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"Hot Chick Dull Game"

BloodRayne is a third person shooter made by Majesco and Terminal Reality. There is a nice looking girl on the cover nice little intro but when you start the game that is when this game goes down the drain. Read on.

Gameplay 6/10

When you first play this game you will think wow this is cool but after an hour of playing this game. You will know that it is the same thing. The game stars half vampire half human Rayne. She has the vampires strengths without there weakness. The game is set in the 1940's in Louisiana and Germany. You as Rayne have to hunt down and kill you biological father who is a vampire. Sounds like a cool game right well there are a lot of problems with the gameplay element. First off is the controller it was a bad layout and you can't change them that much you get two controller layouts and they are both horrible. Besides the fact that the controls are bad the game gets worse. Very repetitive all you do is go from level to level killing everything that moves. You do get some cool special moves though one example is slow motion you hit down on the controller and to the matrix you go. It looks like the matrix because you can avoid gunfire it's pretty cool. But it doesn't make up for the fact that the game is way too repetitive.

Story 5/10

The story in this game has a lot of potential but it failed. The story is about how Rayne's father hurt her mother and now Rayne wants payback. Like I said it is set in the 1940's so it was when Hitler was around so you have to fight the Nazis as you make your way through the game and the Nazis used drugs to make Bio-Soldiers and they are like zombies. The story has almost no movies to help progress the story. The story could of been great but with so little info they give you its hard to follow.

Sound 5/10

Sound lost a lot of points because of one thing which is during the in-game movies all the people talk so quietly. I play my games at night and I can't have the tv blaring all night just to hear what there saying. The gunshots sound good but it is frustrating to hear your enemies screaming for three minutes because you shot both of there legs off. I don't think there is any music to this game I have never heard it because it's dulled out by all the guns shooting.

Graphics 8/10

Not the best on the cube but they are ok. They did a really good job on the blood and body parts everywhere. Example when you go into slow motion and shoot someone there body parts start flying it is pretty cool. The damage is great you can kill your enemies in very funny ways there is like 20 or so different body parts you can take off with your blades or you guns. They could of done a lot more on the enemies faces. Other than that Rayne looks good. The levels are very well done textured perfectly.

Replay 5/10

Not the best game to replay but hey if you want to kill an endless rounds of enemies go ahead. I won't be playing this game again and after all you might not want to either.

Rent or Buy:
You can rent it for five dollars or you can buy it used for seven so it's your choice!

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 04/20/04

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