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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kodos86

    Version: 2.6 | Updated: 01/13/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Agent Under Fire FAQ/Walkthrough
    by Kodos86, copyright 2002- 2003, all rights reserved
    Version 2.6
    Platform: Gamecube
                     0. T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S
    0. Table of Contents
    1. Updates
    2. Introduction
       - Controls
       - Tips
       - Difficulty Levels
    3. Weapons
    4. Gadgets
    5. Enemies
    6. Walkthrough
       - Trouble In Paradise
       - Precious Cargo
       - Dangerous Pursuit
       - Bad Diplomacy
       - Cold Reception
       - Night of the Jackal
       - Streets of Bucharest
       - Fire and Water
       - Forbidden Depths
       - Poseidon
       - Mediteranean Crisis
       - Evil Summit
    7. Gold Awards (Bond Moves)
    8. Platinum Awards (007 Bonus)
    9. Multiplayer
    10. Characters
    11. FAQ
    12 Credits
    13. Legal Info
    14. Contacting me
                           1. U P D A T E S
    Version 2.6 (1/13/03)
    Added a FAQ concerning some of the more common, dumb questions I recieve.
    Hopefully this will cut down on the stupid questions I get. Actually it
    probably won't, but at least I tried.
    Version 2.5 (5/24/02)
    I added some tips for the arenas in multiplayer.
    Version 2.0 (5/20/02)
    As I promised, I finally got off my ass and bought the game, and updated the
    walkthrough. I've got a lot of new stuff, so I'll just put it into a list:
         - Completed the walkthrough section
         - Gotten a bunch of reader tips, pointing out many of the Bond moves, an
           easier way to destroy the helicopter and Carla in Night of the Jackal.
         - Added an easier way to beat Cold Reception, and added some more info
           on the weapons.
         - Added a small multiplayer section.
         - Added a characters section.
         - Added a section on the single player enemies.
         - Found the rest of the Bond Moves and 007 Moves.
    So at this point, the guide is pretty much complete (except for some
    walkthroughs that I plan to expand).
    Version 1.0 (4/16/02)
    Everythings new, since this is the first version. I know this guide is
    incomplete, though I won't be able to update it more until I can buy the game
    in a few weeks (I just returned it to the rental). Once I buy the game, I'll
    try to add the rest of the stages, as well as flesh out some of the sections.
                         2. I N T R O D U C T I O N
    Basic Controls
    Control Stick = Move
    C Stick Left/Right = Strafe
    X = Crouch
    A = Reload, Open, Talk, Activate, etc.
    Y = Jump
    T-Pad Left/Right= Select Gadget
    B = Use Gadget
    R = Fire
    C Stick Up/Down = Aim up/down
    T-Pad Up/Down = Select Weapon
    Z Button = Secondary fire
    L(hold)+ control stick = manual aim
    Zoom = Hold L and press C Stick up/down
    Driving Controls
    Control Stick Left/Right = Steering
    R = Gas
    L = Brake
    X = E-Brake
    Z = Change View
    C stick Down = Look back
    B = Machine Guns
    Y = Choose weapon
    A = Fire Weapon
    Rail-Shooter Controls
    Control Stick = Aim Weapon
    A = Reload
    R = Fire
    C Stick Up/Down = Aim up/down
    T-Pad Up/Down + Select Weapon
    B = 180 degree spin
    Z Button = Secondary fire
    L(hold)+ control stick = manual aim
    Zoom = Hold L and press C Stick up/down
    1. Don't use full auto unless in very close quarters; full auto is far more
    inaccurate then using short bursts, and you'll use less ammo.
    2. Using explosives is close quarters is fatal.
    3. Go for the headshot. Headshots will (usually) kill instantly. Or, you can
    just go for the chest with auto aim.
    4. Use the environment to your advantage- if theres crates around, use them for
    cover. DON'T use oil drums for cover.
    5. Use oil drums to blow up lots of guards- those orange cylindars; shoot them
    to make big explosions and kill nearby guards.
    6. Snipers. Some guards have laser aimers on their guns and do a lot of damage
    if they shoot you. However, the laser gives away their position; just shoot at
    where the laser is coming from.
                         Difficulty Levels
    The stages are divided in 3 difficulty levels: Operative (easy), Agent
    (Medium), and 00 Agent (Hard). The objectives stay the same; the main
    differences are that the enemies are stronger, more accurate, and do more
    damage. You also get less ammo in higher difficulties.
                          3. W E A P O N S
    Wolfram P2k
    Clip Size: 6
    Alternate Fire: Silenced
    Real Name: Walther P99
    This is your standard weapon, and you usually start out with it. It is
    relatively weak, but has a fast rate of fire. The P2K kills with about 3 shots.
    Windsor Viper
    Clip Size: 6
    Real Name: Colt Annaconda
    The Viper shoots .44 magnum bullets which have excellent stopping power, but it
    is offset by heavy recoil. The Viper kills with about 1 shot.
    IAC Defender
    Clip Size: 10
    Real Name: Desert Eagle
    This also fires .44 magnum bullets, but at a faster rate of fire. It's accurate
    isn't as good though. The Defender kills with about 2 shots.
    Clip Size: 3
    Real Name: Air Gun
    The Dartgun fires darts which will not kill the target, and is used against
    innocent guards. It kills instantly.
    Golden Gun
    Clip Size: 12
    Alternate Fire: Silenced
    This is basically a gold plated P2K which has slightly greater stopping power.
    In multiplayer it kills instantly, looks like the Defender, and has a 1 round
    clip. One can also get cheats that increase the clip size, make it more
    accurate, etc.
                              Submachine Guns
    Koffler & Stock KS7
    Clip Size: 30
    Real Name: H&K MP5-A3
    The KS7 is relatively weak and innacurate, and is nigh worthless at long range.
    The KS7 uses a few shots to kill at close range, and more at long range.
    Ingalls Type 20
    Clip Size: 30
    Real Name: Ingram MAC-10 SMG
    This is also inaccurate, but has more stopping power the KS7.
    Calypso P-750
    Clip Size: 50
    Real Name: Calico Liberty 1000
    The Calypso has a large clip and does lots of damage, but has truely horrendous
    accuracy. The Calypso kills with a few shots.
    Munitions Belgigue PS100
    Clip Size: 60
    Real Name: FN-P90
    The PS100 also has a large clip and great stopping power. It seems to be more
    accurate then the other submachine guns, though not by much.
                               Assault Rifles
    Clip Size: 30
    Real Name: AK-47
    The KA-57 is far more accurate then the submachine guns and has good stopping
    power (kills with about 1 burst). As long as you use controlled bursts, it is
    very accurate.
    Windsor FSU-4
    Clip Size: 40 (alternate: 1)
    Alternate Fire: Grenade Launcher
    Real Name: Colt M16/M203
    One of the best weapons in the game, this has great stopping power and
    accuracy. It also comes with a grenade launcher.
    Meyer-Westlicher UGW
    Clip Size: 40
    Real Name: Steyr AUG
    This has good stopping power, but despite having a scope, it has abomninable
    accuracy in multiplayer. It has fairly good accuracy in single player.
    Koffler & Stock D17
    Clip Size: 50
    Real Name: H&K G11
    This is definitely the best weapon in the game. It has excellent accuracy (even
    on auto), a scope, and great stopping power (about a few shots).
    This is for when you are all out of ammo, and requires you go into close
    quarters. A punch to the back guarentees a knock-out.
    Frinsei Special 12
    Clip Size: 8
    Alternate Fire: Auto (multiplayer only)
    Real Name: Franchi SPAS-12
    The Frinsei has great stopping power, but a low range and slow reloads. The
    Frinsei is also available in rail-shooting stages. The Frinsei, at close range,
    kills anyone (except Super-Thugs) with 1 shot.
    SWZ SSR4000
    Clip Size: 5
    Real Name: SIG SSG 3000
    This sniper rifle has a large scope, and a single shot will kill instantly
    (even if you shoot someone in the foot). Because of the slow rate of fire, it
    should not be used in close quarters. It also be used to destroy choppers by
    killing the pilot.
    Pull the pin, throw it, and let it blow up multiple guards. You can hold R to
    make the throw go farther, but be careful it doesn't blow up in your face.
    Clip Size: 1
    Alternate Fire: Guided Rockets (multiplayer only)
    This fires explosives rockets that will kill anyone around the blast.
    .50 Caliber Gun
    This is in a fixed position, and can be used against helicopters and other
    vehicles. To use it, press A. The .50 cal fires a huge amount of destructive
    (if slightly inaccurate) ammunition sure to put the fear of God into any enemy-
    shortly before the bullets colide with the enemy's skull and chest. :P
    Grenade Launcher (multiplayer only)
    Clip Size: 10
    Alternate Fire: Cluster Grenade
    This fires explosive grenade shells, and is good for clearing out snipers.
    Mines (multiplayer only)
    There are 3 kinds of mines you can use. Trip Mines let out laser beams that
    cause damage if you walk into them. Proximity Mines blow up if stepped on.
    Remote Mines are placed, and the detonated with the Q-Remote.
    Photon Cannon (multiplayer only)
    Alternate Fire: 5 energy balls
    This powerful weapon shoots out energy balls that home in on targets and do
    huge amounts of damage. This is probably the deadliest weapon in the game, but
    also the cheapest.
    CH-6 (rail-shooting only)
    Clip Size: 6
    This rocket launcher fires deadly missiles at targets. There is also a Gold
    CH-6, which does more damage and has unlimited ammo.
    RCH-1 (rail-shooting only)
    Clip Size: 6
    The RCH-1 fires user guided missiles. Press the R button to detonate them
    before they hit a target.
    KA-57S (rail-shooting only)
    Clip Size: 100
    Real Name: AK-47
    Except for the clip size and better accuracy, this is exactly the same as the
    Primary Fire: Chain Gun
    Alternate Fire: Tank gun
    The tank is used in the Streets of Bucharest stage, and works as a
    rail-shooter. The chain gun shoots out deadly bullets at full auto, and uses a
    scope. The tank gun shoots out explosive tank shells.
                             Car Weapons
    These weapons are only available when driving one of the cars.
    Machine Guns: You have unlimited ammo for these, though they are inaccurate.
    Rockets: These are best used against helicopter, though they also work against
    Missiles: Similar to the Rockets, these lock onto targets and then home in on
                           4. G A D G E T S
    Regular Gadgets
    Q-Decryptor: Use to crack encrypted codes and open some locked doors.
    Q-Claw: This can be used to latch onto special circles with metal gratings.
    Q-Laser: This is used to burn through locks; it doesn't work on flesh though.
    Q-Camera: As the name should suggest, you use it to take pictures.
    Q-Remote: Used to download transmitter programs and open their corresponding
    programs (use on the green spiral things).
    Q-Card: Used to open some doors.
    Q-Jet: After charging it up, it will shoot you up in the air when used.
    Car Gadgets
    Q-Pulse: This shoots out a short range EMP that disables nearby cars.
    Q-Vision: These are basically night vision goggle.
    Q-Slick: It shoots out oil that causes cars behind you to swerve and crash.
    Q-Smoke: Shoots a smokescreen used to disorient your enemies.
    Q-Booster: This gives you an extra boost of speed (as in going fast, not the
    drug, for any incredibly stupid readers).
                                5. E N E M I E S
    The purpose of this section is to give an overview of the main types of
    enemies, and how to kill them.
                           Regular Solo Mission Enemies
    They come in several different designs, and use different weapons. However,
    they are basically the same. They have minimal strength and don't put up much
    of a fight.
    These guards are black-clad and have ammo belts over their shoulders. They have
    much stronger health then regular guards and will take multiple shots from any
    gun unless shot in the head. They usually use Frinseis, though some use the UGW
    or PS100.
    Put simply, these guards hide by crates and chuck grenades at you, making them
    major pains in the ass. If you run up to one of them, he will pull out a
    Snipers use a SSR 4000 with a laser sight, and generally remain in one spot. If
    they shoot you they do large amounts of damage. They will pull out pistols if
    you get close to them.
    The bosses have large health, and often require specialized strategies. See the
    walkthroughs for more information.
    Helicopters fly around and shoot chain guns and rockets at you. You can kill
    them by shooting the pilot with the SSR, or shooting the helicopter repeatedly
    with the .50 cal or explosives.
                           Rail Shooting Enemies
    They usually use automatics and are easily killed with regular guns.
    Limos & Armored Cars
    Guards pop out of these and shoot at you. Either shoot the limo till it
    explodes or shoot a tire. To kill armored cars, shoot the tires or use a
    They fire rockets and machine guns at you. Kill them with the CH-6 or the tank.
    Drone Guns
    These are in the Forbidden Depths stage, and will fire at you on full auto.
    Shoot them until they blow up.
                            Driving Stages
    All enemies in the driving stages require a few rockets or 2 missiles to
                           6. W A L K T H R O U G H
                   Mission 1: Trouble In Paradise
    - Infiltrate Research Facility
    - Find courier case containg vials
    - Rescue CIA Agent Zoe Nightshade
    Weapons Available
    Wolfram P2K
    Frinsei Special 12
    SSR 4000
    Select the Q-Claw, and latch onto the thing at the top (watch the cinema if
    you're confused). Walk across the catwalk, and drop down. You should see a
    guard with his back to you; drop down and punch him in the back to get a
    keycard. Decrypt the door, and head across (be sure to walk behind the security
    cam, so as not to trigger an alarm) to the armory door. Use the keycard, walk
    in, and grab the MRL-22 and grenades (you'll want to save these). Head back and
    take the elevator down. Upon getting there, shoot the guard, and use the Laser
    to burn the lock off the gate to the right. Head forwards, and let the guard
    see you. He will run to his friends, and hide behind the crate. Fire a shot
    into the red thing on the forklift, causing it and the guards to be blown up.
    Head forwards, shoot the other guard by some crates, run over to the body
    armor, and duck by the crates there. Wait as 4 more guards come out and run
    straight past you. Head forwards to the elevator and take it down. You'll now
    emerge ahead of the conservatory, and the guards will kill the lights as soon
    as you get close. You have 2 choices: run right through (which will get you
    killed in higher difficulties) or use your explosives to kill the guards. I
    prefer the later. First fire the MRL-22 at key points in the room (ie: where
    gunfire is coming from); you will also destroy several of the barriers. Then,
    chuck grenades at spots where guards are firing from; you should take care of
    most, if not all of them. Blast any remaining guards in there, run through,
    kill the 2 guards at the end, grab the body and the suitcase of vials, and
    activate the elevator.
    In the next section, head up the stairs and onto the grated platform, where
    cuts to a cinema showing Zoe tied to a submarine surrounded by a few great
    white sharks. After the cinema, you have 5 minutes before the sub launches
    (plenty of time). You should a guard on the platform; shoot him in the head,
    causing him to fall into the water and (probably) become fish food. Grab his
    SSR, and head down the stairs to the left. From here, use your SSR to snipe the
    guards (try to kill multiple guards by blowing up the red oil drums). Once the
    SSR is out of ammo, head the rest of the way down, and take out the rest of the
    guards, using the Frinsei (if you got it; if not, then use the KS7). Work your
    way around, and run onto the submarine. Use the Laser to cut Zoe's lock (don't
    worry about killing her with the laser; it doesn't cut through flesh), causing
    the mission to end.
                    Mission 2: Precious Cargo
    - Infiltrate Indenticon facility
    - Locate missing vials
    Weapons Available
    Frinsei Special 12
    Zoe is taking care of the driving for this, so you don't need to worry about
    where to go- you just have to shoot the enemies. At the beginning, use the
    KA-57S (the Frinsei is almost useless here, because of it's range) to shoot the
    guard in the helicopter. Then swerve around and perforate the car coming from
    behind. Move back to the front, and pull up the CH-6. Ahead is a chopper, which
    despite having rockets, couldn't hit you if it's life depending on it (which it
    does). A rocket should deal with the annoyance. Ahead will be an armored car.
    To destroy, either shoot the tires or blow it up (I prefer blowing it up, being
    the pyro that I am). As the level continues, just deal with the other cars that
    shoot at you. Eventually, you will get to a point where enemies are shooting at
    you from 3 sides; fire a rocket at each group of enemies, and the car will
    continue moving. As it continues, you'll eventually get to a part with several
    cars and a chopper in front of the building. Shoot them all with rockets to
    continue. Moving on, you will soon drive through a building, where you will
    deal with regular guards (you're still in the car). Blast the guard at the
    catwalk ahead, and then the guards at the left catwalk; the car continues once
    they're dead. You'll then go past a section with 2 Rocket Launcher guards
    ahead, though they don't seem to be able to hit you. Continuing on, you will
    stop in another room with more guards. Ignore the guards, shoot the red console
    and then the red thing above the machinery. Fend off the guards for a few
    seconds, and the mission will end, leading to a cinema where Zoe and her car
    get blown up by a missile from the Jackal.
                       Mission 3: Dangerous Pursuit
    - Locate stolen vials
    - Disable armored van
    Weapons Available
    Machine Guns
    In this stage, you get to be Bond behind the wheel, which (if you drive
    anywhere near as bad as I do) is a dangerous thing. When driving in the game,
    feel free to slam through lightposts, though if you ram a car, ram the side
    (you'll take less damage). :p At the begining, ram straight through the group
    of guards at the front, and keep following the arrow on your radar. When enemy
    cars show up, just blast them into oblivion with rockets or missiles.
    Eventually, you'll get to the part where the vials are transfered to an armored
    car. Chase after the armored car, it must not get away. Also, DO NOT destroy
    the car. Chase after it, following the car around, and as soon as you get close
    to the car, shoot out a Q-Pulse to stop the car and complete the mission.
                            Mission 4: Bad Diplomacy
    - Infiltrate private quarters on top floor
    - Gain access to secure room
    - Use passcode generator in Griffin's computer
    Weapons Available
    One thing to keep in mind for this mission, you must NOT allow the guards to
    set off an alarm, or you will fail. At the beginning, shoot the guard in the
    head and go through the doors. Go down the hall, and shoot the other guard. At
    the end of the hall, grab the extra darts, and head back to the middle of the
    hall and take up the elevator. After taking up the elevator, head right from
    there, towards the domed area, and blast the guard. Head back through the hall,
    and through a set off doors into the kitchen. Head to the left, and jump over
    the crates. You will knock something over, making noise and alerting a few
    guards. Race towards the next set of doors, and blast the 2 guards there. Jump
    over the trip-laser, and shoot the guard through the window. Jump through the
    window, and go up the ladder and through the upper window. Head forwards
    through the doors to the right of the statue- this leads to a cinema where Bond
    swipes a keycard. Head forwards to 2 more doors. Get some more darts from the
    left door, and use the keycard on the door to the right, which takes you to
    Griffin's office. Griffin is sitting dead at his desk, but then another Griffin
    walks in! Blast him with the dartgun and grab the generator that he drops. Go
    back to the computer near the window and activate. Then, head back to Griffin's
    office, and through the door, and down the stairs. Shoot the guard, jump over
    some trip-lasers, shoot 2 other guards, and take the elevator down. Then head
    from there through a pair of doors that leads to the beginning. Go through the
    doors marked 'EXIT' to end the mission.
                        Mission 5: Cold Reception
    - Photograph satelite imagery
    - Photograph blueprints
    - Retrieve data from basement mainframes
    Weapons Available
    Wolfram P2K
    IAC Defender
    Frinsei Special 12
    SSR 4000
    According to the briefing, the Griffin that you shot in the last mission was
    actually a clone, and there appears to be a clone laboratory at Malprave
    Industries (James Bond: Attack of the Clones *shudder*). Keep in mind that you
    have 15 minutes to beat most of the stage; it should be plenty of time, but
    don't dawdle. At the beginning, head backwards and to the desks. Activate the
    green thing on the desk all the way to the left (when facing to the doors),
    which will unlock the left doors; head through them. To the left is a vent;
    burn off the lock with the laser and head into it. At the next opening, burn
    off the lock, and shoot the guard in the back of the head (he won't see you).
    Go through the door to the left and kill the guards there. Then, head back to
    the room and photograph the picture. Head left through the next few doors,
    killing another guard. Photograph another picture, and head left towards the
    elevator. Before using it, grab the kerycard from the bookshelf. In the next
    section, shoot the guard, grab the body armor, and head forwards. This leads to
    a big room with 2 more guards to kill. Then, use the keycard on the red thing
    to the right to prevent the alarm from going off when you use the data points.
    You should notice green partitions running throughout the middle of this room.
    There are 3 data ports which must be accesed with the Q-Decryptor. After
    activating the first one, Malprave will set off an alarm, and show off her
    horrendous lack of humor. Quickly activate the other 2 data ports. After
    accesing the data ports, head forwards go through the next green, and head to
    the elevator. From the elevator, use the Q-Claw to get into the vent, head
    forwards and shoot the guard in the head through the grating. Continue
    forwards, and Q-Claw into the next vent. Shoot the rest of the guards you can
    see from there, head forwards shoot the others you can see, and drop down. Kill
    the other guards, but don't go through the blast doors. Instead, go up the
    ladder near the doors into the vent, and follow it to the green spiral thing.
    Kill the guard there, and use Q-Remote on the spiral. Head forwards, and run up
    the stairs. Kill the sniper (ignore the other guards) and race to the other
    green spiral; use the decryptor on it. After the elevator lets you off, head
    forwards to a big blue room. Go forwards and kill the Super-Thugs, either with
    the Frinsei or with Grenades. Then head to the next room, kill the guard and
    sniper, and run into the little office. Go up the ladder to the roof, run up to
    the claw, and press A.
                        Night of the Jackal
    Did anyone else notice that this name is a complete rip-off of the book/movie,
    Day of the Jackal?
    - Use Q-Claw to enter R's safehouse.
    - Infiltrate embassy.
    - Rescue 5 civilian hostages.
    - Find secret passage and rescue Damescu.
    Weapons Available
    Wolfram P2K
    SSR 4000
    .50 cal (mounted)
    The British embassy is being attacked, but instead of doing the logical thing
    and sending in a SWAT Team, Bond is getting sent in instead. At the beginning
    of the stage, a bus goes crashing through the gates to the embassy allowing the
    terrorists to get in. Head forwards, and kill the 2 guards. Now, head all the
    way across, by the gates. IGNORE the guards inside the gates; they won't attack
    you unless you attack them, and it's just a waste of ammo. Head left down the
    sidestreet near the edge of the gates, and kill the 3 guards there. Then, aim
    at where the laser aimer is coming from and kill the sniper before he puts a
    bullet in your forehead. Then use the Q-Claw, and then jump to the balcony
    where you can grab a SSR 4000 (don't waste it; you need it at the end). Then
    use the Q-Claw to go across, and jump through the window. Head forwards, and
    you should see a shower with a woman in it. If you just head forwards you won't
    see anything, but if you zoom in with the sniper rifle you'll see a lot of
    detail :P (I wonder how that got past the censors), though I won't go into any
    more of a detailed description, or I'll piss of CJayC, and then the guide
    wouldn't get posted. Anyways, head forwards, and it'll turn out that the woman
    was just a holgram (holographic video game p0rn, how pathetic can someone
    get?), and the shower is a secret passage. Head through the passage, use the
    Q-Claw at the end, jump down, and go through the door. Grab the armor by the
    stairs, and then head up the stairs. You should here a woman scream and start
    running, followed by a guard; kill the guard. Head down the hall and shoot the
    other guard. Then head to the glassed in area, shoot the 3 guards, break the
    glass, and jump through. Head down the hall, where a guard will blow a hole in
    the wall; kill him. Head onwards to the kitchen, where you'll need to kill some
    more guards. Head through the kitchen, down a hall, and into a domed room.
    Here, M will tell you about the secret passage, and give you the clue "King and
    Colors". Head over to the British flag, and activate it to reveal the passage.
    Head through and you'll find Damescu there. Grab the body armor and go up the
    elevator. Exiting the elevator, shoot the oil drums on the upper grating to
    kill a guard, and then shoot the oil drums on the ground. This will reveal
    Viper ammo, and body armor (which you don't need yet). Go through the doors for
    your boss battle with the Jackal. The Jackal uses a FSU-4, so you'll get mowed
    down if you try to attack her without taking cover. Run behind the group of
    crates, and duck down. If she started firing at you, wait for her to stop. Then
    pop up and get your aimer positioned to where she is. Then duck back down, and
    pop up when she stops shooting. Now you should follow a pattern of popping up
    to fire several rounds at her, ducking down, and popping back up. I prefer to
    use the the KA-57 and Ingalls. As she takes more damage, she will move along
    the walkway. As soon as she's in front of the crane, race over to the right,
    and press the green button. This sends her hurtling into the cooling fan, which
    chops her into pieces. Ouch. Head back to the previous room and grab the body
    armor. Then go back, head up the ladder, grab the Jackal's FSU-4, and head
    through the door. Go through the doors to the roof, where you will see a
    helicopter preparing to liftoff, which you must destroy. By far the easiest way
    is to use the SSR to pop the pilot in the face, causing the chopper to crash.
    Otherwise, you can either find the MRL-22 on the roof, or use the .50 caliber
    mounted gun; I prefer the .50 cal to the MRL. Run up to the mounted gun, and
    press A to get on it. Then aim up at the chopper (which should be in the air by
    now). Simply riddle the chopper with the ammo from the .50 caliber gun, and
    once the ammo belt runs out, race over to one of the other mounted guns and
    continue perforating the helicopter. Eventually the chopper will start spinning
    around in circles for a while and then crash into the building and explode,
    ending the mission.
                        Streets of Bucharest
    - Retrieve Q-Locater.
    - Locate data chip.
    - Deliver data chip to R.
    Weapons Available
    Machine Guns
    Time for another driving stage. For the first part of the stage, follow the
    arrow on your map, and use your various weapons to deal with the assorted
    enemies in cars. Eventually you'll be led to a subway. Drive through and fire
    off a missile to deal with the helicopter. Continuing through the subway, drive
    around the subway cars, grab the case, and exit the tunnel. Continue following
    the arrow until you are able to pick up the vial. Continuing, you will get a
    Q-Booster, which you must use as soon as you reach the stairs; it gives a burst
    of extra speed, enough to send you over the river. After going over the river,
    you will ditch the car, and get to use a TANK!! The stages now switches to
    rail-shooting, as you don't have to drive the tank; you just man the guns. The
    chain gun on your tank is incredibly powerful; it kills with a few shots and
    easily blows up cars. Just blow away the enemies you encounter as the tank goes
    on, and you will eventually slam through a theater, and end up in an area where
    your night vision goes on. The night vision makes it incredibly easy to pick
    out the guards on the ground and on the buildings. Eventually, the night vision
    will die off. At this point, immediately switch to the tank cannon (alternate
    fire) as there will be 2 tanks and a train ahead. You cannot destroy the tanks
    with your guns, and they will destroy you quickly. Aim at the train above, and
    wait till you see the red, cyclindrical car on the train- shoot that, causing
    it to blow up, along with the train, bridge, and enemy tanks. This ends the
                              Fire & Water
    - Infiltrate control room.
    - Chase Bloch into pipe room.
    - Enter control tower.
    Weapons Available
    Wolfram P2K
    SSR 4000
    .50 cal
    Walk across the platforms at the beginning (don't fall into the water), and go
    up the ladder. Go across the platforms and up the other ladders (killing the
    guards on them), and into the control room. Shoot the guard in the room, and
    then race over to the window (this causes Bloch to run away). Use the remote on
    the green spiral and burn off the laser on the lock. Pop out through the door
    for a few seconds, and race back in as several guards and a chopper appear in
    the second part. Wait a few seconds for the chopper to leave, and then shoot
    the guards through the window. Once they're dead, head back out the door and
    grab the body armor. Go up the stairs to the left. Peek out so you can only see
    the guard on the upper grate; kill him. Then, pull out the laser and run up to
    the fence thing. Bloch will give you some damagem but just cut off the lock and
    he will run away. Also cut the lock on the vent and go through. At the nd of
    the vent, you should see 2 guards. Shoot the oil drums to kill them, cut off
    the lock, and exit the vents. Go through, open the door, and jump across the
    crates which are hanging in the air. Kill the guards, and run into the office
    for body armor and a SSR (you have to burn off the lock on the box in there).
    Run up the stairs, hit the green button, hit the button on the door, and go
    through. In here, kill the 2 guards by the crates and kill the guard on the
    stairs. Using the SSR, aim towards where the laser pointer is coming from; you
    should be able to his foot- shoot him there (the SSR even kills instantly when
    you shoot the person in the foot). Then, go all the way over to the left and
    snipe the other sniper as well as another guard. Go all the way to the right to
    get another guard. Then swicth to your Calypso and go down the stairs. Kill the
    other 2 guards, and press the white thing in the middle to refuel the Q-Jet.
    Being sure not to fall into the red pits, head over to the ladder and into the
    room. Kill the Super-Thug and the guard. Activate the green thing and go
    through the door. There are now 2 Super Thugs by the stairs. Take out the SSR
    and shoot each of them IN THE HEAD. Go down, kill the guard with the grenade,
    and go up the ladder on the right. Walk onto the machinery which is moving up
    and down into the red pit. When on it, let it get to the highest point, and use
    the Q-Jet to jump onto the next floor. Kill the guards there and head forwards.
    Kill the snipers, and go up the elevator. From there, run up the ladder,
    ignoring the helicopter which is now in the air. Kill the snipers, and use the
    Q-Claw to get up to the next floor. Kill the guard, go up the ladder, and burn
    off the lock at the top of the ladder; this ends the mission.
                             Forbidden Depths
    - Eliminate Nigel Bloch
    Weapons Available
    Frinsei Special 12
    Following their fall from the end of Fire and Water, Bloch and Bond both hop
    into what look like bumper cars (seriously, and thats what I'll be calling them
    throughout the guide). BTW, this stage feels like one of amusement park rides.
    Aim at the beginning and blast the guard. Keep aiming; soon you should see one
    of the dreaded drone guns. Whatever you do, be sure to blow these up, or they
    will riddle with bullets. After the drone gun is a guy on one of those bumper
    cars. Keep shooting him, and the car (along with the guard) will explode.
    Afterwards, you pass by 2 guards on a higher platform, and then double drone
    guns (ouch). After this you'll run into a small ambush. Do away with the guards
    with the auto aim. Then, a glass thing will open up, revealing another guard
    and a red TV. Kill the guard and then shoot the TV to proceed. Ahead is another
    guy in a bumber car, followed by another drone gun. After the drone gun, you'll
    hear Bloch say, "Just you and Me" (Ugh. That puts some nasty thoughts in my
    sick, twisted mind). Turn around and another guard will be coming on a bumper
    car; kill him. After that is another car ahead, and then Bloch in a bumper car
    with an Uzi (damn, how come you don't get to use an Uzi in the game?).
    Unfortunately, you can't kill Bloch (yet). Just keep firing bursts into his
    chest to stop him from blasting you. Eventually, Bloch will go away, leaving
    you to deal with another drone gun. After that, you get a shotgun. Although the
    shotgun isn't that great for picking off guards (considering the speed you're
    going at), it will destroy the drone guns with one shot! Ahead is another drone
    gun and guard, followed by a bigger ambush. Shoot the oil drums to your right,
    killing several guards. Then kill the rest of the guards to the right, and the
    2 guys in front of the door. Then the door opens up, revealing a guy with a
    MRL-22 on a bumper car (good thing his accuracy sucks); kill him to move on, as
    well as grab some body armor. The next section can be a real bitch, especially
    on 00 Agent. You must now go through several drone guns and guards, one after
    the other. Use the KA-57S for this part (the shotgun would be too slow), and
    DON'T MISS THE DRONE GUNS! After this, Bloch comes back on his bumper car. Whip
    out the shotgun, and start blasting away at his car, as a few times I have made
    him fly right out of the area, other times he will just fall partly through the
    floor. If you don't get rid of him, he will start placing mines (which have a
    red blinker on them), which you should blast away before you get up to them
    (otherwise they'll blow up in your face). After Bloch leaves, you'll be pitted
    against another drone gun, and then go into another vent shaft. Shoot the 3
    fans in here, and then shoot the 2 red buttons to stop some deadly gas.
    Afterwards, you'll arrive for a boss battle with Bloch. After the cinema, kill
    the 3 guards along the track. Then Bloch comes out of the thing at the top to
    shoot at you. Just point your gun in Bloch's general direction, let the
    auto-aim do it's work, and fire away. Then, 3 more guards will come out with
    MRL-22s; kill them. Then Bloch goes into the circular thing, and opens up the
    floor. The heat will slowly damage you, so move fast. Get up the RCH-1 and use
    it to blast away the 3 red things on the ceiling, which will knock Bloch out of
    the circular thing, and to his death in a big vat of molten steel.
    - Infiltrate Clone labs.
    - Raise lab equipment temperature.
    - Increase lab system pressure.
    - Disrupt chemical balance in laboratory system.
    - Board submarine to escape.
    Weapons Available
    Wolfram P2K
    Windsor Viper
    Use the laser on the lock, and go into the vent shaft. At the end, use the
    laser on another lock, and kill the patroling guard. If you decrypt the room to
    the right, you can get some grenades, though I find it to be uneccesary. Open
    the door to the left, and kill the 2 guards (one of them uses grenades). Use
    the elevator to get to the next room, which has a dead great white shark as
    some kind of display. On either sides of the shark, a Super Thug will come out
    of a turbo-lift. I recomend positioning yourself so you get the first Thug with
    a few headshots, then go around and blast the other one to hell. Go through
    either of the doors, which lead to a section with 3 guards to kill. Through the
    next door is a room with a bunch of big watery tubes. Kill the 4 guards in
    there. Then 2-3 more guys will come in with UGWs. These guys can do a lot of
    damage, especially in higher difficulties, so try to take cover behind one of
    the tubes, and then pop out and blast them. Once they're dealt with, use the
    Q-Remote on the 3 green spirals, and go back into the elevator. From there,
    exit the elevatot after it gets to the next door, and go around through 2 mores
    doors. Kil the guard with his back to you, and then press the button to
    activate the drone gun lasers, which should cause most of the guards in the
    room to be killed. Once the gun stops shooting, head into the room, and mop up
    the remaining guards. With them dealt with, go around and use the Q-Remote on
    the 3 green spirals (usually theres a guard by each one), after which the room
    starts shaking, and a voice tells you to evacuate the area. Do as the voice
    says, and use the decryptor to decrypt and open the door, which puts you face
    to face with a Super-Thug (I shouldn't need to tell you to bust a cap in his
    face). From there head forwards, and you'll appear in a big room with a
    submarine. Kill the sniper and the guard to the left, and then head right into
    a little office, and press the green button to lower the ramp on the sub. Then
    head to the left, and down the stairs. There are several guards here, but most
    of them are standing near explosive oil barrels, so most of the poor saps won't
    last long, and the others can be mowed down with your UGW. Then you end the
    level by boarding the submarine, either by walking onto it via the ramp or by
    using the Q-Claw to get onto it- it doesn't matter which. In the ensuing
    cinema, Zoe happens to be on the sub (isn't she busy being dead?). She explains
    to you that the Zoe in the beginning was a clone supposed to infiltrate MI6 and
    the CIA, and that the rocket that killed it was meant for Bond.
    Rrrrrrrrrrright. After this absurd plot twist, Zoe gets down with Bond, though
    you don't see much of anything.
                       Mediteranean Crisis
    - Go to briefing room for MI6 update
    - Disarm helicopter
    - Destroy helicopter
    Weapons Available
    Wolfram P2K
    Frinsei Special 12
    IAC Defender
    SSR 4000
    .50 cal
    (Note: If Bond got gassed at the end of last stage's cinema, you'll start out
    in the brig, in which case you have to use the laser to cut the lock, kill the
    guard, and then proceed from the brig as normal)
    Head forwards, grab the Frinsei, and blast the oil drums, causing the guard to
    go up in flames. Head forwards, kill another guard, and go down the stairs. If
    you want to, you can go to the room marked "Brig" and get some more ammo, as
    well as kill another guard. Otherwise, go towards the area marked "Briefing
    Room", kill the guards, and head forwards up another set of stairs. Head
    forwards, and kill the guard with his back to you, and use the laser to open
    the vent and go through it. From the vent is another guard; kill him and and
    use the Q-Claw on the appropiate icon. From there, drop down the ladder and
    through the door on the right to more guards. Go upstairs and use the Q-Remote
    on the green spiral to get the Harrier programing (this comes in handy later).
    Go upstairs, past a Super Thug, and through another door. From here, you should
    see a guard walking through a red room and past some glass; blast him. Head
    forwards, and duck down by the keyboards, as a guard will start shooting at you
    from outside with a .50 cal. This could be very hard, but luckily, you have the
    Harrier program like I told you to do; pop up and use the remote on the spiral
    by the plane, causing the jet exhaust to be released and kill the guards
    shooting at you with the .50 cal. Head upstairs, around, and use the Q-Claw.
    Kill the guard in front of you, walk into the conference room, and kill the 3
    guards that come in. Head through a few doors, and up some doors, where a
    grenadier will say "hi" by tossing a grenade at you. Rush up the stairs and
    load some rounds into him, as well as the Super Thug nearby. Up the next flight
    of stairs, you should see another grenadier; shoot him. Go the rest of the way
    up, and kill the sniper, who has managed to remain oblivious to the explosions
    and automatic weapons fire. Into the next room (grenades may help here), kill
    the 2 guards there, and duck down as a chopper heads by the windows. Turn
    around, and kill the guard that walks over from the door you came by. You now
    have the choice to either destroy the chopper by shooting the pilot with the
    SSR, or waiting till the chopper leaves. Either way, once it's gone, go
    forwards and deal with the other few guards in there. At the end of the room,
    turn around and wait for 3 more guards to come in; kill them and then use the
    laser on the lock by the ladder. Go up the ladder and kill another guard and
    then shoot some oil drus to blow a guy with a .50 cal. Cut through another
    lock, go up the ladder, and kill the 2 guards (don't shoot the hostage). After
    the hostage stops talking, use the laser on her lock so she can open the door
    to where Zoe is being held captive. Go through the door, and DON'T USE THE
    HOOK!! Drop through the hole by it, then walk through the gap in the railing,
    and finally use the laser to cut through the vent and drop into a little room.
    Press the green button to get Zoe out of the range of the oil drums. Then step
    outside and shoot one of the drums, causing a chain explosion that kills the 2
    Super Thugs. Go through the door, and down the ladder. Through the doors, and
    use the remote on the spiral to launch a missile and kill the sniper. Kill the
    Super Thug, and go up to the .50 cal, where you'll get a message that the
    clones are trying to escape in a chopper. If you let the chopper escape you'll
    fail, so don't screw around here. Just load bullets into the chopper until it
    explodes, and head down the stairs and wait for the level to end.
                                  Evil Summit
    Being the last stage, you'd expect this to be fairly hard. Actually, it's
    incredibly easy once you get past the first part.
    - Infiltrate Alpine Base
    - Rescue 8 World Leaders
    Weapons Available
    Wolfram P2K
    SSR 4000
    Walk through the door, and blast the guard (sometimes it takes more then 1
    headshot to get him). To the right, use the laser to cut through the lock on a
    box, and get the SSR 4000. Go up to the window, and use the SSR to snipe the 2
    snipers on the tower directly across from you (you only have 2 shots so don't
    miss). Then aim down, and shoot the guard patrolling the glassed in area. Then
    use the P2K to shoot the other 2 snipers (don't worry, they won't even aim at
    you). Exit the building, head forwards, and use the lift to go up the left
    sniper tower. Grab the ammo, and use the Q-Remote on the green spiral, which
    will make guards start heading to the start point, though you can ignore them
    for now. Use the hook to go over to the next sniper tower, get the ammo, and
    hop on the next hook, which goes to the start. Drop down, and quickly kill the
    guards, as they have D17s, which eat up your health rather fast. Go forwards,
    use the remote on the spiral to open the hatch, drop down, and go to the door.
    You emerge in a large room where 4 world leaders are being held hostage. Go
    around the catlwalks to the left, and once fairly close to the thing in the
    middle, use the laser on the rod going down the middle, dropping the thing, and
    killing all but one of the guards (now be sure not to fall into the middle
    part, as it would be fatal). Jump off the catwalk, and shoot the other guard.
    Go over to the green spiral, use the remote on it, go into Silo 1, and use the
    remote on the spiral to open the door (by the path to the silo is a sign that
    says "safety pays in every way"). Head over by the door; there is a nuke in the
    room, though shooting it won't make it blow. Fire off some rounds to the left,
    causing some guards to run over; shoot them to rescue the French Prime
    Minister. Exit the silo, and use the same spiral thing to get into Silo 2.
    There, go over to the open door, and snipe the guard to the left. Blow up the
    oil drums by the other door once the other 2 guards run by it, and then shoot
    the other guard that walks in to rescue the German chancellor. Exit the silo,
    and go to Silo 3. Go through the door, and use the Q-Claw to get onto the
    platform to the right. Time the next Q-Claw thing to get onto the moving
    platform, jump to the ladder, run over and kill the guards to rescue the UK
    Prime Minister. Use the Q-Claw to get back to the door, and go to Silo 4. In
    Silo 4, snipe the guard, head up the stairs, and kill the other guard to rescue
    the US president. Then you are sealed into the silo; if _only_ there was a door
    near the bottom of the silo shown mysteriously opening during the cinema- oh
    wait, there was. Go down the ladder (or jump down if you have good health), and
    go through the door and into an elevator. When you emerge, Bloch is back, and
    apparently the Bloch you killed was a clone (I was right when I refered to this
    as James Bond- Attack of the Clones). And to make things even better, Malprave
    set the nukes to blow. For the battle with Bloch, you definitly want to use the
    SSR. Don't dick around with headshots, just shoot him in the chest a bunch of
    times, and be sure to dodge his rather slow rockets. Eventually he'll go up to
    the top and blow off a ramp from the ceiling. Refuel your Q-Jet, and use it to
    get onto the ramp. From there, slowly turn around and use the Q-Claw, and go
    through the vent, which takes you to the start of the Cold Reception stage.
    You'll get a MRL-22 as the part of the floor starts collapsing, and you get 15
    seconds before the nukes explode. Don't move; shoot Bloch once with the MRL to
    end the stage. In the cinema, Bond jumps out onto Zoe's Harrier as Malprave
    tries to run out at the last second and is killed in the nuclear explosion.
    Wait a minute- shouldn't a nuclear blast have destroyed Bond, the Harrier, and
    a good chunk of the surrounding area? And what about the World Leaders, were
    they just left to die or something? Ah, good old plot holes.
                       7. G O L D  A W A R D S
    In each stage, you can earn points based on how many enemies you killed, damage
    taken, time taken, accuracy, ammo used, and Bond moves. You also get a bonus
    for playing the stage in Agent or 00 Agent. You should also attempt to do a
    fair amount of Bond Moves, as they are (usually) easy ways to get more points.
    There are 2 main ways to get the cheats. Either rush through the level, get
    some Bond Moves, and pick up the time reward. Or, you can go slowly, pick off
    most of the guards, conserve your health and ammo, and try to get headshots.
    For the first few cheats you should be able to get enough points in Operative,
    though later cheats you will need to play in Agent or 00 Agent to get enough
    points in. The information for the cheat table below came from the GameFAQs
    codes section. After the table, I have provided a list of the 007 moves that I
    know of.
     _________________________ __________________________________ ______________
    |Award                    | Level                            | Score        |
    | Golden Gun              | Trouble in Paradise              | 50,000       |
    | Golden CH-6             | Precious Cargo                   | 50,000       |
    | Unlimited Missiles      | Dangerous Pursuit                | 70,000       |
    | Golden Accuracy*        | Bad Diplomacy                    | 70,000       |
    | Golden Clip*            | Cold Reception                   | 90,000       |
    | Gold Grenades           | Night of the Jackal              | 90,000       |
    | Lotus Esprit            | Streets of Bucharest             | 100,000      |
    | Rapid Fire*             | Fire & Water                     | 100,000      |
    | Golden Armor            | Forbidden Depths                 | 110,000      |
    | Golden Bullets*         | Poseidon                         | 120,000      |
    | Regenerative Armor      | Mediteranean Crisis              | 130,000      |
    | Unlimited Ammo*         |Evil Summit                       | 130,000      |
    * = only affects the Golden Gun
                              Bond Moves
    Keep in mind that this is in no way complete (yet). After a level's name, I've
    given the amount of Bond Moves I've found, out of the ones in the level (so,
    3/6 means I've found 3 of the 6 Bond Moves).
    Trouble In Paradise (7/7) Recomended Difficulty: Operative
    1. Use the Q-Claw at the beginning.
    2. Decrypt the front door.
    3. Use the Q- Decryptor to open the second door at.
    4. Open the armory.
    5. Burn off the first lock.
    6. Blow up the red thing on the forklift.
    7. Around the corner, shoot the cable on the forklift to drop a box on a guard.
    Precious Cargo (13/13) Recommended Difficulty: Operative
    1. Shoot every single car in the tire. (counts for several Bond moves)
    2. Shoot the guard in the first chopper.
    3. Shoot the guard in the chopper by the building.
    4. In the Identicon building, shoot the barrels on the left and middle of the
    three roadblocks.
    5. Kill both of the rocket launcher guards inside the Identicon facility.
    6. Shoot the gas pumps, starting the chopper, cars, and gas station.
    Dangerous Pursuit (5/5) Reccomended Difficulty: Operative
    1. Destroy the first 2 cars with the Q-Smoke.
    2. Turn left- theres a gas station; shoot the pumps.
    3. Blow up the stuff by the first road block.
    4. Blow up the oil barrels.
    5. Use the Q-Pulse on the car at the end.
    Bad Diplomacy (7/7) Recomended Difficulty: Operative
    1. Use the laser to shoot the wires to either the left or right of the
    tripwires (several Bond Moves).
    2. Use Q-Claw after the ladder.
    3. Open the room with Malprave in it (the one with the cinema where you get the
    4. Get the keycard.
    5. Shoot Griffin's double.
    Cold Reception (13/13) Recomended Difficulty: Agent
    1. Go into the vent at the beginning.
    2. Photograph the blueprints.
    3. Photograph the satellite imagery.
    4. Get the keycard alarm on the shelf near the guy with the Defender.
    5. Go into the 2nd vent (room with maps).
    6. Picture of the model.
    7. Picture of the other model.
    8. Get the security program.
    9. After the 2nd elevatot, use the Q-Claw to get into the 2nd vent.
    10. Get the program with the Q-Remote.
    11. Open the security door.
    12. Open the other door.
    13. Use Grenades to kill the Super-Thugs.
    Night of the Jackal (8/8) Recommended Difficulty: Agent
    1. Get the SSR from the balcony.
    2. Use the Q-Claw after the safe house.
    3. Rescue the hostages.
    4. Go into the bathroom.
    5. Find the escape route.
    6. Find Damescu.
    7. Kill the Jackal by using the crane.
    8. Shoot the helicopter pilot in the head with the SSR.
    Streets of Bucharest (9/9) Recommended Difficulty: 00 Agent
    1. Speed over bridge.
    2. Destroy both of the Choppers after you get the Q-Locater.
    3. Destroy some of the cars with Q-Slicks.
    4. While going down the steps, side the car.
    5. Shoot over the gap after the steps.
    6. When in the tank, shoot the barrels in the circular room.
    7. After the night vision comes on, shoot the barrels by the car to the left.
    8. Shoot down chopper with tank.
    9. Shoot chopper into bridge.
    Fire & Water (13/13) Recomended Difficulty: 00 Agent
    1. Use Remote on green thing in control room.
    2. Break lock in control room.
    3. Go into vent.
    4. Use the Q-Remote to knock down the crate after the control room.
    5. Go through the left vent, shoot the barrels there, and move the crates to
    exit the room.
    6. Use the SSR to kill the helicopter pilot.
    7. Use the Q-Claw in the pump room.
    8. After going up the ladder, shoot the Q-Remote at the snipers to make them
    fall down.
    9. Kill the other chopper pilot with the SSR.
    10. After the trans cable, drop a crate on some guards by using the Q-Remote
    11. Drop the other crate with the Q-Remote.
    12. Use the Q-Claw near the very end.
    13. Use the laser to break the lock at the very end.
    Forbidden Depths (4/4) Recommended Difficulty: Agent
    1. Shoot the red TV.
    2. Blow up the oil drums to kill several guards in the 2nd ambush.
    3. Shoot all 3 fans in the vent shaft before the battle with Bloch.
    4. Shoot both red buttons after the fans.
    Poseidon (9/9) Recommended Difficulty: 00 Agent
    1. Go into the vent at the beginning.
    2-4. Use the remote on the green spiralsby the watery tubes (counts as 3
    different Bond moves).
    5. Activate the drone gun.
    6-7. Use the remote on the green spirals in the drone gun room (2 different
    Bond moves).
    8. Activate ramp to submarine.
    9. Use the Q-Claw to get onto the submarine.
    Mediteranean Crisis (13/13) Recommended Difficulty: 00 Agent
    1. Use the laser on the brig door (you have to start out in there).
    2. Use the laser on the brig vent.
    3. Get the Harrier program.
    4. Use the Q-Claw after part with second vent.
    5. Second Q-Claw part.
    6. Use laser to open fence door.
    7. Activate jet to kill guard by .50 cal.
    8. Use third Q-Claw.
    9. Use the SSR to kill the helicopter pilot.
    10. Get the missile program.
    11. Use the laser to free the hostage.
    12. Activate the crane to get Zoe out of the blast from the oil cans.
    13. Activate missile.
    Evil Summit (10/10) Recommended Difficulty: Operative
    1. Get the SSR at the beginning.
    2. Lift to the sniper tower.
    3. Use the Q-Remote in the sniper tower (can be done over and over for a total
    of 99 Bond Moves).
    4. Use laser on middle platform in big room.
    5. Rescue French Prime Minister.
    6. Blow up oil barrel in silo and kill 2 guards.
    7. Rescue German Chancellor.
    8. Rescue UK Prime Minister.
    9. Rescue US President.
    10. Kill Bloch.
                     8. P L A T I N U M  A W A R D S
    After earning a gold award in a stage, 007 bonuses will appear in the stage. By
    collecting all the 007 bonuses in a stage and gaining the required score, you
    will get a Platinum award. You won't have to do as good as when you got the
    gold award, because the 007 bonuses will add to your score. The 007 bonuses
    appear as gold '007's throughout the stage, and are easy to spot once you know
    where to look. The information for the table came from the codes section of
    GameFAQs. NOTE: In rail-shooting stages, you must do certain things to make the
    icons appear.
     _________________________ __________________________________ ______________
    |Award                    | Level                            | Score        |
    | MP Map- Rocket Manor    | Trouble In Paradise              | 50,000 + 007 |
    |MP Game Mode- Golden Gun | Precious Cargo                   | 50,000 + 007 |
    | MP Model- Stealth Bond  | Dangerous Pursuit                | 70,000 + 007 |
    |MP Powerup- Gravity Boots| Bad Diplomacy                    | 70,000 + 007 |
    | MP Model- Guard         | Cold Reception                   | 90,000 + 007 |
    | MP Weapon- Viper        | Night Of the Jackal              | 90,000 + 007 |
    | MP Model- Alpine Guard  | Streets of Bucharest             | 100,000 + 007|
    | MP Weapon- Calypso      | Fire & Water                     | 100,000 + 007|
    |MP Modifier- Full Arsenal| Forbidden Depths                 | 110,000 + 007|
    |MP Model- Cyclops Oil Guard| Poseidon                       | 120,000 + 007|
    |MP Model- Poseidon Guard | Mediterannean Crisis             | 130,000 + 007|
    | MP Model- Carrier Guard | Evil Summit                      | 130,000 + 007|
                                007 Bonuses
    NOTE: If I found a 007 icon location at MrEasy's Bond icons guide (located on
    GameFAQs), it is denoted with an asterik (*).
    Trouble in Paradise (4/4) Recommended Difficulty: Operative
    1. Walk across the catwalk after using the Q-Claw at the beginning.
    2. Near the crates after the first elevator.
    3. To the left of the room where the lights get turned off.
    4. Near the walkway to the sniper.
    Precious Cargo (6/6) Recomended Difficulty: Operative
    (thanks to JGilchrist)
    1. Destroy the 2 limos at the first roadblock.
    2. Destroy the helicopter after the first warehouse.
    3. Kill the guy a little ways down to the left after the 2nd icon.
    4. Kill the 3 enemies in front of the Identicon building.
    5. In the Identicon building, use the CH-6 to destroy the large central pillar
    before killing any guards/.
    6. After the 5th icon, blow up the last fan on the wall to your right.
    Dangerous Pursuit (5/5) Recomended Difficulty: Operative
    1. When you start the level, turn around and go backwards.*
    2. After the roadblock, drive through the wooden crate.*
    3. Go by the left side of the road, and into the convention center.*
    4. In the gas station after the convention center.*
    5. Continuing past the gas station, go to the left sidewalk after the scenery
    changes to trees.*
    Bad Diplomacy (4/4) Recomended Difficulty: Operative
    1. By first extra darts.
    2. Go around the domed room on the second floor.
    3. Jump over the second trip laser (by the window), head all the way forwards,
    and press A near the wall to open a secret room. The bonus is in the room.
    4. In the room after Griffin's room.
    Cold Reception (7/7) Recommended Difficulty: Operative
    1. In the 2nd vent shaft.
    2. Past the far right door at the beginning.
    3. By the stairs in the mainframe room.*
    4. By the oil drums, down from the 2nd vent shaft (after the 2nd elevator).
    5. In the 2nd vent shaft (after the 2nd elevator).
    6. Into the blue area with the first sniper, down the ladder, and behind the
    7. Ontop of one of the tubes in the same room as #5 (jump onto the warning
    sign, then onto the pipe, and ontop of the tube).
    Night of the Jackal (4/4) Recommended Difficulty: Operative
    1. In the window to the left of the path to the safehouse.
    2. In the balcony where you get the SSR.
    3. After the first hostage, down the hall, and into the room to the right.
    4. On the roof, behind some crates.
    Streets of Bucharest (6/6) Recomended Difficulty: Operative
    1. By a group of arches a little bit after the start.
    2. By trains where you get the locater card.
    3. Go down sidestreet to the left after speeding past the bridge with the gap
    in it.
    4. After the data chip, drive through the middle of the fence at full speed.
    5. Destroy the gas truck to destroy 2 armored cars.
    6. Destroy both helicopters by the theater.
    Fire & Water (8/8) Recommended Difficulty: Operative
    1. Behind the oil barrel directly across from the door out of the control room.
    2. Ontop of crates in room after first vent shaft.
    3. Upper right corner of section after fence.
    4. Left edge of section after fence.
    5. On crates to the right of the ladder that leads to the room with the Super
    Thug (in the pump room).
    6. By the oil barrels to the right, after the pump room.
    7. Head across and to the left after the pump room, and duck down to reach it.
    8. Behind the crates on the platform where you get the MRL-22.
    Forbiden Depths (4/4) Recomended Difficulty: Operative
    1. Kill both of the 2 guards at the upper platform near the beginning.
    2. Kill the 2 guards at the second upper platform.*
    3. Shoot all of Bloch's mines.*
    4. Destroy all the drone guns; it's in the shaft before the fans.
    Poseidon (5/5) Recomended Difficulty: Operative
    1. At other vent at start (the one with body armor).
    2. By oil drums to right of door to lab equipment room.
    3. After drone gun & Super Thug, go up stairs and into the room on the right.
    4. In drone gun room.
    5. Behind oil drums to left of the bottom of the stairs that lead to the floor
    with the submarine.
    Mediteranean Crisis (9/9) Recommended Difficulty: Agent
    1. At beginning (if you didn't get gassed in the previous level).
    2. In the brig.
    3. In the brig vent.
    4. In the second vent.
    5. By oil drums after first plane.
    6. On platform by second Q-Claw.
    7. Bottom of stairs in grenadier room.
    8. Drop through hole after the room with the hostage.
    9. By the Super Thugs guarding Zoe.
    Evil Summit (6/6) Recomended Difficulty: Operative
    1. On the first sniper tower.
    2. On the second sniper tower.
    3. At the bottom of silo 1.
    4. By door with the oil drum in silo 2.
    5. On top of the middle platform (in the room with the group of 4 world
    6. At the bottom of silo 4.
                              9. M U L T I P L A Y E R
                            Multiplayer Games
    There are several different game types for multiplayer.
    Combat Training: Standard combat, where you fight against the other players,
    with the option of teams.
    Protect the Flag: A game of capture the flag, but with guns and explosives. (No
    Golden Gun: Any shot from the Golden Gun kills instantly. (No Bots)
    Anti-Terrorist Training: Try to defuse bombs in the arena, while dealing with
    your opponents. (No Bots)
    Top Agent: One person is selected as the Top Agent; he recieves double health.
    The other players must try to kill the top agent. Whoever kills the Top Agent
    becomes the next Top Agent.
    The following is a list of the characters you can use. Characters that must be
    unlocked with cheats have the word "gold" in parenthesis, after the name.
    Thug (Gold)
    Evil Zoe Clone
    Griffin Clone
    Rig Diver
    Stealth Bond (Gold)
    Identicon Guard
    Alpine Guard (Gold)
    Cyclops Oil Guard (Gold)
    Poseidon Guard (Gold)
    Carrier Guard (Gold)
    - This is really small, and is basically just one room, which ensures that the
    battles will be fairly short.
    - There aren't much of any camping spots, though you can use some of the
    pillars for cover.
    - This is similar to the streets at the beginning of Night of the Jackal,
    though bigger.
    - If you have the Q-Claw you use it to get onto one of the balconys and snipe
    enemies from there.
    - Near the middle of the stage is a set of crates you can use to jump to a
    ladder which takes you a higher platform with 2 crates for cover.
    Wine Cellar
    - This is similar to the Dungeon stage, though this one is bigger and more fun.
    - Near the middle is a circular hole. Nearby is a wheel that lowers a platform
    into the hole, killing anyone in there. You can then jump onto the platform and
    wait for it to raise you up. From there, you can jump onto a section with a
    powerup which makes for a good sniping place.
    Red Sector
    - The upper platforms give you a slight advantage.
    - Once again, the top floor gives you the advantage.
    - If you have Low Gravity and/or the Q-Jet,  there are some upper platforms
    that you can snipe enemies from.
    Cooling Station
    - This level has a series of paths to a large middle room, where most of the
    bots gather.
    - You can hide behind the stairs or in the vents in the bottom floor
    - There are wooden beams at the top that you can Q-Jet to to, though they
    provide no cover.
    - This level has 3 floors.
    - You can hide behind the stairs or in the vents on the bottom floor.
    - One of the smaller levels, this makes for shorter battles.
    - There are crates by the bottom that can be used for cover.
    - The tops of the 2 buildings are perfect camping spots, and they are easy to
    Blue Sector
    - 3 floors.
    - Can take cover behind the stairs.
    Escort (no bots)
    - In this, the human players take turns having to kill or protect the escort
    that comes out of the train.
    - If you go into the tracks you can be hit by the train (instant death).
    - The bottom floor offers very little cover, except inside the buildings.
    - Upstairs, you can snipe at the other person or the escort, and take cover if
    you duck down.
    - If the other person is ontop of the roof, one nasty trick is run across to
    their side and kill their escort, as you'll be relatively safe from the
    person's shots while on his/her side.
    Manor (no bots)
    - Has 2 floors.
    - If you have the Jet, Grapple, or Low Gravity, you can go to one of the upper
    buildings and snipe from there.
                           10. C H A R A C T E R S
    (Contains SPOILERS)
    M: The head of MI-6, she somehow manages to know exactly what you're doing,
    even though you happen to be hundreds of miles away from her location.
    R: The successor to Q, he designs most of your gadgets and gets pissed off
    whenever you damage them.
    Zoe Nightshade: A CIA Agent, she aids you in defeating Bloch. Bloch tried to
    replace her with a clone to infiltrate MI-6 and the CIA, but Carla screwed up
    and killed the clone.
    Adrian Malprave: The head of Malprave Industries, she becomes involved with
    Bloch and Carla the Jackal. She is killed at the end in an explosion.
    Nigel Bloch: CEO of Identicon Industries, he was arrested 21 years ago for
    securities fraud and falsifying information. After his release, he appeared to
    have led a clean life, though has begun terrorist activities. His clone is
    dropped into a vat of molten steel, and the real Bloch is blown up with a
    Carla the Jackal: An assassin for hire, she has started working with Malprave.
    She is killed when she is blasted into a cooling fan.
    Griffin: A British ambassader, he has had some contacts with Identicon. He is
    tortured to death and then Identicon attempts to replace him with a clone.
    The Twins: Nothing is relly known about them, except that they are to working
    with Malprave, and might have been killed in the explosion at the end.
                             11. F A Q
    Q: Are there push button codes in the game?
    A: No. Stop asking me.
    Q: Do you have information about the PS2 or Xbox version?
    A: I do not even own a PS2 or Xbox. See the platform at the begining of the
    guide? THats right, this guide is for Gamecube, not any other system. So stop
    asking me about the other versions.
                              12. C R E D I T S
    Nintendo: They made the system you've been playing this game on.
    EA: They made the game you've been playing.
    CJayC: For making GameFAQs, probably the best video game site ever, as well as
    posting this guide on his site.
    typhlosion5555: He sent in the information on the Gold and Platinum Awards,
    which appear in the GameFAQs codes and secrets section.
    Hen Duck, Max Rapp, and Douglass Penny: They all sent me the tip for one of the
    Bond Moves in the first stage.
    SpritzFan4Life: He sent in the tip about killing Carla with the crane and
    shooting the chopper pilot with the SSR. He also sent in almost all the other 
    Bond Moves for the levels up to Fire and Water.
    JGilchrist: Told me how to get the 007 Icons in Precious Cargo.
    MrEasy: I used his 007 Icons guide to find several of the 007 Icons.
                          13. L E G A L  I N F O
    This guide is copyright, 2002- 2003, of Kodos86 (that would be me), all rights
    reserved. This guide may not be reproduced in any means, except
    for personal use. This guide may not be bought, sold, or given away as a bonus
    with another purchase. The ONLY official sites carrying this guide are Game
    FAQS (www.gamefaqs.com) and Neoseeker (www.neoseeker.com), and is where one can
    always find the most recent update. If any of you see this guide at any site
    other then the above, PLEASE notify me immediately (they may have permission to
    use it, but they might not).
    Do not ask for permission to use this guide, as I will not let you. I've had
    too many problems with sites not keeping my guides updated, and I don't have
    time to tell several different sites every time I update.
                        14. C O N T A C T I N G  M E
    Feel free to contact me at kodos86@adelphia.net. Below is my policy for I will
    and will not accept.
                              What I will accept:
    Submissions: These are always welcome. If you find something I don't have in my
    guide, please let me know about it.
    Questions: Feel free to ask me questions, but READ THROUGH THE GUIDE FIRST. If
    I have already answered the question in the guide, I will ignore you. Also,
    remember that I am not an employee of Nintendo or any other game company. And,
    Comments: Believe me, it's nice to know that someone used one of guides or
    found it helpful. Although I may not reply to them, they are appreciated.
    Complaints: Feel free to send these, if there is a valid reason to your
    complaint. If you think my guides sucks or doesn't have enough information,
    feel free to tell me, provided you back it up with some reasons. If you just
    send me something like "hey, your guide ****ing sucks", you will be ignored.
    Information about my guides being ripped off: If you ever see one of my guides
    being used illegally, please contact me immediately. Also, it helps if you have
    the word "plagiarism" somewhere in the subject of the e-mail.
                          What I won't accept:
    Flames: If you flame me, I will post on GameFAQs where we can all laugh at your
    stupidity. I will also delete the message.
    Attachments: Do not send attachments in any of your e-mails. They will not be
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    Stupid messages: E-mails with no point to them will be deleted, though you may
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    sending an e-mail will give me bad luck or cause me to have unsuccesful
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    Yes, I will delete them. I will also block your e-mail.
    Spam Letters: Not only is it illegal, but I have spam blocking software; don't
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    I reserve the right to reprint any e-mails I recieve, though your e-mail
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                              ~End of document~

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