• Points for no trouble.

    In the ''evil summit'' level (level 12, last one) climb up the tower you have to use the Q remote on after killing the bad guys. Keep using the Q remote (about 100 times will do) and you will keep getting bond moves, and 2,000 points for every time you do it. You can also get a ''perfect'' on this level (I think it is 300,000 points) by doing this.

    Contributed By: CTworshipperinsecret.

  • Points for nothing

    In ''Cold Reception''(Level 5) you are able to acquire unlimited points. After the vent, you will see a guy standing below you, facing away, and a remote-accessible control to the left. Using the Q-remote will get you a bond move. After the melee in the next room, unlock the door at the top with your Q-remote, another bond move. Then go back to where you first used your Q-remote and use it again, earning another bond move. Then go to the door at the top and do it again, another bond move. Repeat this proccess enough and you will get a perfect (300,000 points).

    Contributed By: CTworshipperinsecret.


  • Platinum and Gold Unlockable Rewards

    To unlock rewards just complete specific method(Platinum rewards require you to collect all the 007 Icons)

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Gold GrenadesClear level 6 with 90,000 Gold
    Golden AccuracyClear level 4 with 70,000 Gold
    Golden ArmorClear level 9 with 110,000 Gold
    Golden BulletsClear level 10 with 120,000 Gold
    Golden CH-6Clear level 2 with 50,000 Gold
    Golden ClipClear level 5 with 90,000 Gold
    Golden GunClear level 1 with 50,000 Gold
    Lotus EspritClear level 7 with 100,000 Gold
    MP Game Mode - Golden GunClear level 2 with 50,000 Platinum
    MP Map - Rocket ManorClear level 1 with 50,000 Platinum
    MP Model - Alpine GuardClear level 7 with 100,000 Platinum
    MP Model - Carrier GuardClear level 12 with 130,000 Platinum
    MP Model - Cyclops Oil GuardClear level 10 with 120,000 Platinum
    MP Model - GuardClear level 5 with 90,000 Platinum
    MP Model - Poseidon GuardClear level 11 with 130,000 Platinum
    MP Model - Stealth BondClear level 3 with 70,000 Platinum
    MP Modifier - Full ArsenalClear level 9 with 110,000 Platinum
    MP Powerup - Gravity BootsClear level 4 with 70,000 Platinum
    MP Weapon - CalypsoClear level 8 with 100,000 Platinum
    MP Weapon - ViperClear level 6 with 90,000 Platinum
    Rapid FireClear level 8 with 100,000 Gold
    Regenerative ArmorClear level 11 with 130,000 Gold
    Unlimited AmmoClear level 12 with 130,000 Gold
    Unlimited MissilesClear level 3 with 70,000 Gold

    Contributed By: Typh.

  • Secret Ending

    Finish the last mission on Agent or 00 Agent difficulty to see a video of Bond doing all his moves.

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.


  • Secret Video

    You must first beat Evil Summit (level 12) and get at least a Bronze Medal in every mission.

    Contributed By: Typh.

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