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    Uranus by BahamutDragon

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    Created by: BahamutDragon
    Bloody Roar: Primal Fury
    Uranus FAQ
    I. Introduction
    II. Uranus
    III. Move list
    IV. Combos
    V. Strategy
    I. Introduction Coming Soon!
    II. Uranus- Uranus is a hidden Character. You can
    acquire her by fighting your way through Survival Mode
    until you fight with Uranus. Once you beat her, you'll
    unlock her and the Chaos Laboratory. Her beast mode is
    a Chimera.
    III. Move List
    Key- 	P-Punch
    	X-Beast Attack
    	FD-Forward and Down (held together)
    	BD- Backward and Down (Held together)
    DF-Start from down and slide to forward
    DB- Start from down and roll to back
    D-F-Start from down and slide to forward
    D-B-Start from down and slide to back
    BDF-Start from back direction and roll to forward
             	FDB-Start from forward and roll to back
    P	Basic Punch Attack Does 9% Damage
    F+P	Uranus thrusts her arm into the opponent's
    stomach. Does 10% Damage
    D+P	Similar to the one above, but she is kneeling.
    Does 8% Damage
    U+P	She disappears and reappears near the opponent,
    unleashing red energy. Does 16% Damage, but can vary.
    Depending on how many times you hit him/her
    B+P	Picks the person up and tosses him over her
    shoulder high in the air while releasing electricity.
    Does 4% Damage
    FD+P	Swings her palm upward. Does 13% Damage
    BD+P	Swipes at the opponent's knees. Will face you
    away from the opponent. Does 12% Damage.
    FDB+ P	Unleashes a whole lot of electricity and lifts
    the opponent upwards. Does 8% Damage But can go up to
    24% if hit will all of it.
    BDF+ P	Unleashes energy. Great to get your opponent
    away. Does anywhere from 9 to 20% Damage, depending
    how close you are.
    FF+ P	Jumps over opponent's head and uses weird energy
    to hit them. Does 24% Damage and 2% Damage when
    opponent hits the ground.
    F+P(while in  air)
    K	Standard high kick. Does 12% Damage
    F+K	Does a frontflip kick. Does 12% Damage
    D+K	Low kick. Does 8% Damage
    B+K	Goes in a complete circle while kicking. Does 22%
    Damage and 2% damage if opponent hits the floor.
    U+K	Jumps and kicks. Does 14% Damage.
    FD+K	Kicks high in the air. Does 14% Damage
    BD+K	Kicks low. Does 12% Damage
    FDB+K	Does an illusion and reappears somewhere else.
    Can use with Kicking and Punching. Just press the kick
    or punch button while disappearing and she'll attack
    when she appears.
    BDF+K	Unlooses a whole lot of energy on the ground.
    Does 36% and 3% Damage
    	Opponent hits the ground.
    FF+K	(Can't think of a way to describe this) Does 14%
    F+Y	Grabs the opponent and slams into the ground. Does
    35% Damage
    F+Y(while behind)	Grabs opponent, lifts in the air and
    slams into the ground Does 39% Damage
    F+Y(While opponent is crouching)	Pushes opponent on
    the ground and shocks him/her with energy. Does 35%
    F+Y(while opponent is crouching, while behind
    opponent)	Same thing as F+Y But does 39% Damage
    Uranus's beast attacks are a little different from
    others. Some of her moves bring her back to being
    human. So be careful what moves you pick.
    X	Lunges at opponent. Does 13% Damage
    F+X	Lunges for opponent's neck. Does 18% Damage
    D+X	Swipes at opponent's knees.	Does 17% Damage
    B+X	Turns and hits opponent. Does 28% Damage
    U+X	Hits opponent into the air. Does 43% Damage and 4%
    Damage when opponent hits the ground.
    FD+X	Lowers head and rams opponent into the air. does
    20% Damage and 2% when opponent hits the ground.
    BD+X	Hits for opponent's feat. Turns you away from the
    opponent Does 17% Damage
    FDB+X	Raises arms and spins around. Does up to 29%
    Damage if opponent is close to you.
    BDF+X	Grabs opponent and throws him against the
    opposite wall. Does 37% Damage.
    FF+Y	Does a somersault into the opponent. Does up to
    33% Damage
    F+Y	Slams opponent to ground and falls on him. Does
    51% Damage
    F+Y(while behind opponent)	Picks up opponent and slams
    into ground. Does 57% Damage.
    F+Y(while opponent is kneeling)  Pushes on ground and
    hits with electricity. Does 51% Damage
    F+Y(While opponent is kneeling, while behind opponent)
    Picks up opponent and slams into ground. Does 57%
    P	Unleashes energy(Puts back into human form) Does 24%
    Damage at the most
    F+P	Same as P
    B+P	Same as P
    D+P	Same as P
    BD+P	Same as P
    FD+P	Same as P
    FDB+ P	Does the same thing as if you were a human.
    Does 35% Damage
    BDF+ P	Does the same thing as if you were a human.
    Does 23% Damage
    K	Hits ground and unleashes it with energy. Brings you
    back to human form. Does 28% Damage and 2% Damage when
    opponent hits the ground.
    F+K	Same as K
    B+K	Same as K
    D+K	Same as K
    FD+K	Same as K
    BD+K	Same as K
    FDB+K	Hits opponent up then down. Does 32% Damage
    BDF+K	Hits the ground with energy. Brings you back to
    human form. Does 28% Damage and 2% Damage when
    opponent hits the ground.
    D-F+K		Unleashes the ground with energy. Does 53%
    Damage and 5% Damage when opponent hits the ground.
    	Uranus is quite unique when it comes to Hyper Beast
    Overdrive. Instead of turning into a Chimera, which
    she normally turns in to, she stays a human but still
    has the moves as if she were a beast.
    DF twice and X-She takes the opponent up. Traps him in
    a bubble and creates two images of herself. She hits
    him a couple of times and slams him back into the
    ground. Does 105% Damage
    DB twice and X-Raises opponent, and then starts
    slamming him repeatedly. Does 106% Damage
     These are some combos I have found. There will be
    more later on. With descriptions and strategies for
    P, P, P, P
    F+P, F+P, F+P, If they are up against a wall, keep on
    punching and kicking.
    P, P, P, P, K
    K, K, K, K, K, F+K
    P, P, P, F+K, F+K, F+K
    P, P, D+P, D+P, D+P, K
    P, P, D+P, D+P, K
    P, P, P, P, B+P, B+P
    K, K, K, K, K, D+K, D+K, D+K, DF+K
    If you have any good combos that you want to submit.
    E-mail them to me at my e-mail below. I will give you
    credit if you do.
    This FAQ is mine, as I created it. You may use it on
    your site if you ask permission
    I want to make this FAQ as good as possible. If you
    have strategies, moves I messed up, or moves I missed,
    Please tell me at BahamutDragn@yahoo.com
    Thanks to Activision for making this great game
    Thanks to Game FAQ for putting this up on their site

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