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"Guns? Who needs Guns!?!?"

Half Vampire. All Woman. Damn Right! Kicking ass and biting necks. Best way to describe the game with few simple words. The Game is a great new addition to the Adventure Genre which the GameCube definitely needed. By far this game takes the cake for all the fans of Vampires and Adventure games. Plus fans of Hot Chicks and hardly anyone isn't. So let's get this thing on the road. Here we go.


Graphics. The game has some of the nicest looking eerie graphics since, well since ever. The early stages put you in a swamp like area which has some pretty nicely captured scenes that make the place creepy and makes you a little freaked out. The game's opening video is definitely one of the nicest CGI movies I have seen for any game. It takes a nice look at what ''they'' call a ''Vampire Ghetto''. The game captures the enemies in a nice looks with visible damages on the ''Mutates'' and pretty darn good detail on the Nazi soldiers. The graphics definitely are good for this game.


Control is pretty reasonable ,bash the button to perform combo style, you don't need a lot of skill to master few good slash attacks. Most of the game you can go through pressing one attack button and not worrying about the others. It takes a pretty good spin control and the camera angles don't screw up the control much either. It's a smooth ride through the controls into good gameplay.


The Game pretty much revolves around a Half Vampire ''Agent'' who's mission is to stop some Nazis from screwing up the world with paranormal stuff. She takes off from an outskirt french speaking town and goes on fighting a load of creepy creatures from Zombie like ''Mutates'' to Spider Like critters. She fights few bosses through and goes on. The game combines the style of Sword fighting and Guns Swinging. One time you will be slashing through an army of the Spiders and the next you'll be blasting a ''Mutate'' with a shotgun. It also gives you a pretty darn cool feature for recovering health that let's you feast on the other creatures by consuming their blood. It shows a pretty cool fatality like scene for that too where the character grabs onto the victim and sucks their blood. Later the game enables the now common Matrix mode where you can slow down the time to avoid bullets and execute swift attacks without the enemy knowing you're around. Biting enemies in that mode is about the greatest thing about the game. The game goes into a lot of blood shed from slashing the enemies and destroying weird creatures.


The game is fairly easy the first way through as it almost supplies an unlimited amount of health with the ability to bite enemies and suck their blood to recover your own status. Plus the game could easily be beaten with a lot of slashing and cutting of the enemies. Guns are almost useless in the game for few small parts where a Grenade or two will be important. But the fact is the game has hardly any replay value and pretty much will get boring second time around. Not necessarily but it most likely will.

So on a final note. I bought the game. I really suggest renting it first and then seeing if it is worth your money. Not all people will want to spend their hard earned cash on a game they can beat in a night and then just keep gathering dust. But then again if you are a Vampire game fan then this could be the thing for you. There are hardly any other games that put you in a Anti-Hero like role of sucking up the blood of unaware victims and feasting on all living things. It's definitely a great play but might be considered a rent first then buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/06/02, Updated 11/06/02

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