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"Keep on chomping those dots!"

Pacman World 2
Introduction-The simplistic yellow wonder has rolled into the Gamecube and is ready to set off on his adventure. Once again the ghost gang is causing problems in Pacman’s world, so it’s up to him to save the day. Pacman must retrieve the golden fruits that the ghost gang has stolen and get rid of the evil in his world.

Gameplay-During his quest Pacman will encounter many different enemies, eat little yellow dots, collect tokens for the arcade and chomp on his favorite fruits. The stages in Pacman World 2 are really enjoyable and will provide you with a good time. You use the attacks and abilities Pacman has to get through the stages and most likely you will collect the dots, fruits and tokens. Many surprises await you on Pacman’s quest and you can always take a trip to the arcade to play classic Pacman games. It’s too bad you can only play as Pacman and maybe if Pacman had the ability to punch it would be a bit better but overall Pacman World 2 is just plain fun!

Graphics-If I were to use only one word to describe this game’s graphics, that word would be colorful. The graphics are really enjoyable to look at. The beginning movie has really good graphics that don’t look like they could be any better. Overall the graphics aren’t excellent but are very good.

Sound-Most of the music really fits in with the game and you will probably enjoy listening to it while you navigate your way through the levels. The characters should actually talk more often like they do in Sonic Adventure 2.

Control- Pacman World 2 is really easy to control with the gamecube controller. Pacman’s abilities and attacks are great but I still think he should be able to punch. The biggest problem with the controls in this game is the frustrating camera control. You can only actually move the camera in some places and the camera has actually made me lose a lot of lives during play.

Difficulty- Most of the levels in this game will only cause a lose of 2 lives or less but some levels can get you really frustrated. It’s not easy collecting all the yellow dots, fruits and other stuff in all of the levels. This game isn’t hard but it’s not as easy as you might expect.

Replay Value- If you just rush through all the levels your really missing out! After beating the level once you can always come back to collect all the stuff or some levels will have you coming back just because their so fun. You always have the arcade to play in too. This game should have some more levels though.

Overall-This game is just really fun and after finishing it you’ll be hungry for more. Pacman and Gamecube have blended together nicely.

Replay Value-7

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/07/02, Updated 04/18/03

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