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"Don't you ever learn? Monotony doesn't pay..."

Introduction: Charlies Angels by Ubi Soft, is based on the two movies, of the same name. In the game you control the three 'Angels' and go through various levels, beating up any thugs you come across.

Gameplay (2/10) There are three modes of play (Easy, Normal and Hard) but I don't think the levels matter much to actual gameplay. The only moves you have as an angel are jump, punch, kick and run. These sadly don't come together in many ways to form combinations. The idea is to defeat all attackers by beating them up. Over, and over and over again. The martial arts style fighting is the only thing that happens in the game. No puzzles to figure out, no techniques to master. Just pure monotony. Also the camera is controlled by the game which is a pain. The camera at whim, changes angles, zooms in or out or sometimes just moves on its own accord. Making gameplay both boring and annoying.

Story (6/10) The story may be the best part of the game. A monument thief has stolen the statue of liberty as well as many other landmarks. The Angels have to not only find them but figure out whos taken them. The plot throws in familiar faces (such as Creepy Thin Man) and throws the angels all over the world (China, Scotland etc.) However it too falls short as your actions barely control the outcome.

Graphics (4/10) The graphics are probably the one thing that held my interest throughout the game. I wanted to see what sleazy, but interesting outfit the angels would wear next. The angels are voiced mainly by their acting counterparts ( Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz) which is always cool in a game. But the graphics are poor compared to other gamecube games. Looking more like an arcade game then something you'd bother to put on a disk, horizontal lines clearly make up the images. However, there is nice detail put into the various settings, however grainy it might be. And the transitional movies, are much better.

Play Time (1/10) I guess the play time could vary from person to person. I consider myself an average gamer, and it took me about 2 hours. Not that you'd have to start any levels over due to death. The game so wants to keep its players alive, it positions powerups and extra lives all over the place. When you die, instead of having to start over, you just keep going, and are just one life down. Also I was disappointed to find after completion, you can't play your game again. It simply says ''Mission Completed'' and there is nothing more you can do. Unless of course you wanted to start over another game. And do it all over again...

Final Recommendation (4/10 This is not something you want to buy. One time play makes it a waste of money. If you're bored, it's something to rent and finish off quickly. I wouldn't seek it out to play, but also if you stumble upon it don't turn it down. The fighting is oddly addictive, and throwing guys across rooms is always sadistically fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 07/24/03, Updated 07/24/03

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