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"Possible one of the best games ever made....Stranga"

You walk into a desolate European town you see several rural villagers stacking hay and tending to animals. You walk up to them hoping to get some help on the whereabouts of the president's daughter. They slowly look up at you; you begin to see them grab rusty pitchforks and scythes from the pile of hay. They begin yelling at you in words you don't understand. More come, they have you surrounded. You see a 2-story house not too far away. You quickly run into the house and push a dresser up against the door. You look out the window to see all the crazed villagers working together and pointing in directions and giving commands. They start banging up against the door you bordered. You hear in the distance the rev of a chainsaw. You hear a ladder being put up against the window upstairs. You then run up and quickly knock it down. You then see a shotgun mounted in a glass case on the wall. You grab it in hopes that it can help you fight off these crazed people. The door breaks down Villagers come rushing in up the stairs along with a chainsaw-wielding freak. You are surrounded, you have no choice but to open fire on them. They fall to the ground, blood spills over the floor. You take this opportunity to jump out the window in a chance to escape. But unfortunately they quickly have you surrounded in the middle of the village. All hope seems lost. Then all of a sudden the church bell rings. The crazed villagers drop their sickles and weapons and begin walking like zombies into the church. You look around yourself all is desolate and quite nobody else around. You are alone (or so you think).
This is just an example of the tension you feel when playing Resident evil 4 during the first 10 MINUTES. And there is much more to come. This game is not only creepy and will get under you're skin. Its exciting action that'll always leave you with new and open combat strategies. It will test you're knowledge of past resident evil games. It will test you combat strategies and cunning. You are Leon Scott Kennedy and its time to Kick some BUTT. Here's what I though of the game in all aspects and areas.

The game play is amazing in this game. Like I stated in my opening paragraph you have many combat options like blocking doors and jumping out windows to knocking down ladders. The game will always surprise you with new monsters that are weird, creepy and downright bone chilling. The new combat system puts the gun right behind Leon's shoulder whenever you aim. You also get a laser for full accuracy. The choice of weapons is amazing too you can buy sell and upgrade them all at your desire. The weapons change not only how fast an enemy goes down but also how you fight with it. Some guns fire fast, some fire slow, some aim high some aim low (I just had to rhyme their)(and actually you can aim all the guns how you like). But really each gun looks, sounds, shoots and reloads differently. Which makes it so much fun to experiment which ones you like and which ones annoy the heck out of you. If you're a good shot you can even stun and enemy and go in for a kick too. About 5% through the game you meet Ashley the presidents daughter, she follows you a lot of the game but for a lot of the game as well, you are without her. She doesn't slow you down at all. You can tell her to Stay, to follow, to hide, and if the situation calls for it piggyback. The game play really comes down too you. You can play how you want you don't have to go into the aforementioned house at the beginning of the game. You can stay outside and fight. You can hide yourself if you so desire. You can shoot for the legs to get the enemies to their knees or aim for their heads. That's what I think of the Game play.

Story 8/10
The story isn't perfect, but it continues the resident evil legacy with tremendous appeal other than that the story is very interesting. I'm not going to give it away as its told to you right off the bat but I'll give you the rundown. The Presidents daughter was kidnapped by a group of unknown terrorists you must go to a European village where she was sighted to find her. I cant tell you why the villagers dislike you you'll find out soon. All in all I think the story is excellent, especially if you are a Resident Evil fan

Controls 10/10
The controls are great and simple to learn. You press R to take out your gun A to shoot. Pressing B while your gun is out reloads it. L brings out your knife A swings it and B reloads it (naah LOL). Hold B while walking to run. A is your action button use it when it appears on screen to jump out windows, jump down ledges, climb ladders, open doors, and so on. Y opens you menu screen where you access guns, treasures and you map. Z accesses your map faster. X is used in the weapon menu to switch weapon places. R and L also help rotate weapons when placing them in the attaché case. They can also be used to dodge at certain points in the game during interactive cut scenes. At first the controls may feel awkward but eventually they become incredibly intuitive and comfortable.

Graphics 10/10
The graphics are astonishingly amazing and highly detailed. From the water running off a piece of wood to a villagers sickle dripping blood after smacking you with it. Water always has and will look great on the cube too. In fact many have gone as far too say that the graphics in Resident Evil 4 are some of the best graphics ever seen to date. As well the attention to detail during combat is incredibly fantastic to behold. Lets say you got the Rocket Launcher or a grenade to throw. When it explodes the enemy go flying in all directions. When you throw a Flash grenade you see the enemy struggle for sight as they cover there faces and panic. When the enemy is ablaze they panic and try to use their last ounce of strength to grab you and take you down with them. When you shoot them they hold the part of the body you shot, if you shoot them in the arm they drop their weapon if you shoot them in the head the turn around in agony, if you pop them one in the knee they fall like something that falls a lot and trip. They bleed where you shoot them and when you kick one into a group the group falls down too.

Sound 10/10
I'm not one to usually appreciate sound that much but this game got me to thinking about it. The sounds are realistic creepy and yeah. The voice acting is great and shows a lot of emotion. All the villagers' ramblings are actual Spanish that means stuff from "there he is" to "get him you imbecile". A lot of detail went into the games sound the Music sets the mood telling you when enemy's are near. It has great sound and music it is a very polished game.

Replay value 10/10
The replay Value is so amazing. After beating the game you have 2 new minigames (both very fun) to play both of which unlock new weapons you can use in your new file if you've got the Denero to do so. Also beating the game unlocks 2 weapons you can buy for a hefty fee. You can play with the alternate costumes if you like and play the game completely differently. Maybe try professional if you're up to it. You can play this game 10 times and not get bored some have played even more than that. I myself have played it through 6 full times and still love it. The mini games alone could keep you occupied for quite awhile and are always excellent practice if you want to hone you skills for the hunt. A great bonus to this particular mini game is the ability to unlock 3 other old Resident evil characters making return appearances but as well a completely new one located during the game in a very very sweet interactive cut scene. I hav had this game since February last year and still can find myself returning to play it every now and again, in fact many fans have already made new ways to go through the game (speed runs, knife runs, pistol runs etc.) All these can add more challenge and diversity to the game and help it become a better experience. This is the game you will be showing your kids 20 years from now.

Overall 10/10
I could recommend this game to almost anybody...Accept people at least under the age of 15. If your mature you can handle it. This game won Game of the year and you can easily see why after playing it. It is not only a video game but it is art. How every thing in the game flows together and makes such a rich and compelling experience. It is truly fantastic in so many ways, and I urge you to go out and play the masterpiece.

Thanks for reading my review hope it helped you make a wise decision. Enjoy

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/27/06, Updated 07/16/06

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