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    Weapons/Gadget FAQ by Da Bomb

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 08/17/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    -----------------[007: Agent Under Fire weapons & gadget FAQ]--------------
    		-----------[By Tom 'Da Bomb' Brookes]---------
    No part of this guide may be reproduced electronically or linked to without my
    prior written permission. Doing so is an infringement of copyright and
    therefore illegal.
    This is Copyright 2003 Tom Brookes.
    ----------[Version History]----------
    Version         Date	        Work Completed
    Version 0.6 	July 15, 2003	Started the FAQ and finished to Q-Decryptor
    Version 1.0	July 16, 2003   Finished all gadgets, added 13 tips &              
    Version 1.1     July 17, 2003   Checked the document for spelling              
    Version 1.2     August 17, 2003 Fixed spacing and added a few items
    1.    Introduction
    2.    Pistols
              - Wolfram P2K		        - Dartgun
              - Windsor Viper		- Golden Gun
              - IAC Defender
    3.    Submachine Guns
              - Koffler & Stock KS7		- Calypso P-750
              - Ingalls Type 20		- Munitions Belqique PS100
    4.    Assault Rifles
              - Kazakovich KA-57		- Meyer-Westlicher UGW
              - Kazakovick KA-57s		- Koffler & Stock D17
              - Windsor FSU-4
    5.   Other weapons/attacks
              - Fists			- Mines (multiplayer only)
              - Frinesi Special 12	        - SWZ SSR4000 Sniper	
              - Grenades 			- Photon Cannon
              - MRL-22			- CH-6 (rail shooting only)
              - Fixed Machine Gun (single player only)
              - Grenade Launcher (multiplayer only)
              - RCH-1			- Shotgun (rail shooting only)
    6.   Gadgets
              - Q-Decryptor 		- Q-Pulse
              - Q-Claw			- Q-Vision
              - Q- Laser			- Q-Smoke
              - Q-Specs			- Q-Slick
              - Q-Camera			- Q-Booster
              - Q-Remote			- Car machine guns
              - Q-Card			- Car rockets
              - Q-Jet			- Car missiles
    7.    Combat Tips
    8.    Conclusion & future related FAQs
         James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire was the best Bond game of its time,
    so I decided to create a weapon & gadget FAQ for this popular game in the hopes
    that it would help the readers when on harder levels and advise them when to
    use a certain object. In the subsection of each weapon, there will
    be a brief description, some helpful information and some pros and cons
    that will dictate when to use it.
         The gadgets section will show on which level each gadget is used,
    when you should use it, how to use it, my ranking of it and a brief description
    including most of the above. If the guide is too large for the screen, then set
    it to a smaller size instead of scrolling horizontally
    every line. If you are looking for a certain weapon, then press CTRL and F and
    then type in the weapon's name. Well anyway, on with the guide.
    Wolfram P2K
    Power: Poor
    Starting Ammunition: 24 rounds
    Clip Capacity: 6 rounds
    Firing Rate: Fair (5/10)
    Special action: Special silencer to decrease noise
    Overall: 4/10
    Additional Notes: Bond can never be seen without his trusty sidearm, so
    the Walther reprises its role as his starting handgun in the form of a Walther
    P2K. With a smooth firing rate and good accuracy, this gun can quickly take
    down most enemies fitted with light armour. The 9mm rounds
    may not be powerful, but the precise firing means that head shots will be
    effective and accurate. You start off with this weapon, and it can be upgraded
    to the Golden gun as a bonus. Use this for single enemies or when going for
    stealth, as it does not have the power nor the firing rate to
    take down groups efficiently without damage to you. Still, a pretty good weapon
    and a great pistol.
    Windsor Viper
    Power: High
    Starting Ammunition: 6 rounds
    Clip Capacity: 6 rounds
    Firing Rate: Poor (3/10)
    Special action: None
    Overall: 4.5/10
    Additional Notes: The Windsor Viper is a large pistol capable of quickly taking
    down armoured enemies due to its .44 magnum rounds and powerful
    shot. This weapon is marred by a heavy recoil, which reduces its rate of fire.
    Overall, it is better than the Walther because of its sheer power,
    but stick to the Walther if you need speed and/or stealth. Otherwise,
    shoot away with this magnum!
    IAC Defender
    Power: High
    Starting Ammunition: 6 rounds
    Clip Capacity: 6 rounds
    Firing Rate: Poor (4/10)
    Special action: None
    Overall: 5/10
    Additional Notes: This is another powerful magnum that is nearly
    identical to the Windsor Viper in every way, except that it is made by
    the Israelis and has a higher rate of fire due to the gas-blowback system. This
    pistol packs a punch by sending .44 rounds with tremendous power. Accuracy is
    poor though, which means that close range fights against few enemies is ideal.
    Take this over the Viper because it is faster at firing, but do not count on
    it. The low amount of rounds for this will make you
    run out quickly, so conserve this and only use it in point blank
    Power: Poor
    Starting Ammunition: ?
    Clip Capacity: ?
    Firing Rate: Fair (4.5/10)
    Special action: None
    Overall: 8/10
    Additional Notes: This gas-powered useful pistol was designed in the
    Q-Lab and is used in the mission, "Bad Diplomacy". It has quite a low
    power rating and it is slow at firing, but the darts are tipped with a
    non-lethal sedative to knock out all enemies (other than the clone in
    that level) in a single shot. Though ammunition is scarce and the Dartgun
    has a poor clip capacity, the fact that this results in a one hit kill
    raises the score to an 8/10. Accuracy is also excellent, so this will pull you
    through in many sticky situations. Since it only appears in one level,
    it mainly can only take on single guards using its stealth, but definitely not
    groups. Remember to re-load when out of danger.
    The Golden Gun
    Power: Good
    Starting Ammunition: 24 rounds
    Clip Capacity: 6 rounds for single player, 1 for multiplayer
    Firing Rate: Fair (5/10)
    Special action: Silencer that screws into barrel and lessens noise
    Overall: 6.5/10
    Additional Notes: There are two versions of the golden gun in the game;
    the golden Walther P2K and the famous pistol used by Francisco Scaramanga.     
    The first offers good accuracy, power and rate of fire to result in
    an excellent sidearm. Armoured enemies will fall quickly due to the golden
    bullets and improved design. Basically, it has all the advantages of the
    P2K along with improved power. It is a worthy pistol that I sometimes use more
    than the machine guns. Use against small groups of guards or to take
    out single guards in stealth. This version is won by getting a gold medal
    on the first mission.
         The second golden gun is used only in multiplayer and is capable of taking
    out an enemy in a single shot. It has a low firing rate but good accuracy, and
    a devastating shot. I would say it is nearly is good as the dartgun, but it has
    a slower firing rate.
    ----------[Submachine Guns]----------
    Koffler & Stock KS7
    Power: Poor
    Starting Ammunition: 30 rounds
    Clip Capacity: 30 rounds
    Firing Rate: Great (7/10)
    Special action: None
    Overall: 5/10
    Additional Notes: With a high rate of fire, lightweight design and
    reasonable power, you would think that this is a great weapon. Found in
    the first mission, this poor submachine gun has a poor clip size to suit
    its firing rate and delivers appalling accuracy. Close range fighting is
    the best time to use this German junk, as it is useless at sniping and
    poor at best when enemies are on the other side of a room! Ammunition is
    common, but you will definately need them because of the rounds you waste. The
    worst submachine gun in the game.
    Ingalls Type 20
    Power: Poor
    Starting Ammunition: 40 rounds
    Clip Capacity: 40 rounds
    Firing Rate: Great (7.5/10)
    Special action: None
    Overall: 5.5/10
    Additional Notes: This merely decent weapon is a step up from the KS7
    because of its higher rate of fire and larger clip size. It was unpopular
    due to its very poor accuracy, which was made worse by the high rate of
    fire. Still not bad, but requires a lot of rounds to take out enemies.
    Use this against close range enemies and be prepared to waste a lot of rounds.
    Calypso P-750
    Power: Fair
    Starting Ammunition: 40 rounds
    Clip Capacity: 80 rounds
    Firing Rate: Good (7/10)
    Special action: None
    Overall: 7.5/10
    Additional Notes: This may look odd due to its high capacity cylindrical
    magazine, but it is, in my opinion, the best submachinegun in the game.
    With a good rate of fire, great power and huge clip capacity, the Calypso
    can easily get you through a mission. Additional grip gives it a fair accuracy
    over long range, while the PS100 has a very poor accuracy. This appears only in
    'Fire And Water' and must be won to be used in multiplayer. Best used in close
    to medium range against groups of enemies. Let the
    pistols handle single guards.
    Munitions Belgique PS100
    Power: Fair
    Starting Ammunition: 60 rounds
    Clip Capacity: 60 rounds
    Firing Rate: Great (7.5/10)
    Special action: None
    Overall: 7/10
    Additional Notes: Though regarded as the most lethal submachinegun in the
    world, I believe that it is not that great due to its low accuracy after
    long periods of fire and smaller clip capacity than the Calypso. That is
    not to say that this is a bad weapon; on the contrary, this is a great way
    to take down groups of enemies quickly, but be warned that it cannot snipe
    well. Still, it has a large clip capacity, high rate of fire and will serve you
    well during a few of the final missions.
    ----------[Assault Rifles]----------
    Kazakovich KA-57
    Power: Fair
    Starting Ammunition: 30 rounds
    Clip Capacity: 30 rounds
    Firing Rate: Decent (6.5/10)
    Special action: None
    Overall: 6/10
    Additional Notes: This sturdy assault rifle was developed during the Cold War,
    and is only available in one level: "Night of the Jackal". With a
    slow rate of fire and small clip capacity, the KA-57 is poor, but is
    accurate in short bursts and more powerful than several of the submachine guns.
    Use in shorts bursts against small groups of enemies, or single enemies, at a
    maximum of medium range, and enemies will fall quickly.
    Kazankovich KA-57s
    Power: Fair
    Starting Ammunition:
    Clip Capacity: 50 rounds
    Firing Rate: Decent (6.5/10)
    Special action: Sniper scope
    Overall: 6.5/10
    Additional Notes: This is basically the same as the above except it has
    a slightly faster firing rate to destroy enemy vehicles faster, and comes with
    a scope to help shoot out the tyres on cars. Long distance shooting
    is common with this, but other than that it remains the same rifle. Note
    that this is only available in rail shooting mission, "precious cargo".
    Windsor FSU-4
    Power: Fair
    Starting Ammunition: 40 rounds
    Clip Capacity: 40 rounds
    Firing Rate: Good (7/10)
    Special action: Grenade Launcher
    Overall: 7.5/10
    Additional Notes: Better known as the M-16, the FSU is the US army's
    standard issue assault rifle primarily used for tactical scenarios. In
    this game, it offers a good rate of fire along with decent accuracy for
    medium/short range combat and a fair rate of power. Everything about this
    weapon would be decent and the final score around 6.5 if it weren't for
    the grenade launcher. Press alternate fire (usually select) and you will switch
    to the powerful grenade launcher that is capable of taking out
    groups of enemies in one shot. Because of its newfound variety, the FSU
    can be used in short range againt groups or at medium/long range with the
    grenades (if you have good accuracy with it). First seen in, "Fire and water."
    Meyer-Westlicher UGW
    Power: Fair
    Starting Ammunition: 40 rounds
    Clip Capacity: 40 rounds
    Firing Rate: Great (7.5/10)
    Special action: Sniper scope
    Overall: 7/10
    Additional Notes: This plastic weapon originates from Austria and is a
    great weapon to have. Along with good accuracy and a high rate of fire,
    the UGW also has a 3x scope to aid in long range accuracy. Unfortunately,
    it has a small clip size and weak bullets, so use it for medium range
    sniping or short range combat. Try to fire in bursts to improve accuracy.
    Koffler & Stock D17
    Power: Good
    Starting Ammunition: 50 rounds
    Clip Capacity: 50 rounds
    Firing Rate: Great (7.5/10)
    Special action: Sniper scope
    Overall: 8.5/10
    Additional Notes: Now we are talking! The makers of the awful KS7 somehow
    created this wonder, which is unfortunately available on the last level.
    With a high rate of fire, great accuracy, powerful shot and sniper scope, this
    is the ultimate machine gun. The versatility of the D17 allows for
    long range sniping (though the SSR4000 is better) or short range firefights.
    Either way, this is very effective at taking out the tough enemies and will
    definately be you main weapon.
    ----------[Other Attacks]----------
    Power: Great
    Starting Ammunition: N/A
    Clip Capacity: N/A
    Firing Rate: Very poor (2/10)
    Special action: None
    Overall: 3/10
    Additional Notes: Bond is adept at fighting with even his bare fists due
    to extensive combat training and so will be able to easily knock out most
    enemies. 2 punches is usually what it takes to beat up an enemy, but this
    attack should not be used regardless of its power. You punch quite slowly
    and it requires you to be at point blank range to an opponent, which is
    the range bullets are most powerful. Only use this if a sinlge enemy is unaware
    of your presence or you are totally out of bullets and need to get smoe fast.
    Note that you will get double the point you would normally get
    if you knock out an enemy with your fists, so using this when in need of a gold
    medal may not be a bad idea, but you will probably take a lot of
    damage by fighting with your fists.
    Frinesi Special 12
    Power: Huge at close range, very poor at long range
    Starting Ammunition: 8 shells
    Clip Capacity: 8 shells
    Firing Rate: Poor (3/10)
    Special action: Automatic shotgun (multiplayer only)
    Overall: 6.5/10
    Additional Notes: The Frinesi is a basic shotgun that has the usual. It's
    properties: huge power at close range (1 hit kill) and poor at long range.
    It first appears on the first level and continues to be your trusty heavy
    weapon through the course of the game. Use it only at very close range against
    small groups of enemies, otherwise you will be in serious trouble.
    SWZ SSR4000
    Power: Huge
    Starting Ammunition: 5 rounds
    Clip Capacity: 5 rounds
    Firing Rate: Poor
    Special action: Sniper scope
    Overall: 7/10
    Additional Notes: This powerful sniper rifle may not be quiet, but it sure
    is good at taking out enemies efficiently. Though with a small clip size
    and slow firing rate, the SSR is capable of killing most enemies with 1
    shot (the super thugs require 2 if you do not shoot them in the head). The
    power of each shot barely chages over long distances, so sniping with this
    is the way to go. Close quarter fights may be better suited for other weapons,
    but using this against single enemies is still a good use of it. Ammunition is
    sometimes scarce, but other than that this weapon is great. Note that you can
    use the sniper scope to watch the lady in the shower in
    the level, "Night of the Jakcal".
    Power: Good to huge
    Starting Ammunition: 3 rockets
    Clip Capacity: 1 rocket
    Firing Rate: poor (3.5/10)
    Special action: Guided rockets
    Overall: 7.5/10
    Additional Notes: The MRL is a powerful rocket launcher capable of killing
    groups of enemies instantly, or just causing complete mayhem. Either way,
    it is a good weapon. Though ammunition is scarce, the fire rate is slow
    and it has a poor clip capacity, it does not need many rockets becuase of
    its sheer power. The guided rockets feature (multiplayer only) allows for
    the rocket to trakc your targeting cursor, so if you fire a rocket and
    suddently jerk left, the rocket will turn left. This allows for you to
    fire around wall, but prevents you from moving until the rocket has
    exploded. If you do, your movements will send the rocket harmlessly into
    a wall or straight back at you!
    Fixed Gun (single player)
    Power: Good
    Starting Ammunition: Unknown (a lot though)
    Clip Capacity: Unknown (large though)
    Firing Rate: High (7.5/10)
    Special action: None
    Overall: 7/10
    Additional Notes: The fixed guns rarely appear, but are very useful in
    destroying helicopters or wiping out groups of enemies quickly while
    saving your ammunition. It is quite inaccurate, so it may be tough to
    shoot enemies from far away. Try to not fire for too long; doing so will cause
    the fixed weapon to run out of ammunition quickly and will lessen accuracy.
    Note that you cannot move when you are firing this gun, so
    firing for a few seconds, moving, and then going back to the gun may be a good
    Grenade Launcher (multiplayer only)
    Power: Low to extremely high
    Starting Ammunition: N/A
    Clip Capacity:
    Firing Rate: Poor
    Special action: Cluster grenade
    Overall: 7/10
    Additional Notes: The grenade launcher is unfortunately only in
    multiplayer mode, but makes its name known. It may be hard to aim, but is
    useful when firing over walls or bouncing the grenades off walls. In my
    opinion, the best way to use the grenade launcher is to use the cluster
    grenade. This alternate fire spreads a series of sub-munitions in the
    general vicinity of where you aim; though each munition may do less
    damage, the overall effect is greater, as is the chance of hitting an
    RCH-1 (rail shooting only)
    Power: Low to huge
    Starting Ammunition:
    Clip Capacity:
    Firing Rate: Poor (4/10)
    Special action: None
    Overall: 7/10
    Additional Notes: The RCH-1 is a very different rocket launcher than the MRL-22
    or the CH-6, as when you fire a rocket, you can control it to fly anywhere. X
    detonates the rocket before it hits something. This device can backfire; while
    you are guiding a rocket, you cannot move your character,
    so unneccessary damage may be caused by using this. In the end, it is
    needed to complete the only level it appears in, "Forbidden Depths".
    Mines (multiplayer only)
    Power: Little to huge
    Starting Ammunition: 3
    Clip Capacity: N/A
    Firing Rate: Poor
    Special action: None
    Overall: 5/10 to 7/10
    Additional Notes: There are 3 types of mines featured in multiplayer mode that
    have various ways of exploding, but all are very dangerous and explosive. As a
    basic rule, never go near one!
         The first type of mines are the trip mines. These shoot out a laser the
    colour of the team it was placed by and will explode if one of the beams is
    interrupted. This is the 2nd best mine, mainly because the lasers are easy to
    see (so the mines can
    be easly located), it only explodes is the laser is interrupted (so players can
    duck or jump over the beams) and can be purposely set off by a player
    not even close to the mine by simple walking into its beam from far away.
         The second type are proximity mines which are the best to use. Because
    they do not project a laser, they are inconspicuous and hard to locate. This
    makes the chances of hurting an enemy a lot higher. The only problems with this
    is that you may be blown up if you are too slow after setting down the mine,
    and the mines can be triggered without damage being caused to the triggerer.
    Here is how:
    __________________  2nd floor
            		      The person who wishes to trigger it walks on                   
               the second floor, over the mine. It will                            
      explode, but the person will not be harmed.
    OOOO     The mine
    __________________ 1st floor
    The final type are the detonator mines. These are the hardest to use because
    you need to detonate them using the Q-remote when an enemy is near. Good timing
    and awareness are needed to use this type of mines effecively.
         I have noticed that some mines do not explode in certain locales. For
    example, the proximity mine can be placed under a ramp , but it will not go off
    when somebody is in the near vicinity. To solve this, place a detonator mine
    close to the proximity mine and detonate when required.
    Photon Cannon
    Power: Huge (1 hit kill)
    Starting Ammunition: N/A
    Clip Capacity: 1
    Firing Rate: Poor
    Special action: Photon volley
    Overall: 9/10
    Additional Notes: Contrary to what many think, the experimental photon
    cannon is the not the ultimate weapon in the game. Its powerful prjectiles can
    kill in one hit, and can track opponents until they are dead, but reloading is
    common and ammunition is sometimes scarce. The alternate fire will almost
    certainly guarantee you hit an enemy. Hold down fire and you
    gun will load 5 phtons into the chamber. Release fire and 5 photons will be
    sent out and will hopefully kill at least one enemy. Note that the photons
    do not track enemies when in the alternate fire. The main problem with this MI6
    weapon is that its projectiles are incredibly slow; enemies that are being
    tracked can run away from them and slowly get away, so it is easy for them to
    escape if you are shooting from far away or there are many places to take
    refuge. Overall, it is very powerful, but not the best.
    CH-6 (rail shooting only)
    Power: Huge
    Starting Ammunition:
    Clip Capacity:
    Firing Rate: Poor (4/10)
    Special action: None
    Overall: 7.5/10
    Additional Notes: The CH-6 is only available for the rail-shooting
    mission, "precious cargo", which is unfortunate because it is so good. Its
    powerful rounds can destroy a limo in 2 shots while groups of enemies can
    be taken out in one. The clip size may be small, but reloading is fast and this
    rocket launcher is accurate enough to allow for long range shooting. Even if
    you miss slightly, your target will probably be caught within the blast radius.
    What really sets this from the other rocket launchers is that when it becomes a
    golden CH-6 (you have to earn it), you have unlimited ammunition. No other
    rocket launcher is capable of being upgraded.
    Shotgun (rail shooting only)
    Power: high at close range, very poor at long range
    Starting Ammunition:
    Clip Capacity:
    Firing Rate: Poor (3/10)
    Special action: Sniper scope
    Overall: 6.5/10
    Additional Notes: This powerful, 12 gauge pump action shotgun is similar
    to the Frinesi, except that this is available only in the missions,
    "precious cargo" and "Forbidden Depths". The sniper scope, though only
    around 2x, will help with accuracy and allow for more precise shooting.
    Puncturing tyres of close enemy vehicles is a good way to use the scope
    and spread of the weapon, as is shooting the odd guard at close range. Do
    not bother to use this to damage other vehicles; the KA-57s or the CH-6 is much
    better suited to that task.
          In the latter level, the shotgun is a great weapon at destroying the
    mines compared to the KA-57s, and is also effective against the computer
    controlled machine guns.
    Q-Decryptor - Secretly installed in your cell phone in order to remain compact,
    inconspicuous and easy to find, the Q-Decryptor will come in
    handy on several missions. An advanced erudite computer will quickly unscramble
    decrypted codes in order to unlock electronically sealed
    locks or access computer databases. Overall, a very handy tool.
    Q-Claw - Another gadget hidden in your phone, the Q-Claw will help you
    access high up areas normally out of your reach. When activated, a double
    coiled filament attached to a gripping claw will shoot out and grab onto
    any materials that it can. Look for grates hat could be attatched to by
    the Q-Claw. This gadget also comes in handy during the multiplayer mode.       
     Unlike in single player, the Q-Claw can be used simultaneously with a weapon
    so that you are not prevented from attacking while using this. Also during
    multiplayer, almost any surface can be clawed, so a good trick is
    to hold circle and shoot up to the ceiling, where you can shoot from
    easily. Note that the Q-Claw will shoot out as long as you hold circle,
    so you will need to hold it for a long tine to reach far away places.
    Q-Laser - This high powered laser is concealed in your cell phone (one wonders
    how he fits it all in!) and is very handy for cutting locks and chains in order
    to allow access to sealed areas. Note that the Q-Laser
    can only work at short range, and cannot be used to either injure enemies
    (I wish it could) or detonate explosive materials. Seen in the first level.
    Q-Specs - These handy and fashionable specs are fitted with an x-ray,
    which will help you locate secret panels or doors. This is first used
    in the mission, "Bad Diplomacy". Dress for Success!
    Q-Camera - Reproducing incriminating or helpful evidence must be done
    inconspicuously and without leaving a trace. Because of this, you are
    geared up with a compact camera that can take snapshots of anything you
    wish. Note that it has unlimited film, and is first seen in, "Cold Reception".
    Q-Remote - The Q-Remote, which is also installed in your cell phone, can
    be used to activate programs or the devices they control. If you see a
    green beacon emitting from a computer or wireless electronic device, use
    the Q-Remote to activate it. If you see a red beacon, then you must      first
    download the program before you can use it. This handy gadget is
    first seen on the first level, "Trouble in Paradise".
    Q-Card - This handy card will automatically release any locking system inpeding
    you and deactivate it. Only seen in, "Night of the Jackal".
    Q-Jet - This compact jetpack will give you a short burst of upward motion
    to allow you access to elevated platforms. This can also be used a a mode
    of escape (especially in multiplayer), but does need to be refueled after every
    burst. Refueling stations supply the natural gas that powers this,
    so try to refuel whenever you need to. Note that in multiplayer, the
    Q-Jet continuously replenishes its supply automatically. Unlike the
    Q-Claw, which usually serves the same purpose, you can use weapons while
    activating the Q-Jet in single player mode.
    Q-Pulse - This device is fitted into your car and sends out a quick electronic
    pulse to disable the fuel injection system in a car, without harming the
    contents. Do not waste these, as you only start with a few
    and there are no many left around the city for you. It is best to be
    right   behind the car when you set off the uplse, but remember that it
    requires a short charging time, so use it slightly in advance for the
    best results. Only available in driving missions.
    Q-Vision - These night vision goggles show all sources of heat to help
    you locate enemy vehicles or personell. Note that its batteries run low
    after around a minute so make use of it. This is only available in the,
    "Streets of Bucharest" mission.
    Q-Smoke - Disorient enemy vehicles behind you by shooting off a jet of
    smoke behind your vehicle. You normally get a Bond Move for this, and is
    very helpful in losing persuers.
    Q-Slick - This is a version of the Q-Smoke, with the only difference being that
    you fire an oily concoction to make persuers slip and slide while you drive off
    in the distance. Try to use this when being persued, as you will recieve a Bond
    move for escaping the persuers using this method.
    Q-Booster - If you need a quick burst of speed to catch up with a target
    vehicle, or just escape, then the Q-Booster will come in very handy. When
    activated, the booster will give you a short burst of speed, but note that
    it is very hard to drive when over 100mp/h. This may also come in handy
    if you need to clear a gap using a ramp...
    Q-Locator - This device is featured only in the "Streets of Bucharest"
    level, but will help you find the jettisoned computer chip that you must
    race for.
    Car guns - These high powered machine guns fit onto your car and provide
    some extra firepower. These come with unlimited ammunition, but are not
    too accurate when swerving to avoid persuers, and are weak compared to
    the other vehicle weapons. Available only in the driving missions.
    Rockets - These explosive projectiles cause huge damage to enemies, and can
    destroy an armoured limo in two shots. Note that these are forward mounted, so
    destroying enemies behind you is impossible, and these have no tracking system
    either, so use with caution.
    Missiles - For use in driving missions only, these missiles track onto an
    enemy. These can even destroy followers, so they are a very useful weapon.
    In terms of power, they are equal to the rockets, but the tracking system make
    them formidable. Note that missiles may fly into a building if an
    enemy turns around a corner. For driving missions only.
    ----------[Combat Tips]----------
    1.   The Q-Claw can be used as a weapon! When in close proximity to an
    enemy, you can fire your weapons while also using your Q-Claw. Though it
    may not do that much damage, it may mean the difference between life and death
    during a close battle.
    2.   The Q-Claw can also be used to escape. If you need to retreat from
    a battle quickly, or reach an item quickly, using the Q-Claw to pull
    yourself along can be quicker than running!
    3.   The cluster grenade is better than the usual grenade because it
    will spread over a large area, increasing your chances of hitting an
    4.   Use your surroundings to your advantage. If you in a dangerous
    firefight and need to take shelter, than take advantage of crates, boxes
    or other structures that will shield you from the onslaught. That said,
    never shelter behind barrels or pipes...
    5.   You can also you the environment to kill enemies. Explosive barrels
    can blow large groups of enemies up qickly, and pipes can be punctured a
    release its boiling contents. Either way, the environment will help you
    6.   Headshots are a very good way to kill an enemy (other than a boss)
    instantly. This wil also conserve ammo and get you more points after the level
    is complete.
    7.   If you are having trouble with enemy snipers, then here is a trick
    to stop them. You will see a red laser beam coming from their SSR4000,
    which you can use to locate them. They usually scan the nearby area for
    intruders, so just wait until they are not looking and fire. Another way
    is to keep moving and try to pick them off at close range with a pistol
    or machine gun. This is because snipers will puul out a pistol at shot
    range, which is far less damaging than a snipr rifle.
    8.   Short, controlled bursts of automatic weapon fire are far more
    accurate than full automatic.
    9.   Try to snipe off everyone that you can; this saves a huge amount
    of ammunition.
    10.  In order to conserve ammunition, punch anyone close to you that is
    not aware of your presence. This wll also get you double points for
    killing someone with your fists.
    11.  Always keep moving. I cannot stress enough how much health you save
    by strafing, ducking and jumping. Note that this may also make it harder
    to aim, so find a balance between offence and defence.
    12.  While driving, never harm civilian cars. Though crashing into them
    accidently is OK, as is hitting them once with a missile/rocket, 2
    explosive projectiles will kill the civilian and cause you to fail the mission.
    This is the same for machine gun fire.
    13.  Use grenades or explosives to clear out groups of enemies.
    14.  Use your fists against unknowing enemies for extra points.
    15.  Try placing proximity mines around a corner or on a low celing to surprise
    your opponent.
    Sorry, those are all I can think of for now! Check for later updates and tips.
    	I have had a good time creating this guide and I hope you found
    it useful or just interesting. Be sure to send in any questions or queries, as
    I will create an FAQ section if there are enough. My e-mail is
    tombrookes@epals.com. Be sure to check some of my upcoming FAQs:
         - Fast Cash guide for GT3: A-Spec
         - The Thing weapon & hardware guide
         - Resident Evil Weapon & enemy guide
    Copyright Tom 'Da Bomb' Brookes

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