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Reviewed: 04/04/02 | Updated: 04/04/02



Let me start off by saying I am a big fan of Pac-Man. I grew up with the little guy. Pac-man was the first game I ever played and owned. So it pains me to have to write this! Pac-Man World 2 starts off with an awesome FMV featuring the comic ghosts that highlights their personalities very well. But the ability to take your breath away ends there.

The game is more of a fedex route then it is an action game. Even the first area, Pac-Land village, is so full of items that it may take you several attempts before you find them all. The reason being is because unlike the first game that had you collecting one of each 'fruit' item from the Pac-Man games in every level, this game expects you to collect up to 23+ of each individual fruit! And this is often done in a very small area, making the game tedious and boring very fast. Though I will point out that as the game progresses the items are better spread out, but there are still too many.

The Pac-dots are often placed between platforms and due to the small size, bad placement and lack of shadowing, it's impossible to grab any of them without jumping back and forth several times.

I know your thinking, 'well then, just don't collect the fruit and items then,' right? OK fine, but the game has other problems too. After the first boss, all the other ghost bosses are almost exactly the same! The levels are also very uninspired. Just the typical Forest, Ice and Volcano levels here. Pac-Village looks cool, but there should have been more added to the design of the stages, like in Klonoa. Maybe they should have made Pac-Land look a little more Round, or something. Nothing exciting really happens in the levels either. Even the giant Snowball is boring. (Couldn't they have made it look like a gaint Pac-Man, or something? Or at least show the statue throwing the thing.)
The story is interesting, but it needs to be worked on. There doesn't seem to be much interaction with other characters as you progress though the stages. The comments the ghost make while they fight Pac-Man are a welcome touch. But where is Ms Pac, (Pepper), Chomp Chomp, Baby, JR and Sour Puss (Pac-Man's cat who has not been in a game since Pac-Land)? It would have been nice to see them talking to pac and offering him power ups, etc.

The game also suffers from one of the worst camera's in recent years. There are levels that make you go backwards and the cameral won't even adjust! That means you have to make blind jumps and fall to your death way more often then you should.

The bonus games you've seen before. If you're Pac-Fan, chances are you have them all. Would have been nice to see games like Super Pac-Man, Pac-Land, or Pac and Pal instead of the commons they offer here.

All in all the game is fair, but not worth the $79 I've seen it going for. If you want to play an excellent Pac-Man game, go pick up Adventures in Time for the PC, or Namco Museum (PS2), or Pac-Man Collection (GBA) to play the Pac-Man arrangement. These two are the best new Pac games to come out in years and do the yellow one proud. World 2 is just a cookie cutter action game.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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