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    Cronos by lavaraboll13

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    ?  CC       RR    RR  OO    OO NN N    N OO   OO SSS  S ?
    ? CC        RR    RR  OO    OO NN  N   N OO   OO  SSS   ?
    ? CC        RRRRRRRR  OO    OO NN   N  N OO   OO   SSS  ?
    ?  CC       RR   RRR  OO    OO NN    N N OO   OO S  SSS ? 
    Cronos FAQ for bloody roar: primal fury Ver. 1.3 4/6/02
    BY lavaraboll13 (Zack Grimmett)
    omegazero2415@yahoo.com(refer to section VII on rules of e-mail)
    - Ver. 0.0 wrote intro (nothing much really!)
    - Ver. 0.1 started legend 
    - Ver. 0.2 finished legend
    - Ver. 0.3 finished character story and added secrets
    - Ver. 0.4 finished credits
    - Ver. 0.5 Re-did legend
    - Ver. 0.6 Finished credits
    - Ver. 0.7 added Q&A
    - Ver. 0.8 added battle chart
    - Ver. 0.9 finished Human and beast moves
    - Ver. 0.95 Finished Hyper-Beast section
    - Ver. 0.99 Finished Combos
    - Ver. 1.0 finished tactics section
    - Ver. 1.1 Removed secrets 
    - Ver. 1.2 Release version 
    - Ver. 1.3 Re-formatted FAQ
    - Ver. 1.4 Added move descriptions, added Ultimate combo 
    - Ver. 1.5 Added more Q&A
    Table of contents 
    I. Intro
    II. Character Story
    - How to unlock him
    III. Legend
    - I'm so confused! 
    IV. Character controls and moves
    - Combos and beast drives
    - Ultimate Combo
    V. Battle chart
    -How does Cronos stack up?
    VI. Q&A
    VII. Credits
    -Permission to use this guide
    I. Intro
    This is my first FAQ that I have ever written for anything, so I'm doing 
    my best here. I decided to write this FAQ because bloody roar happens to 
    be my favorite game of all time, and since there are new characters, I 
    figured I'd give it a shot. Cronos is probably the coolest looking 
    character out there right now, and plus he's the only one who can have 
    two beast forms! Well, just check out my FAQ and tell me what you think 
    of it. 
    II. Character story
    - So what's up with this guy?
    Cronos is the prince of the Zoanthrope kingdom, and his life long goal 
    is to ensure peace between humans and Zoanthropes. Ganesha is Cronos' 
    right hand man, and he too wants to see peace, but he has many bad 
    feelings towards humans.
    King Orion is Cronos' father, and his mother is Uranus.    
    - Well all that's great, but how do I unlock him?
    Simple, just beat arcade twice on any difficulty.
    III. Legend
    This section is to help translate my controls/moves section.
    So here goes nothing.
    F= Forward (I might use > too.)
    B= Backwards (I might use < too.)
    [Note: forwards and backwards are reversed when facing to the left, so 
    if I said F+B you would press <, which is backwards (B+X) while facing 
    right. (Confusing huh?)]
    U= up (I might use ^ too.)
    D= down (I might use \/ too.)
    [Note: jump, crouch, away, and forward are all the same as up, down, 
    left, right in order.]
    Duck (press \/, \/)
    FD = forward-down (the direction between forward and down)
    BD = Back-down (the direction between back and down) 
    BU = Back-up (the direction between back and up)
    FU = forward-up (the direction between forward and up)
    [Note: you will almost never see the second form of a control, but I 
    will keep them there in case I use them and you don't know what I'm 
    talking about.]
    P= punch (b button)
    K= kick (a button)
    X= beast form/ attack (x button)
    BL= block (Y button)
    " = Back step (press < <)
    " = Dash (press > >)
    HB =Hyper beast (press Z button)
    Qcf = quarter circle forward (press \/, _\, >  {or, as many people know 
    it, down, down-forward, forward})
    Qcb = quarter circle back (press \/, /_, <   {or as many people know it, 
    down, down-backward, backward})
    [FB] = do the attack while facing backwards
    [OB] = do the attack while facing the opponent's back
    + = Press at the same time (P+K) 
    [P] = There is a pause in this point in the move
    And I think that's about it. E-mail me if I missed anything.
    -I'm so confused!
    And with good reason too...
    Bloody Roar combos and moves are very complicated, so it's kinda hard to 
    describe them in a very simple sentence. 
    The combos look like this Qcf+X U+P, P, QCB+P
    IN ENGLISH= quarter circle forward + beast jump + punch, punch, quarter 
    circle forward+ punch
    [This is not an actual combo]
    IV. Character controls and moves
    Okay, so here's the meat of my FAQ
    -Wait a second! Can you tell me some of Cronos' attack chains and moves?
    -Yeah, I guess so. I mean after all, what's a character FAQ without the 
    character's moves right?
    I got all the names from the BRADYGAMES(r) guide.
    Human Form
    -Standing moves
    Teezu Beeru- K (simple knee bash)
    Sahenaa Nahiin Chaaihi- [FB] K (Counter attack)
    Barunaa Beeru- >>K (Do while dashing, 4 hit combo)
    Tae Karunaa- >>+K (while in close, not dashing)
    Rising attack- K (Do this when you have been knocked down)
    Harukaa Beeru- F+K [P] (slight pause at the end of the move)
    Adubto Beeru- B+K (heel drop, Guard Breaker)
    Dabaana Beeru- U+K (Guard Breaker, flying somersault kick)
    Aasiiruwaado- D+K [P] (opponent must be down)
    Barufu Keerunaa- Qcf+K (high kick)
    Basu- Qcb+K (two hit high kick)
    Haeen- P (simple punch)
    Abu- [FB] P (punch, rarely hits)
    Tuufaann Naachu- >> P (Dashing attack)
    Haridai Runkunaa- >>+P (In close, not dashing)
    Kaatonaa- F+P (elbow attack)
    Aapu- B+P (press P afterwards for another hit)
    Kaatonaa- U+P (high hit)
    Duuru- D+P (Cronos' Taunt!!! Opponent must be down)
    Ooraa- Qcf+P (press P, K, or X at the end of the move for different 
    Aakaashuy Saafu- Qcb+P (a flip that will leave you standing backwards if 
    you don't do it from the right distance)  
    Do all these moves while holding \/
    Shaanto Beeru- D+K (low kick, slight pause at the beginning and end)
    Utarunaa Beeru- [FB] D+K (flip attack)
    Naachunaa Beeru- D, D, K (From ducking position press K {to get into 
    ducking position, press \/ \/)}
    Suiida Beeru- FD+K (keep on pressing k for a three hit combo and a 
    counter move)
    Hansumuku Darudo- BD+K (slight pause at the beginning of the move, good 
    for getting in throws)
    Uuparu- D+P (Cronos ducks and attacks)
    Wahaan- [FB] D+P (slow move)
    Badotamiizu Haato- D, D, P (From ducking position press P {to get into 
    ducking position, press \/ \/)}
    Teirunaa- FD+P (slight pause a the end of the move)
    Abidwaadan- BD+P (leaves opponents open for beast drives and other 
    Do all these moves in mid-air
    Beeru- U, K (can do this twice in mid-air)
    Bahaari toorunaa Beeru- U, F+K (Drop kick, guard breaker)
    Bahaari toorunaa Beeru- U, B+K (Drop kick, guard breaker)
    Haato- U, P (can do this twice in mid-air)
    Deiwaaru Toorunaa- U, F+P (guard breaker)
    Deiwaaru Toorunaa- U, B+P (guard breaker)
    Human and Hyper-Beast form throws
    Zamiin Gumaanaa- F+BL
    Aakaashu- [OB] F+BL
    Shariiru Gumaanaa- F+BL (facing a crouching opponent) 
    Bahaarii Charunaa- Qcf+BL (Transfers part of the opponent's beast gauge 
    to Cronos)  
    X button attacks while in human form
    Beast Pose- X (when blue gauge is not full)
    Beastorize- X (when blue guage is full)
    Dashing Beastorize- >>, X
    Jumping Beastorize- U, X
    Barufu Toorunaa - Qcf+X
    Raotonaa - Qcb+X
    Beast form moves
    Teezu Munfu- X (beak attack)
    Piichee Diwaaru Toorunaa- [FB] X (guard breaker)
    Bisarunaa- " X (dashing attack)
    Urunaa Teezu Munfu- > >+X (in close, not dashing)
    Kushu- F+X (normal kick)
    Toorunaa Munfu- B+X (guard breaker)
    Biitorii Chato Toorunaa- U+X (juggle)
    Gumaanaa Keerunaa- D+X (slight pause at the beginning and end of the 
    Dohoraaiee- D+X (opponent must be down)
    Piichee Ditsbaabando Kaanaa Toorunaa- [FB] D+X (beak attack)
    Keerunaa- \/ \/+X (from duck position)
    Chetsraanaa Munfu- FD+X (slight pause at the end of the move)
    Dittsbaabando Kaanaa Toorunaa- DB+X (make opponent hold their foot for a 
    second, kinda funny)
    Teirunaa Beeru- U, X (mid-air kick)
    Utarunaa Beeru- U, F+X (makes opponent stumble)
    Utarunaa Beeru- U, B+X (makes opponent stumble)
    Raotonaa- Qcb+X (press X, D+X, BL, or K for different after affects)
    Barufu Toorunaa- Qcf+X (press X, X, X afterward for a 4 hit combo)
    -Throws and beast drives
    Kaatonaa- F+BL
    Kaatonaa 2- F+BL [OB]
    Kaatonaa 3- F+BL (do this while the opponent is crouching)
    Jamunaa Raasutaa- Qcf, Qcf+X
    Diru Paanaa- Qcb, Qcb+X
    -Hyper-Beast Moves
    Jarunaa Aagu- X (flip kick)
    Piichee Diwaaru Toorunaa- [FB] X (guard breaker)
    Dorunaa Aagu- " X (Dashing attack)
    Charunaa Aagu- >> X (in close, not dashing)
    Girunaa Aagu- F+X (2 hit combo)
    Teezu Aagu- B+X (guard breaker)
    Jyawaaraamuukii- U+X (3 hit guard breaker)
    Choota Aagu- D+X (keep on pressing for a very cheap combo)
    Moorunaa Haato- [FB] D+X (makes opponent pause) 
    Rakurii Ka Kooiraa- D+X (do this while the opponent is on the ground)
    Tuufaan- \/ \/ X (do this in the duck position)
    Baguwaan Aagu- FD+X (shield-like fire)
    Gumaanaa Aagu- BD+X (medium-low roundhouse kick)
    Kuun Rangunaa- F,FD,D,BD,B,BU,U+X (projectile move, 3rd beast drive!)
    Teirunaa Beeru- U, X (makes opponent pause) 
    Utarunaa Beeru- U, F+X (makes opponent pause)
    Utarunaa Beeru- U, B+X (makes opponent pause)
    Urunaa- Qcb+X (press X, P, or K for different effects)
    Aakaashu Kaatonaa- Qcf+X (four hit combo that leaves opponents on the 
    -Beast drives and throws
    Jarunaa Raasutaa- Qcf, Qcf+X
    Diru Toorunaa- Qcb, Qcb+X
    [All throws are the same in human form]
    -Nice, but what about the combos?
    Okay, here it goes!
    Abu, P
    P, P, P
    P, K, B+K
    P, K, B+K, Dash, B, B, B, B
    P, K, B+P, P
    P, K, B+P, K
    P, K, B+P, X
    F+P, P, P
    B+P, P
    B+P, K
    B+P, X
    FD+P, B+K
    FD+P, B+K, Dash X, X, X, X
    D+P, FD+P
    D+P, FD+P, B+K, Dash X, X, X, X
    K, P, P
    K, K, K
    K, B+K, K
    F+K, K
    FD+K, K, K
    FD+K, K, X
    U+K, D+K, K, K, P, P
    U+K, D+K, K, K, K, K
    Beast form only combos
    X, X, X, X, X
    F+X, X, X
    BD+X, X, X, X, X
    FD+X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X
    Dash X, X, X, X
    Dohoraaiee, X, X, X, X, X (Dohoraaiee deluxe) 
    Qcf+X, X, X
    Hyper beast form combos
    X, X
    B+X, X
    P, K, B+K, X, X
    FD+P, B+K, X, X
    D+P, FD+P, B+K, X, X, X, X
    Ultimate Combo!!!!!
    [in phoenix form]
    QCB+X, P, P, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, X, K, K, K, K
    Use Qcb+X, to fly, then use P, P to get the opponent into the air and 
    mash X for a 15 hit combo, but as soon as the combo hits 15, hit k to 
    pick up the opponent and right before he lands, hit k, k, k for a 
    whopping 18 hit combo!!!!!!
    -Can you tell me how to use Cronos effectively?
    Sure, I'll tell you a few pointers
    -Take 14 hours a day to master Cronos in each of his forms. He is a very 
    hard character to master, so take your time.
    -If you have a full beast gauge, try this: press Qcf+P to do an Ooraa, 
    and follow up with X to make a 9 hit combo, then execute a punch as soon 
    as the combo is done, to do a dashing attack.
    -When in penguin form, use Raotonaa to confuse player opponents. Com 
    doesn't get confused.
    -When in phoenix form, attack like a daemon and mash buttons (doesn't 
    sound like much of a strategy, but it works.) Use Urunaa for some deadly 
    combos, and a killer strategy. 
    - When using Qcf, Qcf+X remember that there is a pause right before the 
    beast drive lands, leaving you open to attack, and keep in mind that the 
    drive can be ducked and blocked.
    -Diru Paanaa causes zero damage, but it does drain the beast gauge. Diru 
    Toorunaa causes damage based on how much of the beast gauge is drained. 
    V. Battle chart
    -So how does Cronos stack-up against the other characters?
    Tips & Tricks magazine has a bloody roar chart that describes how each 
    of the characters stack-up to each other by watching 10 Com battles and 
    writing down who wins the most out of the ten battles, thus showing who 
    each character is better suited to fight a certain character. Thank you 
    Tips & Tricks magazine for showing me how to format this table. [I only 
    did Cronos]
    L 6   7   2   6   2   7   6   7   3   4   6   4  5   6   6
    W 4   3   8   4   8    3  5   3   7   6   5   6  6   4   4	
    -As you can see, Cronos is way better suited to fight slower characters 
    than anyone else, Specifically Bakuryu and Jenny are umm...let's say a 
    little more Violent than others. 
    VI. Q&A
    Here I will answer any questions that are e-mailed to me.
    Q: How can I be effective in Cronos' Penguin form?
    A: Cronos' penguin form is very weak, so I don't suggest using it, but 
    if you must, here are some tips.
    -Use the block button A LOT!
    -Use U+X to juggle opponents and then use Dohoraaie deluxe combo to 
    maximize damage on each attack
    -Use Raotonaa to confuse opponents and then use D+X while doing Raotonaa 
    and pres X, X, X to maximize damage again
    Q: Where does Cronos come from and why in the world is he a penguin??- 
    From Dkg
    A: Cronos is the son of king Orion and Uranus; apparently, king Orion 
    fell in love with one of the experiments. Zoanthropes, no matter how 
    stupid or dumb they appear to be, are made by eighting under a most 
    popular vote. I believe that penguin came in 4th on the top ten list. I 
    think the reason that he can also turn into a phoenix is because that I 
    think King Orion is a phoenix, and the reason that Cronos has two forms, 
    is probably the instability from Uranus. Screwed up genes I'd say.
    Q: What is the best way to hit him when he goes penguin on you? From 
    A: Choose a character that has lots of low hitting attacks, and keep on 
    hitting D+X. I suggest Kohryu, he's tough and those claws are nasty!
    Q: Why does he try to kill himself in his end? From allowishus13
    A: Cronos Dreams for equality of humans and zoanthropes, and he hates 
    the experiments that his father (King Orion) does in the name of 
    discovering the true power of zoanthropes and how they can transform. So 
    the only answer is, he wanted them to stop so badly, he'd end it with 
    his own life...
    Q: What's his best combo? In your opinion From Griffen2002
    A: Hmmm... well, not his best combo, but in my opinion, his best move is 
    Urunaa. It has several follow-ups that are deadly, and it makes him fly. 
    Just plain cool, period. 
    Q: Who's the phoenix in Ganesha's ending? From Jeff25gotbanned
    A: Well, I would think that the phoenix in Cronos' ending would be King 
    Orion, since Cronos would get the Phoenix form from his dad. Another 
    disputed Question indeed. 
    -But wouldn't the phoenix in Ganesha's ending be Cronos?
    A: Some people still believe that it is Cronos, but I don't think that 
    it would make sense, because Ganesha just knocked him out.
    VII. Credits 
    I would like to thank Eighting and Activision for creating the best game 
    ever (don't forget Hudson soft.) and I would like to thank Gamefaqs.com 
    for creating the best FAQ system ever. And I would like to thank 
    BRADYGAMES(r) for all the move names.
    And now comes the permission.
    You may not distribute or post this guide without my permission in any 
    case; this guide was not made for sales distribution. Email me 
    (omegazero2415@yahoo.com) to get my permission to use this guide on a 
    website or say what you will about the guide.
    I do not accept any hate or spam mails, and I also do not like people 
    that use AOL slang in their e-mails. So please, in short, don't send me 
    e-mails that don't regard to the FAQ (and keep your grammar skills) 
    The only website that can use this guide is www.gamefaqs.com if they 
    would like to. (Unless my permission is granted)
    Copyright Zack Grimmett 2002

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