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"B-Movie Goodness, D-Cup Visuals!"

Graphics: The game itself is a slick little mix of wide-open spaces, and above-average indoor battling. There are times when the game is noticably untextured, but for the most part, the action clips along at a good pace, so you don't notice as much. There's a little bit of slowdown that comes along when bodyparts are flying, and the many objects in the environment are being shattered, but it's barely noticable. There really are some great blood effects, as well as dismemberment visuals. The giblets stay on the ground, and leave reminders of the beautiful carnage. The dilated perception feature has some great visuals, and you can see the particle effects inside the blood with great detail. They focused on what was needed to be done, and they did it very well.

Sound: Well above average. The voice acting is quite good, even if the script reeks of a late 80's vampire movie. The atmosphere takes the edge off the campiness, several of the background tunes really bring you into the tenseness of the game. In particular, I really liked Rayne's voice, sultry, sexy, and hilarious.

''Baby, quiet down, what will the neighbors think?''
-Hilarious, and just plain perfect.

Gameplay: Very similar to Max Payne, but because of Rayne's agility, her moves are much looser and not condusive to tight areas, which isn't as much of a problem when you get used to the first few levels. All of the ''auras'' adopted have something to contribute, and there doesn't seem to be a bit of wasted energy in this game, everything works well, and nothing seems put in just for the sake of completion. My only gripe in this game as far as gameplay goes is a lack of focus. There are certain times where there were no hints as to where to go next, and not even the aura provided an answer. Also, the jumping required a bit of precision that was lost when she jumps 50 ft. into the air. But then again, if she only jumped 5, I would be thinking Lara Croft.

Tilt: I really enjoyed this game, and especially with the low price tag, I had to pick it up. It's a very complete game, and a solid first effort for a possible franchise character. They've left enough gaps and spaces in the gameplay to add in later sequels. Like Rayne herself, the game has a lot of bang for the buck.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/28/03, Updated 03/28/03

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