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"Red hair, green eyes, sexy body, tight leather...and a bullet with your name on it."

From the moment I read that a game called Blood Rayne was coming out I was filled with curiousity. After extensive reading and searching for information that curiousity turned into a desire. Now that I have what I desired...was it worth the wait?...Damn right it was..

In Blood Rayne you play as a sultry half human half vampire Dhampire aptly named after the title. At the time she is currently hunting down her biological pops, whom raped her mother and basically she was concieved. As an adult she was taken into a secret organization known as the Brimstone Society whom seek to protect humans from supernatural threats. Currently they are attempting to stop the Germans from collecting ancient relics which would aid them in taking over the world....

I feel I should start with the area most people are picky about these days. While the graphics could have used a bit more tweaking in certain areas, Blood Rayne more than packs a wallop of eye-candy. Though the frame-rate doesn't drop considerably at all, the visuals can distort just a tad, but I've noticed this only in the swamp areas. Rayne herself is very nicely detailed, with her hair flowing freely with every movement and her attacks flowing one after another she can be quite a spectacle. The various levels were very nicely done as well, everythng from the old buildings in Louisiana swamp to the Nazi holding cells looks true to life. Besides Rayne though all characters were designed very nicely and move smoothly in their actions. Enemies were taken into great care when it came to dying too :). Dismemberments look fantastic especially in slow-mo, ku-dos to Majesco on this one ;).

AUDIO 10/10
When running around blasting everything that moves into plasmic puddles of goo, you are accompanied by some upbeat techno style music which goes well with the atmosphere when enemies are attacking. When you're alone the tone sets to a gloomy, dark style which is nice. Each weapon has a distinct sound which adds some realism to the experience. The metallic *shing* sound that emitts from Rayne's scythes are pretty cool too when lobbing off heads and arms, as well as the agonizing screams and screeches enemies make when being slaughtered :). Also, as I forgot to note Rayne's footsteps sound different depending on the type of surface she is tredding upon, that's nice as well.

If I could, I'd give this part more than a 10, but let's follow the rules here ;). I've got to hand it to the developers on how they implemented a 1st-person style control scheme to a 3rd person Action/Adventure. Though this was done with Max Payne it was so annoying using the closely placed Analog sticks on the PS2 and the bulky setup of the X Box. It seems the GC's controller was perfectly made for FPS games and BloodRayne alike. At first it may seem awkward, but after your first 8 kills it'll be like second nature and you'll be flipping around corners like a pro. Executing your normal attacks is done simply by rapidly pressing the L button which will result in some cool combos, the more you progress the more moves you will learn. IMP this game is like a Max Payne killer. It's everything Max Payne was..but way better. Without the momentous slow-down that payne had, Rayne's shoot-outs are much more satisfying once you've cleared the room of up to 7 Nazis in slow-mo! Speaking of slow-mo, Rayne's matrix effect is similar to Payne's except for the fact that it is unlimited, and aside from this you are granted various other vampiric powers to aid you on your journey. Sweet!

Though haven't beaten the game, judging from the level designs I don't think you'll be replaying this as much as you would SSBM, or Animal Crossing. But granted that there are some cool codes adn secrets to unlock you'll come back every now and then for some Ass-whoopin fun.

If you like games with lots of action, a decent storyline, cool characters, and lots of attitude then Blood Rayne ius definetly worth a purchase, but if you're still shaky just rent it, you'll be hooked either way :).

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/02/02, Updated 11/02/02

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