Review by Kevtones

"Pure action on crack. The good kind of crack."

After buying Dead To Rights for the Nintendo Gamecube, I thought I might be yearning for more arcade type games. The reason is that, DtR is not only straight up, repetitive fun, its as mindless and great as any oldschool game. Stretching over 15 long chapters, DtR plays at a great pace that is sure to please the 17 and over crowd a great deal. Gory gunfights, killer disarms (just wait till you see ''Hard Boiled''), and human shields make this the closest thing to a great action movie. Despite some technical shortcomings, and some poor minigames, DtR is the best arcade/action game on any platform this holiday season. I'm hoping for a more fleshed out sequel to be announced soon. The game had unused potential that could make it a classic title if developed properly.

Graphics: 5.7/10

Mediocre textures, boring art direction and some weird glitches. But wait! Buckets of blood, sweet animations and a constantly smooth framerate keep the action tight, despite the somewhat ugly graphics. Also the CG cinemas are beautiful and entertaining.

Sound: 8.6/10

Above average voice acting is used perfectly to pace the game and story. The music is somewhat hit or miss, with a few songs being great and some being unforgettably repetitive.

Control: 7.7/10

Well thought out control scheme works much better on the Gamecube controller. Sometimes it feels a little clunky and the target interface is unintuitive.

Innovation: 5.1/10

Not really the most original game, but it's carried out pretty uniquely with awesome disarms and cool bullet-time gameplay.

Storyline: 9.2/10

Although somewhat contrived, it ties very well together (no loose ends) and manages to keep the player very interested all the way through.

Gameplay: 9.3/10

The strongest part. Although repetitive, it's just so fun. It would receive a 10 if not for the somewhat dull minigames. Also the fighting parts of the game, because of the limited engine, are frankly boring. Thankfully they aren't common and manage to allow a good deal of disarming for the player. More stealth missions would have been cooler as well.

Replay: 7.2/10

All I gotta say is ''old school charm''. Meaning, this game is begging to be beaten many times. Also, the disarms, and multiple difficulty levels can bring you back.

Overall: 9.0/10

Although some would argue it's too short, I feel DtR is most certainly not. A strong difficulty with great gameplay equals a must buy. Maybe not at full price, but something used it is a must have.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/05/03, Updated 01/05/03

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