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"Lets Paint the walls...Bloody Red!"

I first heard of blood Rayne when it hit store shelfs soon after it’s release. At that time I shrugged it aside and gave it no thought passing it on as a mere fodder and a waste of my money. Well, I was wrong after my good friend recommended it to me I picked it up and played. I was well surprised what this game had to offer.

Graphics: While the graphics aren’t like that of lets say Resident Evil 0 they do have nice textures on the faces and the body textures aren’t too shabby as well. The Animation for the most part is top-notch although I did notice a few graphical glitches at least in this version of it. However, those few glitches are minor and should not affect your overall opinion of it.

Sound:Can I say this has one of my favorite soundtracks to date? Well I did and I am.The music may or may not be of your own taste but it is kind of like a Gothic techno at times then at other times slower more voodoish type music plays to get you into the mood. I do say though that even if you like it or not the music does fit the mood of the game at the time and goes well with the action. As for technical issues with the sound I would say that at least on this version that there is really nothing I can come up with.

Control: This may or may not be a issue for some people seeing as you navigate using both joysticks on the controller. If you have played games like Hitman 2 it has a similar feel to the controls. While there aren’t any custom control settings, there are 6 different styles of control for you to pick from as well as an option to invert the Y axis. Overall I think the controls are more than adequate for beating foes into submission or into pieces which ever comes first. ^_^

Story: You play as a Damphir named Rayne in search of her father.While the story is original I can’t say that it is stellar or Grammy worthy in any way. However it does give you enough to let you know Rayne’s history and why you’re putting a bullet in that Nazi in front of you. If you like a modern B horror film storyline then you should check it out.

Replay: This comes down to the fact if you like it or not. While there aren’t any redeeming features like mini-games or something of the sort. There is plenty of Gore-fest action to keep you coming back if you enjoyed the first romp out. I would say the average person might play this 2-3 times before really getting bored since there are 3 difficulty settings. You can test your skills and see how you improved since last time. Overall it comes down to personal preference. So go decide for yourself.

Overview: Basically the question is rent or buy? That’s what it comes down to and as always I would say if your not sure then rent first if you have that option. However if you do buy it will only set you back a mere 20$ so there’s no need to worry about breaking the piggy bank to get those extra quarters. Now for the scores: Graphics: 8,
Sound: 9, Control: 8, Story: 7, Replay: 8 Overall: 9

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/18/04

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