Review by Jake Edwards

"Pac-Man is a great character..too bad he is stuck in a sub-par adventure game."

When it comes to original video game characters no character is more known than good old Pac-Man. Pac-Man is one of my most loved characters so I had to run and buy this game for my cube right when it came out. Unfortunately, now I feel cheated out of $50. This game is average at best.

Graphics: 6/10 Average all around. For some reason the graphics are better in the first half of the game then the second half. The board walk levels are drab and dark and the levels in the sub don't look any better than a N64 game. Still the colors in the other levels are good, nice Pac-man annimation, cute characters, there is nothing here that will make your jaw drop but it gets the job done. Bosses are nice looking but then are not going to win any awards.

Sound: 6/10 The SFX is great it has classic Pac-man sound effects when you die and win a level and stuff. Music on the other hand is really lame. Its not annoying lame its just ''there'' kinda music. I wish Namco would have put some effort into the music. Maximo another platform game has better music IMO.

Control: 4/10 Pac-man for the most part controls well. Unfortunately the camera is from hell. I died many times due to the terrible camera. In boss battles it is the worst with the camera switching around all over tha place. Cheap deaths also result since due to the camera there was a few I did not know where to jump next...I just had to jump in a leap of faith. Not good.

Challenge: 3/10 This game is easy. I beat it in 3 days clocked in with 4 hours. After beating Maximo this game is a walk in the park. And why do the levels get easier as you progress???? The lava and treetop levels gave me the most trouble. The underwater levels were a breeze I only died once in them. Then the board walk levels are easy as well. THe first one is sorta challenging since you are on skates but the other two are a joke...come on. That last level is meant to be a maze? Is this a joke or something? I guess if you are young or unexperienced at video games this game might provide a challenge but for us other gamers this game didn't break me a sweat. As far as bosses go the fire boss ghost is the toughest and that sub in the water level is a joke I beat him without getting hit on my first try. The final boss can easily be beaten once you learn his patterns as well.

Replay: 5/10 After you beat this 4 hour game the only reason to come back is to play the mini-games which are fore fun and longer lasting than anything in the main game. THe original Pac-man, Pac-attack all fun! I guess you could go back and try to get 100% in all the levels but why bother? Nothing happens anyway. I also wish the game was longer 4 hours is way to short for a game these days.

This game is a decent rental at best. It can be beaten in 4 hours and there is nothing here you have not seen before. The game might be better for kids but for serious gamers just give Pac-man a rental to cruise down memory lame for a few hours.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 03/25/02, Updated 03/25/02

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