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    Ship Battles FAQ by Huff N Puff 20

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     Skies Of Arcadia:Legends
                          *=Ship Battle FAQ=*
                                Version 1.5
    BY Huff N Puff 20 (Oni_Link_20)
    This guide may be printed for personal use and given to others
    as long as no money is made in it. It may only be hosted on GameFaqs
    and my website. No others unless I give written permission.
    SPOILER WARNING! This guide doesn't care about wether you are a
    newbie or a vet, or someone in between. This guide may contain Spoilers.
    Version History
    1.1 - Posted
    1.2 - Recumen and Baltor Added
    1.3 - "Fight In" Descriptor Added. More Bosses Added.
           Some corrections made.
    1.4 - More Corrections made. Another 2 Bosses Added.
    1.5 - More Bosses, and Corrections
    2.0 - Wow, I haven't updated this for a LONG time, sorry I
          Haven't got the Hydra yet, I'm getting there. There'll
          Be a few more updates soon.
    Table of contents
    Part 1 - Ship Battling Introduction
       -  The Battle Grid
       -  Weapons
              *Main Cannons
              *Secondary Cannons
              *Super Cannons
              *Magic Weaponry
    Part 2 - The ships
       - The Little Jack
       - The Delphinus
    Part 3 - Important Items
       - Captain's Stripe
       - Magic Cannon
       - Other items
    Part 4 - "Random" Ship Battles
       - The Valuan Armada
             *Valuan Spellship
             *Valuan Spectre
             *Mage Ship
             *Valuan Phantom
             *Valuan Gunboat
       - The Black Pirates
             *Black Pirates
             *Spell Pirates
       - The Giant Monsters
             *Giant Looper
    Part 5 - Bosses
        - Valuan Flagships
             *Chameleon 3
             *Chameleon 4
        - The Gigas
        - Others
             *Baltor's Blackbeard
             *Baltor's Blackbeard II
             *Grand Fortress
    Part 6 - Contact Info
    Ship Battling Introduction
    Skies of Arcadia:Legends is a game that revolves around airships.
    Of course there are parts in this game where you get
    to fight in the "Flying Pirate Ships".
    A ship battle is much different from normal battles.
    In a ship battle you choose the order in which your characters move
    and you can see when your enemy is going to attack heavily or unleash
    their S. Cannon, and you can see when you are going to have a
    critical hit.
    The Battle Grid
    Ship Battle Turns are setup in a grid.
    On top of the grid is the how the turn will go. The color of the squares
    is how the turn is going to go. The colors are as follows.
    Green - No Advantage on either side, or the enemy isn't going to attack
    (Either "Awaiting Orders", "Preparing Attack", "Focus",
    or "Assessing Damage")
    Yellow - Moderate Danger (In some cases this is when an S.Cannon is being
    fired by the enemy)
    Red - WARNING! Enemy has a big advantage or is going to fire their S. Cannon
    C! marker - Critcal Hit (Chance Round)
    Another Marker - You can fire your S. Cannon on this round.
    On the left of the grid is the character whose
    turn it is, all characters will get a turn, and they can go in any order the
    player so chooses.
    The "Attack" option fires the cannons,
    launches torpedos and other weapons. However this option,
    unlike it's normal battle counterpart, uses SP.
    Also the "Super Cannon" (S. Cannon) can only be fired on certain rounds on
    certian turns.
    The main cannons have the most power behind them,
    but can't be used to concentrate firepower on one turn.
    The main cannons fire once and are affected by the strength of the Character
    who uses the cannon, for example a "Standard Cannon" fired by Vyse will do
    more damage than a "Standard Cannon" fired by Fina.
    One of the most useful weapons on the ship besides the
    "S. Cannon" and the "Magic Cannons" is the ships torpedoes.
    After defeating Recumen and the Lynx, you should, immediatly go
    to Maramba and buy a "Light Torpedo". You can fire this Low SP weapon
    one round, and have it strike on another, and when combined with a secondary
    cannon, and a main cannon, you can dish out pain thats almost equivlent to
    that of the S.Cannon. You can launch at the end of one turn and have it hit
    in the next, allowing you to have upwards of 4 weapons strike the enemy at
    once, by launching another Torpedo in the next turn, before the first torpedo
    Another damage focusing weapon, the secondary cannons
    are almost required in order to survive Recumen and the Lynx.
    They seemingly don't cost much SP, but in order to use them effectively you
    have to "continue" the firing, extending the weapon into the next round.
    Doing this increases the total damage done, espically when used to concentrate
    weaponry on a C! round.
    The most powerful ship battle weapon is the "S. Cannon".
    The S. Cannon comes in two forms, the "Harpoon Cannon", and the
    "MoonStone Cannon". These cannons can only be fired on certain rounds,
    and it would be very advantageous to have a secondary cannon and a torpedo hit
    on the same round as the S. Cannon, which can greatly increase the damage.
    Warning: You aren't the only one who has S. Cannons.
    Once you've gotten the magic cannon,
    you can have your characters cast attack magic, like Pyrulen or Wevlen
    to damage the enemy. Until you get it, you can only use healing or stat
    boosting magic, like Quika, Increm or Sacres. Silver magic can never be
    used in ship battles and neither can Noxi, Sacrum or Noxus.
    The Ships
    In Skies of Arcadia:Legends you get two ships in
    which you can ship battle with. The ships are completely different
    from each other, but in the ship battle, only the stats
    (and thus how fast you can blow the enemy out of the sky) are different,
    and one of them is acctually Vyse's ship.
    The Little Jack
    The first airship you can battle with is actually Drachma's. It is an old
    ship, but is armored and has good cannons. This "sailboat" is green and has
    sails and flaping "wings". It's most distingiushing feature is the
    Harpoon Cannon sticking off the front end of the ship.
    Its stats are low and it's HP starts at 10000. Captain's Stripes increase
    it's HP by 1000. Its S. Cannon is the Harpoon Cannon, and that is
    a good weapon for that point in the game.
    The Harpoon Cannon costs 15 SP to fire and deals out about
    13000 of damage to the enemy, which can annihlate the Valuan Spellship,
    Gunboat, and The Black Pirates in one shot, but can't destroy "The Lynx", or
    "The Chameleon" in one shot, and thus you must do some damage first.
    The S. Cannon on the Little Jack can be combined with Torpedoes,
    but not the secondary cannon (That causes a "Lost" - which occurs when events
    in the battle cause the gunner to lose sight of the target and miss).
    The Delphinus
    After the Little Jack is shot down and you raid the harbor in the
    Grand Fortress,(and destroy the Draklor Tank) the Valuan Prince Enrique
    gives you this ship and joins you. It was Enrique's flagship and is the
    prototype of the "Delphinus Class" (Spectre?), but now it is Vyse's own ship.
    When you steal it, it isn't complete, so you have to spend 100000 gold
    to make your base (Crescent Island) and improve the hull of the ship.
    When the ship is improved it changes color and can go through both Sky Rifts
    and the Yellow Stone Reefs. And after you get the Purple Moon Crystal,
    you can enter deep sky and upper sky.
    Its stats are much higer than the Little Jack. Its starting HP is about
    40000 and the Captain's Stripes increase the HP by 2000. By using a combined
    weapon attack it can cause upwards of 30000 damage. That's more than the
    Little Jack's S. Cannon! Its S. Cannon is the MoonStone Cannon and is
    powerful enough to do battle with the Gigas and is capable
    of blowing a hole in the Grand Fortress. This cannon gobbles up 20 SP,
    but deals around 50000 damage, and can be combined with any weapon.
    The cannon is inside the Delphinus' bow and cannot be seen until it is fired.
    Captain's Stripe
    These Items add HP and increase ship stats. They carry over from the
    Little Jack to the Delphinus, so use them as soon as you get them. I repeat,
    The Captain's Stripe affects BOTH ships.You get the first from destroying
    Baltor's BLACKBEARD. You get them from defeating a powerful enemy
    (I.E. a Valuan Flagship, a Gigas, or a Giant Looper). They affect the
    Delphinus about twice as much as the Little Jack.
    A very important item that you get from defeating the Lynx.
    It allows you to fire magically charged cannonballs, and cast spells
    like Electrulen on the enemy's airship. Very useful for Fina's turn, or
    if you just like magic. Magic used with the magic cannon still uses MP.
    The Magic Cannon is affected by the magical abilities of the character who
    uses it. Blue magic proves quite useful early on, especially against the
    Chameleon 1 and 2.
    In order to win the boss ship battles you will need to use items.
    Repair Kits, Deluxe Kits, and Complete Kits allow you to heal damage
    without using magic and thus, MP and SP. And there is equipment other than
    cannons that the ship can equip (EX. Goddess Figure adds Magic Defense). You
    can also use bombs, which are Cannons and Spells that can be used without SP.
    In battle you will need to utilize your items and choose your equipment well.
    -Gear Grease Do NOT underestimate this stuff, It's ability to boost your
     spirit is extremely useful.
    -Apo/Apa Wax It's increm/incremus in an item, it is extremely important. It will
     save you valuable spirit points in battle.
    -Repair/Deluxe/Complete Kit A healing item. As soon as you return from
    Yafutoma, you
    should buy 99 Complete kits, as they fully heal your ship, and they are
    Even though ship battles are never truly random encounters, there are
    some you can encounter when sailing the skies. You will know you are
    about to enter a ship battle if a !! icon appears on the compass,
    and there is a beeping noise.
    If the Drops says ???? then I didn't get anything from the battle.
    Regarding the Colors of Enemy Ships:
    You cannot see the Color of the Enemy Ship.
    However that does not in any way mean that they don't
    have one.
    Colors that I know: All Valuan ships are yellow,
    even the Hydra.
    The Yafutoman Spellship is Blue.
    The Gigas are their own Color.
    Alaina is purple.
    Roc is Green.
    Obisporo is Blue.
    The Giant Looper is Silver.
    Raja is Green.
    The armada is often a thorn in your side, and is the group you'll
    be fighting the most in ship battles.
    HP: 11000
    Location: Near The Grand Fortress
    Attacks: Pyres, Crystali, Small Cannon, Light subcannon
    Diffuculty: Moderately Easy (Little Jack)/ Pathetically Easy (Delphinus)
    Fight In: The Little Jack, The Delphinus
    Description: A small boat with a single propeller on the back. It has a
    couple of secondary cannons on the side and a single main cannon on the front.
    It mainly attacks with magic.
    Strategy: Just attack with cannons, and concentrate damage on the spellship
    on the C! rounds, and if you get the chance to fire the S.Cannon, do it.
    It should go down in 1 turn in the Delphinus.
    Drops: Bomb, Shredder Bomb(rare), Wave Bomb
    HP: 36000
    Location: Near The Grand Fortress (After getting the Delphinus)
    Attacks: Crystales, Pyrum, Elctrum, Neo Cannon, Neo Subcannon
    Diffuculty: Moderately Hard to Easy
    Fight In: The Delphinus
    Description: A red and silver Delphinus, without the lump on the bottom.
    Like the VALUAN SPELLSHIP, it mainly attacks with its magic cannon.
    Strategy: Just focus for a few rounds and launch torpedoes to nail it on
    the turn where you can hit with the MoonStone Cannon, that should kill it.
    Drops: Triple Turbo, Floor Heater
    HP: 15000
    Location: A crater in Valuan Airspace.
    Attacks: Pyres, Electri, Pyrum, Crystales, Heavy subcannon, Large Cannon,
    Diffulculty: Easy/Medium
    Fight In: The Little Jack, The Delphinus
    Description: A Valuan Battleship. It has a yellow "mouth" on the front. It is
    a spellship that's more prone to use its cannons.
    Strategy: Have Aika launch a torpedo then have Vyse use the main cannon,
    everyone else should focus. If it doesn't die, Fire the main cannons and
    secondary cannons next turn to finish it. It is similar to the Valuan Gunship
    in when fought in the Little Jack.
    Drops: Frost Bomb, Thunder Bomb
    HP: 13,000
    Location: South Ocean - Near MoonStone Mountain (Before you defeat Grendel)
    Attacks: Heavy Cannon, Heavy subcannon, Hunter Torpedo, it may instead
    also use:Standard Cannon, Subcannon instead of Heavy Cannon, Heavy
    subcannon (It seems to use the second set before the Chameleon 1), Pyri
    Diffulculty: Medium Hard -  Medium Easy (Depends on Equipment)
    Fight In: The Little Jack.
    Description: A Valuan Crusier. It is just a stronger form of the one you
    fought when escaping the Grand Fortress.
    Strategy: Just attack, and focus. If your equipment is adequate,
    this battle should be a walk in the park. If you get the chance to use
    the Harpoon Cannon, use it. It will instantly destroy the ship.
    Drops: Bomb, Big Bomb, Wave Bomb
    HP: 15,000
    Location: North Ocean - Near Valua.
    Attacks: Large Cannon, Heavy Subcannon, Torpedo, Pyres
    Diffuculty: Medium
    Fight In: The Little Jack
    Description: Valuan Battleship. THE Valuan Battleship.
    Strategy: Just gun it down.
    The Black Pirates
    The air pirates are divided up into two factions. The Blue Rouges and the
    Black Pirates. The Black Pirates are ruthless, perverted, and they attack
    anything, including you.
    HP: 9,000
    Location: North of Maramba
    Attacks: Black Cannon, Black Torpedo
    Diffuculty: Easy (Little Jack)/ Win when sleeping (Delphinus)
    Fight In: The Little Jack, The Delphinus
    Description: A ship with lots of cannons and black sails, it has a large
    skull on the front.
    Strategy: Launch a torpedo, fire the main cannon, that should cause plenty
    of damage or kill the thing. If it isn't defeated, by the choice event,
    choose to increase distance, then you can fire the S. Cannon.
    Drops:Bomb, Heavy Cannon, Rouge Figure
    HP: 12,000
    Location: North Ocean
    Attacks: Pyrum, Crystales, Electres, Black Cannon, Black Torpedo
    Diffuculty: Medium - Pathetic
    Fight In: The Little Jack, The Delphinus
    Description: The same as the Black Pirates, but it is red
    instead of black/blue.
    Strategy: Pretty much the same as the Black Pirates.
    Drops:Pyro Bomb
    Arrh! It was the size of an island! A giant monster it was!
    It tried to eat out boat! The 4 giant monsters, and the Raja
    of Deep Sky, are big, but not that big. You have to hunt these monsters
    down if you want the Sky Battle King swashbuckler rating or unlock the
    3 secrets.
    All of them can only be fought in the Delphinus.
    Location: The Lands of Ice
    Attacks: Shaggy (S.Cannon), Spiral (S.Cannon), Preparing Attack
    Diffuculty: Medium (this should be easy if you survived Bluheim)
    Description: A giant "tennis racket" spider thing. That flies.
    Strategy: Just attack, and focus when out of SP. When given a choice,
    attack the back of the thing, so you can use the MoonStone Cannon without
    fear of retaliation. Both of its attacks, Spiral and the rarer Shaggy do
    about 3600 damage, that's not alot but if you don't kill it quickly, it adds
    Drops: Goddess Figure
    Location: Head through the sky rift North of Crescent Isle. Near Squid's Nest
    Attacks: Squid Ink (S.Cannon), Preparing Attack
    Diffuculty: Medium (easier than the Alania)
    Description: A giant squid, HOW ORIGINAL.
    Strategy: Just attack, this guy isn't that tough. Eventually it will
    go down, and with every attack it loses a tentacle,
    the first time the Squid loses its tentacle, there is some dialog,
    and when it loses them all, the fight changes... boring fight here.
    Drops: Alloy Deck
    Location: Upper Sky over Ixa'taka.
    Attacks: Blast Voice (S.Cannon), Grab (S.Cannon), Preparing Attack
    Diffuculty: Medium
    Description: A red and yellow bird. It is huge and it looks hungry.
    Strategy: Watch out for its Grab attack, that can do about 6000 damage,
    while its Blast Voice does only about 2000-4000 damage.
    Keep up the attacking and eventually it will go down.
    You can fire the MoonStone Cannon eventually to speed things up.
    Drops: Wooden Doll
    HP: 25,000
    Location: Land o' Loopers (Looper's Nest)
    Attacks: Preparing Attack, Looper Ring (S.Cannon)
    Diffuculty: Easy
    Description: A giant orange Looper, need I say more?
    Strategy: First three rounds - focus. Next round - launch Torpedoes, land
    'em on the round when you can fire the MoonStone Cannon. Next turn, launch
    more Torpedoes and fire your secondary cannon. Line it all up on the round
    when you can fire the MoonStone Cannon. Blast him! (If he doesn't die in one
    turn, when you attack, he will run away)
    Drops: Captain's Stripe
    HP: 11,000
    Location: The Vortex (wrong square)
    Attacks: Luminece (S.Cannon), Assessing Damage
    Diffuculty: Easy, Very Easy
    Description: Something like a manta ray.
    Strategy: Although you can't see the turn set up, this battle is still
    easy. Launch Torpedoes, fire Main Cannons, that should kill it, if they
    both hit, if not repeat on the next round. You can't fire the MoonStone
    Cannon at all in this battle.
    Drops: Soundproofing
    These are the required ship battles. They do not count towards the "Sky
    Battle King" rating.
    These are the strongest ships in the Armada. They are the personal ships of
    Admirals. They are powerful, but you can bring them down.
    Location: Skies over Temple of Pyrynn
    When: After retreating from Recumen
    HP: 18,000
    Attacks: Preparing attack, Lynx Torpedo, Lynx Subcannon, Lynx Cannon, Pyri,
    and a -len spell: Wevlen.
    Diffuculty: HARD
    Fight In: The Little Jack
    Description: A large, long, pink ship... you'll know it when you see it. It is
    Belleza's ship.
    Strategy: This is HARD, HARD, HARD and HARD! Ok, you have to keep healing.
    Do some damage and keep healing. At the first choice, turn hard, second one
    get behind her, third come to a complete stop... If you've done enough damage,
    when you fire the Harpoon Cannon, she'll go down. Keep healing and keep the
    Increm on. Keep the Increm on at all times... I've seen her do 8359 damage
    with a Lynx Subcannon, Lynx Torpedo, and Wevlen combo, which she loves to hit
    you with.
    Drops: 3" Blaster (secondary cannon), Captain's Stripe, Magic Cannon.
    Note: After defeating this Boss, you can throw spells at enemy ships.
    Chameleon 1+
    Location: Ixa'taka
    When: When you head to the King's Hideout
    HP: 30,000
    Attacks: Awaiting Orders, Flamethrower (S.Cannon), Type D Torpedo, Type D
    Subcannon, Revolver Cannon, Focus
    Diffuculty: Medium
    Fight In: The Little Jack
    Description: A Green Sub-like ship with a periscope, and it has a "arm"
    holding a blow torch.
    Strategy: Not that much of a fight. When you see the flipping Next Turn,
    concentratefire into the YELLOW round, and you will knock De Loco's
    hunk-o-junk off balance and he won't be able to Toast you with his
    S.Cannon the next round.
    This is the first ship battle where you can use that oh-so
    useful Gear Grease. Try it out it's really useful.
    Drops: Captain's Stripe
    Chameleon 2+
    Location: Ixa'taka
    When: When Grendel has been summoned
    HP: 30,000
    Attacks: Awaiting Orders, Test Cannon (S.Cannon), Type D Torpedo, Type D
    Subcannon, Handgun, Focus
    Diffuculty: Medium
    Fight In: The Little Jack
    Description: It's the Chameleon, this time the Guns on the front are
    now on it's hand thingy.
    Strategy: Say hello to the MoonStone Cannon! Of course, it's not yours yet,
    and luckily it's not complete. Slightly harder than the last Chameleon fight,
    you can't stun him this time.You just can't evade that Test Cannon, despite
    Aika's whining. At the choice event, it's rather self-explanitory, close in,
    and the damage numbers go up (you'll get 3 Crits, and a red) head out, and
    the damage numbers go down. (You'll get 3 green rounds and a yellow). If you
    want to fire your Harpoon Cannon, you have to close in, when he's recharging
    (he focuses the turn after firing that Test Cannon), you'll be able to fire.
    This battle is immediately followed by Grendel, don't waste your items,
    and end with as much HP as you can.
    Location: Yafutoma
    When: After regaining the Delphinus from Muraji
    HP: 55,000
    Attacks: Draco Cannon (S.Cannon), Piercing Torpedo, and
    Secondary Cannon
    Diffuculty: Medium
    Fight In: The Delphinus
    Description: A blue Valuan Ship with a huge Cannon on the front. It is Admiral
    Vigoro's flagship.
    Strategy:  A very fun fight consisting of you and Vigoro taking turns
    blasting each other to bits with S. Cannons.
    Every turn in this fight is exactly the same:
    Red/S. Cannon, Green, Red/S. Cannon, Green
    So that means every turn you get to fire the MoonStone Cannon.
    But note, he also gets to fire the Draco canon, so attack at one
    opportunity to fire the MS Cannon, and defend on the other.
    You really have an advantage over Vigoro in this battle,
    because the Delphinus is much more powerful than the
    Draco, and you can use upto four attacks on him at once if you time
    it right. But don't think this is an instant win,because, he can do
    upwards of 20,000 damage on an ungaurded turn. I would suggest
    healing, because this fight is immediately followed with the battle against
    the blue gigas, Bluheim, the Phoenix.
    Drops: Captain's Stripe
    Location: THE VORTEX
    When: Found Fina's ship
    HP: 34,000
    Attacks: De Loco Torpedo, Chameleon Cannon, De Loco Cannon
    Diffuculty: Rated SH for STUPID HARD
    Fight In: The Delphinus
    Description: The Chameleon... with a harpoon cannon... on its "Handgun"
    Strategy: Your accuracy is down. Have Khazim, a X Cannon, an Ancient Cannon,
    Arcwhale Torps and Illchymis. Hit him with a Arcwhale Torpedo + Ancient
    Cannon combo then focus, on the Second turn use Illchymis then repeat,
    except use the X cannon... If it all hits, congratulations to you...
    you just got yourself an extra set of drops from De Loco's final battle.
    If not and he loses 18,000 hp, or you do beat him he retreats ...
    and fires his "De Loco Harpoon Cannon" and don't worry...
    It doesn't do damage, it just gets stuck in your hull and starts the next
    (and final) battle with De Loco.
    Drops: Magic Shell, Twin Turbo, Captain's Stripe
    Location: THE VORTEX
    When: Chameleon 3 is badly damaged/defeated
    HP: 34,000
    Attacks: De Loco Torpedo, Chameleon Cannon, De Loco Cannon, Sacres,
    Diffuculty: Easy, Very Easy
    Fight In: The Delphinus
    Description: The Chameleon... now that Harpoon Cannon is stuck in your hull.
    Strategy: Your accuracy is down. Just combo your attacks... your accuracy
    isn't as bad as the Chameleon 3... he has Sacres, but it won't do him
    any good. Just keep hitting him and you'll put an end to Bubble Head once
    and for all.
    Drops: Magic Shell, Twin Turbo, Captain's Stripe
    The mighty Gigas. Each of the Ancient Civilizations had one. These are the
    living weapons that the Valuan Armada wants to awaken. Except Preparing attack,
    Assessing Damage, and Zelos's spells, all attacks from these are considered
    S. Cannons. You have to defeat Bluheim, Yeligar, and Zelos. You can't beat
    Recumen, but you can defeat Grendel the normal way (even though it is easier to
    knock it into the gorge).
    Location: Outside Temple of Pyrynn
    When: After obtaining the Red Moon Crystal
    HP: Infinite
    Attacks:Assessing Damage, Preparing Attack, Red Ray (S. Cannon)
    Diffuculty: Pathetic Easy/ UBER HARD
    Fight In: The Little Jack
    Description: A giant, red, four-headed, four-legged, tiki thing.
    Strategy: Ok... I know what you're thinking. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO BEAT THIS
    THING!?! IT HAS INFINITE HP!!! Actually it is quite easy... you just have to
    have a secondary cannon. Just use the secondary cannon and a main cannon shot
    on the Red colored rounds. This will throw Recumen off balance, and its
    Red Ray will miss. If you don't have a secondary cannon, heal constantly,
    and when you have the chance, attack with the Harpoon Cannon to throw it off
    balance. Aim for the Heads... you get to fire the Harpoon Cannon.
    Retreat when you have the chance. Otherwise it's your funeral.
    his battle is followed immediately by the Lynx.
    staying in this battle for a few extra rounds, and found that even
    if you stay, you still can't kill him, despite his overwhelming in-
    ability to damage you if you have a secondary cannon. Honestly this
    is a waste of time to do, because he's invincible.
    Drops: Nothing... not even EXP.
    Location: Ixa' Taka
    When: After Chameleon 2
    HP: 200,000 +
    Attacks: Assessing Damage, Preparing Attack, Fist of Grendel, Boulder Throw,
    Target Lost
    Diffulculty: Medium
    Fight In: The Little Jack
    Description: A big green Giant.
    Strategy: You can either knock this big guy in to the gorge, or you can kill him
    your choice.
    Strategy (Gorge): Attack him until he put his hands on his head, then you must
    able to use the Harpoon Cannon. If you hit him with it when he's weirding out,
    will beat him.
    Strategy (Kill): Just fight him like any other ship battle, only if you want to
    him instead of knocking him into the gorge, don't fire the Harpoon Cannon when
    holding his head.
    Location: Yafutoma
    When: After the Draco
    HP: 100,000
    Attacks: Assessing Damage, Preparing attack,  Phoenix Ray, Blue Lightning,
    Blue Winds
    Diffuculty: Medium Hard
    Fight In: The Delphinus
    Description: A big blue bird with rainbow colored "feathers".
    Strategy: This is either the fight you've been anxious for, or the one you've
    been dreading. The first full fight against a gigas, and you have actually
    kill it. There is no retreating, or trapping this one. Its attacks can do
    upto 8000 damage, and it can become hard to keep your hp high near
    the end. When you see the next turn set up flipping, there won't be
    a choice event. In order to get the better of the two possible out comes,
    gaurd against the Blue Winds attack that will happen in the last round
    of that turn.
    Drops: Captain's Stripe
    Location: Skies over Soltis
    When: Second Part of the Final Boss Trio.
    Attacks: All forms: Pyrulen, Quika, Sylenis, Drilin, Wevlum, Electrulen,
    Crystalen. 1st Form: Moon Ray. 2nd Form: Great Moon Ray, Judgement.
    3rd Form: Moon Lament
    Diffuculty: Medium Hard.
    Fight In: The Delphinus
    Description: A Big Silver Ball. In its second form, the cracks on it go
    away, and 6 claws come out of it. In its third form, the claws start falling
    Strategy: The trick is to keep Zelos silenced, and you Incremus'd.
    Move in and Fly straight towards the target. Hit it with Sylenis,
    and use a Crystil Cannon/Moon Torpedo Combo and focus. The attack from the
    front and use Incremus, then repeat the attack, and focus. It should slow
    down. This decision is based on spirit. If you can utlize the MoonStone
    Cannon well, and re-silence Zelos, the next turn, attack from the front, if
    not, attack from the side. Now here comes its second form. Play defensive the
    first turn, and back away. If you silenced it, just defend against the Great
    Moon Ray, and Focus/Gear Grease the rest of the turn. Now it will begin using
    JUDGEMENT. Now believe me when I say this, but this attack is to be feared.
    I've seen it do 27,000 damage before. Use a Complete Kit, Incremus, Sylenis,
    and attack with the MoonStone Cannon. Now pound on it until it goes into its
    third form. It will begin using Moon Lament. Attack from the front to use the
    MoonStone Cannon. A few hits from that should finish off the Silver Gigas.
    Drops: Captain's Stripe (That you can't use... and you don't keep)
    Location: Near the South Dannel Strait
    When: After talking to the Nasr Merchant in the sailor's guild
    Attacks: Black Cannon
    Diffuculty: Easy
    Fight In: The Little Jack
    Descripiton: A big ship with lots of guns.
    Strategy: Umm... Attack!!! When you get a choice event, get behind
    him. You'll get a bunch of C! rounds. He's easy.
    Drops: Captain's Stripe
    Location: Near Sailor's Island
    When: You're returning Enrique to Valua
    Attacks: Vega Cannon Plus
    Diffuculty: Pathetic
    Fight In: The Delphinus
    Descripiton: A big ship with lots of guns.
    Strategy: Umm... Attack!!! When you get a choice event, See what he does.
    You'll get to fire your MoonStone Cannon. He's pathetic.
    Drops: Spherical Figure, Hybrid Wax, Double Shaft
    Location: The Grand Fortress
    When: You stole the Delphinus
    HP: 1
    Attacks: Small Cannon
    Diffuculty: Easy
    Fight In: The Delphinus (first fight)
    Description: A large cannon covered wall.
    Strategy: Focus until you can use the Moonstone Cannon... Fire that
    and you'll win. Nothing else hurts it.
    Drops: Nothing
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