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"A few changes and its perfect!"

Being a fan of 3D platformers I felt it was my obligation to pick Pac-man World 2 up. Especially at Costco for 24 bucks. However, I never expected it to be as good as it was.

Graphics 9/10
The graphics are really nice. I know people keep saying that these graphics are bad, but they are using a lot of the Gamecubes power. After playing it for a long time, I never saw a choppy frame rate.

Sound 7/10
It nothing special, but it doesn't get annoying. It's not as good as SA2: Battle's music is.

Control 8/10
Actually moving Pac-man around and jumping isn't a problem. The problem comes with poor camera angles and occasionally you will also have touchy controls. The slightest move can send Pac-man to his doom. This isn't that common, but the poor camera angles are. They can get REALLY annoying in some cases. At one part of the game it took me ten tries to get through a spot because of bad camera angles. (It's a good thing every time I died I could get an extra life. That way I could try as many times as I wanted.)

Gameplay 9/10
This game has six worlds, each with at least 3 levels. There are also six bosses. Each of the levels are pretty strait-forward. You just get to the end. That's the easy part. To get a 100% you need to collect all the fruits and pac-dots. This gets really hard on the later levels. You can also do time-trial mode to attempt to clear a level as fast as you can. Then, try the arcade, where you can play all the old pac-man games if you collect enough tokens.

Fun Factor 9/10
The touchy controls and poor camera angles do lower this score, but the game is still fun. It has plenty of levels and then adds a ton of replay value to all the levels. It even has a multiplayer mode for the arcade games. (The regular game lacks an multiplayer mode.) Pac-man World 2 combines elements of the original pac-man with modern 3D platformers to make a fun game worthy of $24.

Here is how my scoring system works:
Graphics: 10%
Sound: 05%
Control: 25%
Gameplay: 30%
Fun Factor: 30%

Pac-man World 2 got the following scores:
Graphics: 9 (.9)
Sound: 7 (.35)
Control: 8 (2)
Gameplay: 9 (2.7)
Fun Factor: 9(2.7)

Final Score: 8.65 rounds to a 9!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/15/02, Updated 10/18/02

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