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"Bloodrayne..a GC must buy!"

Want to battle Nazis? Like blood and vampires? Do you love action games? Then this is the game for you...

You play as BloodRayne(half-human/half-vampire) out to kill and stop a top Nazi from Germany. This game's events take place before World War 2.

You slice, dice and pretty much.. decapitate various enemies. Some include-''mutated'' humans, insect type things and more. BloodRayne has many things to kill with.. guns, grenades, blades, teeth to name a few. You suck the blood of enemies(most but not all)to get healthy and power up ''bloodrage''. When you use bloodrage, you can use various stronger moves and its in slow motion. Enemies bleed quite alot, so people that don't like gore and blood.. probably wont like that part. As time goes by, you will learn more moves.

The controls and camera views are pretty easy to use. There is several styles you can select. There is 6 controller setups to choose from, they are various 1st person and 3rd person views. Along with the compass, the controls and getting around is pretty easy to do.

Also there is 3 options you can choose from, once your playing level..

Aura Sense- helps you spot enemies and main objectives(sometimes). It also tells you if the enemy is healthy or not.. so you can get tons of blood or just a little.

Extruded View- lets you see far away.

Dilated Perception- lets you slow down time to avoid bullets, hit enemies better and more.

Each level/stage has a main objective/objectives and sometimes smaller objectives to complete the level. Alot of things in rooms/areas can be broken by hitting them or jumping at them. Some walls will break when you kick at them. Another useful thing is.. the harpoon! Use it to grab an enemy(that is far away) and bring it closer to you. Watch out for water.. BloodRayne gets hurt if she is in it too long. You can jump pretty high and far.. so water isn't much of a problem much. If you need to come back in case you missed something or you arent sure you have been there.. check for dead things! Dead bodies don't go away. Also, you can use your blade to mark on the wall.. So getting lost or repeating areas again wont happen much at all.

In general.. BloodRayne is a very good action game. Nice story, good graphics, plenty of weapons to use, blood, many moves to use if you hate guns and much more.

I'm not really sure of the replay value, since I just started playing this..but its a great game to buy. If you arent sure.. rent before you buy..

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/12/02, Updated 11/12/02

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