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    Game Script by JumpingSheep

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                              Evolution Worlds Game Script
        (c) 2009, Jumping Sheep
       All rights reserved.
       Nothing may be reproduced or used without permission.
       The only sites allowed to use this script are,
            - GameFAQ
            - Neoseeker
            - Super Cheats
       Contact me if you have something to contribute or if a correction needs
       to be made. Feedback and comments are also welcomed. Do be sure to title
       the subject heading as "EWGS" (Evolution Worlds Game Script).
                                 Table of Contents
    1. Updates ................................................................[001]
    2. Introduction ...........................................................[002]
           Part One ...........................................................[PT1]
           Part Two ...........................................................[PT2]
    3. Closing ................................................................[003]
                              Updates          |    [001]
    6-24-09 : Made a few date corrections. o Ao
              Also, Neoseeker and Super Cheats are now allowed to use this guide.
    6-20-09 : Finished script. Submitted to GameFAQ. The script is pretty much
              done. I won't be adding any of the other character's texts unless
              someone submits them or if I feel like going through the game again.
    6-19-09 : Continued script.
    6-17-09 : Edited guide layout.
    6-14-09 : Guide started.
                             Introduction     |    [002]
    This guide closely follows the original script from the english GC adaption of 
    Evolution Worlds. All generic text will be omitted. Only plot-related text will
    be included in this guide.
    The script is divided into two parts, with the first part covering the first
    game and the second part covering the second game. Each part will have various
    different section headings that mark where the characters are at the time and
    place they are speaking, since the game has no specific chapters or levels.
           "Blah Blah Blah."        - Indicates a person speaking.
           [Pokes with a stick.]    - Indicates an action that is being done or
                                      describes a scene.
                              Part One        |   [PT1]
       Suns Temple              ----------------------------------------------------
    [Mag and Linear encounter enemies and successfully defeat them.]
    [Mag] "Ha! A wimpy monster like that was a piece of cake. Not even a problem.
          We've come this far, the treasure must be nearby. You can still go on,
    Mag: "Good! Then we are officially back in buisness!"
    [Mag shows Linear a large Cyframe, shaped like a large fist, attatched to his
    shoulder and back.]
    Mag: "Hey, look at this. This will get us out of the trickiest of situations.
         So let's do it!"
    [The two ascend up a small flight of stairs into a narrow room.]
    Mag: "This is so obvious. This has to be a trap!"
    [Mag walks deeper into the room closely followed by Linear. He steps onto a
    plate with an image of a pyramid. A light begins to shine onto the wall.]
    Mag: "Wha... I don't believe it..."
    [The ground beings to shake violently.]
    Mag: “N-no way... Ahh! L-let’s get outta here!”
    [Mag runs off but Linear remains where she is, appearing curious. Mag returns
    to grab her then runs.]
    Mag: “Whew! That was close! What where you doing, Linear? You have to run away
         when things get dangerous."
    [Linear rubs Mag's head and someone flies above them.]
    Mag: "Ha, ha! Thanks, but I'm OK! I'm not hurt. What about you? Are you hurt?"
    Mag: "Huh? Hey, Linear..."
    [The two approach a large image on the wall that was not there earlier.]
    Mag: "That painting! That's the Messenger of Light! That's the one the Society
         told me about! Alright! We did it! Linear, this is the place! The treasure
         must be on top of that picture!"
    [A stout person appears above the picture, equipped with a large Cyframe.]
    ???: "Well, well, Mag Launcher! Still going on adventures with that scaredy-cat
         girl, huh?"
    Mag: "That voice... No, it couldn't be..."
    Chain: "Yup, it is! And I helped myself to all the treasure!"
    Mag: "Chain! How did you get here? And where did you get that treasure?"
    Chain: "Ha! I'm an adventurer too, you know. And 'finders keepers' is the only
           rule among adventurers. Either way, there's no way your Cyframe could
           have made it up here, anyway. 'Cause unlike mine, it can't fly! Ha! You
           should be grateful to me for saving you the needless effort."
    [Chain hovers below to meet them.]
    Chain: "I heard this loud noise, then saw you guys running for your lives. A
           pro shouldn't fall for a trap like that, you sorry excuse for an
    Mag: "You dirty, rotten..."
    Chain: "You shouldn't even be here interrupting my work! The ruins are
           off-limits to amateurs!"
    [Linear steps back, upset.]
    Mag: "Hey, don't get so mad. Look, you're frightening Linear."
    Chain: "Mad? Who's mad? I'm just saying what any professional would say."
    Mag: "It's that temper of yours that makes people mistake you for a man.
         Chain, if you could just stay calm and quiet, you might actually be
         kinda cute."
    [Chain blushes.]
    Chain: "H-How dare you! You jerk! What does that have to do with it?"
    Chain: "Hmph! Instead of arguing here, we should be working to do the best job
           we can, so we can be proud to be adventurers. Well, now that you put it
           that way, I guess I wouldn't mind helping you, Mag. After all, I would be
           100 times more help than an amateur girl like her. So if you ever need my
           help, just come to my place. I'm outta here!"
    [Chain flies off.]
    Mag: "That Chain. No one can ever accuse her of not speaking her mind. And she
         took the treasure with her too... Oh, man. Without the treasure, I won't
         make any money on this assignment, either. Sigh!"
       Mag's Garden             ----------------------------------------------------
    Mag: "Oh, man. Another assignment ends in faliure. I can just see Gre's angry
         face. I'll get another long lecture."
       Mag's Living Room        ----------------------------------------------------
    Gre: "I see. You reach your destination and are about to begin collecting the
         treasure but Chain Gun beats you to it. Your mission ends in faliure, and
         you get nothing from the Society. That about sums it up, yes?"
    Mag: "Yeah, I guess so. I sorta had to use a lot of items. I lost money on this
         assignment, ha ha!"
    Gre: "Mag... Listen to yourself! 'Sorta had to'? 'Lost money'? For generations,
         the Launcher Family has produced the most renowned adventurers in these
         parts! Is it not the Launcher Family's long cherished dream to find
         Evolutia, the legendary Cyframe? Yet now, our operations lose money, and we
         depend on the Society for work. Someday, we will find Evolutia, and
         phoenix-like be reborn! That is why I need your help, Mag."
    Mag: "Come on, Gre! You worry too much! I know what to do. I won't make any more
         mistakes. I promise!"
    Gre: "Hmm. Very well. I truly hope so."
    [Gre turns around and beings speaking, as if to himself.]
    Gre: "Mag, you don't know the importance of your position as head of the
         Launcher Family. Or do I just worry too much? He is too carefree. He lacks
         seriousness. He's downright irresponsible."
    Mag: "Um, hey, Gre, I'm standing right here, you know. Hey, are you even
         listening to me?"
    Gre: "Nonetheless, I have served the Launcher Family for many years. I have seen
         many adventurers. My experience tells me that his puzzeling confidence is
         the unmistakable mark of a true leader! Some day he will grow into a
         magnificent adventurer that I know he can be!"
    [Gre returns his attention to Mag.]
    Gre: "Now, then, Mag! You and I must work together to make that glorious day
    Mag: "Uh, yeah. Sure."
    Gre: "Then let's begin immediately by going into town to ask the Society for a
         new assignment."
    Mag: "Society assignments, huh? Yeah, let's do that. Instead of sitting around,
         let's go out and earn the big bucks! Let's go for it, Linear! Let's show'em
         what we can do!"
         Society                ----------------------------------------------------
    Nop the Researcher: "Amazing! Incredible! It's a Jade Coin from the 3rd Dynasty!
                        It's so rare to find something from that period... let alone
                        in such perfect condition!"
    Foxy Babe: "It's just a little something to say 'Hi'... a 'Let's get to know
               each other' gift."
    Nop the Researcher: "Huh? Me? No, I couldn't... I just... I..."
    Foxy Babe: "Hee hee! Nice meeting you, cutie! I'll be working here awhile, so
               I'll see you around. Bye!"
    [As the woman leaves, Mag and Linear catch her attention.]
    Foxy Babe: "Hello, honey-bun. You look a little young to be an adventurer. Ooh,
               but isn't that a Cyframe on your shoulder?"
    Mag: "Wha... A... Are you talking to me? Yeah, that's right. I'm an adventurer!
         Mag Launcher's the name."
    Foxy Babe: "Mag Launcher? Really? Imagine that--meeting such a famous adventurer
               the minute I walk into town! I'm so lucky! That's why I'm positively
               addicted to the wandering life! You never know who you're gonna
    Foxy Babe: "How do you do? I'm Pepper Box. You can call me Pepper, little Mag!"
    Mag: "Ha ha! It feels kinda weird to have a stranger call me by my first name.
         Does that mean I'm famous?"
    Pepper: "Why, of course you're famous! Everyone knows the decline of the once-
            great Launcher Family! Ha ha ha! Ha ha... Ahaa... uh... Yes, well,
            hmmphh, anyway! That Cyframe looks like it's seen a lot of use! With you
            in charge, the Launcher Family is surely in good hands. Knock'em dead,
    Pepper: "By the way, is that girl behind you your partner? She doesn't seem to
            have a Cyframe..."
    Mag: "Yeah, her name's Linear. She's not a Cyframe user, but we do adventure
    Pepper: "Really? It must be tough keeping up with you, Mag. You look like the
            type of guy who thrives on danger."
    [Linear smiles and nods in aggreement.]
    Pepper: "I just knew it! I feel for you, girl. Being an adventurer's
            girlfriend must be so hard! I bet that I could teach you two a thing or
            two. Hee hee. I'll be checking out the scene at the milk bar, so come
            and see me sometime. I'll even go on one of your adventures! Well, it
            was nice meeting you little lover boy! See you around! Bye!"
    [Pepper leaves.]
    Mag: "Wow. That Pepper is really cool, don't you think, Linear?"
    [Linear nods, and the two approach the receptionist desk.]
    Nina: "Well, hello there, Mag! Welcome to the Society. Are you going on an
          adventure with Linear?"
    Mag: "Yeah, you could say that. So, do you have any new assignments, Nina? I
         need one, because I took a beating on that last assignment. Chain beat me
         to the treasure at the last minute."
    Nina: "That's what I heard. Hee hee. Did your servant, Gre, give you his
          standard lecture again? 'How can you let that happen, Mag?'"
    Mag: "Very funny. You know everything, don't you? After all, you're pretty much
         a veteran at the Society."
    Nina: "'Veteran'? Are you referring to my age? I resent that! I just have a lot
          of experience here. Unlike the people sent from other offices, I was born
          in this town!"
    Mag: "A lot of experience? That's a veteran! I understand perfectly! Anyway, I
         wish somewhere there were ruins loaded with treasure--but without any
         pain-in-the-butt monsters."
    Nina: "Dream on! If such places existed, the Society would have sent its own
          people to investigate them long ago. But we can't, and that's why we hire
          Cyframe-carrying adventurers like you, Mag!"
    Mag: "Yeah, I guess so."
    Nina: "Only one of the ruins can be requested now. Is this one OK?"
    Mag: "Ok, I got it! Sure, I'll do it!"
    Nina: "Alright, I'll get you clearance right away. You can leave on your new
          adventure whenever you're ready. I know they're far, but it's not a
          problem 'cuz your family has a seaplane, right? It's just a hop from the
          Landing Field. Well, then, good luck! Give it your best, Mag!"
    Mag: "Come on Linear, let's go."
    [Mag and his party depart for the ruins and successfully clear through the traps
    and monsters. They return the Society to collect their reward.]
    Nina: "You did it! You cleared the ruins! Congratulations! Mag, you can do
          something if you set your mind to it. I'm so impressed!"
    Mag: "You ain't seen nothin' yet. Those ruins were a piece of cake. Next time
         give me something I can sink my teeth into."
    Nina: "Listen to you! I like your spirit, so we'll use you again. Keep up the
          good work! We're counting on you!"
         Mag's Living Room      ----------------------------------------------------
    Gre: "Well done, Mag. Today's adventure was a huge success."
    Mag: "See? Didn't I tell you I wouldn't make any more mistakes? I'm darn good
         when I set my mind to something."
    Gre: "Hunting through the ruins like that, you looked just like your father. You
         have set my mind at ease!"
    Mag: "My father... I wonder how he is. Since Linear's letter, there's been no
         word from him at all."
    Gre: "Ah, yes. I remember that night, one month after your father disappeared at
         the ruins. The snow was falling in heavy flakes, and suddenly Linear
         appeared alone at the doorway. She held a letter from your father, 'Please
         Mag, watch after Linear until my return. I am depending on you.' It's hard
         to believe that 3 years have gone by since that night Linear first came. It
         must be something serious that's keeping him away. But he will return! You
         mustn't lose heart, Mag!"
    Mag: "Lose heart? No one's losing heart. Father is an adventurer. I'm sure he's
         on an adventure somewhere."
    Gre: "That's the spirit, Mag! You are so grown-up now!"
    [Gre turns away from Mag and reminisces.]
    Gre: "It seems like only yesterday that I was changing your diapers... and
         washing your sheets in secret from everyone after you wet the bed. Ah, the
         memories. Those days are gone forever. It's a little sad."
    Mag: "Hey, hey! Don't bring up old stuff! Are you trying to embarrass me? Man, I
         don't believe this guy..."
         Mag's Room             ----------------------------------------------------
    [Mag gets a good night's rest after his first successful ruins excavation.]
    Mag: "Yaawn! Ah, I slept like a log!"
         Mag's Living Room      ----------------------------------------------------
    Gre: "Good morining, Mag. At last you are awake, I see."
    Mag: "Yaaawwwn... Morning, Gre. Good morning, Linear."
    Gre: "I did not awaken you this morning as you seemed exhausted from your
         adventure. You were sleeping like a baby."
    Mag: "Thanks, Gre. Boy, I wish you were this nice every morning."
    Gre: "Every morning? I couldn't possibly allow you to sleep past noon everyday.
         Someone from the 8th Imperial Army came this morning and caused a
    Mag: "What? The 8th Imperial Army? They were looking for me?"
    Gre: "Yes. I couldn't tell them you were still sleeping, so I sent him away and
         told him we would contact them later."
    Mag: "Hey, I was tired, OK? Anyhow, what does the military want with me?"
    Gre: "Apparently, a research team has arrived at Pannam Port for a joint
         investigation at the ruins with the Society. The scope of this joint
         investigation includes the fabled Cyframe, Evolutia, which we also seek.
         They wished to speak to the head of the Launcher Family because of his
         considerable knowledge of Evolutia."
    Mag: "Me? Knowledge of Evolutia? I should be the one asking them about
    Gre: "The 8th Empire is said to be the most technologically advanced for the
         Eastern powers now jostling for surpremacy."
    Mag: "So the mighty 8th Empire is looking for Evolutia, eh? I guess I'd better
         get off my butt, too!"
    Gre: "Oh, there is nothing to worry about. Just go to Pannam Port to meet with
         the investigating team there. After all, we're talking about Evolutia, the
         legendary Cyframe that we Launchers have searched 100 years for. Not even
         the 8th Imperial Army will find it that easily. Of that I assure you!"
    Mag: "Yeah, I guess you're right. Maybe I will go see them. I'd like to have a
         look at the 8th Imperial Army. Come on, Linear, let's go. We're going out
         for a walk. We should be back soon. Take care of things while we're gone,
    Gre: "Very well. Have a good time, Mag."
         8th Imperial Army      ----------------------------------------------------
    Lieutenant: "Crown Prince Eugene! Sir Mag Launcher has arrived!"
    [Mag and Linear are brought into the room.]
    ???: "Oh... Why are there two of you? I had heard that Asroc Launcher had one
         son. At least, I'm fairly sure that's what the briefing report said..."
    Eugene: "I am the divine Crown Prince of the 8th Empire, inheritor and direct
            descendant of the Leopold Dynasty. And... I am Supreme Commander of the
            8th Imperial Army, Admiral-in-Charge of the Western Regional Forces.
    Eugene: "The Cyframe Evolutia has always been a legend... Anyone who knows
            anything about archeology, or an adventurer for that matter, would have
            heard of it. It contains limitless energy, or it can create such enery.
            There are many legends, all different... we don't know. We don't even
            know if such a thing ever existed. It appears in legends and stories,
            but in no history books... That's all."
    Mag: "Yes... But I think it definitely exists."
    Eugene: "Actually, we have been digging in Imperial ruins for the past few
            years, and our knowledge has advanced rapidly. As a result of this, we
            are quite sure that Evolutia does exist and that it is right here in the
            Northrop Republic!"
    Mag: "That's incredible... I knew it existed! I'll have to start looking for it
    Eugene: "Well, as you like... We just wanted to get the cooperation of this
            country's Society to do some joint exploration. But when our Ministry of
            Intelligence did some preliminary research, we found some interesting
    Mag: "Interesting news?"
    Eugene: "It seems that your father, Asroc Launcher... Might have already
            discovered something extremley important relating to Evolutia."
    Mag: "What? My father? He never told me anything..."
    Eugene: "Well, it was just a rumor... but I wanted to investigate anyway. Now
            you don't remember anything that might lead to Evolutia's discovery, do
            you? Anything at all might be useful--stories about ruins, artifacts
            your father brought home..."
    Mag: "Well, as a matter of fact..."
    Eugene: "Well, what..."
    Mag: "...Everyting he brought home from the ruins, he traded to the Society. We
         were always in debt, you see..."
    Eugene: "Really... that's too bad... So none of these objects are in your hands
    Mag: "No, by now they're probably displayed in museums throughout many
    Eugene: "That's too bad... And I thought you would be of some use, too... now we
            have no more clues to go on... Now we'll have to go after Evolutia the
            slow way... Well... Thank you very much for your cooperation! Sorry to
            have wasted your time. You may go now, Mag Launcher."
    Mag: "That's not a very nice way to thank somebody!"
    Eugene: "It's just a figure of speech! I'm just saying I have no more use for
    Mag: "Thanks a lot! No one's ever been so rude to me... Let's go, Linear.
         There's nothing more for us here."
    Eugene: "Ah, there's one more thing I would like to ask."
    Mag: "Oh... So you've changed your mind now! Well, what do you want?"
    Eugene: "I was wondering... would you give Linear over to me? I'm sure she would
            be happy serving as my maid."
    Mag: "What are you talking about? Are you making some kind of bad joke?! Well,
         we're out of here!"
         Mag's Garden           ----------------------------------------------------
    Mag: "We might as well go, Linear. I thought there might be something 
         because it was the army. But when we were done talking they just told us to
         get out. Talk about rude... That Eugene guy's really weird. He gives me the
         8th Imprial Army       ----------------------------------------------------
    Eugene: "How are things? Is everything going smoothly?"
    Lieutenant: "Yes, sir. All is according to plan. Output is more stable since
                leaving port... Sensors are operating normally. As you can see, we
                are now beginning to pick up both large and small Cyframe
    Eugene: "Ha ha ha... This stubborn old thing is finally beginning to work, I
            see. Good. I have already dealt with the Ministries and had negotiations
            with the Society, but now the game really begins... The silly old men in
            the Imperial Senate who opposed this plan to the last are about to be
            proved wrong. Ha ha..."
    Eugene: "Notify the Society! We are blockading the ruins as originally planned.
            The 8th Imperial Army will supervise!"
    Imperial Sailor: "Yes, Sir. Understood, Sir!"
    Eugene: "But that Linear girl... She was so pretty.. I'd love to have her around
            always... Yes, indeed..."
         Mag's Garden           ----------------------------------------------------
    [Linear is playing her ocarina alone in the garden. Meanwhile, Gre and Mag watch
    from a distance.]
    Mag: "That must be Linear playing her Ocarina. Ah, I never get tired of hearing
         that sound."
    Gre: "Yes, it has a soothing effect on the listener's mind. It's the timbre. By
         the way, do you remember when Linear first came to us?"
    Mag: "Yeah, that was a rough time. She said nothing about my father's letter,
         and she was so tense all the time."
    Gre: "Yes, but when you played the ocarina she somehow calmed down."
    Mag: "Ha ha. After that, she practiced the ocarina every day. It didn't take her
         long to get better than me! That Linear!"
    [Linear abruptly stops playing when she sees a dying flower. She approaches it
    and uses her healing powers to revive it.]
    Gre: "Linear's powers brought the dead flowers back to life. Her powers never
         cease to amaze me."
    Mag: "Oh, so that's why the flowers around the house are in bloom all year
         round. Hey, wait a minute! No one ever told me that Linear had that kind of
    Gre: "You didn't know? Well of course you didn't know, Mag. That's because
         Linear tended the flowers early in the morning, when you were still sound
         asleep. The flowers that bloomed anew bloomed for more than a year. I
         haven't seen such amazing powers in a long time."
    Mag: "Linear!"
    [Mag walks over to Linear.]
    Mag: "Way to go, Linear! Tell me how she doe sit! Come on, please!"
    Gre: "When kindhearted Linear sees a living thing in pain or distress, she must
         feel that pain herself. Perhaps God prolongs the flower's life so that
         Linear won't be saddened by its withering. That's my interpretation. Ah,
         but perhaps I am a tad too romantic."
    Mag: "Yeah, maybe a little. Ha ha. But still, it's great that Linear has that
         kind of talent."
         8th Imperial Army      ----------------------------------------------------
    Radar Operator: "Sir, a massive enery reaction! Whatever it is, it's huge!"
    Eugene: "Ah-ha! So it is here after all! It must be Evolutia, the most important
            legacy from the ancient civilization!"
    Radar Operator: "Sir, I have the numbers! The first response was indeterminate,
                    then 9,2000, no, 9,3000 every 2 seconds."
    Eugene: "Wonderful. Now tell me. Where is it coming from?"
    Radar Operator: "Approximately 20 parses north-northwest of here. Near Pannam
                    Town, sir."
    Eugene: "Pannam Town! Ah, yes, the home of Asroc Launcher! I knew that little
            brat was hiding something! It seems a little spying is in order. I
            wonder what we will find. Listen! Send a message to the homeland
            requesting official deployment of the 4th Fleet, now on standby. Tell
            them we need reinforcements to protect the research vessel. They'll
            believe that. Hee hee hee. Ha ha ha ha!"
         Mag's Garden           ----------------------------------------------------
    [Linear is outside playing her Ocarina when she is approached by Eugene.]
    Eugene: "Ah, my sweet Linear! What a coincidence that we should meet at a
            place like this. This rendevous of ours must have been predestined by
    [Eugene presents Linear with a bouquet of flowers, but she staggers back.]
    Eugene: "I had these brought here just for you. I hope you like roses. Roses
            and women...  both begin to lose their beauty once they have blossomed.
            Wouldn't you agree, my dear? Ha ha ha. Don't you get it? A rose is most
            beautiful when it first beings to bud. And so it is with women. And with
            you! Ha ha ha!"
    [Linear shakes her head unapprovingly.]
    Eugene: "Now, Linear, you and I will be together..."
    Mag: "Hey, Linear! Is the tea ready yet? Linear?"
    Eugene: "Drat! Right at the good part... Well, if it isn't Mag Launcher. I trust
            you are well."
    Mag: "You! Eugene, what are you doing here!"
    Eugene: "Today I thought I would take a break from work and mingle with ordinary
            civilians such as yourself. As two people searching for Evolutia, we
            should learn to see eye to eye, don't you think? Instead of standing
            around talking here, I will sample your local hospitality at that
            shabby- looking house over there."
         Mag's Living Room      ----------------------------------------------------
    Euegene: "Ha ha ha! I can tell what a ervelous adventurer your father was just
             by looking at you. I hope to meet him someday. I wonder when I will get
             the chance..."
    Mag: "No one knows. We haven't heard anything from him since he wrote the letter
         that Linear was carrying that day."
    Gre: "That is correct. Linear has always been with us for 3 years."
    Eugene: "Ah, so she was not born into this family?"
    Mag: "No, she wasn't. She came here three years ago. That was the first time we
         ever saw her."
    Eugene: "So she is not a Launcher by blood?"
    Mag: "I already told you. She first came here 3 years ago, carrying a letter
         from my father! Of course, she's family now. Isn't that right, Linear?"
    [Linear nods.]
    Eugene: "Hmm... You don't suppose... Three years ago... So that's it. Now I
    [Eugene promtply gets up to leave.]
    Eugene: "Ha ha ha! Yo'll have to excuse me now. I just remembered something
            wonderful that I must do immediately."
    Mag: "Huh? What's he talking about? What something wonderful?"
    [Eugene leaves.]
    Mag: "That guy is just weird. Hey, Linear, do you think he and I will ever see
         eye to eye?"
    [Linear shakes her head.]
         Mag's Garden           ----------------------------------------------------
    Lieutenant: "What shall I do, Your Highness?"
    Eugene: "Get her! Get the girl!"
    Lieutenant: "Yes, Your Highness!
         Mag's Living Room      ----------------------------------------------------
    Mag: "What's that Eugene up to? Why did he leave in such a hurry? Oh well, at
         least we got rid of that weirdo. Alright then. Come on, Linear, we've got
         work to do today."
    Gre: "Good luck to the both of you. I will be awaiting your return."
         Society                ----------------------------------------------------
    Nina: "Welcome to the Society. Another adventure today, Mag? Your enthusiasm is
    Mag: "Yeah, I will take another assignment. That last adventure proved just how
         good I am, eh?"
    Nina: "You bet! You do such good work, it makes things easier for us, too!
    Mag: "With those 8th Imperial Army goons out looking for Evolutia, I have to get
    Nina: "Oh, by the way... One site of ruins will be blockaded while the 8th
          Imperial Army conducts an archeological survey. One of their soldiers was
          bragging that the 8th Imperial Army is high-tech in all of its
          archeological surveys."
    Mag: "The ruins are blockaded? You mean we can't even get inside?"
    Nina: "I know you don't like it, but we don't either. Besides, it's only one
          site. So bear with us for a little while!"
    Mag: "Hey, wait a minute. I thought the Society was an academic orginization.
         Since when did you go military?"
    Nina: "Their survey team uses high-tech equipment, and the soldiers can take
          care of the monsters. The survey's objectives are scientific, so the
          Society's directors couldn't say no, apparently."
    Mag: "I just don't know... Oh, well. The survey will be over soon, anyway."
    [Mag and his party depart for the ruins and successfully clear through the traps
    and monsters. They return to the Society afterwards.]
    Nina: "You've been doing very well. You're turning into a full-fledged
          adventurer! You show so much promise now!"
    Mag: "Me? Really? Aw, gee, thanks."
         Mag's Living Room      ----------------------------------------------------
    [After checking in with the Society, Mag and Linear return home only to find
    that Gre has been apprehended by Eugene and his troops.]
    Eugene: "Welcome back, Mag. Did your adventure go well, today? That's what I'm
            supposed to say, eh? Hello, Mag Launcher. I let myself in."
    Mag: "E-Eugene?! What do you want? What did you do to Gre?"
    Gre: "Ugh.. M-Mag! Stay away! They have been waiting here to kidnap Linear!"
    Eugene: "Now, now. Don't misunderstand me. I merely came to ask Linear to
            cooperate with the 8th Imperial Army. Although she may not know it
            herself, Linear has amazing powers. She holds the key that will unlock
            the mysteries of ancient civilizations. She will benefit all humankind!"
    Mag: "What on earth are you talking about?"
    Eugene: "Hmph. It is pointless for the likes of you to hold the key to ancient
            wisdom. The 8th Empire has been chosen by the Ancients to inherit their
            powers! Now give the girl to me!"
    Gre: "Run! Hurry! Run away now!"
    Mag: "Arrgh! Gre, I'll rescue you later! I promise! Come on, Linear."
    Mag: "Linear! This way!"
    [The two heads towards the Landing Field.]
    Mag: "They seem to be after Linear. We have to get her to a safe place."
    Mag: "..Ugh! Wh-why would they send such a thing..."
    [A large tank appears and blocks the path.]
    Mag: "Aaaargh! Here goes nothing..."
    [Countless tanks begin to enter the field. Mag attempts to flee with Linear but
    is cornered. He uses his Cyframe to break the ground beneath the tanks and
    succeeds in halting them from coming closer. However, he is injured by an
    explosion and falls unconscious. Eugene appears and takes Linear away.]
         Mag's Room             ----------------------------------------------------
    Gre: "Mag! You're finally awake! Can you hear me?"
    Mag: "Ugh... Y-Yeah..."
    Mag: "L-Linear... Where's... Linear?"
    Gre: "I'm sorry to say, she was taken away by the 8th Imperial Army troops.
         Their warship has apparently left Pannam Port for the journey home."
    Mag: "What?! The warship's gone?!"
    Gre: "This is exactly the sort of thing that your father meant in his letter by,
         'Please look after this girl, Linear.' The 8th Imperial Army goons were
         saying something about a legendary Cyframe."
    Mag: "I promised to protect Linear. I thought I could do it. I thought... My
         father's request... My promise to Linear... I couldn't fulfill either of
         them. What's the matter with me?"
    Gre: "Mag..."
    Mag: "I got cocky and slipped up. I'm sorry that I couldn't protect you, Linear.
         Maybe there was no way a good-for-nothing like me could have ever protected
    Gre: "...Your father, Asroc Launcher, was the type of man who never gave up...
         no matter what happened. But you, Mag Launcher, whom I have observed these
         16 years... You are even more persistent than your father."
    Mag: "Gre..."
    Gre: "This isn't like you, Mag! Come, fight the good fight like you always do!
         Promises are meant not to be broken but to be kept! It's still not too late
         to keep your promise!"
    Mag: "So, giving up isn't like me, huh? Yeah... I'm not a quitter! Once you give
         up, it's all over, right? Right! Thanks for the pep talk, Gre! I'm going to
         go after those goons right now! Get my Cyrframe ready!"
    Gre: "Oh, Mag!"
    Chain: "Going somewhere, Mag? Don't tell me you're going out all by your
           lonesome self."
    Mag: "Chain, it's you... And you, Pepper!"
    Gre: "Upon explaining what happened to Linear, they eagerly volunteered to help
    Chain: "I'm not exactly crazy about the idea of rescuing that scaredy-cat girl,
           you know. But I was already steaming mad about how those jerks blockaded
           the ruins like that. I say now's the time to open up a can of whoop-ass
           on those jerks!"
    Pepper: "Now that's a pretty nice story, taking on the 8th Imperial Army. A
            chance like this doesn't come my way too often. Count me in! Besides, I
            can't wait to see the new head of the Launcher family strut his stuff."
    Gre: "And with all due respect, Mag, I am still a better seaplane pilot than you
         are. May I also accompany you, Mag?"
    Mag: "Thank you all for your help!"
    Gre: "Very well, I shall ready the seaplane for our journey. Please come to the
         Landing Field once you have prepared the Cyframe and the rest of your
         equipment. Remember, we are going against the 8th Imperial Army. Prepare
         yourselves thoroughly. I will see you all later."
         Landing Field          ----------------------------------------------------
    [After preparing themselves, Mag and his party meet Gre in the Landing Field.]
    Chain: "We don't need to pull our punches with them. Just let 'em have it!"
    Pepper: "Right! I'm sick of playing around! Seems like we think the same way..."
    Gre: "Don't worry. I'm sure Linear is fine... I know you well, and I believe
         you'll be able to save her."
    Mag: "I'll save her no matter what... I'm coming, Linear..."
    [They all board the seaplane and head off towards Eugene's fleet.]
         8th Imperial Army      ----------------------------------------------------
    Eugene: "No need to be afraid... All you have to do is touch this radar screen.
            Don't worry, I won't hurt you. Hee hee hee... What's wrong, Linear?
            Don't you want to go home? I told you that we have no intention of
            harming you one bit. If you help us find what we are looking for, we'll 
            let you go back home immediately. I promise. Linear? Come to think of
            it, might as well give that boy something for his troubles."
    Eugene: "So what about it, Linear? If you just cooperate with us for a little
            while, we'll give you a great reward. Have you done anything for the
            Launchers while you've been staying with them? This would be a good
            chance to do something nice for them, wouldn't it? Ok, Linear, all you
            have to do is touch the radar screen."
    [Linear approaches the radar screen and touches it, and it shines brightly.]
    Eugene: "I have waited so long for this moment... Finally... It is mine!
            Evolutia, the Cyframe of legend It's you, Linear! You are Evolutia!
            Evolutia is you! Hee hee hee... I've finally found you... Linear! Ha ha!
            And you didn't know what you were! But of course, a Cyframe built from a
            living thing would not be aware of its true nature. Ha ha ha ha...! At
            last, the dream of all humanity is about to be realized! Ha ha ha..."
         Seaplane               ----------------------------------------------------
    Gre: "Young master Mag!!"
    Mag: "We have to get on that ship. Can you crash into it, Gre? Anywhere will 
    Gre: "Understood. Everyone hang on, we're going in!"
    [The 8th Imperial Fleet attempts to shoot the seaplane down, but Gre manages to
    land onto the ship.]
         8th Imperial Fleet     ----------------------------------------------------
    Mag: "Looks like we got their attention. Maybe we overdid it..."
    Chain: "Nah--this is perfect! Let's finish off these guys first and then go
           after the rest!"
    Gre: "However, one of us should probably stay behind. Some soldiers might come
         this way, too."
    Pepper: "I agree. It definitely would be good to come back and find the seaplane
            in pieces... Mag?"
    [Mag chooses to go with Gre and Pepper.]
    Chain: "I have to stay behind? Oh well, that's alright. We're pretty visible
           here, so it shouldn't get too boring... Come back if you need me to lend
           a hand, though. I'll help you show'em not to mess with us! Also, come
           back if you get too worn out. There's no point in fighting if you're too
           tired to win..."
    [Mag and his party explore the ship and come across a room full of tanks.]
    Mag: "Wh-what...!? Well, that sure isnt going to make things easier for me!"
    [They defeat the tank and move towards the upper level where Eugene awaits.]
    Eugene: "So you've come again... Seems like you've been running around here
            causing trouble, haven't you? You don't have every good manners, do you?
            Didn't anyone teach you how to make a good impression, Mag Launcher?"
    Mag: "Eugene! Where is Linear? Where did you take her?"
    Eugene: "Hmph! What would you do if you saw her again, anyway? From now on, she
            is part of the 8th Empire. You might as well get used to that, and go
            home now."
    Mag: "Don't try to trick me! Linear would never join you!"
    Eugene: "On the contrary--her true place is now with me. Don't you understand?
            She no longer belongs with a country bumpkin like you. Like me, she has
            a great destiny waiting for her! That is... leading humanity to its next
            step with us, the 8th Empire!"
    Mag: "I don't know what you're talking about, but give Linear back now, or
    Eugene: "Dealing with barbarians can sometimes be so tiring... The only thing to
            convince some people is brute force not words. You will regret this, Mag
    [Mag and his party confront Eugene in combat and defeat him.]
    Eugene: "You little...! I admit, you do give honor to the title of adventurer.
            I'm through playing games! You'll regret we ever met! Are you ready to
            face my wrath? Now that you've pushed me this far... Good bye..."
    [Eugene runs away.]
    Mag: "Huh? 'Good bye'...? He's escaping! No...!"
    Gre: "Let us give chase, little Mag. We must rescue Mistress Linear!"
    Pepper: "From what he was saying... it sounds like he's plotting something!
            Let's go, and don't let him trick you!"
    Mag: "Let's go! Hurry now!"
    Mag: "That way, huh? You're not getting far, Eugene!"
    [The three follow him outside and find him with Linear across a bridge.]
    Eugene: "Stop there, Mag Launcher!"
    Mag: "Linear..."
    Eugene: "I thought I told you that Linear's fate was with the 8th Empire. Or had
            you forgotten? She'll never go back to you!"
    Mag: "You can't play games wth me! Why would I believe you?"
    Eugene: "You're so pathetic... I might as well tell you why. I don't know how or
            where he hid it. But our father, Asroc Launcher, had already obtained
            the legendary Cyframe 3 years ago. In other words, he had found Linear,
            who is also Evolutia!"
    Mag: "Huh? What are you talking about? Are you trying to trick me?!"
    Eugene: "Ha! I don't blame you for being surprised. I was too when I heard of a
            Cyframe built from a living being. Indeed, when we first tested its
            capabilities, the instruments almost went berserk!"
    Mag: "I just can't believe it..."
    Eugene: "Since the Cyframes are a relic from an ancient civilization, we still
            really don't understand how they work... And... the ultimate Cyframe,
            Evolutia, superior to all others... is not a machine, but Linear! Ha ha
            ha... don't you see... don't you see how sublime it is? The people of
            old had reached the status of gods! Using the power of Evolutia, they
            escaped aging and death. This is the dream of all humanity! This
            technology from an ancient civilization allows to evolve into Gods!"
    Mag: "Linear is... Evolutia...? ...Evolving into gods...?"
    Eugene: "Do you finally understand? Forget about Linear! That's about all you
            can do, anyway."
    Mag: "So... so... I see... What are you going to do with Linear?"
    Eugene: "My, my... It seems you still don't understand. Isn't it obvious? Soon
            the whole world will know about Evolutia! What do you think will happen
            when everyone learns that Linear is Evolutia? They'll try to get her."
    Mag: "You can't mean... I'll just have to protect her from all of them. From you
         and the 8th Empire, Eugene!"
    Eugene: "You certainly do talk a big game, Mag Launcher. Can you back it up,
    Mag: "...!!"
    [The ship's cannons aim towards Mag and destroys part of the bridge.]
    Mag: "Watch out..! That sneaky rat!"
    Pepper: "Look! Here comes a second shot! Let's get away while we still can,
    Mag: "Ugh, Linear! I'll come back--I promise! Wait for me!"
    [Mag and his party retreat.]
    Eugene: "Darn... I almost had him, too... Ooohh! It's coming back this way!"
    [Inside the ship, Mag and the party discuss a new strategy.]
    Mag: "Wow... That's some heavy firepower! But destroying your own ship... What
         is Eugene thinkng?"
    Gre: "I for one am glad that everybody is safe."
    Pepper: "He's pretty dangerous... even to himself! So what's our plan now?"
    Mag: "Doesn't look like we can pass through this way..."
    Gre: "There's something I noticed a short time ago when we were outside... Even
         though it may be a little farther to go, I believe that path will lead us
         to the other side."
    Mag: "Alright then--let's go that way!"
    [They find a different route to explore, and find Linear tied up in a room by
    Mag: "Linear! Are you alright?! I'm so glad you're not hurt! Just hold still
         while I untie you..."
    [Before Mag could help her, Linear begins to shake her head.]
    Mag: "Hmm...? What's wrong, Linear? Everything's okay now... You'll be fine!
         There's nothing to be afraid of..."
    Gre: "Young master Mag! Behind you..."
    [Eugene appears, mounted on a robotic tank.]
    Eugene: "Do you really expect to get out of here... alive?"
    Mag: "Oh, it's you, Eugene."
    Eugene: "I will unleash the power within Linear to become the true successor of
            ancient civilizations!"
    Mag: "You're crazy! Linear is just Linear! She's got nothing to do with ancient
         civilizaions or Evolutia."
    Eugene: "You are completely ignorant! What do you know about ancient
            civilizations or Evolutia? I won't had over Evolutia to anybody! You
            will die here and now!"
    [Mag and the party fight against Eugene once more and defeat him.]
    Mag: "Wow! ...I did it... I won!"
    Mag: "Linear, I'll see you free right now!"
    [The ship shakes and an explosion is heard.]
    Pepper: "Wait a sec... That explosion was close by. We have to hurry up or we
            won't be able to escape..."
    Mag: "Would you look for an exit for us, then? I need to get Linear out of
         these ropes. Then we'll follow."
    Pepper: "Do it as fast as you can, Mag. Something tells me this boat isn't going
            to be floating much longer..."
    Gre: "I will go look for a way out. Follow with all speed, little Mag!"
    Mag: "Let's go now!"
    [Mag frees Linear of her ropes.]
    Mag: "I did it! Are you okay, Linear?"
    Mag: "Let's go, Linear! We gotta escape from this ship quickly!"
    [Mag and Linear leave and find a lifeboat.]
    Mag: "Phew! There's a lifeboat! With this we can escape across the sea. We can
         do it! Everyone aboard. I'm coming, Linear!"
    [Mag is suddenly shot from the back and Eugene emerges from within the ship.]
    Eugene: "Ha ha ha... Ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha!! With the aid of Evolutia, may I
            become as powerful as Thee? With the aid of my Evolutia's limitless
            energy, I will re-create paradise on earth! Only I can inherit the power
            of ancient civiliztions. I will become as a god and rule over the
            paradise I'll create..."
    [Something causes the ship to shake and a bright light flahses.]
    Eugene: "...Huh? I Will... Um... Lin... Linear...?"
    Eugene: "Ah, so that's where you were! I was looking for you, Linear. We had an
            unexpected distraction, but everything is fine now! No need to worry
            with me around! Evolutia's power, hidden within Linear, is our greatest
            gift from ancient civilizations! I will not be stopped! Ok, get on the
            boat. You're coming with me!"
    [Linear shakes her head and Eugene threatens her with his pistol.]
    Eugene: "This warship will not last much longer! Come on, Linear!"
    [Linear glares at him.]
    Eugene: "Can't you hear me?"
    [He shoots behind her.]
    Eugene: "Did you hear what I said? Either way, get on the boat now, Linear.
            Alright, now I'm getting mad. Get on the boat within the count of three,
            or else... One... Two... Three!"
    [Mag awakens, and attacks Eugene with his Cyframe, sending him into the ocean.]
    Mag: "Li... Linear... Are you... alright? Ok... We did it... Ha ha, I'm
         perfectly fine... There's nothing he could do to me. Um... do you mind if I
         lean on you, Linear? Let's get away on that boat..."
    [Mag blacks out and Linear leans against him as the ship explodes. Gre and the
    others who have already boarded the seaplane anxiously search for Mag. A bright
    light appears from Linear, who is in the sky with Mag. Mag awakens to find
    Linear engulfed in the light.]
    Linear: "Mag, you okay?"
    [He grins and nod. Linear embraces him.]
                               Part Two        |   [PT2]
         Mag's Living Room      ----------------------------------------------------
    Mag: "I had always told myself that I would be the one to find the legendary
         Cyframe, Evolutia. Now I find out that it was Linear all along. I was
         surprised, yet at the same time... I wonder where and when Linear was
         born... And just what on earth Evolutia is, anyway! Ever since that
         incident, that's all I've thought about. After all that thinking, I
         realized something... I realized that I just don't know! Ha ha ha! But
         there's one thing I am sure about. Linear is my partner! She's family! I
         don't care what kind of girl she turns out to be. I'm sure she'll explain
         the whole thing to me some day!"
    Mag: "Those 8th Imperial Army goons went home. I hope I never have to see them
         again. Now that they're gone, the ruins are open again, but the soldiers
         took all the valuable artifacts with them. Nina at the Society said the
         artifacts are probably at the bottom of the sea. Oh, man. This whole mess
         isn't my fault! Speaking of mess, we're in a bit of a jam, too."
    Gre: "Just before reaching land, we made an emergency water landing because the
         Sea Otter broke down AND ran out of fuel. The Society rescued us, but they
         sent us a huge bill for repairs and the cost of recovering the Sea Otter.
         Now we're back to being deep in debtall over again! O woe is me!"
    Mag: "Don't worry! We'll just get more assignments from the Society and really
         rake in the dough!"
    Gre: "Yes, that's the spirit! Such confidence! Such dignity! You are a true
         adventurer, Mag!"
    Mag: "Really? Gee, thanks. Anyhow, we'll be alright as long as we keep taking on
         new adventures."
    Gre: "Absolutely right! And I'll be right by your side, Mag!"
    Mag: "Yeah, well, I'm going to the Society to see if they have a new assignment
         for us. Come on, Linear, let's go."
    Linear: "OK. Let's go, Mag."
         Train                  ----------------------------------------------------
    [After that, six months later... Gre and Linear are on a train that just
    departed. On foot and trying to catch up is Mag.]
    Mag: "Yeowwww! I'm late! I'm late..."
    Gre: "Young Master Mag! Please Hurrrrrry!"
    Linear: "Mag..."
    [Mag draws closer and manages to jump onto the train before it picks up speed.]
    Mag: "Ungh!! Phew. Made it."
         Train Compartment      ----------------------------------------------------
    Gre: "My, my, you had me worried..."
    Mag: "Hee-hee. Sorry. I sorta forgot something."
    Linear: "Forgot something...?"
    Mag: "Not yet. It's a secret."
    [Mag and the others walk into the next compartment and find Nina.]
    Nina: "Ah!! Mag! Boy, you surprised me. When the train finally left, I couldn't
          find you anywhere."
    Mag: "Tee-hee-hee..."
    Nina: "As a representative of Pannam Town, you have to be more responsible.
          We're going to Museville, after all."
    Mag: "Uh, OK, I get it."
    Nina: "NO! You don't get it at all! President Whitehead told me to get the
          number one adventurer from Pannam Town."
    Mag: "The number one adventurer, hee-hee... That's sorta embarrassing..."
    Gre: "A direct assignment by the Society to investigate prehistoric civilization
         is quite an honor, Young Master Mag!!"
    Mag: "But this Society assignment, what exactly is it?"
    Nina: "Hmm... Actually, I haven't been told the details myself."
    Mag: "Oh well. I guess I'll find out when I get there."
    [A ringing noise is heard throughout the train.]
    Mag: "Huh!? What's that sound?"
    Nina: "Oh, NO!!! It's the intruder alarm!!"
    Mag: "Intruder alarm?"
    Nina: "Yes... This area is infested with bandits who attack the intercontinental
          railway. So they installed an intruder alarm that goes off if a intruder
          comes into the car!!"
    Mag: "Intruders!? Sounds like it's coming from the car up front."
    [As Mag and the others enter the next car, they see Chain sneaking onto the
    Chain: "Ah..."
    Mag: "Ch-Chain!? Why are you here!?"
    Chain: "Ah... um, um... Hee. What else can it be? I'm going, too! To the Society
           of Museville!"
    Mag: "Huh? You too, Chain!? That's not what I heard! I was the one asked to come
         to Museville in the first place..."
    Chain: "Listen, Mag! Just because you got a little famous, don't let it go to
           your head! On this adventure, I'll show you who's the number one
           adventurer in Pannam Town!"
    Gre: "So, Miss Chain was the cause of that alarm after all, yes?"
    Mag: "I can't believe it, a false alarm."
    Chain: "Humph."
    [As they return to the next car, an explosion is heard and the train begins to
    Mag: "Huh!? What's that...!?"
    [The train comes to a complete stop and bandits board the train.]
    Mystery Man: "Don't move! I'm just looking for some treasure! If you just behave
                 yourselves, no one will get hurt."
    Mag: "..."
    Mystery Man: "My name is Carcano."
    Carcano: "I am a bandit known in these parts... for not letting my prey get
    Gre: "A BANDIT!?"
    Carcano: "Ya got that!"
    Mag: "I don't know anything about bandits but I have nothing to give you! Bring
         it on!"
    [Mag and party fight Carcano, with Mag being the victor.]
    Carcano: "Out of respect for your courage, we shall retire for today. So long,
    [The bandits escape.]
    Mag: "Rats! He got away..."
    Gre: "But why did the bandits choose to attack this train...? Miss Nina may know
         something about this."
    [They return to the previous compartment where Nina is.]
    Nina: "Incredible, Mag!! Driving off Carcano like that!"
    Mag: "Nina, do you know anything about Carcano?"
    Nina: "Yes, he is a powerful bandit known as the 'Red Wolf'. He is said to never
          let his prey get away."
    Mag: "His prey... huh? Now that you mention it, he said he was searching for
    Nina: "So I guess it was just a decoy. While Carcano had everyone's attention,
          they made off with their real objective. In fact, just one piece of cargo
          disappeared during that commotion. It was a spherical Appraisal item. We
          were taking it to the Society Museum to find out what age it was from. It
          was an important Appraisal item, so Iwas going to bring it along."
    Mag: "Aw, rats! That dastardly Carcano! To steal an Appraisal item..."
    Gre: "What a despicable coward! To steal while Young Master Mag was bravely
         fighting fair and square!"
    Nina: "You're right. But Mag, you fought off Carcano so everyone is safe. I'm
          just glad for that. Once we reach Museville, I'll report to President
          Whitehead, so it will be all right... I think."
         Museville              ----------------------------------------------------
    Nina: "Whew. You must be tired. I have to go make a report to the Society. Mag,
          I'll tell President Whitehead that you and the others have arrived safely.
          I'll tell him about Carcano too, so it might take a while today. What do
          you want to do, Mag?"
    Mag: "Hmm, let's see..."
    Gre: "Young Master Mag! I shall find us a place to stay tonight."
    Nina: "A place to stay... the hotel, right? Then fine. I'll come by tomorrow
    [Nina leaves.]
    Gre: "I shall make arrangements at the hotel where we shall stay. Once you have
         looked around town, pleace come to the hotel. Understood, Young Master 
    [Gre leaves.]
    Mg: "Well, now that we have the chance, let's take a look around Museville."
         Hotel Lobby            ----------------------------------------------------
    Gre: "Oh my. What trouble we had between leaving Pannam Town and arriving in
    Mag: "Yeah, with that bandit Carcano."
    Gre: "But Young Master Mag, you were magnificent! I, Gre, was simply moved by
         your bravery in facing Carcano!"
    Chain: "He wasn't such hot stuff, getting beaten by a useless adventurer like
    Mag: "What's this? Look who's talking. You were scared stiff when Carcano
         showed up."
    Chain: "WAS NOT!! I was just a little startled by him showing up all of a
    Mag: "Just a little startled, huh..."
    Chain: "Oooo. Aw, forget it. I'm hittin' the sack. Well, goodnight."
    [Chain leaves.]
    Mag: "Think I'll crash too. G'night LInear..."
    [Next day.]
    Gre: "Good morning, everyone!"
    Mag: "Good morning, Gre."
    Linear: "Good morning..."
    Gre: "Dazzling light and fresh air!! Morning is certainly the time of supreme
         bliss! Oh, that's right. Miss Nina came by this morning with a message for
         you. She said to tell Young Master Mag to come by the Society Museum."
    Mag: "The Society Museum, eh? So the time has come. Alright! So let's go to the
    Linear: "OK."
    Mag: "Huh!? Chain, aren't you coming?"
    Chain: "The message said for Mag to come, right? I'll be polishing my Cyframe so
           I can leave at a moment's notice. BUT!! If you get a job assignment, I
           won't let you go off without me."
         Whitehead's Office     ----------------------------------------------------
    Whitehead: "Oh? Nina, did you say he's the number one adventurer in Pannam
    Nina: "That's right. Mag Launcher, the number one adventurer in Pannam Town,
          that is he. As I reported yesterday, his skills are such that he easily
          drove off Carcano's gang when they attacked the train."
    Whitehead: "Hmm. You don't say."
    Nina: "His adventuring skills are first-rate but his debts are also first-rate.
          He's first-rate in everything!"
    Mag: "Hmm. I'm not quite sure if I'm being praised or belittled..."
    Nina: "Anyway, I'm sure he will perform up to your expectations, Mr. President.
          ...But still, I don't quite know what kind of assignments he was called
    Whitehead: "Hmm... Mag Launcher. I see, he must be one in the line of
               adventurers in the Launcher family. My name is Professor Whitehead.
               President of the Society. In plan words, I represent the Society in
               research of prehistoric civilization. According to Nina's report,
               Mag, you... Up until now, you have discovered various appraisal
    Whitehead: "Ah, ehem! But Mag, with that misfortune on the train, I never
               imagined that Carcano would appear."
    Mag: "That Carcano stole those important...!!"
    Whitehead: "Ah, oh, oh... Oh, well. It cannot be helped he IS Carcano, after
               all. But I shall not be standing idly by. I swear that I will catch
               him by hook or by crook. Ah, ehem! Well, let me get to the point."
    Mag: "Yes?"
    Whitehead: "Ehem! ...What I will tell you is top secret. The Society is now
               proceeding with a major project. I cannot tell you the details, but
               we are in search of some secret items that will garner us a
               prehistoric legacy."
    Mag: "Secret items?"
    Whitehead: "Yes. The appraisal item stolen by Carcano was one of those items.
               But how they managed to sniff it out... Anyway, as the number one
               adventurer of Pannam Town, I am asking you for help. Naturally, we
               shall compensate you handsomely for your efforts."
    Mag: "Just leave it to me. A search for secret items, huh? Now it seems like an
    Whitehead: "Hmm. You sound quite promising. Well then, I shall first assign you
               to search in Blaze Ruins."
    Mag: "Blaze Ruins?"
    Whitehead: "Yes, after leaving the Society Museum, go straight down that street
               and you will come to the entrance of the city. Leave the city and
               head toward the northwest and you will see the ruins. You can ask the
               receptionist Lisa for information about the ruins, so find out what
               you need. Well then, please use this to help you make your
    [Whitehead gives Mag and party 1000 cash.]
         Blaze Ruins            ----------------------------------------------------
    [Mag and his party explore the dungeon until they reach the last level, where
    they encounter and defeat the dungeon boss, Storm Bird.]
    Mag: "All right! We beat 'em!"
    Linear: "M-Mag..."
    Mag: "...What's wrong, Linear? Yeow!!"
    [The dungeon boss, whom they thought was defeated, prepares to attack.]
    ???: "WATCH OUT!!"
    [Pepper appears and defends Mag and Linear, taking out Storm Bird.]
    Pepper: "Don't let your guard down, Mag."
    Mag: "...Pepper!? Thanks, Pepper. You really saved us."
    Pepper: "OK, you owe me one. Ha, ha ha. Just kidding! They got me searching the
            Blaze Ruins for treasure too. Too bad you got the jump on me, Mag.
            ...I know!! Even alone, it's still work. How about working together,
            again? Ya know, adventuring with you, Mag, was so much fun I'll never
            forget it. You can always find me at the restaurant across from the
            hotel, so come look me up sometime. Bye now."
    [Pepper leaves. Mag and everyone approaches an altar. A chest resides on top of
    Mag: "Maybe we should take this back."
    [Mag opens the chest and a blue orb floats out.]
    Mag: "Wha-what's that!?"
    [The orb begins to glow and engulfs the room in a bright light. Mag and the
    others see a vision of an ancient world before they are brought back to their
    Mag: "What the... was that... Oh well, gotta go back and check in."
    Linear: "..."
         Whitehead's Office     ----------------------------------------------------
    Whitehead: "Ah, ehem!! Mag, that was marvelous, conquering the ruins like that."
    Mag: "Hee, hee, hee... No big deal. Let me give you this. I found it deep in the
    [Mag hands over the orb.]
    Whitehead: "Th-th-this is incredible."
    Mag: "So do you think a little better of me, now?"
    Whitehead: "Wha-what do you mean by that!!? I never doubted your ability, Mag,
               from the beginning. Not at all."
    Mag: "Oh really."
    Whitehead: "Really, REALLY!! Mag, you did as I expected... Oh, that's right. We
               have to give you your reward for searching the ruins. Now go down to
               the receptionist and pick it up. I will call ahead. Thank you so much
               for your work today. You can relax now... Ehem!!"
    [Mag goes to see the receptionist.]
    Lisa the receptionist: "Oh, Mag. Congratulations on completeing the assignment.
                           Ah, yes. The prize money to be paid to Mag for this
                           adventure is 3000 cash. Um, thank you for your hard work!
                           Good luck on your next adventure."
         Hotel Lobby            ----------------------------------------------------
    [Mag and everyone rests for the night. Linear is outside her room on the balcony
    playing her ocarina while Gre and Chain listen from inside.]
    Gre: "What a nice melody."
    Chain: "That silly Linear, she always plays that ocarina if she has free time."
    Gre: "That ocarina is very special to Miss Linear."
    Chain: "The ocarina?"
    Gre: "Yes. Miss Linear came to live with us three years ago, you know...
         Carrying a letter from the father of Young Master Mag, Miss Linear arrived
         on a snowy night. Addressed to Young Master Mag, the letter asked him to
         protect Miss Linear. But we had no idea of what sorts of terror Miss Linear
         had been through up to that point... For every day she would cower in the
         corner even at the slightest of sounds. Pitying poor Miss Linear, Young
         Master Mag gave her his prized ocarina and even taught her how to play it.
         And amazingly, poor Miss Linear who could only cower, slowly but surely was
         able to... smile again."
    Chain: "Mag has always been a busybody."
    Mag: "Huh!? What are you two doing here!?"
    Gre: "Ah, Young Master Mag. Oh no, I seem to have talked too much. Very well,
         then good night, Miss Chain."
    Chain: "Uh, g'night..."
    [Gre leaves.]
    Mag: "So what were you talking about?"
    Chain: "Ah, nothing at all. Hee-hee."
    [Chain leaves.]
    Mag: "Aw, you could tell me. Think I'll turn in, too."
         Museville              ----------------------------------------------------
    [The next morning, Linear is outside the hotel by the fountain adoring a flower,
    until a mysterious boy greets her.]
    Linear: "Ah..."
    ???: "Sorry... I didn't mean to startle you. It's just... I wanted to... meet
    Linear: "Huh!?"
    ???: "I see... it's you..."
    [Linear backs away as he approaches her, but then he turns and looks at the
    flower she was just adoring.]
    Yurka: "I'm... Yurka. Same name as the... flowers you loved so well."
    Linear: "Yurka?"
    Yurka: "It's alright if you don't remember me... So you won't forget me again, I
           just want to leave my mark on you. The way you left your mark on me...
           Well, I must be going. I'll come to see you again... without fail...
    [Yurka disappears and a single feather floats into the sky.]
         Whitehead's Office     ----------------------------------------------------
    [Mag and Linear go to see Professor Whitehead.]
    Whitehead: "Well! Mag. Thanks for coming. Actually, I have an assignment for you
               and your party. Next, I want you to search for treasure from a
               prehistoric civilization said to be in the Forest Depths! What do you
               say? Will you do it?"
    Mag: "The Forest Depths, huh... Sounds interesting. Leave it to me!"
    Whitehead: "Excellent! So you'll do it! I'm glad to hear it! Well then, you
               should get started on your preparations. If you need any information,
               just ask Lisa."
         Forest Depths          ----------------------------------------------------
    [Mag and party go through the forest and defeat the dungeon boss. An altar
    similar to the one in Blaze Ruins sits in the center of the room.]
    Mag: "Hey, this is it..."
    [He opens the chest and a silver orb floats out.]
    Mag: "Wh-what...!?"
    [The room is engulfed in the same light as before, and they are confronted with
    images and symbols of an ancient language.]
    Mag: "That again... Those images... what could they be..."
    Linear: "..."
         Whitehead's Office     ----------------------------------------------------
    [Mag hands the orb over to Professor Whitehead.]
    Whitehead: "Ah, ehem!! Mag, what might this be?"
    Mag: "Um, it was in the ruins. It sorta looked like an Appraisal Item from one
         of the other ruins."
    Whitehead: "Yes, yes, I see... But I am quite surprised that you were able to
               get into the depths of the ruins. I never even imagined that I could
               lay eyes on that item so quickly."
    Mag: "What do you mean by that, Professor Whitehead?"
    Whitehead: "Oh, nothing at all. This is a secret item, after all. Cough, cough."
    [After speaking with him, Mag goes to collect his reward money. From his room,
    Professor Whitehead watches as they leave the building. He turns around to speak
    to his guest.]
    Whitehead: "Well, now. I have three of the keys. Now I only need the location of
               the remaining keys. Where are they?"
    ???: "..."
    Whitehead: "Tell me! I am not interested in who you are. I don't care one bit. I
               want to solve the prehistoric mysteries by myself..."
    ???: "Heh..."
    Whitehead: "Forget it. When I get all of the keys, I shall get the prehistoric
               power myself. But why that young man..."
    Yurka: "HE is not the one I need... Heh, heh... very soon... Soon the seal will
           be broken."
         Hotel Balcony          ----------------------------------------------------
    [As Linear plays her ocarina, Yurka comes to see her as promised.]
    Yurka: "So. We meet again..."
    Linear: "Yurka...?"
    Yurka: "I'm glad. You remembered me... What are you doing...?"
    [Linear's face saddens and she turns to a withering flower.]
    Yurka: "So the life of the flowers has begun to run out. Take a look..."
    [Yurka places a hand over the flower, and it withers.]
    Linear: "Ah..."
    Yurka: "Come... Linear, will you lend me your power...
    [Linear uses her power to revive the flower, and also succeeds in sprouting more
    flowers. She is amazed by her own strength.]
    Yurka: "He-he... This is MY power... One life ends but many new lives begin, we
           are two sides of the same coin. And no matter how much we may wish it, we
           cannot live with people. That is the fate of us with this power."
    [Footsteps are heard approaching the balcony.]
    Yurka: "...Hmm!? Do not forget this... We shall meet again, Linear..."
    [Yurka flies away.]
    Mag: "What...? I thought somebody was here... Linear. You'll catch cold if you
         stay out here."
    [Linear simply nods and follows Mag inside.]
         Whitehead's Office     ----------------------------------------------------
    [Mag and Linear go to see Professor Whitehead once again, who has a new
    assignement for them to take.]
    Whitehead: "The next assignment is going to be in a big of a colder place. I
               want you to get some prehistoric treasure from the Crypt Maze. By the
               way, Mag. Isn't it a bother to keep shifting items around on an
               adventure? To help you out with this, I am giving you this Adventure
               Backpack. This handy backpack will let you carry a few more items
               when leaving on an adventure. I hope you make good use of it!"
    Mag: "Wow, an Adventure Backpack. This should come in handy. Thank you,
         Professor Whitehead."
         Crypt Maze             ----------------------------------------------------
    [Mag and party explore Crypt Maze and defeat Pomornik, the dungeon boss. There
    is another altar with a chest on it.]
    Mag: "..."
    [He opens the chest and an orb floats out.]
    Mag: "Not, not again!?"
    [Glimpses of a machine and the destruction of an ancient world are seen.]
    Mag: "That scene... what could it be?"
    Linear: "..."
         Whitehead's Office     ----------------------------------------------------
    Whitehead: "Ah, ehem!! Mag, you did it again!?"
    Mag: "Yeah, I found it."
    [He gives the orb to Professor Whitehead.]
    Whitehead: "In-incredible, just too incredible."
    Mag: "I had a bit of a hard time, though."
    Whitehead: "Uh, ehem! ...Well, we must reward you for a successful adventure."
         Society Lobby          ----------------------------------------------------
    [Mag collects his reward from Lisa the receptionist.]
    Lisa: "Mag, you are so incredible. I can't believe you keep getting those
          valuable Appraisal Items so fast..."
    Mag: "Really?"
    Lisa: "Yes, I really admire you, Mag, for being free to go on adventures. Me, I
          just barely manage to handle my work here as a receptionist... No, no.
          It's not that I hate my job. It's just, I was wondering what would happen
          if I were reborn into a new me. But you know what, even then I still might
          be a Society receptionist. Hee, hee... I guess I sound pretty stupid,
          huh... Um, uh, thank you for your hard work! Good luck on your next
         Hotel Balcony          ----------------------------------------------------
    [Everyone goes to rest for the day. Mag, curious about Linear being on the
    balcony all the time, talks to her.]
    Mag: "Whats the matter, Linear? I see you here all the time."
    Linear: "Hmm... I might be waiting for him."
    Mag: "Waiting?"
    Linear: "Yes."
    Mag: "Waiting... for who?"
    Linear: "Yurka."
    Mag: "Yurka?"
    Linear: "...Yes. I met him the other day..."
    Mag: "Wow! So he's the first friend you've made since you came to Museville."
    Linear: "F-r-i-e-n-d?"
    Mag: "Yeah, a friend... Isn't he?"
    Linear: "Friend... Yes, a friend."
    Mag: "Say, why don't you introduce me? A friend of Linear is my friend too."
    Linear: "Yes. Thank you, Mag... I'll introduce you. Tee-hee-hee."
    Mag: "Linear's friend, huh. I'd like to meet him..."
    Linear: "Yes. I'd like to introduce you to Yurka."
    Mag: "Huh!? Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha... It's late, so maybe I'll turn in. Got another
         adventure tomorrow, so I don't want to oversleep anymore."
         Whitehead's Office     ----------------------------------------------------
    [They go to see Whitehead, again.]
    Whitehead: "Oh, Mag! We've got trouble!! That awful Carcano has stolen all of
               the important treasure that you have found so far!"
    Mag: "That Carcano stole those important...!!"
    Whitehead: "That man is absolutely fearless. He has just sneaked into the
               Society and pulled off a burglary. I don't know where he got in from,
               but he's a pro. He's a real shrewd customer. But we had planted a bug
               in the treasure, so we found out the location of the bandits'
               hideout. It's in a place called Pine Village. So this is what I want
               you to do, Mag. Go get the treasure back from that terrible Carcano."
    Whitehead: "...Another thing, Mag! Have you been saving your adventures? You
               never know what will be awaiting you at the bandits' hideout! So I
               recommend that you save your adventure now so that you'll be fine no
               matter what happens!"
         Pine Village           ----------------------------------------------------
    [Mag, Linear, and Chain find the entrance to the bandits' hideout.]
    Mag: "Hey!? So this is Carcano's hideout!? It's really quiet though."
    Linear: "Somehow I feel like I'm being watched..."
    Chain: "Think they got scared of us and ran away?"
    Mag: "With no one around like this, it makes me suspicious. Let's look around
    [They proceed to explore the hideout until they find Carcano.]
    Carcano: "Well, well... Amazing ya found this place."
    Mag: "Carcano!! Return what you stole from the Society!!"
    Carcano: "I can't do that, boy. But even if I could, I couldn't just meekly
             agree. Bandits follow their own laws. But I've taken a liking to yer
             gutsy attitude, boy. Yet still, I can't just let you go back to town
             like this. You guys are a bit of an eyesore. So I'm afraid you'll just
             have to get lost for a while. At least until the heat blows over...
             Well, so long!"
    [The floor beneath Mag and his party opens and they fall.]
    Bandit Henchman 2: "Should we be doing this?"
    Carcano: "Call me Chief! C-H-I-E-F."
    Bandit Henchman 1: "Chief, should we be doing this?"
    Carcano: "Sheesh, I ain't gonna eat'em... Anyway, you keep watch on'em! Give
             them just enough to stay alive but don't be seen. Can't have 'em dyin'
             on me."
    Bandit Henchman 3: "No matter how tough you sound, Chief, it sounds like you've
                       taken a liking to that punk..."
    Carcano: "SHADDUP!! Just get going!!"
    [Meanwhile, Mag and his party are recovering from their fall.]
    Mag: "Uggggh... Ow, ow, ouch. Where are we? I remember Carcano... Oh... Yeah. We
         got tossed down here. Well, there's no time for that. We gotta get out of
         here and get back the appraisal items."
    [They go through the dungeon and manage to get out. They are once again
    confronted by Carcano.]
    Carcano: "Well, well... So ya managed to get up here?"
    Mag: "Carcano! Return the Society's appraisal items!"
    Carcano: "I can't do that. I finally got ahold of a clue to an incredible
             treasure. Give 'em back to you and let ya go back to town, and the
             Society'll know the location of this hideout. I gotta avoid that at all
    Mag: "That may be, but the Society already knows the general location. Those
         appraisal items were bugged with a locator beacon."
    Carcano: "What!?"
    Mag: "...I know! If you just return the stolen items, Mr. Whitehead would
         realize that you've turned over a new leaf, Carcano."
    Carcano: "Ha, ha, ha... Boy! So naive, just too naive! That'd be a fatal
             mistake. Why don't you realize that!?"
    [They fight against Carcano, and win.]
    Carcano: "Ha... I musta underestimated you. All right. I will give you the
             stolen items."
    Bandit Henchmen: "Boss!?"
    Carcano: "Shaddup!! I made my decision. Got a problem with that, then speak
    Bandit Henchmen: "..."
    Carcano: "Remember, I ain't returning these to the Society. I'm just givin' 'em
             to you."
    Mag: "Carcano..."
    Carcano: "Well? Take them before I change my mind."
    Mag: "Right. Thank you."
    Carcano: "Like I said, you're so naive! We stole these things, remember!?"
    Mag: "Ah, ha, ha... That's right."
    Carcano: "I just can't believe you... So what are you doing tonight? It's
             getting pretty late. So why doncha spend the night here? It ain't safe
             to go out at night around here with all the bandits."
    Mag: "Ha, ha, ha... Gotta watch out... but then it might be MORE dangerous to
         stay here."
    Carcano: "Gah, ha, ha, ha, ha. Ain't that the truth. You got me. Anyway, I don't
             mind at all if you spend the night. Not me. I'm sure we can scare up
             something good to eat quickly, right?"
    Bandit Henchman 2: "Uh, yes. We'll make something quickly, Boss."
    Carcano: "Chief!"
    Mag: "Um. Maybe I'll pass tonight."
    Carcano: "I see. Well, why don't you wander around here as long as you like
             until you go home. In the shops, you'll find some purdy nice things you
             can't find anywhere. Just don't ask where they come from. Gah, ha, ha,
             ha, ha, ha. Hey! Ya li'l rats!! I want ya to go around the hideout and
             tell everyone I have some new important guests!"
    Bandit Henchmen: "Understood!!"
    [The henchmen leave. When it seemed the trouble was resolved, Mag hears a
    mysterious voice.]
    ???: "Mag..."
    Mag: "Huh!?"
    Linear: "What's wrong, Mag?"
    Mag: "Eh!? Oh, uh. Oh, nothing, Linear."
    ???: "Mag..."
    Mag: "That's strange. I thought someone was calling me."
    Mag: "Linear, you wait here. I'll go look around outside."
    [Mag leaves.]
    Mag: "I think I hear some voice from the entrance of the fortress. Let's go!
         Yes, it must be from there It was coming from the entrance to the fort..."
    [As Mag approaches the entrace, Yurka appears before him.]
    Yurka: "Mag. I was waiting for you."
    Mag: "Who are you? How do you know my name?"
    Yurka: "I know... EVERYTHING..."
    Mag: "...Huh!?"
    Yurka: "Let me get to the point. Stay away from Linear..."
    Mag: "Away from Linear?"
    Yurka: "Yes."
    Mag: "You can't tell me what to do! Who the hell are you anyway?"
    Yurka: "There is no need to answer."
    Mag: "WHAT!?"
    Yurka: "I said that there is no need to answer. Did you not hear me? Indeed. I
           find it difficult to understand what Linear sees in these humans. Oh,
           well. Let this be a warning. If you stay with Linear any longer..."
    [Yurka shoots a ball of light at Mag, injuring him. Linear, who sees the injured
    Mag, attempts to stop Yurka.]
    Linear: "Yurka, stop it."
    Mag: "Yurka? This guy..."
    Yurka: "Linear, think it over well..."
    [Yurka leaves.]
    Mag: "Ouch. Linear. Who does he think he is? Coming here and going ape like
    Linear: "Please stop, Mag. Don't say anything bad of Yurka."
    Mag: "Why are you on that guy's side? The guy just attacks me when I answered
         him about you. Why don't you say something? ...Ah, forget it."
    [Mag leaves in frustration.]
    Linear: "...Mag."
    [The two return to Carcano's room.]
    Carcano: "What's wrong? Ever since you came back something's been strange
             between you two."
    Mag: "..."
    Linear: "..."
    Carcano: "Whatever. I don't know what happened, but stay the night tonight..."
    [They spend the night and depart the next day.
    Carcano: "You be sure to come back. You're welcome anytime."
    [He whispers to Mag.]
    Carcano: "I don't know what happened but you oughta make up quick."
    Mag: "No, no, no. It's not like that at all. Not at all."
    Carcano: "That reminds me. I got these for you. The first is a symbol showing
             you're one of the gang. As long as you got it, you'll always be
             welcomed as one of us. The other is a bandit's backpack. Lets you carry
             a lot more items. Use it well."
    Mag: "Carcano."
    Carcano: "Ha, ha. I must be going gaga. Well, so long!"
         Whitehead's Office     ----------------------------------------------------
    Whitehead: "Ah, ehem!! Mag!?"
    Mag: "Professor Whitehead, I brought back all of the appraisal items stolen by
    [He gives all four orbs to Whitehead.]
    Whitehead: "You-you did!! So you got the appraisal items back from those 'Red
               Wolves'!! Ohhh, that's wonderful."
    Mag: "Not exactly, Professor Whitehead. Carcano gave them back himself."
    Whitehead: "WHAT!?"
    Mag: "Carcano promised that he'd mend his ways in the future, so that's why he
         gave back the appraisal items."
    Whitehead: "I can't believe... that Carcano would do that."
    Mag: "So I want you to wait before going to the bandits' hideout to arrest the
         bandits. Please give them a chance too. A chance to prove that they have
    Whitehead: "Hmm. I see. Mag, if you say so, then... But they have stolen many
               things from the Society up until now."
    Mag: "I'm sure they won't do it again. And they said they will return the stolen
         items, but it will take time."
    Whitehead: "I understand... I shall wait and see."
    Mag: "Thank you, Professor Whitehead."
         Society Lobby          ----------------------------------------------------
    [Mag collects his reward from the receptionist.]
    Lisa: "Mag, you're incredible. I can't believe you managed to defeat that 'Red
           Wolf' too. Um, uh, thank you for your hard work! You've earned a good
           night's rest."
         Whitehead's Office     ----------------------------------------------------
    [Whitehead is speaking to Yurka once again about the orbs.]
    Whitehead: "Now I have all four keys together."
    Yurka: "Heh..."
    Whitehead: "So what do I do next? I shall soon know the secrets of the
               prehistoric civilization."
    Yurka: "Yes. This is all about wishes of humans, hopes of humans. And... the
           meaning of our birth. Very soon, Linear..."
         Hotel Balcony          ----------------------------------------------------
    [Although it is raining, Linear remains outside on the balcony. She has the
    ocarina clutched in her hands and still appears to be upset about what happened
    in the bandits' hideout.]
    Yurka: "Linear. What's the matter? Such a long face. If something is troubling
           you, tell me. I might be able to rid you of your troubles."
    Linear: "Yurka..."
    Yurka: "...I see. You are anxious... So anxious about that human? Linear. Humans
           greatly fear and hate any being that is different from themselves, and
           they do not try to accept them. Such humans are certain not to leave us
           alone. If you try to remain by his side, you can only become a burden to
    Linear: "Me, a burden to... Mag!?"
    Yurka: "Yes. He is in constant danger simply because you are near him."
    Linear: "Because... of... me..."
    Yurka: "But there is only one thing you can do to keep from making trouble for
           that human Mag."
    Linear: "What I... can do... for Mag..."
    Yurka: "Yes. That thing is for you to vanish from the Mag's sight."
    Linear: "Vanish... from Mag's sight... But... that means..."
    Yurka: "Don't you see that this will ultimately save him?"
    Linear: "... Save... Mag... But... I.. want... to... be with... Mag."
    Yurka: "We the Evolutia have places we must be and roles we must fulfill. We
           cannot live with humans. Come, let's go, Linear."
    [Yurka places his hand on Linear's arm. She lowers her head and drops the
         Hotel Lobby            ----------------------------------------------------
    [Gre is unable to find Linear, and panically announces it to Mag.]
    Gre: "Y-Young Master Mag, I cannot find Linear anywhere!!"
    Mag: "What!?"
    Gre: "All I found was this, lying on the edge of the balcony."
    [He hands Mag Linear's ocarina.]
    Mag: "This is..."
    Gre: "Her leaving the ocarina behind... means something's happened to Miss
         Linear herself... or..."
    Chain: "What are you rattling on about? They'll hear you outside."
    Gre: "Miss Linear has disappeared!"
    Chain: "What!? So that must have been Linear, huh?"
    Mag: "Do you know something, Chain?"
    Chain: "Yeah. When I got up, I saw Linear walking toward the Society Museum."
    Chain: "She was with someone, so I thought I was mistaken..."
    Mag: "It was Linear?"
    Chain: "Are you saying I was mistaken? Mag, even you must know that my eyesight
           is good. Or are you saying I can't be trusted?"
    Mag: "I didn't say that. Anyway, let's go to the Society Museum."
    Gre: "Yes, let's."
    Chain: "I'll go along too!!"
         Whitehead's Office     ----------------------------------------------------
    [Whitehead, Yurka, and Linear are all in his office together. Between them is a
    Whitehead: "Yurka, the preparations are now all complete."
    Yurka: "Eh, heh, heh..."
    Whitehead: "I never even imagined that I would unveil the prehistoric secrets by
               myself. Now I shall unravel the mysteries of the downfall of the
               prehistoric civilization that no one has ever solved before. In fact,
               this may be a huge discovery that will affect our very future. Huh?
               What is the matter?"
    Yurka: "You still do not understand. I have no more use for you..."
    Whitehead: "Wh-what are you saying!? What is the meaning of this?"
    [The four keys appear above Yurka and Linear.]
    Yurka: "All I need are these keys and the highest stage for Linear's awakening.
           Now that I have obtained these things, you have no further signifigance."
    Whitehead: "Huh!? Since when did the keys...!!"
    Yurka: "Sweet dreams..."
    Whitehead: "But, but that's not what you said. The prehistoric mysteries..."
    Yurka: "I won't stop you if you try to follow. However, I cannot guarantee
           you'll come back alive."
    [Yurka knocks Whitehead aside.]
    Yurka: "Eh, heh, heh..."
    Linear: "..."
    [The two approach the portal and disappear.]
         Society Museum         ----------------------------------------------------
    [Mag, Gre, and Chain approach the doors to the museum.]
    Mag: "What!? It's locked."
    Gre: "That is a problem."
    Chain: "With my Cyframe, I can easily smash a door like this in two! Leave it
           to me!!"
    Mag: "Ch-Chain!!"
    Chain: "Humph."
    Mag: "Hmm, but what do we do? We can't just stay here. How're we gonna get in?
         A way of getting in past locked doors... I know!!"
         Pine Village           ----------------------------------------------------
    Carcano: "Hmm. Locked front door, eh."
    Mag: "Yup. Carcano, you managed to steal those appraisal items without anyone at
         the Society noticing, right? Can you tell me how you did it?"
    Carcano: "How I did it... I can tell you, but if I do, I won't be able to do it
             anymore. And yet, you have some important buisness at the Society."
    Mag: "That's right. It's really important."
    Carcano: "Hmm... Ah, blast it. All right, already. We'll go to the Society."
    Mag: "Carcano!"
    Carcano: "What are you looking at!? Get yourself ready. Before I change my
    Mag: "Thank you."
    Carcano: "Hey, don't be getting the wrong idea! I got buisness at the Society
             too! I just HAPPEN to be going with you guys! ...Just HAPPEN to!!"
         Society Museum         ----------------------------------------------------
    [They return to the Society with Carcano, and find Pepper at the front doors.]
    Pepper: "Oh, Mag, what's wrong? You look pale. When I got to the Society, I
            found the door locked."
    Mag: "Pepper!! Actually..."
    [He explains the situation to her.]
    Carcano: "...So that is why I had Carcano come along."
    Pepper: "So that's it. Come on, we have to search the museum and find Linear."
    Carcano: "That's right. We can't be dawdling. Well, here goes!!"
    [Carcano is able to reach the roof with the help of his Cyframe. On top is a
    platform that leads into the museum. Carcano soon comes out through the front
    Carcano: "No problem at all. I'll take on any of this stuff."
    Mag: "Wow. So that's how you snuck in to steal the appraisal items before!!
         Awesome. Of course, no one would notice. I never imagined using your
    Carcano: "Well, yeah... That's why I didn't want to tell you. Now I can't do
             this anymore. Well, it don't really matter anymore... Anyway, watcha
             gonna do now?"
         Whitehead's Office     ----------------------------------------------------
    [After picking party members (Pepper and Carcano), Mag enters the museum and
    heads upstairs to Whitehead's office.]
    Mag: "Uh, Professor Whitehead!!"
    [Mag is about to step on the portal, but Whitehead stops him.]
    Whitehead: "D-don't go near there!"
    Mag: "Professor Whitehead, what exactly is this?"
    Whitehead: "I-I am afraid that I have done a terrible thing. It was not only my
               idea to bring you to Museville, Mag. I asked you to search the ruins
               and collect prehistoric appraisal items in order to solve prehistoric
               riddles... And for that purpose, I did as Yurka asked, to brig you
    Mag: "You said Yurka!? Professor Whitehead, do you know Yurka?"
    Whitehead: "Yes. Something came over me. I was told I could obtain prehistoric
               wisdom. I was ecstatic, thinking that I could solve all the mysteries
               by myself. But it ended up this way. In the end, he stole the keys
               and disappeared into that circle... along with that little girl who
               was with you..."
    Mag: "With Linear!? So Linear was with Yurka after all."
    Whitehead: "..."
    Mag: "...I'm going!! To search for Linear!! But we don't know what it's like
         inside. Everyone wait here. I'll be right back."
    Pepper: "Don't treat us like complete strangers! Of course I"m going!!"
    Carcano: "I can't very well back out now. I'll see you through to the end,
             whether you like it or not!"
    Mag: "Thank you, everyone. Well, let's go!!"
    [They step into the portal.]
         Society Dungeon        ----------------------------------------------------
    [Mag and the others clear through the traps and floors until they finally meet
    Yurka, who is with Linear. He is attempting to open a sealed gate with the
    Yurka: "...Ugh. They absorbed an unexpectedly large amount of power."
    [The last orb is placed on the door and it opens.]
    Yurka: "Linear, you go on ahead..."
    Linear: "..."
    [She goes through the door.]
    Yurka: "I'll take care of this right away."
    [Mag and the others appear.]
    Yurka: "What? So you are the ones who came."
    Mag: "Where is Linear!?"
    Yurka: "He, he, he... What are you so worried about? Everything has been
           settled. We are at the final stage. Soon we will be able to change...
           into the form of Evolutia!! Now you will help me stall for time until
           then. We are so close I cannot let you interfere."
    [They fight Yurka, who has sprouted blue wings, and beat him.]
    Mag: "WHERE'S LINEAR!!"
    Yurka: "You are too late... I won't let anyone take her away."
    Mag: "WHAT!?"
    Yurka: "She fought to the very end... Let me tell you. You probably won't
           understand, though."
    [He shows them images from the ancient world.]
    Yurka: "The people of long ago created in this world an advanced civilization
           that far surpassed your modern civilzation. In your words it would be
           called, yes... the prehistoric civilization! While achieving boudnless
           prosperity, the preshitoric people also suffered from deadly sicknesses.
           Upon reaching the end of evolution, their life span as a species ended,
           and they lost the will to live... Ultimately, the preshitoric people came
           upon a single truth. Destruction and regeneration... these are the road
           to the new evolution... In search for the ultimate evolution, they
           created us. I, to destroy all and Linear, to cure all... Ulticannon, to
           connect the two of us!!"
    [Again they see the destruction of the prehistoric civilization and are brought
    back to the Society Dungeon.]
    Mag: "..."
    [Yurka returns to the door where Linear is waiting.]
    Yurka: "Come, let's go, Linear."
    Mag: "LINEAR!!"
    Linear: "Don't come!! Otherwise, I'll just... be a burden to you, Mag..."
    [She leaves with Yurka.]
    Mag: "LINEARRRRRR!!"
    [Linear and Yurka step onto a platform.]
    Mag: "Linear?"
    Pepper: "Linear!! Answer me!!"
    Carcano: "Something looks fishy..."
    [Linear has sprouted wings similar to Yurka, except her wings are yellow.]
    Linear: "..."
    Yurka: "Nothing you say will matter. If you have time to think of such
           foolishness, try worrying about the instant of annihilation. There is no
           one who can stop us now..."
    [The two fly away leaving Mag and the others.]
    Whitehead: "Ah, Mag."
    [Whitehead, Gre, and Chain appear.]
    Mag: "Professor... Whitehead."
    Whitehead: "I'm so sorry that this all happened because of me. I seem to have
               involved you all because of my own greed."
    Mag: "No, no. We all want to seek knowledge of the unknown, just like you. It's
         just in your case, Professor Whitehead, you went in the wrong direction,
    Whitehead: "Thanks, Mag... But, but what about Yurka...?"
    Mag: "He flew off together with Linear."
    Whitehead: "I see. Oh, I just remembered. I thought it might be of use..."
    [He places something on the floor.]
    Mag: "Professor Whitehead. What is it?"
    Whitehead: "Um. It is a portable transporter we kept at the Society. All you do
               is put one of these at each end of the space you want to connect, and
               you're back at the museum in a snap. Sorry, but this is about all I
               can do for you. Now Mag, don't overexert yourself. Come back whenever
               you want. I'll do as much as I can for you."
    Mag: "Thank you. Um, just one thing."
    Whitehead: "What is it?"
    Mag: "Why did you come here? You didn't have to come to just bring the
         transporter here..."
    Whitehead: "Aw, just call it the whim of an old man. I was thinking of what I
               could do to make up for my cowardice... But I am a bit winded."
    Gre: "It will be all right!! I'm sure Young Master Mag will make it right!!"
    Chain: "Boy, it was a scene. After Mag left, he started saying, 'I'll join in 
           chase too!'"
    Whitehead: "Ah, ehem! I shall be waiting at the Society Museum. Farewell."
    [They continue deeper into the dungeon. By the time they reach the end, a large
    machine, the Ulticannon, has been revived, with both Linear and Yurka inside. As
    it destroys its surroundings, Mag tries to get closer to Linear.]
    Pepper: "Mag, what's gotten into you!? Get too close and you're a goner!"
    Carcano: "BOY!! Whadda you think you're doin'!! You wanna die? You're a fool!!"
    [Mag beings to imperfectly play the ocarina while the Ulticannon continues to
    Mag: "Linearrrr!!"
    Linear: "... M-m-mag..."
    Yurka: "The fool... It can't be..."
    Mag: "Linear!!"
    Linear: "... I'm sorry... if I stay with you, Mag... I'll... just hurt you,
            Mag... So that's... that's why."
    Mag: "...Is that all you're worrying about?"
    Linear: "Huh...!?"
    Mag: "Ever since the day... you came to our house, Linear, we've ALWAYS been
         together. Playing together, adventuring together. Always... ALWAYS... All
         that time was not a lie... You understand that, right? So... We can be
         together ALWAYS from now on... Don't you rememebr? Me saying that Linear
         will always be Linear no matter what?"
    Linear: "...Mag!!"
    Yurka: "Linear..."
    Mag: "LINEAR!!!!"
    [Linar begins to glow and breaks out of the Ulticannon. As she floats down, Mag
    catches her and helps her to her feet.]
    Yurka: "Argh!! Linear... Don't leave me alone... L-Linear... What... are you
           doing? Don't you understand... Don't be fooled by those humans... Argh...
           What...? This heartache... could it be jealousy!? FOOL... what could I be
           jealous of...? Ugh....!? AAAAAaaa---"
    [The Ulticannon transforms its shape and color.]
    Carcano: "Hey... Something bad is going down."
    Pepper: This is just really unbelieveable."
    Mag: "Yurka...!!"
    Linear: "Yurka too... Please, Mag! Save Yurka too...!!"
    Mag: "Don't torture Linear anymore! Linear is worried too!"
    Yurka: "He, he, he... I, who was born to destroy, can only do one thing... Come,
           live with me, Linear...!! No one will get in my way!! Not those immature
           organisms who call themselves human!! ...You must return Linear!!"
    [They fight and destroy the Ulticannon.]
    Linear: "Yurka...!"
    Yurka: "Linear... Please forgive me. I have only you."
    Linear: "Yurka..."
    Yurka: "Are you listening? Mag... You told me this yourself. Evolution does not
           necessarily lead to destruction... The opposite may also be true... My
           role is over. You were not the ones to be destroyed. It was I myself..."
    Mag: "Yurka..."
    Yurka: "Up until now I had not thought much... about humans or about myself
           either. Uuuurrr...!"
    Mag: "It's over! It's over... Yurka!"
    [Linear is about to heal Yurka, but he stops her.]
    Yurka: "Linear... You must have known... The power of regeneration is
           meaningless to me... For I am the Evolutia with the sole purpose of
           destruction. And yet... Were I to be... like Linear, able to love all
           life... like Linear... Then... Mag... Maybe we could all live
    Mag: "Aw, c'mon, of course we could. We're friends, right? Friend!"
    Yurka: "Friends..."
    Mag: "Aw, it's all right! We can be friends, starting now!!"
    Yurka: "Maybe we can... We can be friends..."
    Linear: "That's right. We're all friends."
    Pepper: "Hey, I'll even take you on adventures to places you've never even seen
    Carcano: "There's plenty I can teach you!! Thievery, burglary, the whole
    Yurka: "Thank you..."
    Linear: "NO, Yurka!!"
    Yurka: "Don't cry... Linear. Tears don't suit you... smile for me. Come on...
           like... this... I am glad to have lived... Truly..."
    [He closes his eyes one last time and floats to the sky, leaving blue feathers.]
         Museville              ----------------------------------------------------
    Train Conductor: "The intercontinental Millennium Express from Museville to
                     Pannam Town will be departing as scheduled."
    Gre: "Everything is finished."
    Mag: "Right."
    Gre: "But this time, I somehow feel that we have some unfinished buisness."
    Mag: "I think you're right..."
    Gre: "Everything is shrouded in darkness. And Mister... Yurka also..."
    Mag: "Evolutia... The God of Evolution created by the people of the prehistoric
         age. But in the end, their plan was to erase everything since they failed.
         You can't call that evolution. Whether evolution succeeded or failed is not
         for them to decide. Only those in later ages can decide. I think that
         living in the present with all the gusto you can muster... that is the real
         road to evolution."
    Gre: "You mean to continue living with hope toward the future... Yes, Young Mag,
         I see that in you."
    Whitehead: "Oh, so here you are! It is nearly time for the train to leave. I
               want you to come back here any time. I'll have Nina get you tickets
               in first class. No, even better!! We can charter a whole train! Wah,
               ha, ha, ha..."
    Mag: "Aw gee, you don't have to do all that. But sure, we'll definitely come
    Whitehead: "Oh, and about my prehistoric research... I decided to continue my
               research on the preshitoric civilization... purely on beneficial
               things, though."
    Mag: "Great. Good luck. I hope you can find some awesome power-ups for my
         Cyframe, OK!!"
    Whitehead: "I'll see what I can do."
    Train Conductor: "The intercontinental Millennium Express will be departing
                     shortly. Boarding will begin after a car inspection."
    Gre: "Well, it's about time to leave. The only one not here is Miss Linear.
         Young Master Mag, I believe Miss Linear is still back at the hotel. Would
         you mind going to get her?"
    Mag: "Sure. I'll go."
    Gre: "Now, this time, I want you to be careful NOT to be late for the train,
         understood? I pray that the same thing as when leaving Pannam Town does NOT
         happen again."
    [Mag goes to the hotel and finds Linear outside by the fountain. She is in the
    same spot where she first met Yurka, but the flower she adored at the time is no
    longer there.]
    Mag: "Linear, so you were here. It's almost time for the train to leave."
    Linear: "Yes..."
    Mag: "Linear."
    Linear: "Mag, if, if... you know, we sometime..."
    Mag: "You mean, if we sometime meet Yurka again, I'm sure we will be friends 
         him next time!"
    [Mag smiles and hands Linear a gift. Surprised, she opens it and reads the 
    Mag's Card: "To Linear, HAPPY BRITHDAY. I brought along this present when we
                came here, but I somehow couldn't find the chance to give it to you.
                I know this is a day late, but here is your birthday present. - From
                Mag. P.S. When I almost missed the train, coming here, I was
                actually wrapping this."
    Linear: "...! Mag...!!"
                              Closing        |   [003]
    Thanks to the people of Sting Entertainment for creating this game!
    And thank you for reading. I hope you found this guide satisfactory and perhaps
    even useful. My contact information is listed at the top. Please use it if you
    have anything to contribute, correct, or comment on.

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