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    Stun by JRuhl

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    Bloody Roar: Primal Fury (Nintendo Gamecube)
    Character FAQ for Stun the Insect
    This Document Copyright 2002 by Jesse Ruhl
    Created June 13, 2002/ Revised June 25, 2002
    Version 1.1
    I.   Intro
    II.  Legend
    III. The Moves
    IV.  Combos
    V.   Credits and Legal Stuff
    I.  Intro:  Stun is a cool character to play.  He uses striking techniques 
    well as wrestling techniques, which I personally LOVE pulling off!  He’s a
    little different from the other characters in the way that he isn’t exactly
    human.  He has a robotic type voice with a strange looking head and not to
    mention only four fingers.  Stun turns into an insect.  More specially, he
    turns into this HUGE, horned beetle!  (May not sound all that intimidating,
    so you may have to see it for yourself...)
    His outfits are hard to describe.  His first outfit is blue.  He has cloth-
    type stuff covering his body with flaps in the front and back, and holes can
    be seen as well.  I know I’m not describing it all that well, but like I
    said, it's hard to explain.  His second outfit is pretty much the same, only
    Background – Stun was a dedicated research genetics worker along with his
    good friend, and rival, Busuzima.  However, when Stun discovered Busuzima’s
    evil plot to make immortal creatures as the cost of cruel human experiments,
    Stun was turned into a Zoanthrope because he knew too much.  He then entered
    the tournament to set the record straight.
    II.  Legend
    P – Punch
    K – Kick
    BA – Beast Attack
    BL – Block/Throw
    F – Forward
    B – Backward
    D – Down
    U – Up
    DF – Hold Down and Forward together
    DB – Hold Down and Back together
    QCF – Quarter Circle Forward; roll from Down to Forward
    QCB – Quarter Circle Back; roll from Down to Back
    HCF – Half Circle Forward; roll from Back to Down to Forward
    HCB – Half Circle Back; roll from Forward to Down to Back
    Duck – hit Down, Down, and hold on the second one
    Dash – hit Forward, Forward, and hold on the second one
    BTO – Facing with your back toward the opponent
    + - do at the same time (U+P means push Up and Punch at the same time)
    , - this indicates that one move is done after another (F,B means push
        forward then back)
    III.  The Moves:  Stun’s moves may be slow for the most part, but he makes 
    for it with power!  Some of these moves can be found in the Instruction
    Manual, and some can’t, such as Stun’s special throwing maneuvers.  It took
    me a while to figure these out, but it was well worth it.  I’m pretty sure I
    got ‘em all, too.  Anyway, onto the moves...
    P – basic punch
    U+P – jumping double-axe handle smash
    F+P – grabs the opponent and flings them into the air
    DF+P – uppercut to the mid-section
    D+P – low punch
    DB+P – cross chop
    B+P – powerful punch, knocks opponent across the screen
    B,F+P – grabs opponents face, then yanks on it
    F,B+P – unleashes a barrage of energy with his arm
    QCF+P – grabs opponent and body slams them
    QCB+P – grabs opponent by the ankle and slams them to the other side like a
    F,F+P – smashes opponent on the head with a chop
    Duck+P – rises up with an uppercut
    Dash+P – delivers a shoulder charge
    BTO,P – spins around with a backfist
    BTO,D+P – turns around with a low punch
    K – knee bash
    U+K – flips over and drops his foot like an axe
    F+K – front kick to mid-section
    DF+K – gets low and moves in (does NO damage)
    D+K – low kick
    DB+K – rises up and delivers a low kick to knock down the opponent
    B+K – hook kick, in other words, spins and does a kick
    QCF+K – kicks opponent in mid-section, pauses, then kicks them in the head
            with the other foot
    QCB+K – delivers a thrusting kick while blocking high and middle attacks
    F,F+K – powerful kick, knocks opponent across the screen, but leaves your
            back turned
    Duck+K – rises up with a front kick to the face
    Dash+K – low seated drop kick, knocks opponent down, good move!
    BTO,K – spins around with a kick
    BTO,D+K – turns around while sweeping his foot towards opponents legs and
              knocking them out from under them
    BA – hits opponent with the beetle horn
    U+BA – jumps up and smashes opponent with the horn
    F+BA – steps forward and charges with the horn
    DF+BA – rises up with the horn and sends opponent skyward
    D+BA – slashes low with both arms
    DB+BA – steps back and charges low
    B+BA – steps back and charges with the horn, sends opponent flying backwards
    QCF+BA – grabs opponent with horn, runs straight into wall, then punches
    QCB+BA – counters high and middle attacks, sends opponent backwards
    F,D+BA – backs up, pauses, then charges toward opponent, grabbing and
             flinging them into the air, cannot be blocked (kind of a useless
             move in my opinion, but at least I have a combo for it...Section
    F,F+BA – smashes opponent with a head butt
    Duck+BA – flutters wings while charging low
    Dash+BA – diving beetle attack
    BTO,BA – mule kick, sends opponent flying
    BTO,D+BA – turns around with a low punch, knocking opponent off balance
    QCF,QCF+BA – grabs opponent with horn, flies up with them, then crashes them
                 down onto his knee, then breaks their back, and finally sending
                 them up off of him, CANNOT BE BLOCKED, but CAN be ducked
    QCB,QCB+BA – MUST BE CLOSE, grabs opponent, spins them around and sends them
                 to opposite wall, charges with horn, throws opponent away
    Standing: Opponent Down
    D+P – strikes a downed opponent with a punch
    D+K – stomps on a downed opponent
    D+BA – falls onto downed opponent with horn
    Aerial Attacks:
    P – delivers a punch in the air, can be done twice
    F or B+P – slams opponent face first into ground
    K – weak drop kick in the air, can be done twice
    F or B+K – powerful drop kick, F or B determines which way Stun kicks
    BA – front kick in the air, can be done twice
    F or B+BA – Stun extends himself while floating to the ground, this attack
                can go really far if you run and then jump and execute the move
    Throwing Moves: The Combination Throws have critical timing.  You must enter
                    the command just before the opponent is slammed on the
                    previous move.  Also, you must be next to the opponent for
                    all of these throws!
    F+BL – grabs opponent around waist, picks them up, and falls backward
    F+BL – (in Beast Form), grabs opponent, shocks them like a bug zapper, and
           sends them backward
    F+BL – (facing opponent’s back), jumps up and delivers a super inverted hip
    F+BL – (crouching opponent), picks up opponent and slams them with a
    D,D+BL – (crouching opponent), picks up opponent by the leg, jumps up and
             spins them around and throws them to the ground
    B+BL – puts opponent on the other side of Stun with back turned toward him
    QCF+BL – fireman’s carry, spins around, drops them like a Death Valley 
    QCB+BL – (combination to QCF+BL), picks opponent back up by the legs and
             delivers a German suplex
    HCB+BL – body scissors sending opponent face first into the ground
    D,D+BL – (combination to HCB+BL), smashes opponent’s face back into ground
    D,U+BL – (combination to D,D+BL), picks up opponent for an inverted
    F+BL – (in the air next to airborne opponent), Stun does some kind of funky
           piledriver, looks really painful
    IV.  Combos:  Some of Stun’s combos can only be performed in Beast Mode even
    if the combo doesn’t require a Beast Attack.  I will indicate these combos,
    and only these combos, with (BEAST).  If the combo does require a Beast
    Attack, I won’t indicate it.  Also, if the combo does require a Beast 
    you don’t necessarily have to be in Beast Form, but you must be ABLE to turn
    into Beast Form.
    D+P,K – low combination
    P,K,P,P – ends with the cross chop
    P,P,P,K – ends with the flipping axe drop
    F+K,K – front kick to knee bash
    F+K,K,B+P – ends with the powerful punch
    F+K,D+K,QCB+P – ends with the whip-like maneuver
    BA,BA,D+BA,D+BA – low double slash at the end
    BA,BA,DF+BA,DF+BA,U+BA – bashes opponent to the ground
    D+BA,BA,BA,DF+BA,DF+BA,U+BA – just one more hit than the previous combo
    P,P,P,QCF+P – ends combo with the body slam
    P,P,P,QCB+P – whip-like maneuver at the end
    P,P,P,B,F+P – ends with the face yank
    P,P,P,F,B+P – ends with the barrage of energy
    F+P, Jump Forward+BL – ends with Aerial Piledriver
    P,P,P,F+P, Jump Forward+BL – three more hits than previous combo
    P,P,P,QCF+K – does the mid-section to head kick combination
    P,P,P,QCB+K – thrusting block kick to finish combo
    P,P,P,QCF+BA – ends with charging beetle to wall with a punch
    P,K,P,QCF+P – body slam ending
    P,K,P,QCB+P – whip-like move to end combo
    P,K,P,QCF+K – ends with mid-section to head kick combo
    P,K,P,QCB+K – ends with thrusting block kick
    P,K,P,B,F+P – face yank ending
    P,K,P,F,B+P – energy barrage ending
    P,K,P,QCF+BA – charging beetle to wall with punch ending
    F+K,K,QCF+P – body slam ending
    F+K,K,QCB+P – whip-like move ending
    F+K,K,QCF+K – mid-section to head kick combo ending
    F+K,K,QCB+K – thrusting block kick ending
    DF+BA, Jump Forward+BL – ends with Aerial Piledriver
    Duck+K,QCB+P – grabs a downed opponent for the whip-like move
    DF+P,K,D+P – mid-section uppercut, moves in close, finishes with rising
    DF+P,K,D+K,QCB+P – grabs a downed opponent for the whip-like move
    F,D+BA, Jump Forward+BL – ends with Aerial Piledriver
    Duck+K,U+P,QCB+P – (BEAST) rises with front kick, double axe handle smash,
                       then whip-like move
    DF+P,K,D+K,U+P,QCB+P – (BEAST) mid-section uppercut, moves in close, then
                           same as previous combo
    V.  Credits and Legal Stuff
    This was the first FAQ I’ve created.  Sorry if it was a little rough, but
    hopefully you could understand it and get some use out of it.  If you have
    any questions or comments about this FAQ, feel free to e-mail me,
    mr_nice_guy2001, and that’s at hotmail.com, by the way.
    I would like to thank -------
    -Nintendo, Activision, Hudsonsoft, and Eighting for creating this incredible
    game.  And I couldn’t have made this FAQ without the help of the instruction
    manual for some of the moves and combos.
    -GameFAQs.com for creating this website.  I’ve been using it for a while to
    get information, so I thought I should give something back.
    -The Gerudo King for e-mailing me with the Character Background of Stun.
    This document should not be duplicated or copied without my express
    permission, so if you want to make a copy, just e-mail me and ask.

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