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    Boss FAQ by Cyril

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/18/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Skies of Arcadia Legends
    Boss Guide
    By: Cyril [Stephanie Nutter]
    Version: 1.0
    Latest Update: August 18th, 2008
    This is a Boss Guide that goes over only the bosses and optional bosses
    in Skies of Arcadia: Legends.  If you're having trouble in a dungeon,
    this is not the place to look. There are minor boss spoilers throughout
    the guide, but in name only.  There will be no discussion of the story.
    -=-=              Table of Contents:              -=-=
    Section 1:Introduction
    Section 2:Characters
    Section 3:Skills - Super Moves
    Section 4:Magic
    Section 5:Boss List
    Section 6:Bosses
    Section 7:Optional Bosses
    Section 8:Misc. 
    -=-=                 Introduction:                -=-=
    This is a boss guide for Skies of Arcadia: Legends.  In this guide I
    will assume you know how the basics, that is, how to control Vyse, how MP
    and SP work and how stats work. There will be a magic list and some info 
    on how I prefer to use characters, as well as suggested Super Moves. I
    suggest that you just use this guide when necessary, but I have added some
    helpful tips about certain parts of the game that can help you prepare for
    the next areas and bosses.
    Unfortunately, at this time I can't accept any new strategies from my
    readers. I appreciate your help, but I don't have the time in my schedule
    to frequently update my FAQs with no information.  Thank you for your
    EMails of encouragement and tips. This guide has, pretty much, been
    completely been rewritten from scratch from the original version posted
    in 2002 or 2003.
    I hope this guide will be of use to you, the reader, and help you crush
    the foes you are struggling with.
    -=-=               Main Characters:               -=-=
    Weapon: Dual Cutlasses
    Starting level: 1
    Profile: Vyse is your main character in Skies of Arcadia: Legends.  He the son 
    of the Blue Rogue leader, Dyne, and their heir to the Dyne legacy.
    Strengths: Vyse is your main physical attacker throughout the entire game.  He 
    is fast, and has a rather good hit percentage.  He has the strongest 
    super move in the entire game.  He can also equip the heaviest armor.	 
    Weaknesses: Vyse is normally well rounded, while that is a strength, it is 
    also a weakness.  He the average line on magic power, and cant increase it 
    as well because of his lack of ability to wear robes. Also, while his hit-
    percentage is "good," it's not as high as Aika's or, at times, Fina's.
    Recommended Skills: Vyse, as the main physical attacker, should work up on 
    building his super moves.  Use almost all of the first few Moonberries you 
    find on him.  I usually have his last skill early, you'll probably want it
    before the boss in Rixis. As for spells, I usually keep Vyse starting with
    Red,until he completes it so that he has Incremus, while simuntaneously
    levelling the other character's Red magic so they at least have Increm.
    Weapon:  Boomerang
    Starting Level: 1
    Profile: Aika lost her parents when she was very young. She was basically 
    adopted by Vyse’s parents, and so Vyse and Aika grew up together.  Feisty 
    and short tempered, her attitude matches her hair color.
    Strengths: Aika is amazing, I personally find her invaluable in random 
    encounters.  She is the fastest character is the game, and has the highest hit 
    percentage.  She is a great healer because of her fast feet. Aika has 2 super 
    moves that hit all enemies, and once you get enough spirit points to use it on 
    the first turn (8) then random encounters become much easier and less of a 
    hassle. She has decent magic attack power as well.
    Weaknesses: Aika is a great, but other then her strengths, she is average all 
    around.  Her defense isn’t very high, and her hit point average, forcing you 
    to keep her more toward magic or healing. He physical attack power starts
    lagging after a while, too. While she is great in random encounters, you'll
    probably stick Aika into a defensive role along with Fina during bosses
    where she can't do damage.
    Strategy: A good strategy with Aika I found is to keep her with a green weapon 
    until she gets to at least level 5, though preferrably until it's mastered.  
    She is a great healer and you must exploit it.  And after you get Fina, and 
    have a level 5 Green spell, I suggest putting her on Silver until she learns 
    Riselem.  Then it all up to you after that. Focus on having Aika learn
    defensive magics, Quicka and Increm, as her magic attack isn't too high.
    Delat Shield, her second Super Move, can be very useful in some battles when
    it is used correctly.
    Here is an Aika trick (for random encounters). Aika, the fastest character,
    almost always attacks first.  So, you shouldu nlock her Lambda Burst 
    special as soon as possible.  Once your party has 8 or more SP on the first 
    turn of battle, have Aika cast Lambda Burst.  By the time I got the SP
    (Usually around South Ocean) it would kill 90% of the enemies in one hit.
    It remains useful throughout the game. This also works with Omega Cyclone, 
    when you have 13 SP on the first turn. Because special skills require no MP,
    Aika can constantly shorten your random encounters with her Super Moves and
    save you travel time.
    Weapon: Cupil
    Starting Level:1 
    Profile: One of the last remaining Silvites, Fina is sent to gather the moon 
    crystals to stop the corrupt people in the world from destroying the world 
    once again.  When her ship is shot down, she is rescued by Vyse, and her 
    adventure begins.
    Strengths: Fina is the main spell caster of Skies of Arcadia Legends.  She 
    excels at any type of spell and learns all types quickly.  She is a great 
    healer, as her last super move completely revitalizes  your entire party.
    Even better, Fina always goes first when using it. 
    Weaknesses: Like most casters in RPG’s, Fina is weak physically.  She has 
    low defense and HP as well with low speed at the beginning of the game. 
    Lastly, she starts off at level one, when your other characters are around
    level 13. You either have to grind a bit or accept a few of her deaths.
    Strategy: Fina is the main spell caster, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t 
    build up her super moves.  Fina’s first and last moves are  invaluable.  
    The last one will save you very often.  And it also help save MP you wont
    have to use on healing spells.  I usually bring her Silver magic to level 6,
    and then change her weapon color to Green in case her Green magic isn't 
    completed.  Taking Silver to level 6 isn't an easy task, considering how
    many points it takes to level up, but at the very least you'll be levelling
    other characters' Silver Magic at the same time. 
    -=-=               Sub Characters:                -=-=
    Weapon: Artificial Arms
    Starting level: 13 (which at the time you get him is high)
    Profile: Drachma is the aged sailor bent on vengeance against the archwhale 
    Rhaknam.  He is cold and a loner, but his past, as well as his future, are 
    clouded.  He owns the ship, "Little Jack".
    Strengths: Drachma is the strongest physical attacker in the game.  He 
    literally grinds his enemies to grimy pulp with his arms.  He has the 
    highest HP, and can equip all the strongest armors.
    Weaknesses: Drachma is the slowest character, meaning less evasion and a low 
    hit percentage.  He is very bad at casting magic, taking longer then anyone 
    else to learn spells.  And, well, IMO his super moves aren’t the 
    Strategy:  Because Drachma is absolutely terrible at casting magic, I'd
    suggest giving him either status enhancing spells or just giving him the
    moonstone of the element that your casters -need- to learn. In my case,
    I usually end up giving him a Purple moonstone, since Vyse learns Red for
    Increm, Aika Green, and Fina Silver. Purple will give your two casters the
    strong single target ice magic, while the red from Vyse will give them
    multi-target spells. Water works in place of purple, too.
    Weapon: Gun
    Starting level: 24
    Profile: Gilder is the resident gunslinger of the pack.  He is a pirate 
    who loves the freedom he gets from sailing the skies of Arcadia.  Yet, 
    something gives me a sneaking suspicion that he doesn’t roam the skies at that 
    quick pace because he wants to. . .
    Strengths: Gilder is hard to rate with strengths and weaknesses.  He is an 
    average character all around who doesn’t excel in anything. But he 
    does have a higher than average physical attack. Truthfully, nothing
    particular sticks out about Gilder except his sheer "balance," which is
    both a good and bad thing.
    Weaknesses: Gilder has a slightly lower then average magic, and it takes him 
    longer to learn it than, say, Vyse.  But then again, he is hard to rate with 
    strengths and weaknesses, as he is your balanced character. I'm not really
    a fan of his Super Moves. The game really wants him to come off as balanced
    with the spells he knows at the start, but it just isn't going to happen.
    Strategy: Gilder should be used primarily for physical attacks, though
    he is a good supporting buffer and healer as well.  If you plan to use him,
    level his Super Moves so he has some type of offense.
    Weapon: Rapier
    Starting Level: 26
    Profile: Enrique is the prince of Valua, the only heir to the throne.  He 
    realizes his mothers intentions and ways of ruling are wrong, and takes
    action.  As a prince, he has been educated about the world, and knows 
    much.  Except the poor guy does terribly on airships. 
    Strengths: Vyse and Enrique share a lot of the same traits.  But Enrique has 
    the stronger in magic of the two and the weaker attacks.  He is a strong 
    magic user and his physical attacks are decent as well.  He also has 
    a strong final super move as well as a very useful Super move that halves
    physical damage. At some levels, Enrique has a higher Will (that is,
    Magical Attack power) than Fina does.  He'll never reach Vyse strength
    physically, however. In my own humble opinion, Enrique is by far the
    best fourth character because of his versitality.
    Weaknesses: Enrique, like Vyse, is pretty well balanced.  But Enrique’s 
    attacks are a little over average, since his weapons aren’t the 
    most powerful things you will find.  He also doesn’t seem to have the
    best defense.  Lastly, he tends to attack last.
    Strategy: Enrique can do pretty much whatever you want with him. His magic
    attacks can be as strong as Fina, but it seems, through his Super Moves, that
    he is more focused towards physical attacks.  I suggest putting a few 
    Moonberries into his Super Moves at thestart so that you get his Shield 
    skill, which helps considerably in some battles. You'll probably want to 
    start him off with Yellow Magic, especially if you haven't had anyone using
    it before this.
    -=-=             Skills - Super Moves:            -=-=
    Skills are special abilities that are awakened when a character 
    eats Moonberries.You can find Moonberries from encounters, in treasure 
    chests, and just about anywhere.  You must awaken your skills (Super 
    moves, as they are know in this game) in order.  I will show you all
    the skills for each character,  moonberries it takes to revive them,
    Spirit it takes to use,  their order, and what they do in battle.
    When I use the term "skill," I'm referring to "Super Moves," and I
    use it inetrchangably.
    The basic layout will look like this:
    Character name: I will put the name of the character before the skills.
    Skill: The name of the Super Move
    SP: Spirit it takes to use the Super Move
    Moonberries: The number of Moonberries it takes to unlock the skill.
    Overview: A basic look at what the Super Moves.
    Now onto the skills!
    ----                    Vyse:                     ----
    Skill: Cutlass Fury
    SP: 7
    Moonberries: 0 This is the only super in the game that starts as learned.  
    Cutlass Fury is a great skill to use throughout the entire game, as it works 
    well on any enemy, though in the beginning it takes a while to get enough 
    spirit to use it.  It does from 300 (at the very beginning of the game) to 
    2,000(at the end) points of damage to a single enemy.  While not nearly as 
    deadly as Pirates Wrath, this can be use more often as the smaller Spirit 
    usage make for 3 to Pirates Wrath’s one.  This is a must use throughout th 
    entire game.  I prefer using it on Loopers as it doesn’t miss.
    It can be argued that, at times, this skill is better than Pirates Wrath
    just because if the TP consumption and damage that it does.  With 21 SP
    you can do three Cutlass Furies.  At the end of the game, if each does 2000
    damage and Pirates Wrath does 5800, you're still getting slightly more
    damage. However, this can drag out battles to be longer than you need,
    causing uneeded casualties.
    Do not underestimate this skill, even at the very end of the game when you
    find Pirates Wrath stronger and "better," there are times, such as in more
    defensive based battles that require high SP-consumption per-round that
    the damage over time is far superior to a move that costs 21 SP.
    Skill: Counterstrike
    SP: 1
    Moonberries: 1
    Counterstrike allows Vyse to counter all attacks for one round of combat.  If 
    used properly, it can help deal a lot of damage, but I personally prefer 
    having Vyse attack each round, as he counters more often than not anyway.
    Skill: Rain of Swords
    Moonberries: 2
    Overview: Rain of Swords hits all enemies for a decent amount of Yellow 
    damage.  While it does more damage than, say, Lambda Burst, the spirit 
    cost is much higher.  Because you usually want to pull off ranged attacks
    first in battle, you cant with this, as Vyse isn’t as fast as Aika.  
    You will find that Aika’s ranged skills work much better then this, 
    but this one can be useful if your enemies seemingly aren’t taking damage.
    Skill: Skull Shield
    SP: 10
    Moonberries: 2
    Overview: Skull Shield lower physical attack damage, as well as helps you 
    counter enemies easier for one round of combat.  While some people find 
    this useful, I didn’t use it more then two times the few times over I have 
    played the game.  For that much spirit you can cast Increm two times, and 
    still have   Sprit to spare.
    While I don't use it often, I can think of one or two particular battles
    that it is nice. 
    Some players seem to confuse the use of this Super Move and Justice Shield.
    Against monsters with strong physical attacks -this- is this superior
    Super Move, however it does nothing to negate the damage of special
    attacks. Justice Shield halves all physical damage (including special
    attacks) but does not negate it.
    Skill: Pirates Wrath
    SP: 21
    Moonberries: 4
    Pirates wrath is the Skies of Arcadia Legends’ ultimate attack skill(with a 
    single person).  It constantly does over 3,000 damage from the moment you
    unlock it. Early on, it takes an extremely large of Spirit to use, so
    prepare to Focus.  This is the ultimate boss killer, as it does so
    much damage.  When Vyse is Incremed, it can do upwards 5,000 damage.
    The Pirates Wrath and Cutlass Fury debate:
    Big numbers are good, right? As I stated slightly above in the Cutlass Fury
    section, there are times when bigger isn't necessarily -better-. Certain
    battles, usually optional, require you to play very defensively to survive
    without casualties. These battles take quite a bit of Spirit-per-round and
    usually end up with one or two characters Focusing constantly to help build
    up for attacks.  In cases like these, sometimes it's better to stick with a
    weaker Cutlass Fury that can attack every round. It cuts down the risk
    even if it takes longer.
    However, there are very few battles that difficult and most of the time
    you'll just tear everything apart with Pirates' Wrath.
    ----                    Aika:                     ----
    Skill: Alpha Storm
    SP: 4 
    Moonberries: 1
    Alpha Storm is somewhat like Yellow magic.  It hits the enemies in a 
    line of the enemy targeted.  The good news, is that it has a larger range 
    than the yellow spells.  The bad news is that the range still isn’t large.  
    But as this skill is rather cheap, you can use it a lot in the beginning 
    of the game to help take out clusters of enemies.
    Skill: Delta Shield            
    SP: 2
    Moonberries: 1
    Delta Shield blocks all magic attacks from allies and enemies for one turn.   
    This can be a blessing if you are up against a strong magic user.  I don’t 
    really use this spell a whole lot, but I know a lot of places I could put it 
    to use. Some of the bosses in the game become extremely easy with this skill.
    But be warned, you cant heal with magic, so make sure you have enough
    crystals to recover with. 
    There are two or three battles that this ability helps consderably and can
    even "make or break" the battle, but in most normal encounters and even
    normal boss fights it's unlikely that you'll use it.
    Skill: Lambda Burst
    SP: 8
    Moonberries: 2
    I love this skill.  It is probably my most used skill in the game.  Because 
    Aika is fast, she gets it off almost immediately.  And once you start a 
    battle with 8 SP you can officially obliterate your enemies before they
    can attack.  This ability does from 200 to 500 damage to all opponents.  
    And again, when you start a battle with 8 SP use it immediately!  It will 
    save you a ton of time in hundreds of random encounters.
    Skill: Epsilon Mirror
    Epsilon Mirror uses 10 SP to restore 10 MP for Aika alone.  Very handy in long 
    battles where you use a lot of magic, but not that useful all the time.  I 
    found this useful during the last few battles of the game where I have Aika on 
    healing duty.
    Skill: Omega Cyclone
    Omega Cyclone is a stronger version of Lambda Burst, making it another 
    favorite of mine.  It takes more SP, but it replaces Lambda Burst for the 
    rest of the game when you have it.  It does from 400 to 800(or more) damage
    to all enemies.  Very useful in random encounters, worthless against most
    ----                    Fina:                     ----
    An interesting fact about Fina’s Skills: Most of them will always go first, no 
    matter how slow she is.  I know for a fact about Lunar Blessing and Lunar 
    Light.  I am still checking about the others.
    Skill: Lunar Blessing
    SP: 12
    Moonberries: 1
    Lunar Blessing causes the entire party to regenerate 200 HP at the beginning 
    of each turn.  Very useful, as it will save your party from death often.
    During the long battles of the game, you'll want to use this, even if 200
    HP doesn't seem significant. Also works well with the Wanted list bosses. 
    But be warned, if a character gets KO’d and then revived, the regeneration
    will not work until it is recast. 
    Skill: Lunar Glyph
    Lunar Glyph causes damage to an opponent with a chance to stone them.  The 
    damage is high in the beginning but quickly becomes irrelevant when you get 
    the stronger spells. You don't use this for damage later on, but rather,
    the stone effect.
    Skill: Lunar Cleansing
    Lunar Cleansing completely removes bad statuses(except KO) on all party 
    members.   Very useful, especially when enemies cast Drilnos on your party, or 
    Slipara.  But other then that, it doesn’t have uses.  I personally have found 
    this to save my life quite a few times. 
    Skill: Lunar Winds
    SP: 6
    Moonberries: 2
    Lunar Winds removes all positive statuses from all enemies.  Positive statuses 
    such as Regeneration, and Increm.  You wont find this to have much use, as 
    most enemies can be defeated even with the positive statuses, but it will
    help speed battles up.
    Skill: Lunar Light
    The ultimate healing skill, it completely revives, heals, and removes the 
    statuses of all party members.  To make it even better, it will ALWAYS be 
    pulled off before any other attack on a battle turn, potentially saving your 
    ass many, many, times.  This may be considered the ultimate spell as it is so 
    -=-=              Magic Strategies:               -=-=
    Magic in the world of Arcadia is set into 6 different colors.  Green, Red, 
    Blue, Purple, Yellow, and Silver. I have all the colored spell lists, in the 
    order you get them in as well as what they are strong against, and what they 
    are weak against.
    Note that the strengths and weaknesses also work with your weapon type.
    Green magic is the magic of the earth.  Green magic is the healing magic 
    of the game, and some of the spells work out of battle and during the ship 
    battles.  Two spells, Noxi, an Noxous are attack spells, poisoning enemies 
    when used in battle.  Green spells do more damage against Blue and Purple 
    colored enemies.  They do less damage against Red and Yellow colored foes.
    Green Magic List:
    Sacri: Restores 500 HP, 4000 to a ship.  Can be used out of battle.
    Noxi: Attacks and has a chance to poison one enemy
    Sacres: Restores 1000 HP, 8000 to a ship.   Can be used out of battle.
    Noxous: Attacks all enemies and has a chance to poison them.
    Sacrum: Restores 1000 HP to all party members. Can be used out of battle.
    Sacrulen: Restores all HP to a single party member, and ship.  Can be used
    out of battle.
    Red magic is the magic of heat and fire.  The red magic spells attack all 
    enemies and are used to power up your attacks. No fire magic can be used 
    out of battle.  Red magic does more damage to Green and Yellow colored 
    enemies.  It does less damage to Blue and other Red colored monsters.
    You can use all Red magic in ship battles one you get a magic cannon. 
    The best spells in the Fire category are the Increm spells, which
    increase your attack. 
    Red Magic List:
    Pyri: Attacks all enemies.  Smallest damage.
    Increm: Raises stats and attributes of one character by 25% for a few turns.
    Pyres: Attacks all enemies.  Medium damage. 
    Pyrum: Attacks all enemies.  Large Damage.
    Pyrulen: Attacks all enemies.  Maximum damage.
    Incremus: Raises stats of all party members by 25%.  No use in ship battles.
    Blue Magic is the magic of water and wind.  The spells attack a range of 
    enemies, or support your party.  Blue magic can not be used out of battle.  
    Blue magic does more damage to Red and Yellow colored monsters.  It does
    less damage to Green and Purple colored monsters.  You can use all Blue
    spells against a foe once you have a magic cannon.
    Blue Magic List:
    Wevli: Attacks a very small range of enemies for small damage.  
    Quika: Doubles speed of all party members, increases ship speed in 
    ship battles.
    Wevles: Attacks a small range of enemies or medium damage.  
    Slipara: Has a chance of putting all enemies to sleep.  No use during 
    ship battles.
    Wevlum: Attacks a small range of enemies for large damage.
    Wevlen: Attacks a medium range of enemies for huge damage.
    Purple magic is the magic of ice.  The spells attack one enemy for large
    amounts of damage, or they cause status effects.  Purple magic can not be
    used out of battle.  Purple magic does more damage to Blue and Red colored
    opponents and less damage to Green and Purple enemies.  You can cast
    purple spells on enemy ships once you have a magic cannon.
    Purple Magic List:
    Crystali: Medium damage to a single enemy.
    Crystales: Large damage to a single enemy.
    Sylenis: Stops an enemy from casting spells.
    Panika: Confuses a single enemy.
    Crystalum: Huge damage to a single enemy.
    Crystalen: Extreme damage to a single enemy.
    Yellow magic is the magic of lightning.  Yellow attacks do a large
    amount, but not as high as Purple, of damage to a small line ofenemies, or
    they cause a decrease in strength of an enemy.  Yellow magic of any kind
    can not be used out of battle.  Yellow magic does more damage to Green
    and Silver colored enemies.  It does less damage to Blue, and other Yellow
    colored enemies.    
    You can use Yellow spells on enemy ships once you have a magic cannon.
    Yellow Spell List:
    Electri: Does very small lightning damage to a small line of enemies.
    Driln: Lowers strength and attributes of one enemy by 25% for a few turns.
    Electres: Does small lightning damage to a small line of enemies.
    Electrum: Does medium lightening damage to a line of enemies.
    Electrulen: Does large lightening damage to a medium sized line of enemies.
    Drilnos: Lowers strength and attributes of all enemies by 25%.  Not usable in 
    ship battles.
    Silver magic is the magic of life and death.  Silver magic has a wide array 
    of uses.  It can revive characters, clean their status, or instantly destroy 
    a foe or multiple foes.  Silver Magic can only be used in battle, and never 
    in ship battles.  Silver magic does more of a chance of death to Yellow 
    opponents, and less of a chance to other Silver colored enemies.
    Silver Spell List:
    Curia: Completely cures an ally of adverse effects, except KO(unconscious).
    Risan: 50% chance of reviving an ally with 50% of their max HP.
    Eterni: A small percentage that you will cause instant death with this spell.
    Eternes: A medium percentage that you will instantly slay all enemies.
    Riselem: Completely revives a character with 100% of max HP.
    Eternum: Will destroy an enemy unless they are magically protected against 
    -=-=                  Boss List:                  -=-=
    This is a list of all the bosses I have in this guide.  I have their names, 
    but not their location as to avoid Spoilers, if you don’t want any spoilers at 
    all though, I suggest you skip this section. I've edited out the names of
    important bosses (and "super secret hidden bosses") to help avoid spoilers.
    Required Bosses:
    Boss 1:Antonio
    Boss 2:Sentintel
    Boss 3:Ship: Baltor and the Blackbeard
    Boss 4:Bleigock
    Boss 5:Executioner and Spell Wardens
    Boss 6:Royal Guardx2
    Boss 7:Ship: Valuan Cruiser
    Boss 8:Rokwyrm
    Boss 9:Recumen
    Boss 10:Ship: The Lynx
    Boss 11:Ship: The Chameleon
    Boss 12:Antonio 2
    Boss 13:Rik'Talish
    Boss 14:Ship: The Chameleon 2
    Boss 15:Ship: Grendel
    Boss 16:Gordo, 3 Mad Chefs
    Boss 17:Ship: Valaun Gunboat
    Boss 18:Sinistra and Destra
    Boss 19:Vigoro 
    Boss 20:Draklor Tank
    Boss 21:Ship: Fortress Gate
    Boss 22:Ship: Gregorio Cruiser
    Boss 23:Ship: Gregorio Gunboat
    Boss 24:Ship: The Augria
    Boss 25:Ship: Anguila
    Boss 26:Ship: Tenkou Spellship
    Boss 27:Jao and Mao
    Boss 28:Tortigar
    Boss 29:Muraji, 3 Soldiers
    Boss 30:Ship: Vigoro and The Draco
    Boss 31:Ship: Bluheim
    Boss 32:Velteran
    Boss 33:Ship: Yeligar
    Boss 34:Ship: Raja
    Boss 35:Ship: DeLoco and The Chameleon, Parts 3 and 4
    Boss 36:Ship: Baltor and the Blackbeard 2
    Boss 37:Vigoro 2
    Boss 38:Eliminator
    Boss 39:Ship: Valuan Mage Ship
    Boss 40:Ship: Galcian's Elite
    Boss 41:Ship: The Hydra
    Boss 42:[Spoiler Boss 1]
    Boss 43:Gadianos
    Boss 44:[Final Boss 1]
    Boss 45:[Final Boss 2]
    Boss 46:[Final Boss 3]
    Optional Bosses:
    Optional 1:Piastol 1
    Optional 2:Barta and Rupee 
    Optional 3:Piastol 2
    Optional 4:Gunarm and Frocks
    Optional 5:Ixa'ness Demons: Tara, Pera, and Lira
    Optional 6:Ship: Obisbo
    Optional 7:Ship: Alania
    Optional 8:Piastol 3
    Optional 9:Ship: Roc
    Optional 10:Ship: Giant looper
    Optional 11:Vize, Anita, Faina
    Optional 12:Piastol 4
    Optional 13:Daikokuya
    Optional 14:Elcian
    Optional 15:Zivilyn Bane
    Optional 16:Lord Bane
    Optional 17:Super Secret Optional Boss
    -=-=          How to Read my Guide:               -=-=
    Location: I always put the location of the boss on the top.
    Boss: The name of the boss you will face.
    Recommended HP: The minimum number of HP that I think you will survive best 
    HP: The number of Hit Points, or boss stamina that you will have to knock 
    down until they are dead.
    Special attacks: The name of any special attacks the boss has.  
    Color:  Their color attribute.
    EXP: The experience your party gets for defeating the boss.
    Magic EXP: The number if Magic experience you receive when defeating the boss.
    Items: Any items the boss may drop.
    Strategy: My strategy of how to beat the boss.
    -=-=              Boss Strategies:                -=-=
    Location: Valuan Cruiser
    Boss 1: Antonio
    Recommended HP: 500
    HP: 575
    Special Attacks: Thunder of Fury
    Color: Yellow
    Item: Moonberry
    Antonio is fierce looking. He can be challenge if your level is not high 
    enough or you have not built up your magic.  This battle is harder in the
    GC version.  Have Vyse and Aika focus for the first round, then use
    Red magic Increm on Vyse with either character.  Have the second character 
    focus or heal if one of them got hit with Thunder of Fury on the first turn.  
    I have seen Thunder of Fury do 300 damage to a low level party, so keep 
    yourselves healed at all times.  After the Increm, have Vyse release Cutlass 
    Fury, when you have enough spirit.
    Always have Aika focus unless the party needs healing.  Having her attack
    will do more harm than good. Antonio counters often, and his counters can
    lower your HP to the point that Thunder of Fury can be fatal. When Vyse is
    waiting for the SP to do Cutlass Fury a second time, have him attack
    normally. Antonio should go down after the second Cutlass Fury. Note that
    once Antonio's HP drops, he'll start using Thunder of Fury more often, so
    make sure you kill him quickly.
    Location: Shrine Island
    Boss 2: The Sentinel
    Recommended HP: 700
    HP: 1,200
    Special Attacks: Target Search, Blaster
    Color: Silver
    EXP: 117
    Item: Moonberry
    The Sentinel will take a long time to wear down.   He has a lot of HP for this 
    point of the game.  The easiest way for me was to use your newly acquired 
    Purple Moon Stone and level up with Vyse equipped with the Purple on his 
    weapon.  At least until you get the Crystali.  Once you have that, and Aika 
    has some healing spells(or should) you are ready to battle him the easy way.
    Of course, Aika with some Purple magic helps too.
    when you first encounter the Sentinel, you should have enough Spirit to use
    Crystali at least once on the first turn.  If you only decide to do it once 
    (or don’t have the spell on more then one character) then focus with the 
    second character.  It should do from 100 to 200 points of damage with each
    use.  With your second person focusing, you should gain SP fast.  Cast Increm
    on Vyse with Aika ASAP.
    When the boss uses Search (With the red beams of light) then he is ready to
    use his ultimate attack. This is your warning, the move takes 2 turns to 
    power up.  Make sure your Hit Points are above 300 when it goes off. The
    Blaster attack hits, members in a straight line with the target, so if the
    AI hasn't moved your characters, it is likely both will take 300 damage.
    You may want to cast Increm on Aika, to raise her defense, just in case.  Be
    ready to heal.  Also note with this boss, you have a big advantage.  If your
    level is high enough then he will always be the last to attack, making it easy
    to survive.
    For an alternate method without the purple magic, you can cast Increm On Vyse
    and have him use Cutlass Fury. This method is arguably faster than using
    Purple magic, but it's also heavily Spirit based, so you won't do much other
    than Focusing, Increm, and the ability.  You should use Sacri crystals to
    heal yourself if you try it this way, so that it doesn't waste your Spirit.
    It should take 3 or 4 Cutlass Furies to kill him this way.
    In most cases, you'll want to completely avoid using normal physical attacks,
    as the Sentinel's counters will wear you down quickly.  Especially refrain
    from attacking with Aika. She won't do much damage to the boss, but will
    take quite a bit in return. 
    Location: Skies Over Nasar
    Boss 3: Ship: Baltor and the Blackbeard
    My Average level: 10-12
    Recommended HP: 10,000 With the Little Jack 
    Special Attacks: None  
    MagicEXP: None
    Item: Bomb, Captain Stripe
    This is your first ship battle.  Even so, don’t expect it to be too easy.
    A ship battle is basically a strategy version of a normal battle.
    You're not allowed direct action by your characters, instead you control
    the actions that the ship can take per battle.  This does not mean that
    your characters are worthless, however.  Depending on how far each magic
    has been developed, you can still cast certain spells on your ship.
    Important spells early on will be Sacres, Increm, and Quicka. At this
    point, you can not use offensive spells in ship battles, but you will
    be able to later.
    You have control of 3 attacks during this battle, each with one of 
    your characters.  You may notice certain boxes on the screen, colored 
    Red, Green, and Yellow. Some of the blocks have a C! On them.  Green means 
    you have an advantage with your attack, C! Means you have a huge advantage 
    over your opponent in the attack,  yellow means your opponent has a small 
    advantage, and red means you take critical damage. It is a wise move to 
    defend on red turns, as enemies will use their advantage to do large
    spikes of damage.  But you can do this in turn when you have a c! block.
    c! blocks do not need to be Green, so sometimes you may find yourself
    taking damage in order to damage the enemy.
    I hope you have the spells Increm and at least Sacri by now.  Cast Increm
    ASAP to lower the damage you take, and to increase the damage that you do.
    You'll want to keep your HP over 5,000 at all times during this battle.
    Sacri is sufficient to heal the Little Jack at this point, but later on
    you'll need the highest level of Green spells, so set someone (preferably
    Aika) on Green and leave them there.
    The main thing to do in this battle is attack when you are in the green or
    C! zones with your Standard Cannon or Main Cannons.  If you find
    yourself without anything to do, have characters Focus.  There's never
    a such thing as too much focusing. On Red turns with nothing to do, 
    however, you should probably defend. 
    When you're given the option, select "Try to get behind him instead."
    This will give you a critical advantage for the round.
    Again, make sure to heal if you have less the 5000 or 6000 HP, for you never 
    know how much damage you might take the next turn. You'll want to time
    your Green Magic close to the end of the round, preferably. That way you
    start the next round completely healed, the enemy with no advantage over
    Location: Valua Catacombs
    Boss 4: Bleigock
    Recommended HP: 1000
    HP: 4,800
    Special Attacks: Poisonous Bile (poison all allies),
    Frost Breath (Purple damage on all allies)
    Color: Green
    Item: Vidal Seed
    Bleigock can be an evil boss if you don’t come prepared with tons of
    Curia crystals.  He can kill you just by outlasting you with his high HP.
    His attacks don't do a lot of direct damage, but they have a chance to
    poison you, which will do a consistent 100+ extra each round. Even worse
    is that his attacks hit all of your party members AND you have another
    boss battle right after this.  Don't use too much magic or too many
    Because of Bleigock's high HP you want to be as healthy as possible.  
    The best way to fight this boss is arguable, like all bosses, but I found
    Crystales boxes to work very well.  They do 400-600 damage with each 
    use, and can be used multiple times.  Buy them from the Mystery Merchant on 
    Sailors Island at the inn.  If you don’t find him the first time, exit 
    Sailor's Island and keep going back in until you do. Some monsters in
    the catacombs also drop them with a low rate.
    A more standard way to kill this boss is by using Increm on Vyse, having
    Drachma Focus or attack, and use Aika to heal and cure the poison. Aika
    can also Focus.  The goal of this would be to have Vyse use Cutlass Fury
    every round while still staying alive. Having Vyse switch to a weapon 
    strong to Green (such as Red) for the battle will help considerably. If
    you don't want to kill the boss on this particular Magic color, just
    switch it back to whatever you were using before the battle so that
    you still get the MagicEXP on whatever color you prefer. This way
    will probably take 5 or 6 Cutlass Furies, so if you want to speed it up,
    have Aika use Crystales and Drachma attack when you have extra SP. 
    Note: The Valua Catacomb is a great place to farm for Moonberries.  Just
    run to the entrance and to the save point a few times and you should get
    at least 2-3. 
    Location: Valua Coliseum
    Boss 5: Executioner and 2 Spell Wardens
    Recommended HP: 1000
    HP: Executioner:1,800, Spell Wardens: 380
    Special Attacks: Executioner: Tackle. Wardens: Support Spells
    Color: Executioner: Yellow, Spell Wardens: Yellow
    Items: Electri Box, Sacres Crystals (sometimes)
    The problem with this boss is that he comes right after a dungeon and
    directly after another boss fight.  Not to mention that the boss is 
    surprisingly strong, and can kill low HP characters in one hit. With
    his tackle attack, the Executioner can break 1000 damage to your allies.
    Other problems occur when the Wardens use Increm on the Executioner while
    using Drilnos on your characters. The Incremed Executioner can hit
    1500 damage if your defense is down.
    The first priority is to get rid of the Spell Wardens. Focus on one at a
    time until both are killed.  It should only take a round or so to kill
    one. While doing this, have one person (probably Aika, since she's 
    weakest physically) use Increm.  Start with whoever has the lowest defense
    and build up to all three with Increm.  Increm not only raises your
    attack by 25%, but your defense as well. This will help you survive the
    Keep everyone at or above 1000 HP at all times, since the Executioner can
    easily do that much damage in one round.  It's important to note that
    his Tackle move has a line effect, so it can hit more than one character.
    Depending on the battle AI, the Executioner might use Tackle every round,
    or he might spam spells over and over.  It's really a matter of luck how
    easy or how difficult this battle is to survive.
    Don't even bother attacking the Executioner until both Wardens are gone.
    They'll cure and buff the Executioner while doing extra damage to you
    through their spells.  They should only take a round to kill because of
    their low HP.  While fighting the Executioner, avoid physical attacks
    and instead use Super Moves or Focus. Remember to keep Increm up on all
    three of your characters to reduce the damage the boss can do. Don't rush
    this battle. Take it slowly and have at least one, maybe even two,
    characters acting on support each round. Playing defensively helps a lot
    on these bosses that can easily bring you to critical status.
    Location: Train from Valua's Royal Palace
    Boss 6: Royal Guard x2
    Recommended 1,000
    HP: ~600
    Special Attacks: Counterstance, Sacri
    Color: Yellow
    EXP: 440
    MagicEXP: 2
    Item: Magic Droplet x10
    This battle can be surprisingly difficult, considering the dull looking
    foes. You also may not have a lot of MP left after the bosses and
    encounters that happened before this battle, so if you are, replenish 
    your MP supply before trying to kill the Guards.
    The two Royal Guards like to use CounterStance over and over, which
    makes physical attacks useless as well as halving the damage they take.
    Even worse is that when they have low HP, they start using the Sacri
    spell on themselves, which pretty much nullifies the damage you've done
    to them.
    This battle is about doing damage quickly before the bosses can heal
    themselves. Aika has weak physical attacks, so she won't be doing that,
    but hopefully she has some offensive spells in her arsenal.  Focus with
    Vyse and Aika the first round, and then cast Increm on Vyse on your second
    round. Spend a few rounds focusing and storing SP before you start your
    assault. When you're ready, have Aika use Crystales or another low SP
    spell while Vyse uses Cutlass Fury.  This part is somewhat risky, seeing
    as you may get defended against with CounterStance. Vyse's damage will be
    effectively halved if he is defended against.
    It may seem like an overkill to use Cutlass Fury and strong spells on
    such low HP enemies, but if they defend against you and Cure the damage
    that you cause, it makes everything you do for nothing. Ideally, you want
    to kill one of them before he can heal himself.  Once one is gone, then
    you need to focus your strongest attacks on the second in hope of
    finishing him off when he isn't defending.
    You're pretty much going to be stuck with magic only in this battle, so
    hopefully your characters have at least Crystales or Pyres. Abd even if
    you do, you have to make sure you can take down the enemy HP before they
    can cure themselves for 500.
    Location: Skies Inside the Gates of Valua
    Boss 7: Ship: Valuan Cruiser 
    Recommended HP: 10,000 with the Little Jack
    Special Attacks: Cannons
    MagicEXP: None
    Item: Repair Kit
    You just have to survive here. This is pretty much another tutorial
    battle, this time with Special Ship attacks.  This is a surprisingly
    straightforward battle, and very anticlimatic, considering what you've
    gone through.
    Have one person use Increm on the first turn possible, and have the second
    character Focus. The third turn should be a Sacri to heal any damage
    that the Valuan Cruiser did to you. As long as you keep your HP over
    6,000, you aren't going to have any trouble staying alive.
    On the second round, keep your Spirit above 9 or so, and Focus at least
    once, while using Sacri or Sacres on the last round. Only attack if you
    have an excess amount of Spirit. You'll probably want to attack once or
    twice just to put a dent into the ship, but 20,000 is a lot to wittle 
    away at. The goal is to have a minimum of 15 Spirit at the start of the
    next round.  That way, you can use the Harpoon Cannon to severely damage
    or immediately kill the boss. You will know when you can use this attack
    when you see a little Harpoon in the blocks that signify your attack rounds.
    The Harpoon Cannon should do around 15,000 damage.
    Note: At this point, you can do the first Optional Boss, Piastol Round 1.
    Location: Temple of Pyrynn
    Boss 8: Rokwyrm
    Recommended HP: 1000
    Special Attacks: Cinder Storm(Stone), Volcanic Blast (500 to all)
    Color: Red
    Item: Riselem Box
    I've been mentioning Crystales boxes throughout this guide, but this
    is a battle where they make it so much easier than if you don't have
    them. Because of the Red Color of the boss, Purple will do considerably
    more damage than on a normal boss.  If you don't have any Crystales
    Boxes, you're stuck with the Crystales spell and purple weapons
    Fina's Lunar Blessing is very useful in this battle, though if a 
    character is petrified, the positive effect will wear off.  Curia
    Crystals and the spell Curia will help considerably as well, since
    the Rockwyrm likes to petrify you. If you have any "Gem of Fluidity"
    accessories, then you might want to equip them for this battle to
    prevent the Stone Status. This item does not work all the time, but
    it can help when you need it.
    The easiest way to go about this battle is to have Fina and Aika use
    Crystales boxes every round (or, if someone has Stone status or low
    HP, use them to cure) while Vyse uses Increm on himself. Change his 
    weapon Color to Purple, and then use Cutlass Fury whenever you have the
    SP to do so. The Crystales boxes will probably do around 500 damage
    each, and a Cutlass Fury with a Purple weapon will hit for around
    Don't let your entire party get petrified, or you're dead. Other
    than the ability to Petrify, which probably does 600 damage alone, the
    Rockwyrm has an attack that can hit 500 damage on everyone. Keep everyone
    above 1000 HP at all times if possible, that way you won't have to
    worry about deaths.
    You'll find the main problems in this battle are more annoyances that
    happens when you're petrified.  Hopefully you've brought a few Curia
    Crystals with you so that you don't have to use the SP, and MP, on the
    Also, before this battle, you may want to get Aika a new and awesome 
    weapon.  When fighting the "Death's Head" you will randomly get a weapon.
    The drop rate on the weapon is pretty terrible, though, so don't expect
    to get it unless you fightfightfight. This weapon, the Storm Wing,
    has slightly higher attack power and a hit% of 150, which will help on
    those evasive Loopers.
    Location: Skies Above the Temple of Pyrynn
    Boss 9: Ship: Recumen
    Recommended HP: 10,000 with the Little Jack
    HP: Unlimited
    Special Attacks: Red Ray
    EXP: 0
    Items: None
    Recumen, the Red Gigas is invincible, so you cant win this battle.  But that 
    doesn’t mean you can just go and heal the battle away. You'll notice that
    at the end of every round, one of the Panels will be red.  This means
    that Recumen is going to attack this round, and you better be prepared. You
    want to focus all of your attacks on the round BEFORE Recumen has his
    turn to ruin his aim.  Hopefully you bought some SubCannons from Sailor's
    Island after Valua, as they will make the battle easier.
    To make Recumen miss, you need to set the SubCannon to start on the turn
    before the Red box, and have it attack during the turn with the second box.
    On the Red Turn, you'll want to attack with a Main Cannon/Standard Cannon
    (which will hit at the same time as the SubCannon), effectively knocking
    Recumen off balance. He'll miss his Red Ray and you get the turn off without
    taking any damage.  However, as an "In case," you should always cast
    Increm when it wears off, and keep your Little Jack at full HP.  Don't
    bother attacking Recumen at any other time except to stun him.  The battle
    is not meant to be won by force.
    A simple, effective, strategy for the entire battle would be:
    Turn 1: Sacri/Repair Kit
    Turn 2: Focus
    Turn 3: SubCannon
    Turn 4: SubCannon and a Main Cannon.
    If no damage was taken on Turn 4 of the last round, you can Focus on Turn
    1. Turn 1 can also be used to cast Increm. If you don't have any SP on
    Turn 4 for a second attack with a Main Cannon, then be sure to defend,
    since the Sub Cannon alone will not knock him off balance.
    Note however, that THIS IS NOT HOW THE ENTIRE BATTLE WILL GO.  On some
    rounds, Recumen has his turn early, and you'll still need the two
    SubCannons and the Main Cannon, so you must prepare your Spirit on
    the round before. Though the battle will pretty much always have those
    same 4 actions throughout.
    After a few rounds, you're given the Harpoon Cannon option.  Do this,
    and focus on every other of the three turns so that you have SP for the
    next round.  The Harpoon Cannon will knock Recumen off balance in the 
    same way that the Main and Sub Cannons do. 
    When asked, always choose to attack the Heads.
    When you attack the heads, you're given the advantage of two Harpoon
    Cannon attacks to match the two Red Rays. You'll probably want to
    avoid actually using the Cannon, instead setting two Sub Cannons and 
    a Main Cannon for each of the turns.  If you don't have enough, only
    then should you use the Harpoon Cannon, since 2(2)+4 SP (2 Sub Cannons
    and the Main Cannon) is still less than the 15 required for the
    Harpoon Cannon.
    After the next round, choose Retreat and Regoup.  There is no way to
    defeat Recumen.
    Note: A lot of people have been asking me about Recumen.  You can ONLY delay 
    him if you attack with a normal cannon and a Secondary cannon/Torpedo. 
    Secondary Cannons are the ones which can attack for more then one turn, and 
    Torpedos have low hit percentage, but can land on any round you choose.  You 
    must use them on the Red turn, or else you wont delay him.  If you can't, you 
    have to survive by defending.
    Location: Skies Above the Temple of Pyrynn
    Boss 10: Ship: Belleza and the Lynx
    Recommended HP:10,000 with the Little Jack
    Special Attacks: Lynx Cannons and Torpedoes,  Magic Cannons
    Items: Captains Stripe, Magic Cannon, 3-Inch-Blaster
    Be warned.  Belleza can kill you in one round, she is deadly.  Like in most
    battles, you'll want Increm on to avoid these one-round kills. If you're
    very unlucky, Belleza can hit 7500 damage at once.
    First things first. In this battle I prefer attacking with 3-Inch-Cannons for 
    2 blocks, so that was my main offense. Don’t try and go on the offensive 
    too often.   At the end of every turn you need to bring yourself up to full HP.
    If you don’t, you will more than likely die, seeing as Belleza almost always
    gets the first attack. Try to avoid attacking too often, instead focus on
    healing, defending, and Focusing.  You'll want to slowly do damage, not
    damage her all at once.
    On the third round, when Increm wears off, is when Belleza does her first
    extremely dangerous attack.  During this round, you will notice 3 yellow 
    blocks and 1 green block.  Don’t let that deceive you.  Make absolutely sure 
    on this turn you recast Increm when it wears off.  During Round 3, Belleza 
    will do something like this: 
    Lynx torpedoes the first turn, Sub-Cannons the second(and into the third) and 
    on the third all comes together.  The torpedoes will hit and the sub-cannon 
    fires a second time, and she will cast Wevlen.  All in all this will do around 
    7000 damage if you are not Incremed.  If you are Incremed it can still do
    5500. Be absolutely sure to defend on the third turn of the third round, and
    then use Sacres on the fourth.
    Belleza will use this strategy over and over on your group whenever you
    have the advantage over her, so be careful and defend often on the
    third turns of battle.
    Soon, you're given a choice. Don't try to get behind Belleza on the first
    choice, instead choose to "Turn hard and try to catch her off guard."
    Keep your HP up, even going as far as to heal yourself twice every round.
    Keep the damage slow and steady, and keep Increm up, after another round
    you're given the second option.
    Choose to "Set endgines to full speed and get behind her."
    Survive the next round and choose:
    "Head Straight upwards!"
    While this doesn't have the advantage of stopping does, the stopping
    makes you end up taking more damage in the long run.  After this, you'll
    have the option to use your Harpoon Cannon.  You'll need it. If the
    Cannon doesn't kill her immediately, it will severely damage her so that
    you can finish her off in a round or two. 
    At this point, you can fight the optinal battle "Barta and Rupee"
    by talking the Barta on the Maramba docks. 
    Location: Skies above Ixa‘Taka
    Boss 11: Ship: De Loco and the Chameleon
    Recommended HP: 10,000 With the Little Jack.
    HP: 30,000
    Special Attacks: Flamethrower Cannon
    Items: Captains Stripe
    Before going into this battle, you hopefully have visited The Dark Guild,
    a small ship that flies around outside of Horteka.  This ship not only
    buys and sells Discovery Information, but has some brand new weapons for
    the Little Jack.  Ideally, you want some 5" cannons, a Torpedo, and at
    least one Main Cannon. Everything you had initially should be replaced
    at this point.
    As with all ship battles, start off with a cast of Increm on the first
    turn of the first round, always recasting it when it wears off. Launch
    a Shock Torpedo on the very last square and have it land on the C! of
    the second round.  Have your other two characters Focus.
    Ideally, on the second round, you want to attack as much as you can
    before that Yellow block at the end, while still making sure that you
    have 20 SP for the next round. Ideally, you want the battle to end in
    3 rounds, so you should hopefully do around 6,000 damage on this
    round. However, if you're able to do over 10,000 damage total on the
    second round alone, you'll find yourself at an extreme advantage on
    the third round.  However, doing 10,000 damage requires a bit of
    luck.  The easiest way to hit 10,000 damage is to use a 5" Cannon on
    the third and fourth turns, a Shock Torpedo on the first (your
    initial Shock Torpedo should hit on the second turn) and use Magic
    to damage over Cannons, since De loco has this bad tendency to
    avoid most forms of Cannons based attacks.
    On the third round of battle, De Loco gets angry and starts up his
    Flamethrower.  On this round, you'll probably notice a Red Block
    at the end of the round, which is where he'll use his special, which
    is, of course, the Flamethrower.  On this round, you'll have
    a Harpoon Cannon Shot, and your Increm will have worn off.  So recast
    Increm, use your Harpoon Cannon, cure with Sacres/Sacri, and defend
    against the Flamethrower attack on the fourth block.
    However, if you were able to hit 10,000 on the second round, you'll
    get the "better" option, and two Harpoon Cannons and no red block
    will be on top of the screen.  On this round, use Increm on the first
    turn and the Harpoon Cannon on the third, and that should bring
    De Loco down.  Even if it doesn't, his Flamethrower will be thrown off
    of balance and you won't take any damage because of the "Target Lost"
    on the Flame Thrower. Even better, if you hit the Harpoon Cannon on
    the third turn, De Loco is off balance for the next round, completely
    at your mercy. After the Harpoon Cannon round, you'll need to hit
    10,000 damage again to knock him off balance, but at this point he
    should be in critical range, or even already dead. 
    The battle isn't really anything special, and De Loco takes
    startingly large amounts of damage considering he's a boss. Chip away at
    him with Secondary Cannons and he'll fall quickly even if you don't do
    10,000 damage every two rounds.
    Location: MoonStone Mountain
    Boss 12: Antonio 2
    Recommended HP: 1,000
    Special Attacks: Thunder of Fury
    Color: Yellow
    Magic EXP:4
    Items: Moonberry
    Antonio should look familiar to you.  Antonio 2 behaves identically to his
    weaker brother, but hits much harder.  He mainly uses Thunder of Fury,
    though his physical attacks can hurt as well.  Don't bother attacking
    with Aika and Fina, since they'll just take more damage from Antonio 2's
    counters than they will actually damage him.
    Use Increm on Vyse right at the very start, in order to strengthen his
    physical attacks.  Change his weapon to Silver and start using Cutlass
    Fury over and over.  Even if you have Pirate's Wrath at this point it 
    takes too much Spirit and isn't worth the damage that it does compared
    to Cutlass Fury. If you're worried about taking damage, use Increm on
    Fina and Aika as well. Remember that Thunder of Fury is a line based
    attack, so it can hit two or more characters in the worst case scenario.
    This is an oddly straightforward battle, especially since you've fought
    this very boss before.  Don't let your HP drop below 600 (Vyse) and 800
    (Fina and Aika) and you'll be fine.  Hopefully someone (preferably Aika)
    has Sacrum at this point.  That makes your healing much easier.  Also,
    you can buy Sacrum crystals in Horteka.  They're a bit pricy, but the're
    very useful, especially in situations when you're using Delta Shield.
    Antonio 2 has high defense to match his HP, so expect this battle to take
    a bit of time. As long as you keep your HP up, it shouldn't be a problem
    though, especially because of Antonio 2's low speed.
    Location: Rixis
    Boss 13: Rik'Talish
    Recommended HP: 1,500
    HP: 6,800
    Special Attacks: Feather Slash, Circle of Panic, Ring of Sleep
    Color: Green
    EXP: 1,830
    MagicEXP: 4
    Items: Sylph Seed
    Rik'Talish is not meant to be strong, rather he is a master of negative
    status spells.  His attacks have additional effects of Sleep and Confuse,
    and he is very fast.  To prepare for this battle, it will help if you
    have Fina's Lunar Cleansing (though it's not necessary) and have a few
    Curia Crystals and at least two people with the spell learned (that
    shouldn't be hard at this point, unless you changed Fina's weapon
    color early on).
    Rik'Talish's Ring of Sleep, rather obviously, causes the Sleep status.
    His Ring of Panic ability causes Confusion.  If he uses either of these
    abilities, make sure you cure them immediately on the next round,
    as three members asleep and one confused can be very dangerous. The true
    threat Rik'Talish poses is his Feather Slash, which is a frontal attack
    that hits from 800-1000 damage to each member it hits.  If your healers
    are asleep and you have no Sacrum Crystals, this can hurt bad.
    Use Increm on Vyse and your two ladies (even better if you have Incremus
    at this point) to raise Vyse's damage and lower the damage that Fina and
    Aika take. Change Vyse's weapon to Red and use Cutlass Fury (or even
    Pirates' Wrath, depending on how many Moonberries you've gotten from
    random encounters).  Use a Sacrum Crystal, or the spell Sacrum, every
    time that Rik'Talish hits three or more characters with his
    Feather Slash.
    As long as you keep your statuses clear by healing them every round, 
    Rik'Talish should be easily survivable, since he doesn't deal much more
    damage than your previous boss did. However, you should do your best
    not to use a ton of MP during the fight, as you have two more
    consecutive battles after the next events!
    From Brandon Gliniak: 
    Rik'Talish can be the easiest boss battle in the game because he has one 
    fatal weakness: petrify.  All you need to do is have Fina use Lunar Glyph to 
    keep him in a perpetually petrified state, and take your time to whittle down 
    his health. He will be petrified almost 100% of the time, making for a very 
    easy battle. This tactic is admittedly cheap, but it is effective nonetheless.
    Location: Skies Above Ixa’Taka
    Boss 14: Ship: De Loco and the Chameleon
    Recommended HP:10,000 With the Little Jack
    Special Attacks: Test Cannon
    Items: Hunter Torpedo
    De Loco's Chameleon is a bit harder this time, as you can't stop him from
    using his test cannon. Keep your HP way up at all times, as hit Torpedo can
    hit for 6,000 and his Handgun for 2,000. As always, keep Increm up and
    recast it when it weard off. Try to conserve your healer's MP, as there's
    another battle after this where you'll likely need it more than during
    this battle.  Fortunately, De Loco focuses often so his attacks aren't as
    frequent as Belleza's. Also, this time, De Loco doesn't have a Flame
    Thrower, but instead he has a Test Cannon that is quite a bit more
    You can't knock him off balance, so instead focus on buffing and
    conserving SP through the first round.
    Before the second round, you're given a choice. Both choices end in him
    using the Moon Stone Cannon, but one will give you a yellow square and 
    three minor green squares, which the other ends with three Green C!
    critical squares and a red square for his Moon Stone Cannon. If you want
    to play risky, close in, and if you want to be safe, stay away.
    If you choose to close in, be sure that you defend on the fourth round
    right as the Cannon hits, or you're going to take a harsh beating.
    On the third (or fourth, depending on which option you chose) you'll
    get the Harpoon Cannon option early on, so make sure you continually
    conserve SP throughout the battle. Try to stick with 5" SubCannons
    instead of actual attacks, as for the damage-per-SP, they do the best
    you can get, as Torpedos tend to miss often.
    If De Loco is still alive after your Harpoon Cannon, continue to take him
    down bits at a time.  He'll stop again every other turn to use his
    Cannon. When the game asks you a second time, you'll probably want to
    pick "Play it safe and back off," since you'll only have one round
    of yellow, compared to the two of the second choice.  The Chameleon won't
    actually use his MoonStone Cannon for another two rounds at this point,
    so continue attacking and he should die before this.
    Location: Skies Above Ixa’Taka
    Boss 15: Ship: Grendel
    Recommended HP: 10,000 with the Little Jack
    HP: 100,000 (?)
    Special Attacks: Boulder Throw, Fist of Grendel
    EXP: 1,161
    MagicEXP: 4
    Items: Captains Stripe, Complete Kit, Grendel Wing
    Grendel, the Green Gigas, is surprisingly mean.  He is very fast and will
    usually attack before you do.  You can try Quicka to help you with this.
    Keep up Increm at all times, since Grendel usually gets off two attacks
    per round.  Hopefully you have enough Repair and Deluxe Kits, as well
    as MP for Sacres, to survive for a while. This battle is going to be
    outlasting the Gigas, not actually damaging him.  Also, unlike Recumen,
    there's no way to prevent your ship from taking damage, you just have to
    cure yourself at the end of every round.
    The first disadvantage you have in this battle is that your ship HP
    hasn't been restored since the last battle.  If you were unlucky on the
    last round of battle with De Loco, then you might have some problems. Like
    the battle with Recumen, you're not going to damage Grendel, but you do
    need to attack it every once in a while to keep the battle moving.
    Whenever you can, use the Harpoon Cannon, otherwise you'll want to Focus,
    keep Increm and Quicka up, and have someone cure at the end of every 
    On the second round of battle, choose to "Try attacking its head."
    You'll usually want to avoid attacking the legs, since Grendel's stomps
    do about twice as his Fists and Boulder Throw.
    Stick with SubCannons for your attacks, since you can't actually lower
    Grendel's HP to 0, you just want to soften him up a bit.  If you do
    well on the second round, you can use the Harpoon Cannon on the third,
    which is what you are aiming for. Make sure to recast Increm, too.
    On the fifth round or so, you'll be given the option to back off
    or keep attacking.  Keep attacking unless you're having trouble staying
    alive. This option also gives you another burst of Harpoon Cannon.
    After you continue attacking, if you've done a good amount of damage,
    Grendel will start acting strangely. From this round on, you'll be able
    to use the Harpoon Cannon. Focus, keep yourself alive, and when you use
    the Harpoon Cannon, Grendel falls into the canyon, ending the battle.
    Note: Unlike the Recumen battle, you'll notice Grendel's HP actually
    decreases.  It might be possible to kill Grendel slowly, purely by
    using SubCannons, Main Cannons, Torpedos, Spells, and anything but the
    Harpoon Cannon. It will take a long, long, long time through, and
    hitting him into the canyon is much easier.
    Location: North Ocean, in the Little Jack
    Boss 16: Gordo, 3  Mad Chefs
    Recommended HP: 1,500
    HP: Gordo: 2,000, Mad Chefs: 500
    Special Attacks: Gordo: Loqua Spray, Mad Chefs:Support Skills
    Color: Gordo: Red, Mad Chef's: Red
    EXP: 486
    MagicEXP: 2
    Items: Cham, 30 Sky Sardis, 20 Spiked Sunfish
    The Mad Chefs are the most annoying part of this battle, and should be
    removed immediately.  They like to use magic, so you can try to use
    Delta Shield to avoid damage.  However, if you do this, you won't be able
    to use Lambda Burst the first two rounds to weaken all enemies, so it's
    your choice. Lambda Burst paired with a Pyres/Pyri Box by two characters
    will probably be enough to get rid of them. However, the Chefs like to
    use spells such as Drilnos to weaken you, which can be extremely annoying.
    The Chefs not only like area attacks (such as Pyres for 200 on everyone)
    but their physical attacks can hit 500 if they critical, so it's imperative
    that they're gone as soon as you can.  Gordo alone isn't as dangerous,
    but he can still deal out some damage.  Whenever you see Gordo take a
    drink, he's preparing his "ultimate attack." Loqua Spray, hits all
    of your members for around 600 with what appeares to be Red damage.
    Stick with strong physical attacks, such as Cutlass Fury, and Purple 
    magic while damaging Gordo, and make sure to keep your HP around 1,200
    on everyone.  With the Chefs gone, Gordo doesn't really have any potential
    for Spike damage, so he'll fall quickly. 2,000 HP should only take a few
    rounds of normal physical attacks.
    Location: Skies Above Valua
    Boss 17: Ship: Valuan Gunboat
    Recommended HP: 10,000 with the Little Jack 
    Special Attacks: Cannons
    EXP: 306
    MagicEXP: 0
    Items: Deluxe Kit
    This "boss" isn't really a boss at all, since you can fight them before
    you actually enter Valuan Airspace.  He uses cannons and subcannons mainly,
    with their range of damage from 500 to 1,500 per attack.  The only reason
    he really poses a challence is because he attacks each turn, so he has
    four actions per round, compared to the previous bosses you've faced.
    Increm up on the first round, and focus some Spirit so you can begin your
    assault.  Use Deluxe Kits (Or Sacres) at the end of every round so that
    you're healthy starting the next round. You'll probably want to focus
    on Torpedos as your main offense, since SubCannons tend to miss, and
    have a rather random damage against the Gunboat. If you've been levelling
    Purple Magic, Crystalum or Crystales works well for the amount of SP
    they use. 
    On the third round, choose "fight agressively, and close in on the enemy."
    This lets you use your Harpoon Cannon, which will likely kill the gunboat
    in one hit. If not, he'll be close to dead, enough that spells and
    normal cannons can destroy him.
    Location: Daccat's Isle
    Boss 18: Sinistra and Destra
    Recommended HP: 2,200
    HP: Both have 4,500
    Special Attacks: Sinstra: Explode, Destra: Tundra Blast, Both: Death Waltz
    Color: Sinstra: Red, Destra: Purple
    EXP: 2,373
    MagicEXP: 4
    Items: Icyl Seed, Magus Seed
    It has been a while since your last boss fight on the ground.  You have to 
    come prepared for this battle, or it can go wrong really easily. This will
    be one of the first "challenging" battles in the game, considering each
    boss has area attacks that do 500+ damage, and they both have an ability
    called "Death Waltz."  When both Sinstra and Destra are alive, they can
    use this "Death Waltz," and it will usually hit for 1,000 on everyone.
    To make matters worse, BOTH Sinistra and Destra can use Death Waltz their
    turn, meaning that you can take 2,000 damage a round if you're unlucky.
    This, paired with their speed, can be enough to kill you off before you
    even have a chance to heal your party.
    You must go after one boss or the other first, it doesn't matter which.
    You need to kill one of them off to prevent them from using Death Waltz.
    Hopefully at this point at least one character has Sacrum and you have
    a few Sacrum Crystals in your inventory, otherwise things can get pretty
    messy.  Since Tundra Blast and Explosion do 500 damage to a large area,
    not to mention the Waltz, you're going to be using the spells and items
    to be healing every round, or at the very least, every other round. 
    Ideally, you'll want the spell Rislem on one character at this point,
    but if you don't, Risan works if you have it on two characters.
    Starting with Sinistra might be a bit easier, because of the Red base.
    Change Vyse and Gilder's weapons to Purple and have them either Focus
    until you have enough SP for Pirates' Wrath (if you have it) or just
    use Cutlass Fury every round. Remember to use Increm (or Incremus, if
    you have it and have the SP for it). If you're going after Sinistra
    first, use Purple Magic, such as Crystalum or even some of those
    Crystales boxes from the beginning of the game. You may want to have 
    all four characters focus on the first round, that way you'll have a
    good deal of SP for the second round.
    If you have around 25 (or more) SP on the second round, and have
    Pirates' Wrath, use Increm on Vyse, Pirate's Wrath with a Purple weapon
    on Sinistra, have Gilder Attack (or Focus) and have Fina either focus
    or cure, depending on the enemy's actions the round before. Depending
    on your level, one Incremed Pirate's Wrath with the opposing weapon
    color should be enough to one hit one of the bosses.
    Without Pirates' Wrath, you need to use Cutlass Fury every round while
    Gilder attacks. Cutlass Fury should take 1/3 to 1/2 the HP of the boss
    each time it is used, so it won't be nearly as fast, but it works. You
    really -need- to get rid of one of the two bosses within 2 rounds of
    starting the battle, or it gets dirty.
    With one boss down, the battle becomes much easier.  There's no more
    Death Waltz, so the most damage is from Tundra Blast or Explosion. Deal
    with the second boss in the same manner that you killed the first, and
    hopefully the battle ends before any serious problems occur.
    The beginning of this battle is very luck based.  If you have nasty enemy
    AI, then you'll suffer casualties, making it much more difficult.
    NOTE: If you haven't been already, you're going to be doing a lot more
    focusing in battles from here on out.  Abilities have higher SP costs,
    and to do damage quickly you need 20+ SP at all times.
    Location: Grand Fortress Prison
    Boss 19: Vigoro
    Recommended HP: 1,500
    HP: 5,500
    Special Attacks: Vigoro's Charm
    Color: Red
    EXP: 2,101
    MagicEXP: 4
    Item: Cannon Room Key
    Vigoro is very single minded in his actions in this battle. Every round,
    he uses "Vigoro's Charm" on Aika, which does a bit of damage and 
    confuses her.  While you can cure the confusion with Curia or a Curia
    crystal, there's not really any point, since he'll just do it again.
    You're basically stuck with only Vyse and Gilder in this battle, with
    Aika free from her confusion every once in a while.
    You'll want to avoid straight physical attacks on Vigoro, since he
    likes to counter. Instead have Gilder Focus while Vyse uses Cutlass
    Fury every round on Vigoro. With a Purple Weapon, an Incremed Cutlass
    Fury should take down about 1,500 HP, depending on your level. Don't
    bother with Pirates' Wrath, even if you have it, as with only Gilder
    focusing, it won't do enough damage to warrant using 21 SP. Besides,
    Cutlass Fury works fine in this battle, and a Cutlass Fury every round
    will end up doing more damage that a Pirates' Wrath every three rounds.
    Since Vigoro will only attack Aika, you only need to worry about the
    damage Aika does to you.  She probably wont break 300 per hit on your
    characters, but just in case, keep your HP around 1,000, as her critical
    attacks can do a decent amount, and Vigoro's counterattacks do around 500
    Location: Grand Fortress
    Boss 20: Draklor Tank
    Recommended HP: 2,500
    HP: 8,000
    Special Attacks: Wheel Blast
    Color: Red
    EXP: 2,014
    MagicEXP: 4
    Items: 4-5 Rislem Crystals
    At low levels, this boss can be extremely difficult.  His Wheel Blast can
    hit for 1,500 damage to a single character, and if you're unlucky, he'll
    do it every round. Someone needs to be on healing duty at all times,
    since this much damage can easily take out characters.  It would be best
    to use Increm on your ladies first, to lower the damage that they take.
    If you have it, Incremus will help save time if you're willing to 
    Focus for the entire first round. Of course, you could also use four
    Glyphs of Might, if you have them. 
    The hardest part about this boss is that Wheel Blast is a frontal area
    attack.  1,500+ damage on its own is bad enough, but when it does it
    every round to multiple characters, it really starts hurting. Spells
    like Rislem and Sacrum really show their worth here, as does the Lunar
    Light ability, if you happen to have it. Use Sacrum (or a Sacrum crystal)
    every round, and if necessary have two characters cure per round.
    Switch to a purple weapon, and like always, have Vyse use Cutlass Fury
    or Pirates' Wrath.  The latter is preferrable at this point, but if you
    don't have it, then use Cutlass Fury every round, having Gilder focus.
    Avoid any form of normal physical attack, since the counters will just
    end up having you take more damage than you need.
    The Draklor Tank has surprisingly low defense, the only good part of
    this battle.  Normal physical attacks easily break 500, and Pirates'
    Wrath can hit 5,000 at higher levels.  Having two characters using
    Focus every round, one person (probably Aika) using a Sacrum Crystal, and
    Vyse attacking with Special Moves is probably the best way to go.
    Never underestimate this boss though.  If you go all out at the end of
    the battle when he's at low HP, you'll likely suffer casualties. Play
    defensively on something that can do this much damage to large areas.
    Location: Skies Inside the Gates of Valua
    Boss 21: Fortress Gate
    My Average level: 33
    Recommended HP: 36,000 with the Delphinus
    HP: N/A
    Special Attacks: Normal Cannons
    EXP: 1,408
    Items: Gear Grease
    You do not have to attack the gate normally to finish this battle, in fact,
    you can't.  The goal of the battle is to instead use your Special Cannon
    (MoonStone Cannon) which is the Delphinus' equivalent of the Harpoon
    Cannon. Focus your SP, don't bother attacking as it isn't necessary, and
    when you have the 20 SP necessary use your MoonStone Cannon. Increm can
    help reduce the damage you take, but it doesn't really matter, the battle
    should be over on the second round anyway.
    The Fortress attacks you, but it shouldn't be anything to worry about.
    At this point, the 8,000 HP from Sacres might be a bit low though, so if for
    some reason you don't have Sacrulen, you'll really want to learn it.
    You'll still want Deluxe Kits to help with healing though.
    The Delphinus will be your ship for the rest of the game, so you better
    get used to it quickly.  It doesn't have the evasion the Little Jack did,
    but it has four times the HP and greater defensive and offensive
    capabilities.  Also, because it's a different type of ship, it can't
    equip the same gear that the Little Jack did.
    At this point, there are tons of optional bosses you can fight.  Piastol
    Round 2, Alania, Obiso, Gunarm, and the Ixa'ness Demons. You may want
    to spend some time levelling up in the Lands of Ice and finding discoveries
    with your new ship, too.
    Location: Cape Victory
    Boss 22: Gregorio Cruiser
    Recommended HP: 40,000+ With the Delphinus
    HP: 25,000
    Special Attacks: Normal Cannons, Fragmentation
    EXP: 848
    MagicEXP: 0
    Items: Speed Wax
    This is the first in a series of three continuous battles(think Chameleon and 
    Grendel), so don’t overuse magic, or forget to heal yourself.  Luckily, this 
    battle is like some of the normal encounter ship battles you've faced.  He 
    has 2 main attacks, a Main Cannon, and the Sun Cannon, Fragmentation.  
    Normally, the Main Cannons will do 1,500 or so against you, if you are 
    Incremed. The damage will be much higher on yellow turns.  Fragment will
    do 500-2,000 depending on the turn color. It can even break 5,000 if it
    As with all ship battles, cast Increm and keep it up at all times. Use
    a Torpedo and have it land on a C! turn, and it should do around 5,000
    damage.  If you've recruited Tikatika at this point, you may want to use
    him. Focus a lot, and usually attack with SubCannons until you can use
    your MoonStone Cannon.  25,000 HP isn't a lot to take out, even without
    your Special, but you'll probably find it easier this way. Because of the
    MoonStone Cannon 100% chance on the second turn of every round.  If you
    focus often, the battle won't last longer than two or three rounds.
    Keep your HP up, as there are still two more battles, each progressively
    harder than the last!
    Location: Cape Victory
    Boss 23: Gregorio Gunboat
    Recommended HP: 40,000+ With the Delphinus
    HP: 30,000
    Special Attacks: Normal Cannons
    EXP: 848
    MagicEXP: 0
    Items: Crystal ball, Shredder Bomb
    This battle will be much the same as the previous, except your enemy has
    higher HP and stronger attacks.  If necessary, heal at the beginning of
    battle.  Make sure to use Increm on the first round.  Also, be absolutely
    sure that you heal yourself completely before you finish this battle, as
    the main event starts after this.
    The Gunboat plays a lot like the previous battle, with Main Cannons and
    the Fragmentation ability.  Because you mostly have the advantage through
    this battle, however, his attacks are less likely to do critical damage.
    This time, you're not given an immediate chance for a MoonStone Cannon,
    so Focus and use Secondary Cannons on the second round, making sure you
    save your SP. Secondary Cannons should do 5,000 or so each when they
    critical, so they'll be enough to wittle the gunboat down after two or
    three rounds purely of those. However. . .
    On the third round, you're given a choice. Choose "Close in and look for
    an opening." Which allows you to use your MoonStone Cannon.  Hopefully
    you have the 20SP necessary for this, but if not, you'll still have the
    advantage.  Continue attacking slowly and keep your HP up. Be sure to 
    be close to full when the battle ends.
    Location: Cape Victory
    Boss 24: Gregorio and The Auriga     
    Recommended HP: 40,000+ With the Delphinus
    HP: 50,000
    Special Attacks: Normal Cannons, Hull Ram
    EXP: 2,573
    MagicEXP: 0
    Items: Captains Stripe, Armor Deck, 12" Cannon
    The real battle begins now.  Hopefully at least one character has learned
    the Blue Magic Quicka at this point, as it will save you from taking a lot
    of damage.
    On the first round of this battle, use Increm and Focus, if you really
    want to attack, use SubCannons on the C! rounds to spread out your
    damage. Your foe tends to defend on three of the four turns this first
    round though, so it's something of a waste.  The second round he continues
    to defend, but you'll probably have enough SP accumulated that you
    can use SubCannons without a problem.  Your 10"Cannons should hit for
    around 3,500 consistently, which will wear Gregorio down.
    On the third round, you should note that red square. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.
    That red square can dictate the turn of battle, and it's a severe pain.
    Whenever Gregorio has a Red Turn, he attempts to use his Hull Ram. During
    the turn right before this, you'll want to use the Blue spell Quicka.
    If you do this, the Auriga will miss. If you fail to do this, you
    will be at an extreme disadvantage for the entire next round, with three
    yellow blocks and another red block.  However, if you DO get the Quicka
    off at the right time, you'll have an advantage with the ability to use
    two MoonStone Cannons that round (except you can only use one per round,
    unfortunately) and an entire green round for you!
    If you happen to miss the Quicka on the first round, defend the entire next
    round, as Gregorio will start his all out assault at this point. Go all
    out if you do it right though! Every time you see a Red Square, use Quicka
    on the block right before to have Hull Ram miss and have an advantage on
    the next round.  That is the only way to make this battle easy.
    Location: The Dark Rift
    Boss 25: Anguila
    Recommended HP: 44,000+ With the Delphinus
    HP: 55,000
    Special Attacks: Poison Spray, Deadly Bite
    EXP: 2,780
    MagicEXP: 0
    Items: Concussion Bomb, Heavy Torpedo, Timing Valve
    During the first few rounds of battle, or until you do a certain amount of
    damage, the Anguila will hide inside a Vortex, making it hard to damage
    him. Spend the first few rounds pummling him with Magic from Fina, focusing,
    casting Increm, and perhaps a Torpedo. Magic and Torpedos are probably the
    only things you'll get to hit him, since every other of his turns he hides
    in the vortex. Be sure you start the second the second round with enough SP
    to do MoonStone Cannon.
    Anguila's Bite attack does around 3,000 damage. Poison Spray, which he does
    on the red turn, isn't that bad either, 3,600 undefended against. There's
    really no need to play defensively in this battle when it will take the
    boss around 8 turns to effectly damage you. He seems to attack on the second
    and fourth turns, spending the rest of his time assessing his damage in the
    At the beginning of the second round, you're given the options to:
    "Stay put and keep shooting."
    "Pull back a little."
    Pick the first option, stay put, for the advantage on the next round
    and the ability to use the MoonStone Cannon. The MoonStone Cannon should do
    around 25,000 damage, which will leave the monster in critical.
    At the end of the round with the MoonStone Cannon, Anguila will leave the
    safety of the vortex and start flying around like a normal ship battle.
    This is your chance to strike.  This round and the entire next round are
    filled with C! turns completely and it shouldn't take more than a few
    more turns with any attacks you want (likely a mix of secondary cannons,
    torpedos and main cannons) to take him down quickly. Your attacks will do
    3,000 or 4,000 every time, so two rounds should easily do it unless you
    just spend time sitting there Focusing with all four characters.
    A rather anti-climatic end to a great area.
    Location: Skies above Yafutoma
    Boss 26: Tenkou SpellShip
    Recommended HP: 46,000+ With the Delphinus
    HP: 25,000
    Special Attacks: Normal Cannons, Wevles, Crystali, sacri
    EXP: 478
    MagicEXP: 0 
    Items: Crystal Bomb, Pyro Bomb
    Hot on the heels of the last boss battle, this one comes unexpectedly
    during your trip around Yafutoma. The Tenkou ship is very small and
    evasion, much like the Little Jack. And like the Little Jack, it has the
    advantage of flying up, down, around and over the larger and slower ships
    like your Delphinus. Your normal Cannons and Secondary Cannons probably
    won't hit him well. Also like you'd probably expect from it's size, the
    ship is very fast and will likely get attacks off before you.  Remember
    to keep the spells Quicka and Increm up at all times. 
    While it may be a bit late by the time you've started the battle (it is
    rather unexpected) having Tikatika in your active crew can help raise the
    hit rate of your Torpedos, making this battle much faster and easier.
    Torpedos don't have much problem hitting and can do around 5,000 damage.
    As the name implies, the Tenkou Spellship will use mostly spells. He has a
    very nasty Wevles that does around 4,500. While he's strong that way, his
    main and secondary cannons are as strong as yours, and together they can
    easily break 8,000 damage per round, even with Increm.  Be sure to stay
    over 20,000 HP at the beginning of every round, as your HP can go down
    startingly fast. he also uses other magic, such as Crystali, that does
    around 3,000 damage.
    If you can hit the SpellShip with Torpedos on the first round, you'll have
    a nice advantage on the second. Make sure to keep hitting him with those
    Torpedos and the advantage will stay yours.  The battle may take a
    surprisingly long time because you'll end up losing a lot of your attacks
    dur to height, but the ship will go down quickly even if you're just 
    attacking it with Torpedos. Try Secondary Cannons to help speed up the
    process a bit, but expect one or two of them to miss.  Be careful with
    expensive spells and Cannons, as a miss with those is just a waste of SP.
    The most annoying part of the battle is when the SpellShip is close to
    defeat.  Then he begins curing himself with Sacri for 4,000. Sure, 4,000
    isn't a lot, but with how often you miss it can lengthen the battle a
    round if you're unlucky.
    For such a low HP boss, this one can take a while if you're unlucky.
    Location: The Delphinus, The Skies above Yafutoma
    Boss 27: Jao and Mao
    Recommended HP: 2,600
    HP: 2,700 Each
    Special Attacks: Joa: Irnagun, Moa: Tatimorutto
    Color: Both: Blue
    EXP: 1,490
    MagicEXP: 3
    Item: Moonberry
    As you'll likely expect, Jao and Mao rely mostly on strong physical attacks
    that can do more than 1,200 when unguarded against.  If targeted against the
    same person, it's quite possible that they'll die.  There are two ways
    to remedy this.
    Every round of this battle you defend yourself with either Vyse or Enrique.
    Vyse will make you completely immune to the physical attacks with his Skull
    Shield, but as you may expect, the battle will take quite some time with
    your main attacker playing on defense. Enrique will speed the battle up if
    you just use his Justice Shield every round, but you still will take
    half of the damage from the physical attacks each round this way. Piled
    with Increm or Incremus you can easily lower that into acceptable and
    survivable range while still attacking with Vyse. The choice is, really,
    yours and how you want to fight the battle.  Of course, if you're strong,
    you don't need to play defensively at all but you can still expect to take
    some damage from the two.
    Note that even with Skull Shield, you can't negate the damage from the
    epcial skills of the twins, so while you'll take more damage with Justice
    Shield, you'll also be safer and more prepared for the spikes of damage that
    the two can cause.
    Once Incremus is on and you have a strong defense start attacking. Use
    Purple Magic on one of them at a time, and then depending on who is
    defending the party, use Cutlass Fury, or Enrique's own The Judgement. 
    Purple magic should be able to break 500. Because of their low HP, there's
    no need for Pirates' Wrath, and even Enrique should be able to kill one
    twin in a single attack with The Judgement. Also, if you're using Skull
    Shield, the damage from your counters should pile up on them rather quickly.
    This battle is fast. Either you'll die, or they'll die. Their low HP means
    that you'll damage them with one basic Super Move and leave the rest
    to the physical attacks to clean up.
    Location: Mt. Kazai Lake
    Boss 28: Tortigar
    Recommended HP: 2,500
    HP: 10,000
    Special Attacks: Ice Storm, Steelskin, Sacrulen
    Color: Blue
    EXP: 3,875
    MagicEXP: 6
    Items: Moonlight Robe
    This boss can be terribly annoying, and very long, if you attempt to fight
    him the "real" way. The normal way (buff up, Store FP, use Super Moves like
    Pirates' Wrath and The Judgment for damage) or you can do it the "easy"
    To fight the battle the "easy" way, you need to use a special skill that you
    only get when you're at maximum SP, that is, Prophecy. To get maximum Spirit,
    either Focus with all of your characters for a few rounds or use the item
    "Aura of Valor." Auras are pretty rare and you'll likely want to save them
    for harder fights later on, so may just want to Focus it to maximum, no
    matter the number that happens to be.  At maximum, a new command is unlocked
    that lets you use all of your SP for an "ultimate attack" that will either
    kill off the boss or wound him badly enough that taking down the rest of his
    health won't be a problem.
    To do the battle the "normal" way, you're in for the long run, so sit back.
    Every round the very beginning of a round the Tortigar uses "Steelskin,"
    a special ability that makes him completely immune to physical attacks.  You
    can tell when it's in effect because he shines silver. While it's fortunate
    that this takes up his turn and it doesn't do any damage to you, it also
    means that you're stuck with either doing damage the hard way (magic)
    or by trying your luck with an attack every single round and hoping that
    the Tortigar will choose to attack you rather than defend itself.  That's
    a pretty big gamble.
    To fight this battle, have everyone focus the first round, and on the second
    cast Incremus and Quicka, while the other two characters focus.  For every
    round after this, have three characters Focus and have Vyse use Pirates' Wrath.
    If you don't get 21 SP a round with three people focusing and the SP per round,
    you're probably very low levelled.Make sure to keep Incremus and Quicka up,
    though. Buffing will probably take out a round or two of your offense, but
    it's necessary.
    So okay, you get a Pirates' Wrath off.  This is when things get bad. If you
    "just" use one attack a round, the Tortigar will counter with the Green Magic
    spell Sacrulen, which will completely heal every bit of damage that you just
    did to the boss. Fortunately, he doesn't do this all the time, but still,
    what a blow to your ego. Right after you figure out how to damage him, too.
    The remedy?  You need to store SP for "one round" of all out attacks with
    full buffs (that is, Increm and Quicka). Increm to strengthen your attacks
    and Quicka so that you attack before the boss can get his Steelskin off.
    Again, it's a gamble if he "will" or "won't" cast Sacrulen, and it's
    quite possible to beat him without storing this much SP for everyone to
    attack at once. Pirates' Wrath and Judgement, along with either strong
    spells from Aika and Fina, or an Omega Psyclone should easily be enough
    to take down his 10,000 HP.
    Whenever the Torgtigar isn't playing defensively, he'll counter with his
    Icestorm ability, which will do around 500 damage to everyone, which isn't
    terrible compared to what you've had before on bosses.
    The only tips I can give if you plan to fight the "real" way is to always 
    keep Quicka up, or there's absolutely no way you're going to be able to
    get your actions off before the boss gets Steelskin up. 
    Location: On the Delphinus
    Boss 29: Muraji, 3 Soldiers
    Recommended HP: 2,000
    HP: Muraji: 3,300, Soldiers: 800 
    Special Attacks: Muraji: Spells, Soldiers: Wind Slash
    Color: Blue for all
    EXP: 1,377
    MagicEXP: 6
    Items: 4 Magic Dews
    Muraji doesn't fight alone, he comes with some soldiers that he buffs up 
    with the Increm and then Quicka spells.  After that he starts to cast
    spells on you, so to prevent damage use Delta Shield.  On his own,
    Muraji is weak, but he is backed up by some friends. It shouldn't take
    more than a single Cutlass Fury and a few normal physical attacks to get
    rid of Muraji.
    The Soldiers in this battle may be particularly annoying, as they like
    to use Counterstance. Like you've seen with the Valuans, and even Vyse's
    own Super Move, this halves their damage like a Defend command, but gives
    them a 100% chance to counter. Try to attack before the Soldiers get a turn
    each round by using Quicka to increase your speed. Instead of attacking the
    Soldiers directly, use area attacks, like Omega Psyclone and strong Red
    spells to take them all down at once. The Soldiers can be rather dangerous
    with their line-attack Wind Slash, but you've been fighting them inside
    the Delphinus this entire time, so you should be a bit prepared on how
    much damage they're going to do to you.
    Buff Vyse up with Increm on the very first round and have everyone else
    Focus for Spirit. You may want to have Fina use Lunar Winds to dispel 
    Muraji's Increm, which will lower the damage that you do to him by 25%.
    Quicka can be a problem too, but again, nothing more than a quick Lunar
    Winds to take care of that.
    Location: Skies Above Yafutoma
    Boss 30: Vigoro and The Draco
    Recommended HP: 42,000+ With the Delphinus
    HP: 45,000
    Special Attacks: Draco Cannon, Main Cannons
    EXP: 3,246
    MagicEXP: 0
    Items: Captains Stripe
    This is just a brawl. There's no strategy, it's just whoever can shoot
    the other down fastest.  As Draco words it in a not-so-subtle way, it's
    a battle of who's "gun" is bigger. 
    Hopefully you upgraded your Cannons and Torpedos while in Yafutoma, as
    you're going to need the extra damage.  Truthfully though, you just need
    to survive. Every other turn you can use the MoonStone cannon, so as long
    as you have the SP for that, you won't need to attack much at all.
    Anything else you do is more to finish the battle off faster. And by
    turn, I mean "twice per round," not "you can only use it every two rounds."
    No matter what you do, this battle will end quickly.
    The Draco, as you'd expect, is quite a bit stronger than you. His Draco
    Cannon does around 5,000 to 7,000 damage, and without Increm, it will
    do around 10,000. He uses this every time you can use your MoonStone
    Cannon, so whenever you don't have the SP for it, just Defend and spend
    the other turns focusing SP.
    Keep Increm up at all times, Quicka isn't really necessary, the battle is
    very straightforward. Just Focus SP, use your MoonStone Cannon every
    single round after the first, and defend on the red turns when you're not
    attacking. The damage on you can pile up quickly, however, so throw
    yourself a Sacrulen when you hit 25,000 HP.
    Two or three Moonstone Cannons, that is three or four rounds, should
    easily finish the battle for you unless Draco defends your attack. Try to
    finish the battle around full health, as there's another fight coming
    up right after this.
    Location: Skies Around Mount. Kazai
    Boss 31: Bluheim
    Recommended HP: 42,000+ With the Delphinus
    HP: 100,000 
    Special Attacks: Phoenix Ray, Blue Lightning,  Blue Winds
    EXP: 4,286
    MagicEXP: 6
    Items: Captains Stripe
    Before really sitting down to fight this battle, take a good look at
    Bluheim's HP. Yes, that is 100,000. As you'd expect, you're going to be
    heavily relying on your MoonStone Cannon for damage, but this battle will
    take a -long- time. Expect most Ship battles from here on out to have this
    much HP, or more.
    While Blueheim has a ton of HP, he is surprisingly less dangerous than
    Vigoro and the Draco. Like the Tenkou Spellship at the beginning of the
    Yafutoma section, Bluheim flies around and is quite hard to hit with
    your cannons. Use Torpedos with Tikatika in your active crew to help
    speed things up. Try to conserve SP at least a bit to make sure you
    have some for a MoonStone Cannon shot when it's available, if you'll
    take the risk.
    Bluheim's main attacks are Phoenix Ray, Blue Lightning, and Blue Winds.
    Phoenix Ray does around 4,000 to 5,000 damage and is his main offense.
    Blue Lightning is a bit weaker and usually does around 3,000 damage
    His last attack is "Blue Winds" which does around 3,000 damage as well,
    but Bluheim won't do this until after a few rounds of battle. Blue
    Winds also has the negative side effect of throwing you off course,
    which will put you at a heavy disadvantage on the next round.
    That's not a large amount on its own, but Bluheim can attack all four
    turns per round, so the damage can pile up quickly to around 20,000
    a round. How often he attacks per round  really defends on how
    defensively he plays the round before.  If you have a heavy advantage
    in the round before and Bluheim does a lot of defensive maneuvers, he's
    going to attack heavily the next round. He usually does this after he
    counters with a Blue Wind.
    On the third round you can use your MoonStone Cannon, but that's what
    Bluheim wants. He'll "throw you off course" at the end of the round with
    the first use of Blue Winds, putting you at a disadvantage during the next
    round.  It's your choice whether or not to pursue the spike damage here,
    but in my case I take the offense and risk the Blue Winds.  With how
    bad it can be to damage Bluheim, you need the fast damage that the
    MoonStone Cannon can deal.
    In defense of not using it, however you're at a strong tactical advantage
    on the next round and you can go all out, likely damaging the Gigas quite
    well. On a good C! turn with a strong Torpedo hit and spell you can
    easily break 15,000 damage.
    After the first Blue Winds, you just have to watch the round bar. Just use a
    At about should be around the fifth round of battle, you'll be given the
    MoonStone Cannon option, and at this point it's safe.  The next round
    will give you two times to use it, and this is not safe, as he will counter
    with Blue Winds, setting you at the disadvantage once again. As with the
    last choice, you choose a spike of damage with a MoonStone with a bad
    disadvantage afterwards, or slower damage without the disadvantage.
    One last note: Bluheim is smart. While all these MoonStone Cannon shots are
    nice, he will actually start defending against them! You'll likely want to
    rely on Torpedos quite a bit for the last portion of his HP. 
    Location: Glacia
    Boss 32: Velteran
    Recommended HP: 3,000
    HP: 12,000 
    Special Attacks: Avaluancher, Death Laser
    Color: Purple
    EXP: 3,357
    MagicEXP: 6
    Items: Crystalen Box
    For a non-story boss, Veltran is surprisingly powerful.  He has three main
    attacks: Avalauncher, his normal attack, and "Death Laser." As the name of
    the last skill implies, it has a very high chance of instantly killing a
    single character. Hopefully you have Riselem at this point, since the
    damage from Avalauncher will just kill the revived character off again.
    Avalauncher is an area and line attack on the target (think Blue and
    Yellow spells). And, while you can't control your character's movement,
    it is possible for only one character to be hit at a time.
    Keep Increm up on Vyse as much as you can, but with the amount of
    instant kills it's difficult to keep it on everyone. Don't bother with
    Incremus, just keep it on Vyse. Change Vyse's weapon to red before you
    start attacking Veltran. A strong Pirates Wrath will do over 6,000 damage
    this way, so keep a character or two focusing every round when no one's
    dead. Fina with Pyrulen can do over 1,000 damage as well. Cutlass Fury will
    do around 2,000.
    The problems start happening when more than one character dies to Death
    Laser. Keep everyone revived and over 2,000 HP if you can. Fina's Lunar
    Light shines here. This battle is only hard if you have been neglecting to
    level your Silver magic and no one has the Riselem spell.  if you're having
    trouble surviving Avalauncher, equip characters with accessories that lower
    Purple Magic damage.
    Location: Maw of Tartas
    Boss 33: Yeligar
    Recommended HP: 40,000+ with the Delphinus
    HP: 150,000
    Special Attacks: Photon Charge, Voltigar
    Color: Yellow
    EXP: 4,763
    MagicEXP: 0
    Items: Captains Stripe, Thunder Cutlass
    This battle will remind you quite a bit of the Bluheim fight. Not only
    does Yeligar have extremely high HP, but like Bluheim before him, he likes
    to avoid your attacks.  While he doesn't do it by flying away, he does it
    because he has the natural advantage of being flat.  You'll likely want
    to stick with Torpedos and a Secondary Cannon every once in a while with
    this problem. Even the secondary cannons will miss because of the large
    area that vyse is flying around.
    With damage slow due to the misses and limited to Torpedos, you'll have to,
    surprisesurprise, rely on the MoonStone Cannon. Keep your attacks limited,
    Don't just "not attack" because you find yourself missing.  Just expect
    the battle to be long with so little damage. Torpedos will normally hit for
    5,000 to 7,000 damage, but a crit on a C! turn with an Archwale
    Torpedo can do over 14,000 damage. When your attacks actually -hit-
    they'll do a good deal of damage, but that is, of course, the problem.
    Yeligar's main attacks are Photon Charge and Voltigar.  Voltigar is slightly 
    more powerful, but they both do around 2,000-3,000 damage.  Not too much, 
    especially compared to Delphinus' 40,000+ HP.  With Increm it does even less, 
    making Increm, but you'll likely be keeping Increm up so you can maximize
    your damage rather than to decrease the damage Yeligar does to you.
    At the beginning of the third round, you're given the option to attack
    from above and below. Both options give rather positive effects,
    one giving an entire green round, while the other giving two C!s, but
    putting you at a slight disadvantage on one turn.
    By attacking from below you'll get two C! turns.
    By attacking from above you'll have a full round of advantage.
    Both options work, though I usually attack from below.
    After the third round is complete, you're given a 100% chance to
    use the MoonStone Cannon on the fourth round. Pile everything onto
    this Red Round. Like the Red Gigas, Recumen, Yeligar will focus his
    attacks at one turn and can be thrown off if you damage him right before
    the attack goes off.  Whenever you see a Red turn, you want to attack
    with everything you have, again like Recumen. The moonStone Cannon not
    only knocks off more than 40,000 HP, but it knocks Yeligar from his attack
    and gives you a direct advantage for the start of the fifth round.
    Use the MoonStone Cannon at the start of the next round as well, since
    if you knock Yeligar off balance, you'll get the chance to use it
    immediately. Attack, but save some SP for the next round as well,
    since two MoonStone Cannons in a row will eat quite a bit of SP.
    On the next round, you're given another choice between "Pursue and attack"
    and "Stay back and see what Yaligar does."  Choose to stay back and see
    what Yeligar does and you'll get the third turn in a row with a
    MoonStone Cannon shot.  If he's not dead after the 120,000 damage
    spike in the past three rounds, he will be on the next round, where
    you'll have (yet) another chance to abuse your Cannon on a red turn
    to knock Yeligar off balance.
    Location: Deep Sky
    Boss 34: Raja
    Recommended HP: 50,000+ with the Delphinus
    HP: 15,000
    Special Attacks: Luminesce (500-3,000)
    EXP: 658
    MagicEXP: 0
    Items: Deluxe Kit, Crystal Ball
    Raja is a rather optional boss that you fight when you pick the wrong
    area in Deep Sky.  It only has 15,000 HP, but the first thing you'll notice
    is that you have absolutely no idea how the turn order will be.  It's a
    bit disorienting at first. Also, because of the utter darkness it's
    difficult to see what you're hitting, so you may miss. Don't bother
    defending or trying to get an advantage - it isn't going to happen.
    Try Crystales for some nice damage, too.
    The boss doesn't actually do a lot of damage to you, and you'll likely kill
    it on the first round anyway.
    Location: Deep Sky
    Boss 35: DeLoco and The Chameleon, Parts 3 and 4
    Recommended HP: 50,000+ with the Delphinus
    HP: 30,000 the first time, 30,000 the second
    Special Attacks: DeLoco Cannon, DeLoco Torpedo, Drilnos
    EXP: 3,988
    MagicEXP: 0
    Items: Captain's Stripe, Twin Turbo, Magic Shell
    As you'd expect with some of the foreshadow in Dangral, our old friend
    DeLoco is back, this time in Deep Sky.  If you fought the Raja, you'll
    understand your innate disadvantage while in this battle.  You have 
    absolutely no way to tell turn advantages in this battle, so you
    just have to attack and hope it works, pretty much. this battle will
    end up as a lot of missing on both your part and on the part of DeLoco,
    since neither of you can really see the other to shoot at in the Deep
    Start off with an Increm and a few sub cannons on the first round. I
    suggest not really using Main cannons and Torpedos, since you can't see
    the C! rounds where you'd normally use them to deal damage.
    DeLoco can hit surprisingly hard - when he hits.  Hit Torpedos can do
    upwards 8,000 damage and his Cannons around 2,000.  However, like you,
    he is suffering accuracy problems and will miss a majority of the time.
    DeLoco's defense hasn't gone up considerably since your last battle,
    either.  SubCannons will do around 10,000 when they hit him (easier said
    than done) and Torpedoes around 8,000.  He'll fall quickly - when you
    can hit him.  It's really a battle of patience.
    When The Chameleon hits around 10% HP, the battle ends and Round IV begins.
    Unlike the previous battle, the accuracy problems are gone.  You're attached,
    quite literally, to one another so you know exactly where to shoot. However,
    you still will have no idea of when you have the disadvantage, so proceed
    with caution, keep your HP over 30,000, and use Increm.
    DeLoco's cannons can break the 6,500 mark, and paired with his Torpedoes,
    that can be upwards 15,000 a round.  of course, at other times he will only
    hit for 2,000 or so, but you have absolutely no way of telling how the
    rounds go.
    After a first round of Increm and Focusing, start with a SubCannon assault.
    Your SubCannons will do 10,000 damage on a good turn, so you'll likely want
    to spend your SP on them rather than main cannons.  This is really a rather
    straightforward battle during the second portion, since you can actually
    hit this time, and DeLoco's defense hasn't increased.
    Lastly, if DeLoco uses Driln, recast Increm to cancel the status, as Driln
    hurts very badly.
    Location: The Skies around Sailor's Island
    Boss 36: Baltor and The Blackbeard 2
    Recommended HP: 50,000+ with the Delphinus
    HP: 15,000
    Special Attacks: Vega Cannon (Sub Cannon), Vega Cannon Plus (Main)
    EXP: 1,381
    MagicEXP: 0
    Items: Timing Valve, Spherical Figure, Hybrid Wax
    Hot on the heels of DeLoco comes our old, old, old friend Baltor. If you
    don't remember him, don't worry, he wasn't incredibly important. He was
    the Pirate that you crushed while escorting the Nasr merchant in order to
    get your Valuan passport.
    While Baltor has very low HP and defense, his Vega Cannons can hit
    surprisingly hard.  If they critical, they can do around 8,000, but
    normally you'll see hits that are around 3,000 damage. Nothing that keeping
    your HP over 25,000 won't cover.
    His low defense will make it likely that your SubCannons do around 10,000
    damage alone.  With that, you'll probably kill him in two rounds, but if
    for some reason he isn't dead by the third, you'll be given an option,
    and can use the MoonStone Cannon on the third round.
    A small note: For those of you who want to beat Ramirez between the previous
    battle and this - No, it's not happening. While it is possible to survive
    his Silver Eclipse that he does around 80% of the time, every time you
    damage him his HP goes back up to maximum at the end of a round, meaning
    he's not meant to be beaten.
    Location: Dangral Island, Return
    Boss 37: Vigoro 2
    Recommended HP: 3,500
    HP: 14,000
    Special Attacks: Random Fire
    Color: Red
    EXP: 4,658
    MagicEXP: 8
    Items: Paranta Seed
    Unlike the last battle with Vigoro, he doesn't spend every round trying to
    charm Aika, instead Vigoro actually attacks.  As you'd expect, he does
    mostly physical damage, but you have no Enrique and Justice Shield to help
    defend against it.
    On the first round, have Vyse use Cutlass Fury with a Purple or Blue weapon.
    Have Fina, Aika, and Gilder focus for SP, and on the second round use the
    spell Incremus to lower the damage you'll receive from Vigoro's attacks.
    Vigoro's Random Fire does around 1,800-2,000 damage to a small area, like
    a low level Blue magic spell.  Keep everyone above 3,000 HP at all times
    and have someone curing with a Sacrum Crystal or two every round.  Save your
    SP for attacking and heal with crystals.
    It's likely that Vigoro will use Random Fire over and over again, so you're
    going to be taking damage very quickly.  If you're low levelled, it's 
    likely that your low HP characters (Fina and possibly Aika) will die before
    the Sacrum crystals go off.  Hopefully you have Lunar Light, as that will
    be a nice instant refresh for your party.  To avoid casualties make sure
    that you heal every round, sometimes with multiple people.  Vigoro is
    strong, but he is very predictable. He'll remain using Random Fire
    over and over.
    If anyone dies, make sure you use Riselem over Risan, as the next round
    they're just going to be killed again by the Area effect and it was a waste
    of a turn on the previous round. If multiple characters are weakened and
    at least on is dead, Lunar Light is a better choice. 
    If you've been fighting optional bosses, Vigoro will be very easy, but if
    you haven't you will need to take extra precautions with healing. This
    is a straightforward fight of brute strength, much like you'd expect from
    Vigoro. Switch on and off between Cutlass Fury and Pirates' Wrath, the Furies
    weakening Vigoro, while the Wrath acts as a spike to quicken the battle up.
    Finally, like most boss battles near the end of the game, you'll want to
    avoid attacking physically, as it does more harm than good. 
    Location: Dangral, Below Clouds
    Boss 38: Eliminator
    Recommended HP: 3,500
    HP: 20,500
    Special Attacks: Target Search, Blaster, Laser Blast
    Color: Silver
    EXP: 4,658
    MagicEXP: 8
    Items: Moonberry
    This boss should look rather familiar, and he even acts somewhat similar
    to his weakened form. Like Vigoro, he has a nasty area attack that does
    around 1,500 damage called Blaster, but fortunately, his attack range
    is a line, so it won't hit the amount of people that Vigoro did.
    Fortunately, he switches between attacking and Target Search, so you
    will have a round of recovery after each attack. His last move is
    called Laser Blast. It does minimal damage (less than 500) but causes
    the petrification ability.  Hopefully you have a few Curia crystals to
    get rid of this status, if not the spell is low enough SP that it
    shouldn't hurt you too badly. Remember, if all four characters get
    petrified, the game is over.
    Finally, his normal physical attacks do around 600 to 700 damage.
    The Eliminator starts off with Target Search, which won't do anything.
    This is your sign that he's about to hit you hard.  Spend the first round
    focusing with everyone, as you won't be taking any damage at all. Use
    Incremus on the second round, then start your attack. Change Vyse's
    weapon to Yellow and use Cutlass Fury the first few rounds. Cutlass
    Fury should do around 2,500 damage.  Avoid magic, even if you're
    strong, as Electrulen probably won't break 1,000 damage.
    After the second round you'll hopefully have enough SP for Pirates'
    Wrath.  Alternate Cutlass Fury and Pirates' Wrath every other turn
    or every two turns for damage. Hopefully you'll have two people using
    Focus to help with the SP consumption, while the third acts as a healer.
    This boss is quite a bit easier than Vigoro, damage-wise, just don't
    attack him physically. His counters are brutal. Keep your HP around
    2,500 for everyone. 
    Location: The Skies outside Soltis
    Boss 39: Valuan Mage Ship
    Recommended HP: 50,000+ with the Delphinus
    HP: 15,000
    Special Attacks: Normal and Magic Cannons
    EXP: 278
    MagicEXP: 0
    Items: Frost Bomb, Thunder Bomb
    The first battle is easy and not meant as a true threat. However,
    as easy as the first few fights are, they're just a warm up for the real
    thing, so keep your HP up.
    Use Increm on the first turn of the first round and then use Secodnary
    Cannons to damage the boss.  If you have Wevl Cannons equipped you
    can do around 15,000 damage, but two normal Secondary Cannons
    will do around 10,000 each (for 20,000 in the very first round).
    The ship can't even damage you. You'll probably take elss than 100
    damage from everything except for the Main Cannon, which can break 2,000.
    If the "boss" is still alive after the first round, and you hit him
    hard enough on the first, you can use the MoonStone Cannon to kill him
    on the second.
    Location: The Skies outside Soltis
    Boss 40: Galcian's Elite
    Recommended HP: 50,000+ with the Delphinus
    HP: 50,000
    Special Attacks: Serpent Cannons, Rapid Cannon
    EXP: 1,446
    MagicEXP: 0
    Items: Complete Kit, Crystil Cannon, Double Shaft
    The second battle isn't as easy.  We're up to 50,000 HP this time
    and this one can actually do some damage to you. Oddly enough, you
    may find that this boss misses quite often. Otherwise, his Serpent
    Cannons, which he uses all the time, do around 2,500 damage. His
    Rapid Cannon is quite a bit nastier and does around 5,000 damage.
    On a good turn for him, you can take around 10,000 damage.
    Still, he lacks an effective defense. A good Torpedo or Main Cannon
    on a C! will easily break 10,000 damage, and for the first two rounds of this
    battle you have quite an advantage. I suggest on the first round using
    Increm and then a Torpedo that lands on the C! at the end of the first
    round. One the second, start with Secondary Cannons - Keep focusing. Each 5'
    Cannon hit should do around 10,000 damage, and if you stack two sets
    of Secondary Cannons you can probably take off at lest 4/5 of his life
    before the round ends.
    At the end of the second round, you're given an option.
    Choose "Stay Put, we shouldn't just rush in."
    This gives you the ability to use the MoonStone Cannon. If the ship
    wasn't dead before, it certainly will be now. Make sure you heal with
    a nice bif Sacrulen before finishing the boss off though, as you'll
    want to start the last battle at full HP.
    Location: The Skies outside Soltis
    Boss 41: The Hydra
    Recommended HP: 50,000+ with the Delphinus
    HP: 200,000
    Special Attacks: Hydra SubCannon, Hydra Ray, Hydra Launcher, Hydra
    EXP: 6,943
    MagicEXP: 0
    Items: Captain's Stripe, Moon Cannon, Moon Torpedo
    Time for the main event. As with the Bluheim battle, you can expect
    this to take a -long- time. 200,000 HP isn't easy to take down, and for
    the first time a while, you'll finally meet a ship that can actually
    tear you apart if you aren't careful. The Hydra's SubCannons do
    around 4,500 damage and the other cannons do about the same. His
    Hydra Launchers easily break 10,000 damage. He also has an ultimate
    "Hydra Cannon" attack that break 20,000 damage, but he won't use
    this until his hull falls off.
    As you'll notice at the very start, you're at an extreme disadvantage
    throughout the battle. Yellow turns mean more damage to you, so expect
    to be eating quite a bit.  At the end of each round you'll likely want to
    use Sacrulen or have someone use a Complete or Deluxe Kit to save SP.
    Increm is an absolute must.
    Also, as you'll likely notice, you can use the MoonStone Cannon at the
    beginning of the first two rounds.  You'll want to do just that,
    use Increm and focus your SP on the first round, while on the second
    use your MoonStone Cannon to deal about 30,000 damage. Unfortunately,
    with most MoonStone Cannon shots, the Hydra will defend, so you'll
    never get full damage. You need to use Main and SubCannons to
    effectively damage the Hydra over time - spikes won't work.
    On the third round you'll notice two red turns.  On each turn, the Hydra
    will use the Hydra Launcher, which will do around 13,000 damage! You
    will want to try to defend against them, if possible.
    On the fourth round you're given the options:
    "Attack the upper part of the enemy vessel."
    "Attack the enemy's hull."
    Like with Yeligar, there's no "right" answer to pick.  One gives you a
    fairly neutral advantage and disadvantage in yellow blocks through the
    turn while the other gives you two advantages and a red turn at the
    end of the round.
    I tend to attack the upper part, as if you do this you'll get the
    yellow turn set. While you still get a single C!, you won't take
    the increased damage on the red turn. I just use this round to pummel
    him with two sets of SubCannons and hopefully do a good deal of damage.
    Just remember to heal yourself at the end of whichever option you pick.
    On the fifth round you can use the MoonStone Cannon again for another
    small spike of damage.
    At this point the battle gets dangerous.  The hull falls away and Galcian
    takes out his Cannon.  Like the Gigas, and many other ship battles before
    it, you can stun his Cannon if you do enough damage before he gets the
    attack off. However, on that red turn you should absolutely defend to
    reduce the damage that you take. During this round, with the Hydra and
    SubCannon damage you can easily take 30,000 damage.
    The rest of the battle is pretty much the same from here on out.
    Defend on red turns to that you don't eat a fully powered Hydra
    Cannon, keep Increm up (you may want to use Incremus, it lasts four
    rounds instead of two), and keep your HP well above 30,000. Remember
    that the Hydra plays a very defensive game as well, so SubCannons work
    better as damage over time instead of the spikes that Main Cannons
    and Torpedos are better used for.
    On the seventh round, you're given the option, once again, to attack 
    the enemy Hull or upper portion. No matter which option you choose,
    you get to use the MoonStone Cannon this round. Attacking the enemy
    hull gives you a slight advantage during the round, but your MoonStone
    Cannon will be during a red turn and you'll take more damage. It's your
    choice if the slight advantage is worth taking damage and the loss of
    damage that you get during a red disadvantage.
    At the very least, if you attack the hull and eat a Hydra cannon, you'll
    get an undefended MoonStone Cannon that hits for the full 40,000 damage.
    There's no fast way to win this battle, you have to deal with slow damage
    over time and keeping yourself alive. Play defensively with lots of
    Defends on red turns. Finally, use SubCannons over main and Torpedoes,
    they'll end up doing more over time while allowing you to Focus and heal.
    The rest of the battle is all about choosing if you want to attack the hull
    or the top, and what you choose should reflect how you think the Hydra
    will attack.  If your MoonStone Cannon attacks on a red turn, you'll take
    full damage, but you'll also get an undefended shot in, which is rather
    On a last note, you're more likely to lose your cannon shots if you attack
    the top of the Hydra, but they're also more likely to miss you, too.
    Take that into consideration while choosing how to damage the boss.
    Location: The Hydra
    Boss 42: [Spoiler Boss 1]
    Recommended HP: 4,000
    HP: 21,500
    Special Attacks: Terminal, Neglora, Eternes, Eternum
    Color: Yellow
    EXP: 7,471
    MagicEXP: 8
    Items: Valuan Medallion
    This boss puts up quite the fight. He has instant death attacks and a
    special move that lets him do around 3,500 damage. He's easily one of
    the hardest required bosses so far.
    Terminal is extremely rough, and while it looks nice, is the move
    that can break 3,500 damage.  Hopefully at least one character has
    Sacrulen at this point, if not you'll have two people healing every round.
    You can also buy Sacrulen crystals from Illychmis once you've upgraded
    his shop.
    Finally, the boss can use Neglora, which is an attack all ability
    much like Lunar Winds. It does minimal damage but it will dispel
    your positive statuses, such as Increm. Remember to recast Increm
    if he uses this ability.
    First off, this boss uses Eternes. While you could defend against it
    with Delta Shield, if you're using Gilder there's an easier way. Have
    him use Aura of Denial every round. That will make you immune to the
    death effect of Eternes. If Gilder dies, then you'll want to switch
    to Delta Shielf for a round, but he will be the one protecting you
    from the Etern-type spells that this boss likes to use over and over.
    Spend the first round focusing with all three characters who are not
    using defensive moves. On the second round, cure whoever was hit until
    they're at full HP and then use Incremus. Everyone needs it in this
    battle. If you don't have Incremus, cast Increm on Fina and Vyse. Vyse
    needs the attack boost and Fina the defensive. Continue focusing
    with at least one character (hopefully) a round. Switch between
    Cutlass Fury and Pirates' Wrath when you have the SP, and try to
    keep your healing with mostly crystals to save yourself the SP
    cost. When you attack, make sure to change Vyse's weapon to Silver so
    you can do a bit of extra damage.
    If you can protect yourself from dying to the Eternes with either
    Delta Shield or Aura of Denial, the battle becomes a bit predictable.
    If you're at a low level, expect this boss to kill a character or two
    with Terminal. Be sure to revive them with Riselem or a Riselem crystal.
    If one character is dead and another is weak, you may prefer to use Fina's
    Lunar Light.
    In short, yout turn order will look like this:
    Vyse : Focus, Incremus and then Pirates' Wrath or Cutlass Fury
    Aika: Focus and healing.
    Fina: Focus and healing.
    Gilder: Aura of Denial every single round.
    Treat this boss like he's dangerous - as he is.  If you just fight
    him without any form of defense, you're going to suffer countless
    deaths, but it is possible to win. 
    Location: The skies outside of Shrine island
    Boss 43: Gadianos
    Recommended HP: 50,000+ with the Delphinus
    HP: 15,000
    Special Attacks: Jedos Ray, Jeda Beam
    EXP: 1,531
    MagicEXP: 0
    Items: Complete Kit, Sparkling Deck, Moon Gun
    This boss needs to be taken down fast, or he'll run away and you'll never
    see him again. His attacks do around 5,000 to 7,000 damage. His other attack,
    Jeda Beam, is quite a bit weaker, but he attacks four times per round and it
    can pile up quickly to around 17,000 a round. 
    Use Increm on the first turn and focus a Torpedo and Main Cannon
    on the final C! turn of this round.  If both hit, they'll do around
    20,000 each and the battle ends before the second round begins. Otherwise,
    the boss runs and you'll lose the rare item. The battle is only as challenging
    as the time limit allows.
    The Sparkling Deck you receive from this boss is absolutely the best piece
    or armor for the Delphinus, with a huge defense rating of 500! Combine this
    with the Spherical Figure, which increases magical defense, for the best
    stats in the game.
    Location: Soltis
    Boss 44: [Final Boss 1]
    Recommended HP: 4,000
    HP: 22,000
    Special Attacks: Silver Eclipse, Destruction, Silver and Yellow Spells
    Color: Silver
    EXP: 7,835
    MagicEXP: 10
    Items: None
    How hard the final boss series is depends on how many optional quests you've
    done, your level, and your weapons and armor.  Most of the optional bosses
    in the game are harder than the final boss and require the same strategies.
    If you're low levelled and haven't done any optional bosses, the final boss
    will be quite a bit harder.  First, I'd like to state that because this is
    th "first form" of the final boss (so to speak), you'll want to try
    to kill this without using all of your items and MP.
    This boss likes to use the nasty Silver Eclipse over and over.  This
    attack hits everyone in your party for 2,009damage.  He also uses Silver
    magic, such as Eternum, Eternes, the instant death spells.  If you don't
    have Gilder in your party for Aura of Denial (which will nullify the
    instant death attacks) then have Aika use Delta Shield and focus on curing
    with Fina and Sacrum and Sacrulen crystals.  You'll likely need Lunar Light,
    too. If you have a free space in your accessories, the Valuan Medallion can
    render a character impervious to the death effects of Etern- spells. You'll
    want to equip that on Fina for Lunar Light, most likely. The final boss
    also uses Drilnos, which can end up hurting you just as badly as the silver
    death spells if you keep it on. Have Delta Shield or use Lunar
    Cleansing to get rid of the effect. Again, Aura of Denial can stop the
    negative status effects if you're using Gilder.
    If you have Enrique, have him use Justice Shield to halve the damage from
    Silver Eclipse. It will go down to around 800, which is far more survivable
    than the 2,000 it normally does.
    The last ability this boss has is called "Destruction." it acts like
    Fina's Lunar Winds and dispels your positive statuses. This boss
    acts a lot like the one at the end of the Hydra, doesn't he?
    Buff Vyse up with Increm or a Glyph of Might, depending on if Aika is using
    Delta Shield or not. Change his weapon to yellow and have he and Fina (when
    she's not curing everyone with Sacrum and Lunar Light) Focus to get SP.
    Use Pirates' Wrath if you have plenty of healing crystals and are in good
    health, otherwise stick to Cutlass Fury. You'll probably want to have
    Vyse help heal with crystals if Aika is using Delta Shield. Remember to
    rebuff your characters after a Destruction attack.
    Keep your HP at maximum at all times as the final boss likes to use Silver
    Eclipse over and over again.  If someone dies, raise them with Riselem
    as soon as you can and immediately go on the defensive with all of your
    characters healing each other and using their abilities.
    Remember that this is the easiest of the final battles, but if you're
    having trouble you might want to use an Aura of Valor and Prophecy.
    I suggest saving one or two for the "true" final boss fight though, to
    finish him off quickly.
    Location: The Skies outside Soltis
    Boss 45: [Final Boss 2]
    Recommended HP: 50,000+ with the Delphinus
    HP: 250,000
    Special Attacks: Judgement, Moon Ray, Spells
    EXP: 8,398
    MagicEXP: 0
    Items: Captain's Stripe
    The final ship battle is by far the hardest and it is -long-.  If you
    have the Spherical Figure and the Sparking Deck that raise your defense
    and magic defense to the highest stats, that will help a lot, but is
    certainly not imperative towards winning this battle.
    The key to this battle is absoutely keeping your HP above 40,000. Since
    the boss likes to use Driln, you can't worry too much about Increm, as
    it will just miss over his spell. You have to do this without defensive
    buffs. Use Sacrulen or a complete kit at the end of each round to keep
    yourself alive. Defend on each red turn to avoid the large spike damage.
    Like the previous ship battles, the options at the very beginning are
    both "right" and both have their advantages. One gives you three
    advantage turns, but no C!s, while the other gives you two advantages and
    two C!s. There's a red turn at the end of both rounds that you will
    want to defend on. I like to maintain my distance at the start so I can
    buff and prepare with Focuses. By maintaining distance you get three turns
    of green other two.
    The boss is strong with buffs and debuffs.  He'll use Driln, which on a
    ship you can't really cure. He buffs himself up with Quicka, so you'll
    probably want to use Quicka yourself.
    On the second round, choose to attack from the front to take advantage
    of four C! turns in a row. This is more dangerous and you're likely to take
    quite a bit of damage from the boss'spells and Moon Ray, but you'll also do
    more damage.  Attack from the front again on the third round unless you need
    some time to recover. Slowly attack with damage over time, I suggest
    SubCannons, but a nice strong Moon Torpedo hit can hit for around 20,000
    Soon, a short scene will play and you'll be given the option to choose where
    to attack again. Once again, choose from the front. Since the boss is
    "slowing down," you need to take the opportunity to attack.  You'll actually
    have four MoonStone Cannon options here! Buff up with an Increm if you don't
    have Driln on you and attack on every turn this round, as on the next round
    you'll be at an extreme disavantage. Still, the spike damage here is worth
    the risk if you can keep yourself healthy. The MoonStone Cannon alone should
    do around 45,000 to 50,000 damage. You have the entire round to attack
    wthout him doing a thing, so take advantage of it and use Torpedos and
    Main Cannons. Moon Cannons and Torpedos should hit for 25,000 damage each!
    After this round, the boss mutates into something far more dangerous.
    He gets a brand new ability in this form. You'll notice that you
    can use the MoonStone Cannon on the last turn of this round, but you
    MUST be careful.  He'll use his "ultimate attack" at the same time this
    cannon is, so you'll take full damage from the attack (and he damage
    from his Judgement can hit higher than 20,000!). It's your choice if you
    think you can risk taking that much damage, but you'll also do damage in
    return.  Be sure to defend on the first red turn of this round as well, as
    the boss will use his Judgement ("ultimate attack") at this time, too.  If
    you want to risk damage, be sure you're at full HP.
    The battle becomes far more dangerous at this point, with the boss using
    Judgement once or twice a round.  You must absolutely keep your HP above
    40,000 and use the Defend option on any Red turns. He'll start using
    Judgement over and over each round and he becomes infinitely more
    Once you've done enough damage, the boss starts "falling apart." If you
    choose to "Close in" you'll be able to use your MoonStone Cannon in one of
    the four times. Use it on one of the yellow turns and defend on the red
    turns. I suggest using it on the very first turn and using the second
    yellow turn to use Sacrulen or a Complete kit to heal and prepare for
    the second Judgement of the round.
    Location: On the Delphinus - The skies outside of Soltis
    Boss 46: [Final Boss 3]
    Recommended HP: 4,000
    HP: 25,000
    Special Attacks: Silver Nightmare, Destruction, Yellow and Silver magic
    Color: Silver
    EXP: None
    MagicEXP: 0
    Items: None
    This is it, the "true" final battle.  If you have any Auras of Valor
    left, use them all now!  A few Prophecies will completely slaughter this
    boss and leave you with the victory that isn't that difficult. However,
    this strategy is for those of us who like to do things the old fashioned
    The final boss likes to stick with one attack "Silver Nightmare."  What
    this does is control one of your characters for a single round, something
    like a more dangerous confusion status. This can be extremely dangerous
    when it's used on Vyse, as he'll likely Pirates' Wrath a character for
    over 4,000 damage and kill them.  Unfortunately, there's no way to really
    avoid this, as it always, always goes first, even before Super Moves like
    Delta Shield and Justice Shield, which have the turn advantage.
    your secondary characters can be dangerous here too, since Enrique's
    The Judgement can be extremely powerful, over 3,000 to a character and
    Gilder's The Claudia will attack everyone.
    The boss uses annoying spells like Drilnos. Either keep Delta Shield up
    and cure with Sacrum and Sacrulen Crystals or Lunar Light, or have
    Lunar Cleansing ready. Use Riselem if anyone dies to Vyse or your
    secondary character's attacks. He also uses Silver spells (Eternum)
    still, so expect some instant deaths if you're not using Delta
    How fast this battle goes really depends on which characters get
    controlled at the start of the round. I suggest not even bothering
    with Justice Shield if you have Enrique, but you should use Delta
    Shield to help avoid Drilnos. There's no more Silver Eclipse to
    worry about, but he does retain Destruction that dispells your postive
    statuses. How hard this boss is depends on your luck and who he controls.
    If Vyse uses Pirates' Wrath on Fina, there's not much chance she's going
    to live through it.
    This boss is a bit easier than the first form due to there being no
    natural area attack.
    Congratulations, you've won once you beat this boss!
    -=-=              Optional Bosses:                -=-=
    Tip:  While you can fight most of the hidden bosses at any time(other than the 
    Zivylin Banes), the bounty fights get harder with the higher your level.  The 
    more HP you have, the more they will have.  Take Piastol for example.  I 
    fought her when I was about level 16 or so.  My friend fought her at about 
    level 11 with Fina at 3.  My Piastol and Death Hound had about 4,000 HP, while 
    his had about 1,000.  So be warned before you decide to level up too much.  
    But the damage they do seems to stay in the same area for a while, so don’t 
    worry TOO much there. In my opinion, these bosses are some of the hardest in 
    the game.
    Some General Tips:
    Delta Shield! Delta Shield, Delta shield, Delta Shield! Every round. On many
    of these bosses this will help considerably. Just make sure to bring enough
    crystals to survive.
    Focus. Spend a lot of time gathering SP.
    Play defensively. Some, in fact most, of the new optional bosses have the
    ability to kill characters in one hit. Keep Increm up on everyone to raise
    their defenses.
    The Sacrum, Riselem, and Sacrulen spells are very, very important. Also,
    Fina's Super Move "Lunar Light" will instantly refresh you. If you don't
    have these and are dying to a boss over and over, this is likely the
    the reason.
    Lastly, don't come into some of the new optional battles (the old sky ones
    don't count, they're still very easy), Pirates' Wrath a few times, and walk
    off with your booty.  It isn't going to happen like that. These battles
    can be hard.
    Finally, I'd like to mention this again for those who skipped the
    top section:
    Grinding doesn't work. The bosses get stronger as you do. You'll want to
    be "strong enough to survive" with the right abilities and anything much
    more than that will just add to their strength. Of course, if you want a
    more challenging fight, go for it. The only reason you'll want to grind
    is if you don't have the spell Riselem, possibly Incremus, Pirates' Wrath,
    or Lunar Light. These will likely be your keys to beating all of the
    bosses near the end of the game.
    Location: On the Little Jack
    Optional Boss 1: Piastol, Death Hound, Part 1
    Recommended HP: 1,200
    HP: Changes. Piastol: 4,000 Death Hound: 3,700
    Special Attacks: Piastol: Tempest Dace. Death Hound: Support Spells
    Color: Piastol: Blue, Death Hound: Green
    EXP: ~1430
    Items: None
    To fight Piastol you must have finished the Valua events and go to the 
    Sailors Guild on Sailors Island.  Talk to the Guildmaster to receive a "Black 
    Spot".  Then go out of the island, and head directly west.  Soon you will see 
    a lone ship, with blue sails.  Go up to it and meet Piastol, who 
    challenges you.
    This strategy is based on the first time you fight Piastol, which is after
    Valua and before you begin the Maramba events.
    Before you even attempt this battle, you need some preparation.  I wouldn't
    suggest trying it until everyone has around 1,200 HP, to avoid a 1-hit
    kill from Tempest Dance during the first portion of the battle.  You
    absolutely MUST bring Sacres and Curia crystals.The latter are very
    important, as the Death Hound can stop your Spirit regeneration,
    effectively disabling you. You don't need to grind for this battle, but
    you will probably want to, to make it easier. Ideally, you'll want more
    than one character with the Risan spell. This takes a bit of time though,
    considering how long Silver Magic takes to level. 
    During the battle, Piastol has her Death Hound as support. Do not even
    try to attack Piastol until you get rid of the Death Hound. Death
    hound is meant to be an annoyance, and not a real threat.  He'll use
    spells like Slipara to sleep you, as well as curing Piastol with Sacri.
    Piastol, on the other hand, is much more dangerous. Her Tempest Dance
    can kill, and she will counter most every attack. In their own way,
    the Hound's attacks can actually do more damage, though indirectly,
    especially if you don't have Curia crystals.
    The easy way to counter the Death Hound is to use Delta Shield every
    round with Aika.  That way, you won't get the nastier status effects
    from the boss, and you'll also be immune to any magic used by Piastol.
    Note however, that none of your Magic will work on yourself, either.
    Because of this, you need a stock of Sacri, Sacres, and Curia crystals.
    Once the Hound is dead, you'll still want to keep Delta Shield up,
    purely because of Piastol's Eterni spell.  At this point, it isn't
    as helpful though. To help counter the Delta Shield, and to save your
    crystals, you should use Fina's first ability, Lunar Blessing,
    to recover your HP every round.
    The first thing you can do for yourself in this battle is cast 
    Increm on the female characters, so they wont die from one hit of 
    Tempest Dance. At this point, you most likely know that Increm increases
    defense as well as attack. However, using Increm on the first two rounds
    gives an opening for Sleep from the Hound.  The second thing you can do
    in this battle, if you haven't before in the past, is change your 
    weapon Color to that which opposes the Hound and Piastol when attacking
    them.  In this case, you'll want Red or Yellow weapons against the Death
    Hound, and Blue and Purple against Piastol's Blue. If you don't want
    that type of Magic EXP, just set the color back to whatever you want
    right before the finishing blow.
    BIG NOTE: If you fight this battle a tad bit later in the game, you
    won't have to deal with the Increm/Delta Shield problem.  There are
    items that you can use to give the same effect as Increm, without
    having to sacrifice the turns without Delta Shield. After the
    events in the Temple of Pyrynn (therefore, after having been to 
    Maramba) you'll have items called a "Glyph of Might" that you can use
    on your characters. This works in much the same way the Increm spell
    does, except you can use it with Delta Shield.
    Whether you decide to buff with Increm or not, you should always have at
    least one or two characters Focusing Spirit every round.  If fighting
    early in the game, Fina probably won't have as high of Spirit
    regeneration and Focus as your other characters, so you'll probably want
    her to be your Crystal user or for casting of any type.
    There are a few ways to go about this battle, but you'll want to stick
    with the Focus/Delta Shield/Cutlass Fury way.  Have Fina use crystals
    when necessary, Aika use Delta Shield, Drachma Focus, and Vyse use
    Cutlass Fury whenever you have the spare SP.  Another easy way to go
    about this battle is, once again, with Crystales boxes.  These work 
    better on Piastol than they do her Hound, however, since Purple doesn't
    work well on Green.  It should only take 2 Cutlass Furies with a Red
    weapon to damage the Hound to critical HP, and the point where normal
    physical attacks and spells can take him down.
    Once the Hound is dead, the battle is a bit easier, but Piastol can
    still kill off characters. If Tempest Dance doesn't kill you, her
    Eterni may, which is an argument as to why you should keep Delta
    Shield on the entire battle.  Her Blue Magic is weak enough that 
    it doesn't matter, anyway.  Again, avoid attacking Piastol physically
    and use Purple magic and Special attacks with Purple Weapons. Keep
    everyone at maximum HP at all times, and Piastol falls.
    Location: On the Little Jack/Delphinus, Maramba
    Optional Boss 2: Barta and Rupee
    Recommended HP: 1,500
    HP: Barta: Depends on Barta and Rupee's "level."
    Special Attacks: Barta: Legendary Fists, Legendary Charge. Rupee: Berserk Rupee
    Color: Barta: Red  Rupee: Red
    EXP: Depends on Barta and Rupee's "level."
    Items: Captain's Hat, Paranta Seed
    Like most optional battles, you can fight this battle either "early" or
    "late."  This battle is quite a bit easier if you have the ability
    Delta Shield and a large stock of Sacres crystals.  Ideally, more than
    one character has the ability to use Risan as well. Expect deaths every
    other turn or so. You'll also want to bring some Curia Crystals along
    with you. If you want to be totally prepared, you should have a
    character or two learn the spell Rislem.
    There are two targets, Barta the large man, and Rupee, the "leader."
    While Barta is technically the stronger of the two, Rupee ends up far
    more dangerous because of his support abilities.  Rupee likes to use
    Increm on Barta while casting Drilnos on your party, effectively giving
    Barta 1.5x normal damage.  Not only that, but when at critical HP, he
    is even stronger than Barta!  Don't even bother attacking Rupee until
    Barta is dead, since Barta will just cure him.
    Barta's normal attacks can hit for 600 while Incremed, but he causes the
    battle to be entirely more dangerous just by being alive.  Barta has the
    Flaming Fists ability with Rupee that can easily break 2000 damage on any
    character, even with Incremed defense.  Unless you're around level 25,
    you're not going to survive that, so expect deaths. Fortunately, there's
    a round of warning where Barta "powers up" before using this ability.
    Barta also has access to "Legendary Breath" which does from 500-1000
    damage and stops your Spirit gain (it's VERY important to cure this.)
    Like most other optional battles, you'll want to stick with a Delta Shield
    strategy.  Have a ton of Sacres and Curia crystals so that you can use
    Delta Shield every round with Aika.  Instead of casting Increm, use a
    Glyph of Might on all of your characters.  If you really want to, you
    can also use Healing Salve, though in this battle it wont do too much.
    Delta Shield stops the effects of Drilnos on your characters, as well
    as any other offensive spell that Rupee decides to cast.  With Rupee's
    damage completely nullified, you can focus on Barta alone.
    Once your party is Incremed up, change your weapons to Purple. Don't
    bother attacking Barta, as he doesn't take a lot of damage from attacks
    and you'll just end up countered. Instead use Cutlass Fury (or Pirate's
    Wrath) whenever you have SP. You may want to have a character Focus
    every round in order to have the SP required for both Delta Shield and
    Cutlass Fury. Fina should use Crystales boxes, as they will do 500 
    damage to Barta each time they're used. Barta has much higher HP than
    Rupee does, so expect to whack him for a while.
    Once Barta is down, the battle becomes both easier and far, far more
    dangerous.  Keep Vyse on a purple weapon, and keep using Delta Shield
    every round.  Don't use any magic on Rupee, as he won't take much
    damage from it at all.  Instead, have Fina cure or Focus. Have your
    fourth character attack or Focus with Purple weapons. Rupee starts
    using spells like Ryrum every round. Instead of acting defensively,
    he goes on offense. be VERY careful when Rupee is in orange and red
    HP.  He has a special ability he can use at this point that is 
    stronger than anything Barta can do, and it's close to impossible to
    stop it from killing a character in one hit.
    Location: On the Delphinus
    Optional Boss 3:  Piastol, Round 2
    Recommended HP: 3,000
    HP: Depends on when you fight her
    Special Attacks: Piastol:  Tempest Dance, Death Hound: Spells, Healing
    Color: Piastol: Blue, Death Hound: Green
    EXP: Depends on when you fight her, 5731
    MagicEXP: 8
    Items: None
    To fight Piastol a second time, you have to have 14 Moonfish.  Go to a
    Sailor's Guild and have them give you a Black Spot, and from there, head
    to Piastols ship, which is in the same place near Sailor's Island.
    Piastol fights exactly the same way she did before, so make sure you
    have the proper crystals before you come into the battle.  That is,
    Curia Crystals, Sacres crystals, Risan/Rislem, and some Glyphs of
    Might to help with increasing your status.
    Piastol is a bit easier the second time around than she is initially. At
    least this time her Tempest Dance won't kill you in one hit, it still does
    2,500+. Hopefully by the time you fight this battle, at least one or two
    characters has Rislem, but it's not necessary.
    Like before, the Death Hound is the main problem. He must be killed first,
    since his ability to Fatigue your characters and stop their SP gain is
    extremely annoying. Use Curia Crystals over the Curia spell in order to
    conserve SP. He also cures Piastol if you attempt to damage Piastol first,
    so don't bother.
    A Delta Shield strategy is, once again, good in this battle.  Have Aika
    use Delta Shield every round while someone (probably Fina) cures with
    Sacrum and Sacres crystals, depending on who was damaged and by what.
    The Delta Shield nullifies all of the Silver Magic that Piastol casts, as
    well as any magic used by the Death Hound.  That way, you only need to
    worry about physical attacks and Tempest Dance, the latter which alone
    can be deadly if you're at low levels. 
    If you have Enrique currently in your party, a safe, but slow, way to
    kill Piastol is to have Aika use Delta Shield every round and have
    Enrique use Justice Shield.  have Vyse attack the Death Hound with
    physical attacks (set your weapon to Red to do extra damage against his
    Green) and have Fina Focus. This way you'll take half or no damage
    from everything that they can throw at you, while still being able to
    cure (Fina using items instead of focusing).
    With Justice Shield, Tempest Dance won't break 1,500 damage and you will
    hopefully not suffer casualties.  Of course, the battle is very slow this
    way, but better safe than sorry, right? If you're looking for a faster
    battle, have Enrique, Vyse, and Fina focus for the first two rounds, with
    Aika continuing to use Delta Shield.  Use Pirates' Wrath on the Death Hound
    and if he isn't killed, he should at least be in critical range. Cutlass
    Fury works well too, but it won't do the one-hit-kill damage that
    Pirates' Wrath does, instead it should only hit slightly over 2,000,
    depending on your level. 
    Once the Death Hound is dead, at the very least you'll want to keep up
    Aika's Delta Shield, since Piastol still uses her Silver Magic to kill you
    in one hit.  If you feel confident you can survive the Tempest Dance, don't
    bother with Justice Shield. Keep healing with items and change your weapon
    to Green or Purple for the damage bonus against Blue.  If you use Cutlass
    Fury over and over, it will still probably take 5 or 6 rounds to kill
    The way you fight this battle really depends on how patient you are,
    and you much damage (and how many deaths) you are willing to take.
    Location: On the Delphinus, outside of Sailors Island
    Optional Boss 4: Gunarm, 3 Frocks
    My Average level: 35
    Recommended HP: 3,500
    HP: Gunarm: ~7,500, Frocks: 800
    Special Attacks: Gunarm: Target Search, Rampage, MoonStone Blast, Side Winder, 
    Charge  Frocks: Normal Attacks 
    Color: Gunarm: Yellow  Frock: Yellow
    EXP: Depends on how many Frocks are killed.
    MagicEXP: 6
    Items: Both:  Berzerker Mail, Thermal Grease
    To fight Gunarm, you must have the Delphinus, and have to have paid the
    100,000 Gold to develop your ship. Lapen is on Sailor's Isle, near the
    Weapon Shop.  Talk to him to initiate  battle. This battle is -not- easy.
    Make sure you have at least one character with the spell Rislem, though
    the more that have Riselem, the better. Lunar Light helps a lot, too.
    Gunarm has two main attacks, one that does around 1,000 to all of your
    characters, and the other does around 4,000 to a single character.
    Also, be warned that the Frocks will always attack before your
    characters, so it's useful to use Sacrum Crystals with one character
    a round, even if you're at full HP at the beginning of the round.
    Fortunately, the Gunarm usually attacks last, which gives you time
    between the attacks of the Frocks and Gunarm to heal.
    Don't bother targeting the Frocks until Gunarm is dead. Let any
    damage you do to them come from counters.
    There are two ways you can fight this battle, both require reducing the
    amount of physical damage you take.  The first is the Counter method,
    which requires Vyse to use Skull Shield every round.  The second, and
    in my opinion safer, method is Enrique's Justice Shield. The Justice
    Shield method is both safer and riskier, but it'll probably end up faster.
    No matter which way you end up fighting this battle, characters will die.
    Both strategies have their high points.  Using Skull Shield you'll be
    immune to the Frock's attacks, but you'll take full damage from the
    Gunarm. With Skull Shield, you'll end up killing Frocks, since you
    counter their attacks, eventually causing Gunarm to waste turns summoning
    them back. With Justice Shield, you only take half damage, but you
    also take half damage from the Gunarm as well, and he's the one who will
    slaughter you.
    If you choose Skull Shield, expect to revive a character every single
    round. Gunarm has the strength to kill characters in one hit, even
    at full HP. Riselem is very important here, as if you "fail" with Risan,
    you're going to have some problems on the next round.  If you do the
    battle this way, make sure you have a way that isn't Vyse to effectively
    famage the Gunarm, since Vyse's turns will be used up using Skull Shield.
    Enrique using The Judgement is a possible alternative.
    With Justice Shield, you can use Vyse to attack the Gunarm, but you're
    going to continually take damage.  Hopefully though, the damage will be
    decreased enough that it won't kill you.  Try to keep Incremus up in
    attempt to lower the damage done. You might want to have someone using
    a Sacrum crystal every round, even if you're at full HP, just as a 
    precaution.  If this strategy doesn't stop your characters from dying,
    try the other strategy, as the whole goal of this is to prevent death.
    No matter how you choose to fight Gunarm, Focus with your characters
    until you have the SP to use whichever Special Move you've determined.
    Use Silver weapons while attacking to increase the damage you do.
    Because you're only going to get an attack off every two or three
    rounds at most with the focusing and healing, you need to make it
    worth it.
    When Gunarm is at low HP, he starts using MoonStone Blast.  This attack
    does around 1,000 damage, making it the weakest of his attacks, but it
    has a high chance to instantly kill the targeted character.  Try to 
    conserve SP at this point and kill him off as quickly as you can,
    hoping that Vyse and Enrique aren't killed. Try to stick with Rislem
    Crystals over the spell to save SP.
    There's no way to make this battle "easy."  There are only ways to 
    make it "survivable." If you go in expecting to die, you're doing it
    Location: On the Delphinus, Ixa'taka
    Optional Boss 5: Ixa'ness Demons: Tara, Pera, Lira
    Recommended HP: 3,500
    HP: 4,000-5,000 each
    Special Attacks: All: Chak Mol
    Color: All: Green
    EXP: 4,188
    MagicEXP: 8
    Items: Rislem Crystal, Aura of Valor, Tropica
    This is arguably one of the most difficult battles in the game. To
    fight the Ixa'ness Demons you need to have the Delphinus (after paying
    the 100,000 on Crescent Isle) and have recruited Tikatika. Finally, you
    need to have found the Ixa'ness Village, in Ixa'taka.  After all of this,
    you can finally fight them, their ship is found floating above the
    Ixa'ness village.
    Ach three of the "Demons" specialize in different things.  Pera holds
    a wand, and uses magic. Lira holds a bow, and Tara a spear. The
    first part of this battle is by far the most difficult and requires a
    bit of luck. With all three alive, the Demons have Chak Mol (they can 
    each do this, like the Sinistra and Destra battle) that does 2,600
    damage to everyone, or you can halve it with Justice shield.  The bad
    part of Chak Mol is NOT the damage (though that is bad), it is instead
    the Fatigue it can cause.  This alone can make you lose the battle.
    Hopefully you've brought a ton of Curia crystals!
    While the three are not powerful on their own, their status effects
    will end up killing you.  They can Sleep and Confuse, as well as lower
    your stats with Drilnos.  Delta Shield isn't really necessary, since
    they don't use magic, but Justice Shield is something you must use
    to reduce damage.
    You'll find that the Demons buff themselves up with Quicka and
    Incremus.  Before attacking them, have Fina use Lunar Winds
    to remove their positive effects.  Unlike yours, their effects never wear
    Use Cutlass Fury (don't wait for Pirates' Wrath, as the SP takes too
    long to accumulate with Fatigue) with a red weapon starting with the mage,
    Lira. Tara may be tempting, because of her sleep, but start with Lira,
    because she can cure.
    Now this may seem simple as it is, but the problems start happening when
    Enrique or your healer is put to sleep. Even if you're put to sleep and
    then woken up by another Demon, your action is cancelled.  If your
    healer is put to sleep, you're especially vulnerable. On some turns,
    you may want to have two people on command with Sacrum Crystals.
    If you find yourself bogged down with status effects on everyone, use
    Lunar Cleansing, or even Lunar Light.  Both are extremely useful and
    for what they do, require minimal amounts of SP.  Also, whenever you
    can, use crystals instead of spells to help reduce SP usage.
    Now that surviving has been taken care of, now to kill them.
    It's important to start with Lira because she uses Sacrum over and 
    over once she's in critical HP.  Once she hits this point, no matter
    your SP, use Cutlass Fury over and over and get rid of her as soon as
    possible.  You must takes risks in this battle or you will be overwhelmed.
    The goal is just to take one Demon out as soon as you possibly can,
    so that you can avoid that Chak Mol, which is what will kill you
    before anything else.
    Once Lira is dead, go after Tara, the one who puts you to sleep.  She's
    stronger and sleep ends up a lot more dangerous than confusion in this
    battle. Again, use Cutlass Fury over Pirates' Wrath, since Pirates' Wrath
    should do around 2,500, compared to Cutlass Fury and 1,500. The SP/Damage
    difference isn't worth it.
    If you're still having problems with the status effects after a few tries,
    use an Aura of Valor at the very start of the battle and use the 
    Prophecy attack. This should weaken the Demons, but make sure to kill off
    Lira before she ends up healing away the damage you've done.
    Location:  Frontier Skies North of Crescent Isle 
    Optional Boss 6: Obisbo
    Recommended HP: 36,000-44,000 with the Delphinus
    Special Attacks: Squid Ink
    EXP: 2,871
    MagicEXP: 0
    Items: Alloy Deck, Crystal ball
    Now this is a cool looking boss.  Obisbo swims around to the West of the
    Squid Nest, which you'll find in the Frontier lands North of Crescent
    Isle, in the area where the sky is red. He's the easiest of the optional
    bosses in the game. His main attack is squid Ink, which does 2,000-3,000
    damage. This isn't bad, considering he only attacks twice per round. You
    probably won't even need to heal.
    Use Increm to strength your attacks and attack however you want, 
    anything works.  He has low HP, so use SubCannons and Focusing while
    waiitng for a round to use a MoonStone Cannon. If you have 10"Cannons
    from Nasr, they attack 4 times a round, and can do over 4,000 damage each.
    About every 7,000 damage, Obisbo will lose a tentacle.  
    On the fourth round, when prompted, choose "Maintain present course."
    That lets you use your MoonStone Cannon.  If you swin around, you're
    at a disadvantage and Obisbo attacks you every time that round. If for
    some reason Obisbo is still alive after the MoonStone Cannon, he'll be
    close enough to death that your normal attacks can finish him off.
    You'll also be able to use your MoonStone Cannon over and over until
    the battle ends (which will be quickly).
    Location: Skies above the Lands of Ice
    Optional Boss 7: Alania
    Recommended HP: 36,000 + with the Delphinus
    HP: 52,000
    Special Attacks: Spiral, Shaggy
    EXP: 3,537
    MagicEXP: 3
    Items: Air Purifier, Goddess Figure   
    Alania floats around above the Lands of Ice.  It's hard to miss this
    Spider-like creature.
    Alania will be harder to beat then Obisbo was, as he/she has much higher 
    evasion rates.  His Spiral attack, which is his most frequent attack, causes 
    from 7,000 damage up, no matter the turn, or Increm.  His less
    frequent attack, known as Shaggy, can do up to 4,000 damage.
    Alania isn't particularly powerful, and only attacks twice per round.
    Surviving the battle isn't the hard part, it's actually hitting the monster.
    Normal Cannons, and especially torpedos, like to miss, so stick to Secodary
    Cannons and Magic.  Save SP on the first round, only using Increm and
    possibly Sacrulen at the end of the round.
    On the second round, choose to "Get behind it!" and you'll have an
    advantage for the round.  Use your MoonStone Cannon, which should deal
    a good 35,000+ damage to Alania. The rest of the HP can be taken down
    easily with normal cannons-when they hit. Don't worry about your
    HP unless it falls below 14,000.
    On the third round, Alania runs away.  Use something like a 10"Cannon
    four rounds in a row to lower his HP.  He still attacks, even though 
    he's "running away." Also, don't use Purple magic on Alania, focus on
    Red if you use any at all. 
    Also note that the only way you're going to get both items is if you
    have Kalifa in your active crew.
    Location: On the Delphinus
    Optional Boss 8: Piastol 3, Death Hound
    Recommended HP: 2,800
    HP: Death Hound: 8,000, Piastol 12,000
    Special Attacks: Piastol: Deluge, Tempest Dance Death Hound: Spells
    Color: Piastol: Blue, Death Hound: Green
    EXP: 8,250
    MagicEXP: 10
    Items: None
    The third battle with Piastol happens after you've returned from Yafutoma.
    As with the previous two battles, speak to a Guildmaster and he'll give
    you the Black Spot that lets you engage with Piastol. She is, once again,
    directly west of Sailor's Isle.
    Pisatol comes with her Hound again, but she has a brand new move called
    Deluge. This nasty attack does more than 1,000 damage to everyone even
    with Justice Shield -  Without it you're in a world of hurt. The
    Hound uses an array of magic as well as physical attacks. Unfortunately,
    while Piastol's physical attacks aren't incredibly strong, they do have
    the additional effect of Petrification.  This not only "kills" you until
    it's cured, but it stops the said character from gathering SP every round.
    Make sure to use a Curia Crystal on the petrified person when necessary.
    Also, as you'll remember from previous battles, the Hound's attacks have
    the ability to inflict Fatigue on your party. Cure this immediately, as
    you need all the Spirit you can get. The status effects can easily be
    the worst part of this battle.
    This battle will end up a bit like the previous Piastol battles in that
    you'll want to target the Hound first.  He cures Piastol, so there's no
    point in attacking her until the hound is dead. Fortunately, Piastol
    doesn't use Eterni anymore, so no more instant death that way, but Deluge
    more than makes up for it. You'll likely be using quite a few Sacrum
    crystals in this battle. Piastol still has her Tempest Dance, which is
    heavy damage (likely around 4,000) to one character, but in the face
    of Deluge, that isn't all that bad.
    When you attack the Hound, expect some high defense. Change to Red weapons
    and use an Incremed Pirates' Wrath. It'll do some decent damage, but it
    might take a good two or three Pirates' Wraths to actually kill
    the hound. If the hound buffs with Incremus, make sure to use Lunar Winds
    before attacking him.  If you're strong enough, however, you can likely
    hit 9,999 with a red weapon and Incremed Pirates' Wrath.
    Once the Hound is dead, the battle is quite a bit easier. At this point
    you don't have to keep Delta Shield up, but it will help with Piastol's
    Wevlum spells. Keep everyone at maximum HP so that tempest Dance doesn't
    kill anyone, and Piastol will fall. To help speed up damage, switch your
    weapon to Purple.
    The battle shouldn't get out of hand unless Enrique dies and you have no
    more Justice Shield or multiple characters get petrified and fatigued.
    The statuses that limit your SP gain can easily make this battle far more
    difficult than it should be. Use Lunar Light and Lunar Cleansing
    when you need to.
    Location:  Skies high above Ixa’Taka
    Optional Boss 9: Roc
    Recommended HP: 46,000+ with the Delphinus
    HP: 45,000
    Special Attacks:  Grab, Blast Voice
    EXP: 3,396
    MagicEXP: 0
    Items: Wooden Doll
    This boss is found high in the skies above Ixa'Taka flying around, so you
    can only fight him once you've finished the Glacia (Ruins of Ice) section.
    He's usually around the northern portion of the continent.  Like many
    other optional bosses from the original Skies of Arcadia (that is, the
    optional ship battles), the Roc isn't there to pose much of a challenge,
    rather for those who are completionists.
    Roc is one huge bird.  He doesn't have the highest HP, or even very good 
    defense, making him rather easy to kill quickly.  But he does have rather high 
    evade, so he will dodge often.  A normal Torpedo does about 10,000 damage to 
    him.  And Subcannons do about 5,000-10,000 depending on what color of turn you 
    hit Roc on.  This battle should be rather fast if the Delphinus is completely 
    upgraded.  Increm, focus, and what you do normally on an offensive, and he 
    should go down fast.  Grab does 2,000 or so damage, and Blast Voice abut 
    Fortunately, even though he's a large flying monster, he isn't nearly as
    bad as Bluheim when it comes to evasion. The 10,000+ you do per normal hit
    will take him down quickly.
    On the first option you're given, choose to "Take that thing straight on."
    While you'll end up taking more damage this way, you'll also get to use your
    MoonStone Cannon, which will likely end the battle.
    Location: Frontier Lands
    Optional Boss 10: Giant Looper
    Recommended HP: 46,000+ With the Delphinus
    HP: 21,000
    Special Attacks: Looper Ring
    EXP: 7,146
    MagicEXP: 0
    Items: Thermal Grease, Captains Stripe, Hex Shell
    You fight the Giant Looper in what I affectionately call "Looper Land."
    Whenever you get into an encounter in this area, you fight only Loopers, of
    all types. You can first get into this part of the World Map when your
    hull is reinforced after the events of Yafutoma. It's around the northwest
    corner of the map, between the Dark Rift and the large reef
    that goes from Ixa'Taka all the way up north to the top of the map. The Giant
    Looper is flying around in the northern portion of this area.
    The Giant Looper must be killed on the turn that you choose to attack him.
    That is, you must focus all of yuor attacks on one round, whichever round
    you choose, and kill him then. Unfortunately, he runs the next round, so if 
    you don't kill him, you lose your chance.  Be sure to save before fighting
    this battle.
    The Giant Looper has a ton of evasion, so normal attacks don't work well.
    But you'll need to make do. Wait to start attacking until you have the
    option to use the MoonStone Cannon. You want to focus all four turns on this
    round on attacking, so make sure you have Increm cast beforehand. You'll
    get to use the MoonStone Cannon on the third round, so make sure you start
    casting Increm on the round before that. Also, at the end of the second
    round, you'll want to use a Torpedo so that it hits on the third round.
    The Giant Looper only has 21,000 HP, so you should be able to get him
    unless you're very unlucky. 
    of course, the Giant Looper doesn't just sit there waiting to die, either.
    He uses the attack called Looper Ring which does around 6,500 damage. This
    is the only attack he uses, and he does it about twice a round. Finally,
    note that the Looper is invulnerable when he is changing rings.
    Location:  On the Delphinus in the Skies outside of Nasrad
    Optional Boss 11: Vize, Anita, and Faina
    Recommended HP: 3,000
    HP: Vize: 7,000, Anita: 8,000, Faina: 6,500
    Special Attacks: Vize: Cutlass Wrath, Revenge Anita: Anita Burst, Anita
    Shield, Faina: Various -en level spells.
    Color: Vize: Blue, Anita: Red, Faina: Yellow
    EXP: 6,251
    MagicEXP: 6
    Items: Tuna Cutlass, Swirlmerang, Focus Robe
    You can first fight these three after you return from Yafutoma. There's a
    few other pre-reqs, as well. The first is that you need to have earned at
    least the title of "Vyse the Daring" by answering questions and fighting
    random battles.  If you haven't reached this title yet, fight some 20 or 30
    battles and it should go up, or even go forward in the game for some 
    "Swashbuckler" options. You will know when you can fight these three
    when Vyse's title changes to "Vyse the Fallen Pirate." If any boss in
    the game, you'll likely have trouble -finding- this one.
    Once you have the title, head to the destroyed Nasrad. Speak to the
    Guildmaster here and check the Bounty List. You'll find yourself.
    Zone out to the port area of Nasrad and then back into the fountain
    area, Vize shows up on the level slightly below the Sultan's destroyed
    palace, where a young girl is running around back and forth.  You do need
    to change areas if the first Sailor's Guild you visit is Nasrad to get 
    him to pop up there. Speak with Vize to engage.
    As you're likely to expect, these three fight quite a bit like your group.
    Faina uses purely magical abilities and Vize physical attacks. Anita
    acts as the support for the two. Anita definitely needs to fall first.
    You can survive magical attacks (Aika's Delta Shield) and physical
    attacks can be defended against with Enrique's defensive Super Moves.
    Anita complicates the battle with her her buffs. Not only that,
    but like the real Aika, Anita uses area attacks that can do over 1,000
    damage. Anita Burst is her version of Lambda Burst. She also has 
    "Anita Shield," a mimicry of Delta Shield.  To make matters worse,
    Anita's physical attacks add a Driln effect with extremely high
    accuracy. She is by far the worst part of the battle.
    Vize, true to his counterpart, specializes in single target attacks. He
    uses Cutlass Wrath (Cutlass Fury) and the extremely annoying Revenge, a
    copy of Vyse's Counterstrike. Even with Justice Shield, you're still
    going to take over 1,500 damage from Cutlass Wrath, even more if you
    leave the Increm status on. Don't even bother attacking Vize until
    after Faina and Anita are dead, he doesn't take enough damage and
    likes to use Revenge. If you don't have Enrique, you're going to be
    eating a lot of damage and it might be better to not try to the battle
    the hard way and just use an Aura of Valor and the Prophecy skill
    to finish it, but it's certainly possible to win without that, too.
    Play defensively. Use Delta Shield to prevent the damage from Faina's
    spells and either Skull Shield or Justice. I suggest the later, as it
    works on special skills as well as normal physical attacks.  It also
    leaves Vyse open for attacking. If you don't have Enrique at the time
    you do this battle, then you'll have to manage without.  It's possible,
    but you'll take a lot more damage. Keep these two up every round.
    On the second round, use Lunar Winds to dispel the Increm and Quick.Keep
    Fina dispelling, as the buffs make this battle much harder. The problems
    start happening when the trio of foes has Increm and you have Drilnos.
    If this happens, you won't be able to damage them well at all, so keep
    Delta Shield up. You may want to bring some Glyphs of Might (bought in
    Maramba) to help you keep Increm on.  Expect this battle to take a long
    time the traditional way, as you need to keep yourself strong and
    your enemies weakened so that you're on even grounds. it's very important
    to note that if -anyone- dies, you should use Lunar Light to revive them,
    as you'll likely not have much time to cure with the focuses, shields,
    and Lunar Winds.
    As stated above, expect this battle to take a long time. Pirates' Wrath
    won't kill the bosses in a single hit, and that's whenever you get a
    chance to use it. I prefer multiple Cutlass Furies in this battle, as it
    saves SP. However, what you may want to do is weaken the target (likely
    to be Anita at the start) with a Pirates' Wrath and then kill her off
    with Cutlass Furies a few rounds later.
    Once Anita is gone, the battle becomes a bit simpler.  There's no more
    Area attacks that do 1,000 damage and Vize's Cutlass Wrath is survivable
    if you have Justice Shield and you keep your HP at full. Keeping Increm up
    can be difficult with Delta Shield, but you need to try. At the very least,
    use Glyphs of Might, as stated above, on Vyse. If someone is inflicted with
    the Driln status, cure it with a Curia crystal as soon as possible.
    Faina is after Anita. She's a copy of Fina, so as you can expect, she
    will fall very easily to physical attacks. Continue keeping Delta Shield
    up until she falls.  She won't be able to do any damage to you with it on,
    but she can still buff herself and Vize with Incremus. Like Anita, she
    won't fall to a single Pirates' Wrath, but she will be severely weakened
    by it. Try to kill her in the next few rounds so you can take on Vize.
    Once Faina falls, you won't need Delta Shield anymore, so Aika can
    go back to buffing and healing.
    Taking on Vize is a task by itself. Revenge is extremely annoying and
    Lunar Winds won't dispel it.  Keep up Justice Shield if you're using
    Enrique and don't let anyone fall below 2,000 HP.
    A last tip: If you're having problems damaging the trio, switch your
    weapon color to that of their weakness.  In this case Purple for Vize,
    Blue for Anita and Silver for Faina. This will increase the damage you do
    with each Super Move.
    Of course, after all of this, there is a very easy way to beat the three
    of them. If you're having problems with this battle, just use an Aura of
    Valor and use the special attack "Prophecy."Focusing to maximum SP
    in this battle can be very difficult, so you pretty much have to use the
    item.  It is very possible to beat them without it, but this is the easy
    Location: On the Delphinus
    Optional Boss 12: Piastol (Final Round), Death Hound
    Recommended HP: 5,500+
    HP: Well over 15,000
    Special Attacks: Piastol-Tempest Dance, Deluge Death hound-Varying Green Spells
    Color: Piastol-Blue, Death Hound-Green
    EXP: 11,698
    MagicEXP: 12
    Items: Light Dress
    The first opportunity to fight the final Piastol battle happens when you
    have handed Doc the 24 Moonfish. That will be right after the first events
    in Dangral Isle, and that's precisely when I suggest you fight her, since
    you'll still have Enrique. If you're already past that point, the battle is
    doable, but not as easily.
    Easily the hardest of the Piastol battles, Piastol is significantly stronger 
    then she was in any previous encounter.  Her Death Houd still follows her
    into this battle, casting support and healing spells on both himself and
    Piastol.  All in all, this is gonna be a pain. 
    As with previous battles, Piastol has Tempest Dance. This time it hits
    upwards of 5,000 damage to a single target. She still has Deluge, this
    time it does 2,500 or so to everyone. And, unfortunately, she has
    regained the ability to use Eternes which as a probability to kill
    your entire party in one shot.  She also has access to Eternum which will
    likely kill a character with close to 100% chance.
    You must absolutely use Delta Shield at all times in this battle to survive.
    Piastol's physical attacks still have the petrification effect, as do the
    Death Hound's with Fatigue. Cure both statuses with a Curia crystal as
    soon as you receive them.
    Damage is going to pile up on your party quickly in this battle. If you
    still have Enrique, use Justice Shield to cut down the damage that Piastol
    does considerably. And always, always, and once more, ALWAYS have Delta
    Shield on. Use Glyphs of Might to up Vyse's attack instead of Increm.
    Make sure you save enough SP per round that you can have Fina use Lunar
    Light st the start of the next round if she needs to. Sacrum won't cut
    it if you're fighting with Enrique.  Also, try to have one character
    Focus per round when they're not healing. You'll need it.
    As with previous battles, the Death Hound will be the first to go
    down. He buffs and cures Piastol, so he needs to die. Whenever he
    uses Increm or Quicka make sure you have Fina use Lunar Winds to dispel
    it, as it will make Piastol incredibly dangerous, and both will take
    less damage from your attacks. 
    When you're ready to attack, change Vyse's weapon to Red, use a Glyph of
    Might, and use Pirates' Wrath on the Death Hound. Not only does he
    take more damage and have less HP, but his buffs and cures make it
    so that defeating Piastol is far more difficult than it should be. As
    with the previous battle with Piastol, if you're strong you can probably
    hit 9,999 with a red weapon and Pirates' Wrath.
    With the Death Hound gone, change Vyse's weapon to purple and you can
    start with Piastol. Keep Delta and Justice Shields up and don't do anything
    risky. Keep HP over 3,000 for everyone at all times, even if two characters
    must heal a round.
    If you don't have Enrique with you, you're going to have a much harder
    time with this battle.  Set your fourth character and Fina to healing and
    Focusing every round, even both healing with Sacrum Crystals when necessary.
    Keep statuses off and treat the battle as "kill Piastol before she kills
    you." use Pirates' Wrath every round that you can with weapons that exploit
    Piastol and the Hound's weaknesses. As with the above strategy, always
    try to keep enough SP for Lunar Light, as you'll never know when it will
    come in handy.
    Location: On the Delphinus-Skies high above the Lands of Ice
    Optional Boss 13: Daikokuya, Boo, Youjin
    Recommended HP: 5,000+
    HP: Daikokuya ~30,000, Youjin ~5000, Boo ~5000
    Special Attacks: Daikokuya-Golden Flurry, Spells
    Color: Daikokuya-Blue, Youjin-Blue, Boo-Blue
    EXP: 11,000+ (depends on how many Boo's Daikokuya summons)
    MagicEXP: 8
    Items: Pharox Idol
    You can fight Daikokuya after you've completed Dangral Island for the
    first time.  He's in the skies above the Lands of Ice, in Upper sky.
    This battle is extremely annoying and can easily get out of hand. While
    not a particularly hard boss by himself, his statuses make him far more
    difficult that he should be.  Before the battle, make sure that Fina
    has the item "Constitution Gem" equipped.  This item will stop the effects
    that Daikokuya just loves to use every round.  This item is received from
    trading around 18 Moonfish to Doc. Fina needs it equipped because she'll
    be the one to use Lunar Cleansing on the confused characters.
    The battle starts with Daikokuya and two croonies, a Boo and Youjin.
    The very beginning of the battle will be by far the hardest, until you
    can get rid of one of the helpers.  While Daikokuya can resummon them,
    getting rid of them will help lower the damage you take. They use support
    spells on themselves and the boss, Daikokuya, as well as attack with
    strong physical attacks. Wind Slash, a move you've seen before during
    the Yafutoma events, is a line attack that does around 1,000 damage.
    Daikokuya spends his first round summoning a third friend.  Fortunately,
    three is the most that he can have out at once, but three can easily
    slaughter you if you don't deal with them quickly, which is entirely the
    problem. Since all three foes are Blue, change Vyse's weapon to Purple or
    Green before you begin attacking.
    The beginning of this battle will be by far the hardest. Each of the
    helpers has around 5,000 HP, so you'll need a Pirates' Wrath to kill them.
    But by the time you kill one or two, Daikokuya will just summon another
    to take their place!  You have two options: ignore them and each the
    thousands of damage they do each round by having two people on healing
    duty per round, or do it the easy way. Note however, in the hard way
    you're likely going to get slaughtered and suffer quite a few casualties
    when your entire party gets confused. If for some crazy reason you
    don't have Lunar Light before this battle, go get it before trying it.
    The "Easy way" means using an Aura of Valor and using Prophecy to kill
    the three, which leaves you with just the boss.  And yes, he will
    resummon, but he resummons -ONE AT A TIME-, making it much easier to
    survive and kill off as Daikokuya is distracted with attacking you.
    Daikokuya has a big trick up his miniature sleeves.  His main attack is 
    called  Golden Flurry.  This attack does 3,000+ physical damage to your 
    party.  If that isn't bad enough, it also confuses at least 2 members, but 
    can confuse all 4 if not properly protected. This can and will wrech havok
    on your party if you're unprotected.  With the confuse damage from attacking
    your own characters and if you still have any of the smaller fiends left,
    you're going to take damage very quickly.
    This is the reason why you equip Fina with a Constitution Gem, so she
    can (hopefully) survive the following attacks and use Lunar Light to recover
    your party.
    A battle round will be rather simple, and likely look something like this:
    Aika: Delta Shield
    Vyse: Cutlass Fury -  It should do around 2,000 damage. Pirates' Wrath takes
    too much SP in this battle. It's slow, but it works.
    Fina: Focus, Sacrum Crystal, Lunar Light, Lunar Cleansing
    Secondary characters: Attack/Support
    With Enrique, you'll want to use Justice Shield, and with Gilder you'll
    use Aura of Denial.
    I'd like to point out Delta Shield is more of an "option." Daikokuya does have
    the ability to use Eternes, but he doesn't seem to do it often. I'd be more
    worried about Slipara. Having Aika use Buffs like Incremus and Quicka will
    help speed up the battle.
    If you didn't opt to use Prophecy, you'll definitely want to ignore the use
    of Delta Shield and have Aika help Fina with healing, likely using Sacrum
    Crystals. Instead, you'll want to just use Pirates' Wrath as often as you
    can, hopefully every other round and hope you kill him before his friends
    kill you. If you're feeling overwhelmed, you can kill off a Youjin/Boo or
    two to help lower the damage you take.
    Oddly enough, it seems the Youjins are glitched a bit. If you get 
    Daikokuya to critical health (that is, around 20% or so), they'll start
    using Sacres crystals over and over again. . .but on themselves! They won't
    actually cure the boss, and surprisingly, the end of the battle is much
    easier because of this. If you can get the boss down to this point, you'll
    have some time to recover from the croonies, since they seem to focus on
    healing themselves.
    Once Daikokuya is dead, you still have to kill his summons, but
    without the effect of Confuse, they aren't that bad.
    Still having problems? Your secondary (that is, fourth) character can help
    this battle considerably.  If you can't win with Enrique and Justice
    Shield, use Gilder and have him use Aura of Denial every round.  This way
    you'll be completely immune to the Confuse, but you'll take quite a 
    bit more damage.
    PS: Lunar Blessing and Lunar Cleansing are your friends.
    Location: Dark Rift
    Optional Boss 14: Elcian
    Recommended HP: 5,000
    HP: Varies, over 10,00
    Special Attacks: Run, Strong Spells, and a killer Physical attack(normal one)
    Color: Yellow
    EXP: 7.500
    MagicEXP: 20
    Items: Elcian drops random items each time you fight him.  He drops every item 
    in the game, and some of his rarer drops, are Valuan Medal, Dexus Seed, and 
    another Black Map.  Special thanks to Daniel Grenda for this bit of info.  
    Elcian is a cute little Looper you'll find in the Dark Rift.  You can
    fight him at any time after the events in the Hydra, once you're ready
    to enter Soltis. He won't come out when Soltis is raised, you have to wait
    until after the barrier is down.
    You need to spend some time preparing before you start the fight.
    First, Vyse needs Pirates' wrath. If you don't have it at this point, you
    either need to go open more treasure chests or grind a bit more. Fina needs
    Lunar Light - This will be the only healing skill you can use in this battle.
    At least two characters need Riselem. 
    Finally, and most importantly:
    Before you attempt this battle, equip Vyse with a Black Map.
    Why, you ask? Well Elcian is a Looper, he naturally runs away. The Black
    Map prevents that. 
    Next, to find the monster.
    Enter the Dark Rift from the Yafutoma side (that is the side you exited
    from initially). Head in, save your game at the save point that was
    originally "before" Anguila and then head into the room where you
    fought the boss. Elcian will be around the save point of this room.
    First I'd like to note that Elcian is extremely broken when it comes
    to his strength.  He is easily the strongest monster in the game, so expect
    to suffer quite a few deaths. His physical attacks -alone- do at least
    4,500 damage. Don't even get me into his magic, we're going to avoid
    that at all costs.  The more people with Riselem, the better. Also,
    expect to use Curia Crystals often, as Elcian's physical attacks
    add the fatigue status, which impairs your ability to gain SP.  This is
    easily one of the most annoying statuses in the game.
    At the beginning of every round, Aika must, must, must use Delta
    Shield or you will die. While you're still at the mercy of his 4,500
    physical attacks, at least he can only attack one person per round, when
    he attacks everyone with his spells.  
    Like all Loopers, Elcian has extremely high evasion. Physical attacks
    are not only a waste of time, but they are deadly.  Elcian is likely
    to counter your physical attacks with one of his own, meaning you're
    going to end up taking more damage than you deal.
    Much of the battle depends on your final character, as well. I prefer
    Enrique, as his final Super Move can be used in place of Pirates' Wrath
    for almost as much damage. On the first turn, use a Glyph of might on
    either Enrique or Vyse, depending on how choose to fight the battle.
    If you choose to have Enrique attack, have Vyse use Skull Shield every
    round. You'll be impervious to physical attacks that way. The Delta
    Shield has been mentioned above. Use Fina to Focus.
    If you want Vyse to attack, use the Glyph on him and have Enrique use
    Justice Shield. If you're using Gilder, have him Aura of Denial, which
    will prevent Fatigue from Elcian's physical attacks.
    Whoever is attacking, use a Silver weapon, as Elcian is Yellow (oddly
    enough.) Your attacks won't do a ton of damage, and it's likely that it
    will take a while to kill him, but it's a challenge. In a way, the
    battle is predictable in tht you need to come in expecting casualties.
    Also, he can be extremely annoying and use Sacres to heal himself over
    and over, which is one reason I don't use the Prophecy strategies.
    Something else that helps is putting the item "Defensive Aura" (from
    the Moonfish quest) onto Fina or other low HP characters.  This makes
    them completely immune to physical attacks. They also drop from the large
    Dragon like creatures, Dracoslyths, inside of the first part of Soltis
    (circular rooms).
    Other than a "normal" battle, I've outlined a few reader-sent techniques
    below that can help with this nasty little boss.
    Strategy from Lance Ricks:
    Each Round:
    Vyse: Skull Shield
    Aika: Delta Shield
    Fina: Focus
    Other party member: Focus
    When you have enough SP: Prophecy
    That's all you need to do. Delta Shield prevents all damage from magic. Skull 
    Shield makes his physical attack do 0 damage, even when he is countering an 
    attack. Using this method I beat Elcian without taking a single point of 
    damage. The only thing I had to worry about was that althougth his physical 
    attack did no damage, I could still become fatigued. Most people seem to like 
    to use Enrique because of Justice Shield, but Skull Shield is better. Just 
    keep saving up the SP to use Prophecy. Use Prophecy a couple times and he's 
    The Author of this FAQ would like to note that she disagrees
    that Skull Shield is better than Justice Shield. Justice Shield halves
    the damage of special skills as well as physical attacks, and they're
    what is likely to kill you in most bosses. However, this strategy does work,
    even if focusing for that long is a bit boring.
    Another, similar, strategy comes from another reader.
    Thank you, both of you, for your insight.
    This is copy and Paste from the Email:
    From: Actoraronica
    Make sure that you have Gilder and his "Aura of disbelief" SP, Vise with the 
    Black Map equipped, and Aika with her Delta Shield SP.
    For almost every turn: 
    Vise use "Skull Shield"
    Aika use "Delta Shield"
    Fina should focus
    Gilder use "Aura of Disbelief"
    By doing this, Elcian will be completely unable to hurt you in any way, and 
    with the black map equipped, he wont be able to run from the battle. Keep this 
    up untill you can cast Prophesy. It should almost kill him, he will spend the 
    rest of his turns casting Sacres on himself, so let Vise focus with Fina; 
    repeat the process and Elcian should die after the next Prophesy attack. I did 
    this at level 50. This strategy works for almost every other battle.
    Location: Multiple Locations
    Optional Boss 15: Zivilyn Bane
    Recommended HP: Over 1000
    HP: Varies
    Special Attacks: Burst
    EXP: Varies
    MagicEXP: Varies
    Items: Varies
    There are many Zivilyn Banes in the world.  He is a strange and mysterious 
    treasure hunter who will fight you to protect what is his.  He isn’t really 
    that hard, but his Burst attack ALWAYS does a lot of damage.  The first time 
    alone it does 800, and that is almost enough to kill you.  Zivilyn is also a 
    master of countering your attacks.   He does it a lot, so between that and the 
    Burst attack you may be screwed.  Just be warned that when his HP get low 
    enough to use the Burst attack, he will!  So heal up!  
    Location: Soltis
    Optional Boss 16: Lord Bane, Zivilyn Bane
    Recommended HP: 4,000+
    HP: 15,000
    Special Attacks: Pipes of Doom, Medicine Box, Explosive Powder, Magic
    Lamp, Vase of Echos
    Color: Red - both
    EXP: 2,401
    MagicEXP: 6
    Items: Vidal Seed, Orb of Serenity, kinda?
    This boss is found in one of the side rooms in the second portion of
    Soltis. That is, the silvery, technological part. When you approach a
    chest to open it, you'll engage in battle where a normal Bane was in the
    original version of the game.
    Lord Bane comes with a Zivilyn Bane partner in this battle.  While he'll
    resummon them over and over (Much like Daikokuya), they are almost as much
    of a threat as the real boss.  As you probably know, Banes have a nasty
    Burst attack that hits an area for huge damage. Lord Bane's own Explosive
    Powder hits everyone for around 2,000 to 3,000 damage. His "Pipes of Doom"
    makes him act a lot like Daikokuya, where he constantly summons Zivilyn
    Banes to assist him. Also like the previous boss, he does have a limit
    to how much he can summon, but you're still going to be eating damage
    very quickly. He also has a "Vase of Echos," which acts as Drilnos.
    If your level is high enough, it will miss, but if it lands, you must use
    a Curia Crystal or Lunar Cleansing to get rid of it.
    I suggest bringing Enrique to this battle, as his Justice Shield will
    half not only the damage from physical attacks, but the damage from
    special skills as well. You -will- need the skills Riselem, Sacrum (and
    hopefully a few crystals of both), Sacrulen, and Lunar Light to survive
    double Explosive Powders and Bursts that the Banes do.  The damage can
    pile up very quickly, and if you find yourself getting overhwlemed, you
    may want to use an Aura of Valor to use Prophecy and get rid of the Banes.
    This will get a round of recovery time.  If you're not using Enrique,
    I suggest using Prochecy once Bane has at least two Zivilyns out, otherwise
    you'll suffer too many casualties and it makes the battle hard to survive.
    I'd like to make it clear right here: if you get very unlucky and get
    hit with two or three Bursts and an Explosive Powder on the same round,
    you're in deep, deep trouble. Even with Justice Shield the damage
    piles up quickly and you will need Lunar Light to keep yourself alive.
    Don't even bother with Sacrum if you're taking damage that quickly.
    I suggest ignoring the Bane and going right for the boss, Lord Bane himself.
    Unlike Daikokuya, whom this boss acts very much like, there isn't a really
    nasty status effect. It's pure damage against you. Keep Increm on yourself to
    help lower the damage that this boss is capable of doing in a short period
    of time.
    Lord Bane has a really nasty buffing ability called "Medicine Box." This
    could be considered an "ultimate" buff, as it casts not only Increm and
    Quicka, but Regenerate as well. You must absolutely get this off the
    turn after it is used, so use Fina's Lunar Winds to dispel it. Also,
    other than a buff, Bane has his own Dispel in "Magic Lamp," that hits
    everyone.  You're lucky if he uses this, as you'll likely be saved 
    the damage that he'd cause normally. 
    If you have any Defensive Auras from the Moonfish quest or from the
    Dracoslyth in the first portion of Soltis, this is  the battle to
    use them.  It will nullify the attacks that the Zivilyns do and save you
    a few thousand damage.
    Now that our preparation is out of the way, let's begin, shall we?
    How difficult this battle is really depends on your level and how many
    of the optional bosses you've fought before.  He's probably not the
    hardest of the optional bosses and he does act similarly to Daikokuya,
    so if you've fought the other groups, you'll know what to expect.
    On the first round, use Focus with three characters. If you have Enrique
    with you, use Justice Shield and keep it up on every turn. This halves
    Burst and Explosive Powder damage.
    Switch Vyse to a purple weapon and use either Incremus (to help lower
    the damage done to all members) or a Glyph of Might on him.  It's
    likely that Lord Bane will dispel the status a few times during the fight,
    so you will need to recast it.
    Fina and Aika will be the ones keeping your party alive with Lunar Light
    and multiple Sacrum and Riselem spells. Hopefully you've a large supply
    of both types of crystals, as you wont have the time to use SP on those
    spells during the battle. You want to keep your HP around 4,000 at all
    times. These two will also be the ones to keep everyone buffed. When 
    everyone is healthy, have them focus.
    If you didn't bring Enrique, you'll want to use an Aura of Valor and
    the Prophecy special to kill Bane quickly.  If you did, you can beat
    Bane the long way, through Pirates' Wrath spam, Focuses, and
    Justice Shield. Just be sure to use a purple weapon.
    Location: On the Delphinus outside of Crescent Isle
    Optional Boss 17: Super Secret Final Optional Boss
    Recommended HP: 5,000+
    HP: 30,000
    Special Attacks: Charm, Cannon Fire, Random Fire
    Color: Red
    EXP: 12,823
    MagicEXP: 10
    Items: Mesh Tights
    The final optional boss requires you to do most of everything in the entire
    game to unlock. He is the final optional boss for a reason, and he is
    probably the strongest foe in the game.
    What you need to do to unlick this boss:
    All Bounties killed and turned in.
    All Discoveries found and turned in.
    You'll need a good deal, around 90%, of all treasures in the game found.
    The entire Piastol storyline must be finished, so that means all 24
    MoonFish and the four battles with the final visit to Doc afterwards.
    All of the Crew recruited (your "Crew" log is full and there's no ???)
    And finally, you need to have at least the requirments for "Vyse,
    Sky Battle King" title. That means you kill all 4 of the sky monsters from
    the original Skies of Arcadia (Alania, Obisbo, Roc, Giant Looper) and have
    killed 15 or so non-storyline ship battles. The latter can be done at any
    point in the game.  You'll find ships around Valua throughout the game, as
    well as some Black Pirates around the Temple of Pyrynn an North Ocean.
    Once you have the monstrous task of unlocking the boss, you can finally
    fight him.
    Head to Crescent Isle and you're given an option to land or "Fight the
    Special Air Pirate." Choose to fight to begin this battle.
    This battle will act much like the final battle with him. As you'd expect,
    he prefer physical and special attacks over magic, so you'll probably
    want to use Enrique and Justice Shield.
    Like in the very first battle with this foe, he has a Charm ability that
    confused your characters.  He uses it on Aika, as originally, so you may
    want to have some armor (Constituion Gem) that protects against Confusion.
    This boss is amazingly and startingly powerful. His Cannon Fire hits
    a small range of character for over 7,000 damage! It'll be down to 3,500
    or so with Justice Shield, so I highly suggest using it. Keep Incremus up,
    and use Curia crystals whenever Aika is charmed.  Hopefully you've brought
    a store of Sacrulen crystals, as you're going to need them. You should
    only be using Sacrulen and Lunar Light when characters are taking 3,000+
    a hit. Sacrum crystals.
    This boss also returns with his Random Fire ability, this time doing around
    4,000 to the targeted range. Again, you can halve the damage with Justice
    Shield.  If this attack hits more than two of your characters you'll definitely
    want to recover with Lunar Light.
    keep at least one character focusing per round. Even with Increm and purple
    weapon Pirates' Wrath Vyse is only going to do around 3,500 damage. With
    30,000 HP, this battle is going to take a -long- time. I suggest against
    using Prophecy in this battle. While it will deal a good amount of damage,
    it will also leave your characters to take huge amounts of damage from his
    cannon attacks. Of his less dangerous attacks, his normal attack only hits
    for around 1,500 damage, but it causes the confusion effect with extremely
    high probabilty. While Aura of Denial can help here, it doesn't really
    justify using Gilder over Enrique when there's this much damage involved.
    The only thing I can really stress in this battle is to keep your HP at
    full. At least this way you'll avoid one-hit kills from the Rapid Fire, but
    unless you're extremely high level, to the point that I'm unwilling to
    grind to, any character can be one shotted from a Cannon Fire that has
    no Justice Shield. Raise characters the turn after they die with Rislem
    crystals and don't bother using the spells, you need to save all of
    the SP you can so Vyse can use Pirates' Wrath over and over again.
    Be patient and very cautious. This is a fight of brute force, and it's
    very easy to lose a few characters if you don't play defensively.
    The Mesh tights from beating this boss are an accessory that only
    Aika can equip.  They increase her attack and Will by 40. Not as good as
    a Defensive Aura for her, but nice nonetheless because of who they're from
    and what they imply.
    What needs to be Finished: 
    The names of the goddamn squares in ship battles. I use the term "turn,"
    but they have to have some sort of official name.
    Emailing me: Due to my real life situation and college, I am unable to
    answer EMails any longer. I do not publically give my IM out, due to large
    numbers of unknown people contacting me. This guide may only be used on 
    your site if left unchanged from the current version and full credit is
    As of 2008, I have rewritten parts of this guide to make it easier to
    read.  Considering this was my first FAQ, it took some time.  I also
    did a minor reformat of some sections.  The Version Info location has changed
    and I removed the Suggested Level for all bosses. 
           Version and Update Information:
    Version 1.0: August 18th, 2008 - All main story bosses and optional bosses
    completed. Any updates after this will be minor fixes.
    Version .2 to .88: February 5th 2003 - November 15th, 2003: The start the
    guide to Yeligar in the Maw of Tartas.  Most optional bosses completed.
    This section is for a special thanks.  I put everyone who contributed 
    something here.  And people, thanks again!
    The Official SoAL guide for some of the HP numbers.
    Justin Goddard:  For that trick in beating the wanted list 
    enemies and the final bosses.
    CreepEMe:  For helping me figure out that the bounty 
    bosses HP changed depending on your own HP and level.  (It was a team 
    effort!)  Also for pointing out some of my extremely numerous typos.  Also for 
    unintentionally giving me the idea for the Boss List. he also deserves a VERY 
    special thanks for just being there, and helping me with the guide.  Doing 
    things, like halping me correct typos, and the like.  Thanks ever so much!
    Jeff Stoiber:  My error about a captains stripe.  I said 
    not to use it on the Little Jack as you will not be able to use it on the 
    Delphinus.  But I was wrong, it carries over.  Thank you.
    Daniel Grenda:  For the info on Elcian's item dropping.  
    Brandon Gliniak:  For the tip about Rik'Talish.
    Lord Umbra:The alternate strategy for Barta and 
    Pete Jensen: For his tips for Barta, Rupee, and the Ixa'ness Demons.
    RICKS, LANCE L:  For a trick to beating Elcian.  
    Actoraronica: For another tip for beating Elcian
    Volman16: For another Elcian strategy
    Trevor Ralph: For a few of the HP totals I missed.  
    Rickey Dute: For a few of his own boss strategies.
    Trevor: For the name changes in the Barta and Rupee battle
    Thank you to all of you, though I may have removed your direct information
    in the current version of this guide. I also removed your EMails from this
    Copyright 2003-2008 Stephanie Nutter

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