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"Resident Awesome"

I've only written one review before and as I was sitting here thinking of what to write about, many things came to mind. Both old and new but when it came down to it, I just felt an overwhelming desire to get the word out on this game The best money can buy on the mighty Gamecube hands down.

Man o man where to begin where to begin? This was, no doubt, one of the most widely and eagerly anticipated releases for the GCN leading up to its January launch. Since its inception in the mid 90's, the Resident Evil series has been an enthralling, critically acclaimed series. Achieving more than just the typical cult-status that entertainment media of this ilk tend to garner. Noted mostly for its ability to actually create very real shock and tension amongst players, it was an instant fan favorite. While for the majority of its history the series changed little and mainly just added new stories with slightly tweaked game play, (Resident Evil 3 went as far as simply using the same setting as the previous outing but from a different perspective with a few new tricks.) Resident Evil 4 is everything the creators promised: a complete re-imagination of the franchise. And I for one could not possibly be happier for the new direction the series appears poised to be headed in.

Nothing can truly prepare you for just how much the game has truly improved. This truly is akin to the level of improvement that Street Fighter II was to the original. And for anyone, like me, who actually played the original Street Fighter can attest that is an amazing thing indeed. I know this statement is normally reserved for the end of reviews, but in this case I'm going to simply tell you now to go out and buy this game. You must own it now! Go out to your nearest game shop, don't let anything stop you, do not pass "GO", do not collect the $200, just go and get this game NOW!!!

You will honestly feel as if you never truly played or experienced Resident Evil before. Here's why.........................

Graphics-10/10: HOLY COW!!! Are my eyes freakin deceiving me? Wait let me clean off my glasses. Ok now let me put them back on............Oh my God, what I'm seeing is real. I cannot believe that this game looks this good. This is sooooooo amazing. I have played all the previous RE evil games and the graphics (with the exception of possibly 3) have always steadily increased, but this is amazing. I thought the RE remake and RE Zero looked good, but nothing could have possibly prepared me for the scrumptious eye-candy in this package. Everything looks so real. The character models are amazing, and the buildings are beautiful. And everything has a very spooky, organic feel to it.

The new behind the shoulder perspective is an absolute godsend and for the first time allows the horror to occur in true 3-D, as it should. This is the absolute best looking game on the console period. And you'd be VERY hard pressed to even find anything on Xbox (much less PS2) that looks this good. Yes the graphics are that good, and no your eyes are not playing tricks on you. And I thought Ninja Gaiden looked good.........

Music-8/10: To be honest I don't have quite as much to say about the music as I did the graphics. Its definitely decent but nothing is sticking out in my mind right now. To say the least the music is appropriate and fits the theme of the game well. I enjoyed it and it helped the experience out a great deal. Now that I think about it, there were a few particularly pulse pounded moment that were very good. I also like how the music adjusts to fit the theme of whatever is going on around you. Enemies nearby and approaching, quick rhythmic beats. All quiet, nice tranquil tunes. There are exceptions but overall nice ambiance.

Sound-10/10: This game sounds every bit as good as it looks (if that's even possible) the audio is amazing. Bullets fire realistically and the grunts and groans of your enemies (as well as Leon) are very well done. Not only that but the developers did an amazing job of just using voice in some instances for mood. In the village this is most apparent. The villagers will chant and grunt amongst themselves and it all really is quite eerie. Later the monks will chant out the name of their lord and everything just sounds like it should, even getting your head chopped of with a chainsaw, which sucks just as much as you would imagine it should. Two thumbs up on the audio without doubt.

Story- 9/10: The setting is a major departure from the previous installments in the series, major. Basically you're Leon Kennedy (the dude from RE2) and you're no longer a part of the Raccoon city police force- more than likely due to the fact of its no longer being there. You're now an agent working for the President of the United States. Yep that's right George W himself, no just kidding. That would ruin even this awesome game. The pres' daughter, Ashley Graham has been kidnapped and your job is to rescue her. Simple enough right-wrong. You arrive in some Spanish village filled with inhabitants. But a first in the series is that these people are not zombies, but rather intelligent civilians. They work together in groups to surround and overwhelm you. But while they are not zombies there is definitely something not right about them. It is clear that while they are still alive someone or something is controlling them. Part of the story revolves around figuring this out as well. SO much happens within the game that I couldn't tell it all here even if I wanted to. Suffice it to say that the story trumps all other Resident Evils hands down.

Gameplay-10/10: This is how, I'm sure, Resident Evil was always meant to be played. The new play perspective is not a gimmick AT ALL. This totally reinvents the game, and for the better, no less. Brace yourself for this announcement. Resident Evil is no longer clunky in any way at all! That's right play control is now extremely fluid. No more feeling like you're controlling a tank. You can now aim at specific body parts. Someone coming at you with a hatchet? Shoot it out of their hand or just simply shoot their arm. But be careful they can duck and dodge at times. Someone getting a bit too close for comfort just light up his groin, that'll teach 'em a lesson. There are also new moves at your disposal, for one the knife is actually a very viable option nowadays for finishing off opponents. Also added to the list are a roundhouse kick, suplex and a few others.

Finally you can kick major butt. There's so much more to mention but I don't wanna give away the story. Bottom line it plays like a dream, maybe better.

Replay- 10/10: I know some people can only stand something once- a condition I fail to grasp btw. But this game demands to be played again and again. So far I've only beaten it twice but it was still an absolute blast the second time around. In fact I may have enjoyed it even more because when you start a new game you get to keep your gear from the previous outing. Not to mention the fact that some weapons can only be attained after beating the game at least once (dare I say Infinite Rocket Launcher?!) I think so folks. Also there are two minigames that open when you beat the game as well. Assignment Ada (where you get to play as Ada Wong, also from RE2) and the Mercenaries. They are both fun in their own right but mastery of them will unlock even more great goods. One of these prizes being a weapon that could even eventually outshine an Infinite Launcher, oh and maybe you just might get to control a certain somebody who loves cool sunglasses, hmm now who could that be....? Which reminds me that I forgot to mention that every weapon you find or purchase (that's right purchase) can be upgraded in many ways.

Buy or Rent: Rent, yea right why bother when you're just gonna buy it the next day anyway? This is one of the best games I have ever played in my entire life and I've been playing for 21 years (I'm 26 now). The only thing I can imagine being better is RE5 on a next gen system (which WILL happen). In case you couldn't tell I would be happy to be a living commercial for this game as my job, it's just that great. Resident Evil..............Resident Awesome!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/23/06

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