Review by Willy Honka

Reviewed: 06/17/02 | Updated: 06/17/02

Screw Flower Power, This Games Got Pac-Dot Power

Pac-Man moves from maze chomping madness to great GameCube action in Pac-Man World 2. Pac-Man drops the Wakka-Wakka sounds, and picks up a powerful group of attacks as he saves the day again! All other Arcade characters turned action hero games are nothing compared to Pac-Man World 2.

Gameplay-7/10-The gameplay of Pac-Man World 2 is pretty good. There are no missed frames, giving the game a very smooth flow. The mini games you buy have been recreated perfectly. The artificial intelligence is pretty good, but on occasion it seems to fall asleep. The only thing that I would change is the camera. At times it can squeeze in behind you if you take the smallest step forward. Really, though, let's face it, IT IS NOT HUMANLY (or Pac-Peopley) POSSIBLE FOR A CAMERA GUY TO FOLLOW PAC-MAN ON SOME OF HIS ADVENTURES, SO DROP THAT EXCUSE!

Story-10/10-As all the Pac-People sleep soundly, Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde ghosts sneak into Pac-Village to steal the Golden Fruit. When the ghosts gathered at the tree where the Golden Fruit hung, they picked the fruit and started playing with it. Only Pinky noticed that the tree was shaking. After she got the other ghosts attention, they watched in awe as Spooky, a much bigger and scarier ghost, appeared. He told the four ghosts he had been imprisoned under the tree by the Pac-People. The ghosts then joined forces and spread out across Pac-Land each with a piece of fruit so they could lure Pac-Man to them and kill him. Pac-Man's job is to retrieve the fruit and recapture Spooky.

Graphics-9/10-The Graphics are pretty sharp, and all the shapes are smooth so the game feels more real. Ther isn't much to criticize, just that the enemies sometimes seem a bit misshapen. That's just about it, the graphics are pretty much solid through the whole game.

Music-7/10-The music is good, it usually goes well with the area. I don't really care much about the music, or pay attention to. So that's it.

Replayability-4/10-The replay value isn't to high. Sure, you can keep replaying the levels until you have 100% complete. After that, there isn't much to do. You've gotten everything, so you can't go looking for more stuff. The only real things that you can play over and over are the arcade games. I could play those forever, but that's beside the point.

Well, that's just about all. The supporting characters add a nice little twist to the game. Ice skating, submarine fighting, and roller blading give this game an entirely new dimension. This game is definitely worth $50.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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