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    Galaxian Location Guide by inio

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/22/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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       |   | _` |  __|     |\/ |  _` | __ \   \ \  \   / _ \   __| |  _` |
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    ===============         Galaxian Location Guide         ===============
    Version 1.0 | 03/22/02 | Copyright 2002 Ian Rickard | believed complete
                   ================ Preface ================
    In the course of describing the locations of the Galaxians, you will
    inadvertently be direct to or near some of the harder to find tokens,
    and other items that might be hidden in the level.  If you, for some
    strange reason, only want help finding the Galaxians but want to find
    everything else on your own, this guide is not for you.
              ================ Version History ================
    1.0: Released.
            ================ What is a Galaxian? ================
    If you're looking for them, you probably know what they are and what
    they do, but just incase:
    A Galaxian is an object occurring only once in most of the levels of Pac
    Man World 2.  Touching one takes you to a classic Pac-Man-style maze
    game themed similarly to the level containing the Galaxian.  If all the
    Pac-Dots are collected before you run out of lives, the Galaxian is
    collected.  Collecting the Galaxian is required for obtaining the 100%
    token for the map, and also unlocks that maze on the Pac-Man world 2
    arcade game in the Pac-Village.  When you finish the maze, win or loose,
    you automatically get a checkpoint set, so don't try dying if you don't
    win the first time.
                ================ The Locations ================
    Level 0 - Pac-Village
    There is no Galaxian in this level.
    Level 1 - The Bear Basics
    No Galaxian on this level.  Or if there is, it's secret, not mentioned
    in the level totals, and its maze isn't mentioned in the arcade game's
    Level 2 - Canyon Chaos
    At the end of the first straight run you come to a checkpoint in front
    of an island with a Pac-Bear on it.  You'll also see a little ramp
    leading to the island.  Stand on the ramp and start a rev-roll, aim
    towards the Pac-Bear.  When he's facing away from you and is away from
    the forward edge of the island, release the rev roll.  You'll fly over
    the gap and knock over the Pac-Bear.  Repeat this process 3 times and
    the bear is down for the count.  After a few seconds he'll disappear,
    leaving the Galaxian behind.
    Level 3 - Pac-Dot Pond
    After getting to the 1st checkpoint and crossing the river you'll come
    to a large pond area.  A floating platform will take you out to the
    nearest island, containing a green switch.  Hit the switch to reveal a
    Pac-Chain.  Ride it over to the opposite side of the pond, where you'll
    find another green switch.  Hit this switch to reveal another Pac-Chain,
    which takes you to an island containing ANOTHER green switch.  Hit this
    one to, you guessed it, reveal ANOTHER Pac-Chain directing you to yet
    another green switch on the higher level of the two-level island.  This
    green switch, however, reveals an orange switch on the lower level of
    the island it's on.  Jump down and hit the orange switch to reveal a
    steel ball power-up hanging off the edge of the island.  Jump into the
    water, grabbing the power-up on the way, and stomp the chest that you'll
    find right next to you to reveal the Galaxian.
    Level 4 - Boss 1: Blinky's Killer Frog
    Boss level.  Has no Galaxian.
    Level 5 - B-Dong Woods
    After climbing up from the 2nd checkpoint you'll reach the top of a tree
    for the first time.  Rev-roll off the ramp to the next tree where you'll
    find an apple chest and Pac-insect-thing.  There are branches on the far
    side of this tree that you can climb down to get the apple.  Climb back
    up and break open the chest to get the Galaxian.
    Level 6 - Treewood Forrest
    This is one of the more out of the way Galaxians in the game.  From the
    3rd checkpoint (a bit after the mini-maze with 1 ghost), continue until
    you come to a b-dong with b-dongs on either side of it (you'll have to
    bounce straight up to see one of them).  You want to go to the higher
    b-dong, which is on the left if the tree you just came from is at the
    top of the screen. After the 3rd b-dong you'll end up on top of the tree
    you were on a lower ledge of a moment ago.  A rev-roll jump and regular
    jump gets you to a tree with checkpoint on it.  Jump to the branch
    sticking off the next tree and climb to its top.  The Galaxian should be
    visible on top of the next tree, which is easily accessible.
    Level 7 - Butane Pain
    The Galaxian is on top of the first tree you come to, in an apple chest.
    Getting there with an apple is the problem.  The easiest way I've found
    is described here, but there are many different options which all will
    achieve the same goal. Getting the apple: After rev-rolling to the first
    angled b-dong, butt-bounce on it but almost immediately but-bounce again
    and try to get yourself onto the tree that partially blocked your
    rev-roll to the angled b-dong - the only tree you fly over between the
    1st and 2nd angled b-dongs.  Another option is to land on the second
    angled b-dong and jump down to this tree.  On top of this tree you'll
    find a ramp pointing at a couple branches sticking off a much taller
    tree, the rightmost of which has an apple near it.  Rev-roll off the
    ramp to the lowest of these branches. Jump up, grab the apple, and
    ledge-slide over to the next higher branch. From this branch it's a
    trivial rev-roll (no ramp involved) to the tree that you first reached
    the top of. Getting the chest: Rev-roll off the ramp again to that same
    angled b-dong, but this time, rather than butt-bouncing it, jump off it
    towards the rope hanging between the two nearest trees.  Walk or
    ledge-slide over to the shorter of the trees and get on top of it.  Kill
    the Pac-Spider, open the chest, and the Galaxian is yours.
    Level 8 - Inky's Blade-O-Matic
    Boss level.  Has no Galaxian.
    Level 9 - Ice River Run
    Walk up the side of the hill to the frozen river, but don't turn up it.
    Instead keep going up the side of the mountain past the Rev Roll Ram
    (which you'll probably want to kill) and you'll reach a doorway that's
    blocked with rubble.  Listen... hear the tinkling?  There's a pink pill
    above the frame of the doorway.  Jump up onto the frame (may take a
    couple attempts) and grab the pill to shrink to 1/10th your normal size.
    Jump down and you'll find an opening in the rubble that you're now small
    enough to walk through.  You'll be taken to a room inside with a box
    sitting at the end.  Wait a few seconds and Pac-Man will return to
    normal size, allowing you to butt-bounce the box to reveal...  a
    winterized Pac-Cub?  Butt-bounce the Pac-Cub and you'll get the Galaxian
    you rightly deserve. The sparkly thing will teleport you back outside.
    Level 10 - Avalanche Alley
    After the rev-roll jump past the blowing statue and the concave section
    with snowballs falling down at you, you'll see a large tree sticking up
    off the edge of the mountain.  From just after this tree to the point
    where the ledge you're on curves in, there's a lower ledge just off the
    edge.  Drop down the this (you'll loose one health slice unless you jump
    and butt-bounce on the way down), and you'll find a rev roll ram
    standing in front of a small cave containing a box.  The contents of the
    box are irrelevant, but breaking it open places the Galaxian just
    outside the cave.  A blue b-dong or Pac-Chain will get you back up to
    the upper level.
    Level 11 - Blade Mountain
    Right before the 3rd checkpoint and entrance to the 3rd and final cave
    section, there is a box hanging above the course's longest jump.  Inside
    the box is the only melon in this level, which allows you to open the
    chest at the end of the level.  Inside that chest at the end is the
    Level 12 - Pinky's Revenge
    Boss level.  Has no Galaxian.
    Level 13 - Into the Volcano
    In the first section of moving platforms and falling pillars, there are
    ledges on the left and right side of the room, holding a crate and chest
    respectably.  The crate contains an apple.  The chest requires that
    apple to open, and contains a green switch.  The green switch activates
    a Pac-chain that allows you to collect an orange hovering high above
    this area, otherwise inaccessible.  In the next room with 8 platforms
    and 'sploda-gnomes everywhere there is a chest on the far right.  This
    chest requires that orange to open, and contains the Galaxian.
    Level 14 - Volcanic Panic
    The Galaxian in this level is in the chest after the ledge-hang to
    ledge-hang jumping section right behind a green switch.  This chest
    requires a melon to open.  There are thee melons available in the level
    before this point, and any of them will do the job. They are: 1. off to
    the side at the first spin platform thing (hardest to get) 2. over the
    orange switch at the 2nd switchback.  The green switch on the left makes
    the melon and two lava Pac-Rats appear over this switch. It's best to
    hit the orange switch BEFORE the green switch so you can collect the
    steel ball power-up to kill the lava Pac-Rats. (Easiest to get) 3. in
    the ledge-hang jumping section.  It's almost impossible not to get hurt
    when collecting this one.
    Level 15 - Magma Opus
    Just after the 3rd checkpoint and small Pac-dot field with 3 ghosts, the
    cave splits in two.  Take the right route, the Galaxian is at the end.
    Hit the green switch that the lava monster isn't sitting on to reveal
    Level 16 - Clyde in the Caldera
    Boss level.  Has no Galaxian.
    Level 17 - Scuba Duba
    This one took me the longest to find, yet is one of the most exposed of
    the Galaxians in the game.  Near the end of the map there is a short
    cave section, the Galaxian is on the left side of this cave.
    Level 18 - Shark Attack
    As the level draws to a close you reach three consecutive walls of mines
    with different designs.  The third of these is very wide and has a 1x1
    hole in the middle.  The Galaxian is directly behind this hole.
    Level 19 - Yellow Pac-Marine
    No Galaxian to break up the unending monotony of this level.
    Level 20 - Whale on a Sub
    Boss level.  Has no Galaxian.
    Level 21 - Haunted Boardwalk
    This level has the most painfully obvious Galaxian.  It's barely worth
    describing.  Right before the 3rd or 4th checkpoint the track
    symmetrically splits and dips down.  At the end of each fork there is a
    long jump to a triple-wide section of track.  The Galaxian is above the
    center of the middle section, in clear view.
    Level 22 - Night Crawling
    No Galaxian on this level.  Or if there is, it's secret, not mentioned
    in the level totals, and its maze isn't mentioned in the arcade game's
    Level 23 - Ghost Bayou
    This is by far the longest level in the game, with many areas that don't
    have to be covered to complete it, so locating the Galaxian here can be
    quite difficult.  Explaining its location can be even harder :), but
    I'll try.
    In the area where you have to kill 20 skeletons in 30 seconds, there's a
    fork.  You should take the right fork (go straight ahead rather than
    turn).  This is complicated by the fact that there aren't enough
    skeletons on the right to total 20, so you need to go left, kill
    skeletons till you have enough, and then go back and take the other side
    of the fork.  You'll come to a dock.  Three full panels followed by two
    half panels on the right, and then a 45 degree turn right to two full
    panels, a gap, a full panel and a slightly angled half panel on the
    left.  Stand on that last full panel and walk forwards and to the right.
    You'll see a post emerge from the fog to the right of the screen, on
    this post is the Galaxian.
    Level 24 - Spooky
    Boss level.  Has no Galaxian.
                  ================ Closing ================
    I hope you found this guide helpful.  If you find any mistakes or
    omisions, please let me know at inio@DELETE_ME.inio.org (take out the
    DELETE_ME. part).
    -- END pac_man_world_2_galaxians.txt

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