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"To each his own"

Blood Rayne is a game that some people hate, and other love. To me this is a great game, but that's just my opinion. Just read on and you make your own decision.
Blood Rayne is about a young woman who's is half vampire and have human. She is working for a secret organization to stop the Nazi's from obtaining body parts of the original devil. Some people would look away from the game because it has to do with demonic stuff and maybe the gore and blood. But some people might love it because you get to kick Nazi butt(don't you just love seeing Nazi's begging for their lives and screaming in agony when you chop them up into little pieces). The one thing I think that no one complains about this game story is BloodRayne. I mean she has red hair, green eyes, nice curves, wears tight black that show most of her sexy figure, and very nice rack (which you could make bigger with Juggy Mode).
Blood Rayne does look a little bad in the graphics department when you compare it to other next-gen games. But there's not that bad especially if you look at the characters (all of the women's breast bounce like crazy). The way that the body parts are dimembered are very good, you can cut almost any part of the enemies body to ribbons.
The gameplay in Blood Rayne is very good for a hack and slash game. There's many different ways to kill people (shooting, slashing, blood sucking, harpooning), the control is easy,there are many levels, and you can dismember people into little pieces. You even have the power to slow down time. Just like in the Matrix, BloodRayne can dodge bullet and do great aerobatic moves. But one of the best things about the gameplay is how to gain health. If you need some health, just go up to an enemy and suck his blood. It very satisfying to do and you can do some nifty things while doing it. When your sucking the blood of a victim, you can move the person around and use him like a human shield. Also you can shoot your weapon while sucking blood.
The voice acting in the game is very good for this type of game. The music goes with the game, and what BloodRayne says is appropriate for the situation.
Rent or Buy
Like I said before, if you like to dismember people into little pieces (or if you buy it just so you can look at her in Juggy mode) then buy it. If you don't like that type of stuff, then don't.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/02/03

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