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"Decent game..."


Ever get that feeling, like you just want to go out, dismember some video game characters using a vengeful female half-vampire, half-human who has a thirst for German officers' blood? Hmmm, maybe it's just me then...Anyway, BloodRayne is a decent third-person shooter that's somewhat entertaining. Here's why:


So, you're playing as Agent BloodRayne, a vampire/human, or a Dhampir by definition. Having vampire blood coursing through your veins certainly comes with perks. You can walk and run, turn quickly, and jump with super-human ability. Also, you can balances on ledges, walkways, and pipes. Also, there is the Rebound Kick, which is good for kicking in doors, glass, and a few walls, not to mention doing it all while spiraling in midair. And of course, what vampire doesn't drink blood? You recover by draining the blood out of your enemies. The camera does a nice close-up of the multiple methods that BloodRayne uses to get her fill. Feeding on humans has another function; if she starts feeding on an enemy that's still standing up, you can use the body of the victim as a bullet shield for the barrage. Also, you can snag your victims by using BloodRayne's harpoon. Yes, a harpoon. Aside from just feeding on enemies, Bloodrayne can dish out punishment in many different way. She has elbow-mounted scythes, which can dismember a human with casual efficiency. She also has a wide assortment of guns and explosives to choose from. Also, she has ''Blood Rage'' which, when achieved, makes her attacks and combos much more devastating. Humans don't stand a chance. Aside from her killing abilities, BloodRayne has more subtle yet useful skills; she can sense where her next goal is (usually an enemy target), get sniper-like closeups, and she can slow down time enough for her to dodge bullets and attack.


You're Agent BloodRayne, formerly looking for her vampire father. BloodRayne was taken in by a society that hunts down supernatural threats to society. BloodRayne is trained to be a killing machine, under the guidance of her mentor, Mynce. At the end of World War II, word comes out that the Germans are searching for rare, powerful supernatural artifacts that, if acquired, will not only turn the tide in the war but give the user ultimate power. Your job is to hunt down different military officers, and attempting to track down the artifacts before evil is unleashed on the world.


Graphics are...okay. The cut-scenes are excellent, but the actual gameplay is just a bit different. BloodRayne and Mynce are the only ones with any real detail to them, but that's okay. The officers and soldiers have twisted expressions of pain and terror as BloodRayne drains them. Some even protest and scream, adding to the fun. Dismembering the enemies can be graphic, but nothing that anyone will be bothered with, especially since the sound effects are less than stellar. It's fun seeing a head roll on the floor...

Play Time/Replayability:

If you're stuck at home with nothing to do, this game can provide entertainment. One afternoon should be sufficient. If you ever get that craving for some hack and slash action with a great femme fatale, you know where to turn.

Final Recommendation:

This game has been marked down considerably; it's definitely worth it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/28/04

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