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    Bakuryu by Lapot1

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    Bloody Roar: Primal Fury for the Nintendo Gamecube
    Created By: Lapot1 (lapot1@excite.com)
    This Document Copyright 2002 by Brian Smith
    Created May 20, 2002
    Revised May 23, 2002
    Character FAQ for Bakuryu
      I. Intro
     II. Controls
    III. Moves
     IV. Combos
      I. Introduction
     This is my first FAQ ever written so it might be a little rough around the edges.
    -Bakuryu and Kohryu's combos are so similar that one FAQ is more than needed for 
    the two of them. They play almost the same, but Khoryu is more the akuma version 
    (In my opinion anyways!)
    -In many ways, "cheapness" is his best offense. With more than enough ways to do 
    multiple hits to grounded opponents. Try not to do it too often against other people 
    though, they tend to get mad.
     II. Controls
    uf-angle up-forward 
    df- angle down-forward
    db-angle down-back
    ub-angle up-back
    ff-tap forward twice, hold to run 
    bb-Dash back
    Qcf-Quarter circle Forward
    Qcb-Quarter circle back
    III. Moves
    I will put *'s next to each move to rate it in my opinion of usefulness.
    * is crap, **** is real good. I'm sure you'll figure it out
    Anything in () tells a specific condition or ability of that move.
    u+P- backflips over opponent **** 
    P- jab *
    f+P- spin around backhand **
    df+P- Flowing shadow ** 
    d+P- low jab *
    db+P- leg swipe-faces you away from opponent **
    b+P- Downard pimp smack ***
    du+P- runs up an invisible wall, backflips over opponent and flips them **
    f-or-b+P in the air- faceplants opponent * (breaks light block)
    P in the air- worthless
    Ducking+P- stuns the opponent up to halfscreen away **** 
    ff+P- mid level hit ** 
    Running+P- Hits low, excellent surprise move ***
    Qcf+P- an air grab the put opponents on their skull ** (breaks light airblock)
    Qcb+P- A block attack that blocks weak attacks until it hits ***
    u+K- flashkick **
    k- kick to the head *
    f+K- flips forward * 
    df+K- shin kick ** 
    d+K- weak leg kick *
    db+K- sweep **
    b+K- spin around mid kick **
    du+K- runs up invisible wall and shoots at opponent like an arrow ***
    f-or-b in the air+K- forward or backward drop kick * (breaks light block)
    K in the air- a crappy kick, whooppeee
    ff+K-knocks opponent into air slightly ** 
    Running+K- Regular old Bruce Lee Dragon kick **
    Ducking+K- Lifts off the ground and kicks opponent in the head **
    Qcf+K- telelport behind opponent ** 
    Qcb+K- teleports and drops down a spinning kick from above ***
    Beast attacks
    u+B- low jumping claw stab *
    B- smack in the face *
    f+B- Straight punch basically *
    df+B- Slides under opponent if close enough, otherwise a light sweep **
    d+B- leg swipe*
    db+B light uppercut slash **
    b+B- plants opponent's body on the ground *** (breaks light block)
    f-or-b in the air+B- flips and rips flesh out of opponents head **
    B in the air- worthless
    ff+B- mid level hit ** (breaks light block)
    Running+B- drills opponent, launching them very far ***
    Ducking+B- leaf tornado hits opponent into air up to half screen away ***
    Qcf+B- rushes opponent and disembowels them **
    Qcb+B- Strong uppercut ** (breaks light block)
    QcbX2+B- opponent pretty much has to block low to miss this ****
    QcfX2+B- rushes opponent, easier for them to block ***
    f+BL- swings under opponent's legs and smashes them on ground **
    Qcf+BL- grabs then teleports and smacks them *** [looks cooler, thats all]
    IV. Combos
    *'s again rate what combos I think will be used more often than not.
    Starting with Punches
    P,K,K,K- ends with the b+K move **
    P,K,K,b+K- backflip at end **
    P,K,K,f+K,b+K- Front flip then backflip at the end ***
    P,P,P,P,f+P(Qcf+P)- last hit lifts off the ground **(only works in beast) ***
    P,P,P,u+P- ends with the backflip, very helpful ****
    P,P,K,K- launches opponent backwards **
    P,P,K,d+K- knocks opponents leg out at end **
    P,P,b+K- knocks opponent into the air ****
    P,P,P,d+K- knocks opponents leg out at end **
    df+P,P- launches opponent backwards ***
    df+P,K- knocks opponent up slightly
    df+p,B- hits them with the leaf tornado
    P,P,P,P,B,B,B- ends by slamming opponent on ground ***
    P,P,P,P,B,B,dd+B- ends by tripping opponent **
    Starting with Kicks
    K,K,K- ends with b+k move *
    K,K,b+K- ends with backflip *
    K,K,f+K,b+k- front flip then backflip at end *
    df+K,K,K- last two kicks are high **
    Hold df+K,K- two low kicks that hinder an opponent for a split second ***
    df+K,f+K,(Qcf+P)- kicks them into air slightly **(only in beast) ***
    f+K,b+K- forward then backflip
    ff+K,K,K,- last kick slams opponent on ground ***
    ff+K,K,K,(d+K,K)- Last hits will only connect in beast form ****
    Starting with Beast
    B,B,B-smashes opponent into ground at end *
    B,d+B- quick smack then kick retreat *
    B,B,dd+B- trips opponent at end *
    Hold f+B,B,B,B,B- knocks opponent into air ** [Qcf+P after!]
    Hold f+B,B,B,B,df+P,Qcf+B- excellent, very confusing
    Hold f+B,B,B,B,df+P,K- knocks opponent up slightly
    Here are some tips that I think are most useful for winning with Bakuryu.
    -12 hit combo only in beast mode (counts from the first forward flip)
    P,K,K,f+K,b+K,ff+K,K,K,d+K,K,Hold df+BBBBBBB (you might want to move forward a 
    little for the last claw slashes to connect)
    -Stunning neckbreaker (only connects in beast)
    -Talk about a sick low-high fakie or massive combo here!
    df+K,K,K,Qcf+K teleports you directly behind them to lay into your opponent!
    df+K,K,K,Qcb+B,P,P,P,P -then-
    f+P,Qcf+P for a 10 hit! 
    B,B,B for a 10 hit!
    -Talk about annoying! 3 trips.
    Hold df+K,K,db+K then your combo of choice 
    -Whenever the opponent is on the ground abuse your right to kick em when they're 
    Hold df+K,K after everything when they fall 
    well I hope someone has benefitted from the information that I have shared.
    Please feel free to E-mail me with any problems or new ideas!

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