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Reviewed: 12/30/02 | Updated: 12/30/02

Great gameplay makes up for some shabby graphics...

Don't get me wrong...I love this game. I haven't had this much fun shooting up baddies in a long time. The thing I like most about Dead to Rights, is that it meshes together 3 of my all time favorite games...that being Tenchu, Metal Gear Solid, and Max Payne.

You take the roll of Jack Slate. A cop who is framed for a murder he didn't commit. Jack must find a way to clear his name, and to do this he has to do some pretty bad stuff along the way. Yeah, yeah. It's a cut and paste watered down version of Max Payne...but who cares.

Graphics: 7/10

This is just disappointing to say the least. This engine could have easily survived on the original PS, or 64. It's a shame they didn't concentrate more on the levels and characters. The animations are really good, and some stuff about the game is rather pretty, but all in all, it could have just been so much better. The blood looks like some sort of pink goo or paint, and has absolutely no realistic feature about it. Also, it would have been nice to see the dead enemies stay on the ground rather than disappear off the screen a few seconds later. For some reason, disappearing dead bad guys just upsets action fans. We're brutal...we'd like to keep shooting them even after they're dead. :)

Sound: 6/10

Ok, seriously. The music quite frankly sucks. Porn music is appropriate for the dancer scene, but not when you're in jail having a conversation with a guy named ''Wire Boy'' inside of the workshop. It's really quite disturbing actually. I think I've only heard maybe 4 different themes, that constantly replay through out the levels. The voice acting, is somewhat done well, but at times it's quite corny and stupid.

Gameplay: 10/10

Here we go. The controls to this game are magnificent in my opinion... they're user friendly and once you get the hang of it, you become a master. The action never slows down, and it's always brutal, fast, gun blazing carnage through out each of the 15 chapters. The slow motion bullet time (similar to Max Payne) kicks some A. The ability to take out many foes with the right weapon in one dive, just rules.

The disarming techniques are simply awesome. You can tell this guy was trained well. As I moved along in the game, and unlocked more of these bad boys, every time I'd sit and watch with anticipation, and each time never got disappointed. Yes, some are cooler than others, (wait until you see ''Sunny side up'', ''Keep ya chin up'', and ''Hard-boiled.'') but all of them just kick total A. In a lot of shoot 'em up actions, most players find themselves P.Oed at running out of weapons and bullets...well, not in Dead to Rights. Running out of ammo brought a smile to my face, as it meant I could run and disarm a foe in a very cool violent type of way. If you loved Tenchu's stealth kills, Dead to Rights is a game you will adore.

Lasting Appeal: 7/10

It's a pretty short game, which depending on your skill could be less than 8 hours or so. I managed to unlock all of the disarms the first time through the game. Of course they're more difficulty levels you can toy around with, plus finding new innovative ways to blast your way through levels combining the slow motion and disarms. Did I mention disarms, yet? So far these haven't gotten old to watch.

Overall: 8/10

Like I said, sometimes gameplay makes up for crappy graphics and repetitive annoying music. And this is definitely one of those games. Disarms...yeah they rule.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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