two different magnums, and only one rocket launcher, TMP, and mine thrower. After completing the game, you are offered special weapons. These include the infinite rocket launcher, and matilda. If you want to receive the other two special weapons, you need to complete assignment Ada, and mercenaries with 5 stars for each of the characters. These unlock the chicago typewriter, and handcannon. These are easily the best guns in the game, and really make it interesting.

Gameplay: 10

Graphics: This game truly shows the potential of the gamecube's graphics. Each new chapter takes you into a new environment with different surroundings. You start out in a village, then you move to the same area except it becomes dark out, and rains. The next area is a castle, which has some creepy rooms and passage ways. The final area is the island where the scariest parts of the game are held. The enemies are greatly detailed, as well as your friends which help you throughout the mission. The game begins with a lighter and foggier environment. As you progress, it gradually becomes darker and scarier. The fog, rain, and lightening graphics are possibly the best in the game. Bosses in this game are greatly detailed. Some of the enemies are so detailed that they actually look alive. The ideas for the enemies are creepy, especially the regenerators and garradors. There are some minor problems with the graphics, such as your gun being able to protrude some walls and railings, but that doesn’t affect the gameplay. Also, some observed that only certain enemies are able to melt and disappear, and others aren’t. This isn’t a graphical error, but simply happens because the enemies who are infected with the las plagas are probably weaker. Notice how the first enemies who were killed didn’t disappear, and when Leon inspects the first Ganado in the game, he says he isn’t a zombie. It was meant to happen in the game. The reasons which the graphics for Resident Evil 4 are the best for Gamecube is because they are detailed, smooth, enemies look realistic, and the environment is creepy, ominous, and perfectly fit for a horror game.

Graphics: 10

Sound: The sounds in this game really bring it to life. The music makes the game thrilling and exciting. It even scares the player sometimes with the sudden jolts. The voice acting is great for the characters, but even better for the enemies. With the great sounds, you are able to tell when an enemy is sneaking up, or ready to attack. Their footsteps also change according to the terrain for which you are walking on, which is amazing detailed. The breathing of some of the enemies will make you shiver, especially the regenerators. The actual music is fairly good, but the voice acting is really special. Even the when the ganados speak Spanish in the game, Capcom made sure that the Spanish was accurate, which really takes time and effort. The sounds of the environment also make the game thrilling. When outside, you’re able to hear the rain falling, the thunder clapping, and the motor of the boat going through the water. Some of the weapons which the enemies use even make realistic sounds. The explosions of the grenades and the axes hitting the walls sound great. The sound of the chainsaw is also very realistic, and is a sign of danger ahead. The sounds are very realistic, which really makes this game amazing.

Sound: 10

Story: The story is probably the weakest part of the game. It's pretty bland, but there are points which keep you at the edge of your seat or couch. You start off as an agent named Leon, who has to travel through a village, rescue the President's daughter name Ashley, and arrive back to America safely. Also, you find out later that there is some sort of cult in the village where everybody was injected with a parasite. This whole concept of the game is fairly good, but the dialogue is below par. There are some surprisingly hilarious lines, but the rest is just unnecessary. The whole point of rescuing Ashley and having an agent spy on you (Ada) is great. Ada really adds some mystery to the game, and is the most mysterious character in any game I have ever played. The idea of the whole plaga being injected into Leon and Ashley was also nice twist to the storyline. Luis was a great character, but I believe that the story’s climax was when he was killed by Saddler in order to retrieve the sample which would kill the plaga injected into Leon and Ashley. Later, like in any video game, you have to face the final boss, and obviously defeat it. There just could have been more improvements on the dialogue, like in any game.

Story: 8

Controls: Amazing, just simply amazing. This is the whole reason why Resident Evil 4 is considered the best Resident Evil game out of the whole series. The camera angle is in third person, and when you aim, it turns into first person view. The running is easy, and the aiming is also easy. The laser pointer is another improvement for the game. It allows for easy and good aim. When Leon aims at an enemy, he actually moves based on his breathing, which is amazingly detailed. You are able to respond quicker to certain enemies than in previous Resident Evil games. The whole idea of the action button is also a great new concept added to the series. It adds skill and strategy to the game, as well as the need for great reflexes. The best controls out of any Resident Evil game.

Controls: 10

Overall: This game is easily one of the best gamecube games. Great controls, graphics, gameplay, sound, and a pretty good story. The gameplay and controls are probably the best parts of the game. The story line is the only way this game can be improved. Does this game deserve the award for game of the year? In my opinion, it surely does. It was the only new Gamecube game which I purchased in the year 2005, and is still lasting me until now. I’ve gone through about 30 times playing the game, and there still are fun ways to complete the puzzles and obstacles which you are faced with. If you haven't already, you must buy this game!

Resident Evil 4: 10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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